Posted November 27, 2012

Ive been telling you for years that the arrogance and mistreatment of players and fans was gonna explode in the face of management and the owner.  It has.  Lurie set the tone and made the rules and now the fans are gonna pay the price.  I have never seen such a piss poor effort first hand in my lifetime and thats 1/2 a century.  Now in my heart everything I preached makes sense.  I think Lurie is selling soon.   Hes peeled away all the costs is firing the executives and stripping this joke of a team bare.  The meat is coming off the bone the vultures are having a field day.  There is nothing left here but the arrogant coach and owner and a bunch of mercenary coaches and players.  Its all over.  I have witnessed first hand the worst team in the league.  I have seen the beautiful stadium with the loyal fans reduced to the crud under my shoe.  I was right not to trust this organization it all made perfect sense.  An owner hiring a fat arrogant phuck to act like a bully.  Make the fans submit to there every decision.  And string it out by tossing a bone and then striking them with reality.  it was textbook business 101.  Well a little more sophisticated but basically a blitzkreig takeover of the fan power.  And they did it successfully and got what they wanted.  Huge profits and fans wanting more.  Its all crumbled now.  Now Lurie , under the auspices of a failure to deliever to fans and his personal mess will try to slip away.  Claiming he doesnt have it in him to try again.  He isnt an elite owner.  Hes a carpetbagger.  And he bagged evrything this city could muster up.   You are now in for alot of pain so get yourselves prepared.  This is gonna be a real douzy.

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  • Absolutely good point, Spotella. I think it's hollywood that doesn't get it. Blinded by hatred!
  • Your thinking is way out of line, hollywood and please don't type that ALL your preaching makes sense because most of your preaching is nothing but rants of an angry fan. What would the firings of the executives have to do with stripping costs? You do get that Lurie's executives wouldn't be part of a package deal with the team, don't you? I honestly don't know why you seem so upset with YOUR thoughts of Lurie selling this team's what you want and would be a perfect opportunity for a new owner to come in with a new philosophy and possibly prove your thinking that Lurie is the anti-christ.
  • When I die, I'd like the Eagles to be the pallbearers at my funeral. That way they can let me down one last time.
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  • They would.
  • Have to ask, 20dawk...what does hollywood's voice sound like in your head?
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  • I never really thought about what hollywood sounds like. Funny to think you guys put voices to his words. LOL. I would think there has to be a lot of hissing involved.
  • Upper deck was half full. Blackouts coming? Oh I forgot they have 65,000 fans waiting. You make me laught GTD
  • I have constantly told you that fans would only stop going with a few bad seasons in a row and not because of your lame call for a boycott on yardbarker. All the tickets were sold out this year regardless of whether the fans are showing up (by the way I saw a figure that said the attendance was over 69,000 so was the upper deck only half full halfway through the 4th quarter?). Next year probably will be a liitle lax on ticket sales with the last two years and the Eagles heading into a year of uncertainty...we'll see. You keep bringing up the waiting list and all I can do is laugh at you, business guy. You do realize that when the Eagles don't sell out it is because of the single seats that are left besides the season ticket holders, don't you? You keep acting like you know how the Eagles run their business but from what you type I can tell you don't have a clue.
  • Everyone here knows your the biggest organizationass kisser on the site but besides not a real good sign when I got free tickets because the guy that owns the license couldnt get rid of them on stub hub. 65,000 beating down the doors right GTD? You moron
  • Let's not fool ourselves, hollywood. You think I'm an ass kisser because I debunk your stupid one else gives a damn. First of all, why do you embellish so much...why 65,000? I know I never typed that and I have never heard the Eagles claim they had that many on their waiting list. Why not 100,000 if we are making up numbers? Secondly, why didn't you comment on anything that my reply was actually about. I state that the blackouts could be coming if the Eagles keep floundering and I also discuss what the blackouts truthfully reflect and you ignore it all and throw out a fictitious number...what a joke you are!
  • I see where you probably got that number because it actually is close to the number the Eagles claim is how many they have on their waiting list. If the Eagles are lying they aren't the only ones. I think I saw that the Redskins claim to have 150,000 on their list, the Giants 135,000 the Steelers 88,000. Regardless of what the true numbers are the fact is that the Eagles have plenty of people willing to step in for the few that may decide not to renew. Blackouts may still come...we'll see...the Eagles never had to face that possibilty while at the Linc.
  • no you climed the eagles were never blacked out ever. you lie
  • I never ever ever ever stated that hollywood. I typed that I know that no playoff games were blacked out since I started watching the Eagles and that was because you were trying to lead us to believe a playoff game against the Redskins you went to wasn't a sellout (and I typed I doubt one ever was knowing what this fanbase is like and I also typed that I don't believe an Eagles game has ever been blacked out at the Linc). I have even typed on here that I listened to blacked out games on the radio years ago and I even went to a blacked out game against Tampa Bay at the Vet. Ricky Watters first game which I'm sure you remember...he shortarmed a ball going across the middle and made his infamous "For who, for what" comment. To tell you the truth I'm not sure if the game was blacked out but I know leading up to the game the threat was there and that is why I purchased the tickets. Just please stop telling me what I know I NEVER typed...and you tell me I lie.
  • One last thing, hollywood and be honest (I know that is hard for you). Was the person trying to get rid of Monday nights game and possibly this (down) years tickets or did he tell you he wasn't renewing his season tickets? I would guess that just like many lately the desire wanes when the team is this bad...that doesn't equate to people wanting to easily give up what is hard to come by. In a down year (or two) you can always find people willing to give up some up their season tickets for good is a whole different situation.
  • Hes keeping them. hes had over 40 years
  • I xchanged my mind about the stadium. Il tell you why. Even though I agree with EZ about the noise level reduced by the gaps in the walls the fans are extremely passionate. And I like the personality of the fan base. Collectively its a vibe I cant describe but I am also angry at their complacency. That product was awful to put it midly and all you need to do is look at the teams scraping the bottom of the league and they are teams without new stadiums and financial resources. Our owner has no other source of income . Hes no jerry Jones or Steve Bischotti. He cant or wont field a superbowl winning team. If you look at teams with new stadiums how many have superbowl vitories? Most if not all exception Eagles. He lost his best opportunity and its only getting worse.
  • Of course he is keeping his tickets just like most season ticket holders will. That is what makes them so tough to get.
  • I think it's pretty funny that the FO wanted to imitate the Red Sox. Well congratulations. They have done just that. And not in a good way either.

    I just noticed the collapses of both the Red Sox and the Eagles are pretty similar. The only thing missing is the fried chicken and beer.
  • not according to GTD. The fans on the waiting list are beating down the doors to get a good look at Nick Foles. LMFAO
  • Never typed that at all, hollywood. I even typed the other day that blackouts could be on the way if the Eagles keep floundering. Why do you constantly twist words and flat out lie? Because of hatred and anger? You need to take a deep breath, chill out and start typing some truth on this website.
  • They blame Vick but if Tom Brady was out on the field with the Eagle scrub TEAM he would get his head handed to him. They are collectively a bum team.
  • ...a bum team with a stud quarterback if Brady were in Philly. You're clueless if you think the quarterback play wouldn't be better if Brady was the QB.
  • If you want to see an example of true professional classy ownership, look no further than The New England Patriots and Bob Kraft, the Pittsburgh Steelers under the Rooney family and the New York Giants under the Mara and Tisch families. These are examples of what a true ownership should look like. I'll even go so far as to add The Cowboys under Jerry Jones because he wants to win so badly and puts his money on the table to do so. He just needs to hire a GM and get the hell out of the man's way.
  • I wouldn't add Jones because he doesn't want to win bad enough anymore or he would hire a GM. His ego stands in the way.
  • I agree Giant. Jones is strapped right now with his mortgage but when its paid off he will become the George Steinbrenner of football. Because he will have no rent and huge steady stream of cash. But GTD will argue that Lurie is a better owner because hes manages the cap space better. Brilliant!
  • No I won't, hollywood. But I would much rather have an owner who sits back and let's his football people do their jobs and Lurie fits that bill much better than Jones does. Jones made some great moves when he first bought the Cowboys. Hiring Johnson was the first great move and then holding Herschel Walker for ransom and getting all the players and picks that he did when they dealt him to a team that was totally clueless on the impact of a running back on their team was the second. Two great moves and without either it's questionable whether the Cowboys would have had their championships under Jones.

    You keep making excuses up for Jones yet he has always had his hands on his team and since Johnson left and his players have faded, the Cowboys haven't even come close to the type of success the team you claim to love has had...yet you bury them and praise the Cowboys. Yeah, no agenda for you!

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