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Found November 13, 2012 on Larry Brown Sports:

From Larry Brown Sports:

Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari ripped into Duke’s players for flopping during Tuesday’s game between the teams.

Duke senior forward Ryan Kelly was trying for a put-back right before halftime when he flopped on his back in an attempt to draw a call. The call from the officials did not come, but the call out from Calipari certainly did.

“They’re flopping all over the place,” Calipari told halftime interviewer Andy Katz. “In the NBA, they’d all be suspended.”

Calipari also complained about the foul trouble his team was in.

Duke is notorious for its flopping, and their acting is one of the reasons people hate them so much. The good news is at least announcer Dick Vitale didn’t cover for the Blue Devils like he did last year.

You can see a video of the Ryan Kelly flop below:

After Duke won 75-68, Calipari was asked about his halftime comment and called it a joke.

“It was a joke. You guys at Duke can take a joke, right?” he said.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski defended his team’s play.

“I mean, he has a right to say whatever he wants,” Krzyzewski said, via the Raleigh News & Observer. “I thought we took some amazing charges, and I thought we probably could have taken a couple more. There’s a difference between a charge and a flop. A flop means you don’t take any contact. I would hope that anyone who watches the game would say that our kids really played outstanding defense and were there to take charges.”

Sorry to break it to you, Coach K, but your team definitely flopped. At least you can claim scoreboard over the Wildcats for now.

  • Whine, whine, whine...

    That's why calapari is in the ncaa, not the NBA.
  • I watched the whole game. Duke's good at taking charges. Charges are legal and part of the game in the NCAA. Duke also outplayed Kentucky all around. Calipari's always been a crybaby!
  • I watched the whole game too and the better team - for now - won. I am a lifelong Kentucky fan and I can admit that Duke is better than we are in November. Would welcome a return meeting in March, however.
    As for Calipari's remarks, he didn't "rip" anybody and he didn't complain about his club's foul situation. As for the flopping, everybody does it.
    You Wildcat haters are all the same - you're all jealous. Period.
  • NO BODY whines more than k! NO BODY!! Well, maybe BOOBY Knight but after him it's k! LOL dUKe beat us and that's that. True, there was a ton of flopping by Kelly and he also jumped into players to get calls but that's not what beat us. The Goodwin show was the problem, Archie has a ton and a half of talent but he plays out of control half the time. He gets into the lane and has no idea what to do with it when he gets there, then he does one of those 360 spins and throws the ball away. We have a ton of talent but we are Green, Green, Green. Last night was school time and we got schooled, those kids need to learn sooner than later what it's like to go against teams night after night that will take every cheap shot, thug mugging play at us they can, it's no surprise to us, we see it all the time. dUKe got the W last night and that's ok, let's PRAY we meet again in March!! dUKe the cheap shot, b!tch playing, girly boys! See you in March!!!
  • That's ACC Basketball "Baby" LOL Syracuse and Pittsburg upon leaving Big East to make ESPN happy for football you are condemed to play crapy basketball
  • Crappy basketball? Syracuse doesn't stop playing Div. II schools, at home, until January, and I guess Pitts trophy case is over flowing with basketball national championship trophies. However, we do appreciate you sending your football teams down here. They'll be the darlings of homecoming games.
  • There are no easy wins interconference for ACC teams. Face it, either you or the Big East is last and the other is next to last. Other than Clemson and Fla. St. it's pretty damn ugly. Same goes for Big East outside Louisville, Rutgers and Cincy. You are getting two of the weaker teams in FB, so will move to bottom when Boise St. joins the Big East, along with SD ST. (better than all in ACC except Clemson and Fla. St.) Get your basketball improved, get Virginia, Maryland and WF back to where they were, add Syracuse, and now you are back to #1. Lately it's been the Big 2 and the sucking rest. But, Fla St. has a chance to be better, and see a resurgence at NC St. (but just very lately). you have been replaced in past 5 years by Big 10, Big East and Big 12 and are situated now to regain the top spot. Going to have to live with being #1 and #6 in the two major sports, that's just the way it is right now. But, hang around, things change. And by the way, you don't think that it's happenstance that the Orange Bowl typically takes the winner of the Big East to play the ACC winner, do you? It's to keep both conference from being completely embarrassed, such as Clemson vs. W. Va. last year. Or Va Tech losing to Michigan in the goofiest matchup in a BCS bowl in years. A real gift for the Big 10, who is 4th best now, and can''t get over it.
  • For UK it's always someone else's fault, "The refs", "the other team flopped" blah blah blah. They need to accept getting beat by a better team and move on. UK fans are the reason they are the most hated team in college bball. Can't wait to see them lose a lot more.
  • UK, the most hated? Maybe by you. Did you even watch the game? Duke was flopping. Anything for a win. And coach K's BS definition of flopping was lame. If contact makes it OK to throw yourself on the floor to draw a foul, then why don't you see flopping constantly from every team? BB may be classified as a no contact sport, but anyone who watches can clearly see there's contact on just about every play.
  • Did you watch the game? or even the vid? If you did then how can you disagree. Idiot you know nothing of bball even the guy who wrote the article attest to the fact that Duke is a bunch of floppers Stand up and play defense. Cal didnt blame anyone for the loss dumbass
  • not sure where all you have been, but have to tell you, from West Coast to almost the East Coast, Duke is the most hated team, and it is not even close. Think it's their obnoxious students at Cameron, bad referees (need to watch a tape of the UConn/Duke F4 game where Okafor was called for two fouls in 1st half, had to sit him down, when he did not touch anyone, and the announcers brought it up, too, it was so bad. To give you an idea how badly many games are tilted towards Duke, Mickey K, Mike's wife thought that game was reffed poorly for Duke. Man I'd hate to see the games where she thought the referees were fair! But, the flopping and acting they do and have for years is a lot of the reason also. They do flop, it's well known. Last, other alumni across the ACC not from UNC and Duke are quite used to having to be 10 points better to beat either team. The UNC grad who runs the ACC surely has made it clear that the calls better mirror their charter to get UNC and Duke the highest seeds every year. And they do a great job of providing that. This comes from U. Va, WF and Clemson alums I know. One played at WF. Said it's always been that way. You ain't heard shit until Boeheim goes off on you when your refs pull the usual deal in a Syr/Duke, or Syr/UNC game. Think the only time I have seen a well refereed game in ACC is when Duke plays UNC, or two teams are both not Duke or UNC.
  • Come on, people. Duke basketball has been getting away with this for YEARS. Don't you even watch the games? Of course they flop. Try playing them at Cameron sometime. That is the joke.
  • Don't believe Austin Rivers flopped on his Dean Dome shot last year. Like all Tar Hole fans you are delusional. Duke plays within the rules. If you don't like it --- change the freaking rules. In the mean time stop your whinning.
  • Calapari's a cry baby, he hates Coach K because he knows Coach K is a better Coach. He got booted out of the NBA--in fact I think it was Spearwell who gave him a slap because of his big mouth.
  • I thought Calipari's comment was right on, although I don't think he meant it as a negative comment toward the Duke players. It was more of a back door slap at the Refs. He was right though, the Duke players were flopping like fish on a dry dock. I am a UK fan and I will admit that UK got beat by a better team last night. UK is freshmen oriented and will get much better by the end of the season. Duke on the other hand is Senior oriented and will improve, maybe, a little. I'll take Coach Cal over the biggest whinner in NCAA hoops, Coach K.
  • Its really sad when people are so jealous of such a great Basketball team. They have talent, loyal fans, and a great coach, they have had these qualities for years and will continue. they are hated because they are the best. and they will win... it may take a few games to work out the kinks but they will get it together, its pretty amazing that 3 true freshman played 3 Duke seniors so tight, most teams cant do that.
  • Ooohhhh, poor me at Kentucky! Hey guys - both teams were flopping, in fact, all of the NCAA flops now that the refs never call charging anymore. The refs & NCAA officials have turned what use to be a beautiful, finesse sport into a game of playground thuggery so that the players will be ready for the ugly game of the NBA/WNBA. The college game nows allows the double-dribble (carryover) and walking (constantly moving both feet). Take time to closely watch the college player with the ball and you will see him/her violating these rules during the course of the game and right in front of a ref. When I played basketball in the mid-50s, HS & College, there was no holding, grabbing, shoving, backing into a player, or knocking a player down without a violation. The beautiful game of basketball has been tainted by the need for thuggery & nastiness. Pitchedy!
  • I've always hated Duke. A bunch of yuppies who will do anything to win games. Coach K is the biggest whiner there's ever been. His players just follow his lead. I always love whenever they lose. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  • Are you kidding??? Nobody beats Calipari at whining! And Duke-haters are just jealous of a successful program.
  • Jealous of dUKe??? What's in the Kool Aid your drinking down there! No wonder N.C. hates you guys soooo much!!! Flopping or not we didn't win, let's hope for a rematch in March!
    GO CATS!!!
  • A flop doesnt happen on a shot attempt by the offensive player....Ryan is putting the shot back up trying to score at the buzzer....At least this example isnt a flop. Coach K preaches defense. Taking a charge is difficult to make yourself stand there when someone is barreling down on you. The rules are there to use to win the game. Right now, there is nothing improper going on...just that some teams are better at "drawing the charge" than others. I do agree that Kentucky has a ton of room to improve and super talent but there is a reason that there are never many seniors on Kentucky's team (college classes give grades)....
  • Oh Wow-It's starting again....Calapari and his band of whiners have begun crying about the "oh so terrible play tactics of the other team_ Give me a break Calapari...with your "do what you gotta do to win " attitude? You're always so lucky that many UK players go pro early, the you don't have to worry about the non-existent graduation rate of your players.
    Your win record looks good so far..keep it up Wildcats!
  • Hey Dufus, just so you know, Ky had better than a B average from it's Bball players and led the Sec in overall GPA as a school. Now if you were talking about Northwestern or Harvard you mite have a point but your not your talking about dUKe and the entry requirements at UK are the same at dUKe, check it out for yourself bright boy!
  • You have to be joking! The same requirements to get into Duke is the same for Kentucky? What planet are you on. Duke has the nick name "The Harvard of the South". I think you "need" to recheck your figures big time. Three quarters of the UK team would be ineligible to attend Duke.
  • Uh, no, solarman, Vanderbilt is known as "The Harvard of the South". Duke is simply known as Duke University.
  • A bit early in the season for sour grapes. The UK coach is a "career whiner."
  • Coach Calipari a career whinner huh, well i thought that honors went to Bobby Knight he still whines about UK and Coach K whines almost as much as Bobby Knight like that na suprise since Coach K is a protoege of Mr Knight
  • Sorry williered...can't help myself!
  • Maybe if Calapari had baskeball players that would stay around for more than a year he'd have players that know how to play the game and he wouldn't have to make excuses for losing.
  • I don't think you watched the game. Calipari made no excuses for losing the game. I think he was taking a jab at both the Duke tendency to fall on the court when the wind blows as well as the official's tendency to placate Coach K. In any event, regardless of his statement, he not once blamed the loss on anything but his team's lack of experience.
  • Would think that Calipari would focus on other more meaningful aspects of the game. Duke, like many other programs, drills getting into defensive position and taking charges. When they do that, it's natural for what people call flopping to take place. It's the referee's job to make the right call. In the video, who knows if Kelly fell trying to draw a call or not - certainly can't tell from that angle, but he didn't get the call, so what's the problem. Not much to report on really.
  • UK and the audacity to win. It's disgusting how Calipari's bastardizing the UK program at any cost to win. The fans don't care because they have nothing more in life to cling to in that state....my bad, commonwealth. He's deemed himself the white Harriet Tubman to the black ball players, saying he's the gateway to bring them from the impoverished places they come from and get them to the NBA (listen to the interview it's pretty sick). I have to give it to him, he's managed to navigate the stereotype wave and use Drake, Jay-Z and other celebs to sell a lifestyle to these "impoverished" recruits.
  • Calipari recruits better than eany other coach. This is because he doesn't feed his recruits a bunch of crap. He tells them that they are great players and his system of coaching will make them even better. And it is the truth. These guys want to be NBA players, and what college basketball player wouldn't want to be? That's what the kids want, that's what their family wants, that's what Calipari wants, along with a winning college program.
  • Calipari has turned the UK basketball program into a junior college show at best. He cares nothing about higher education. Of course had UK won the game last night wouldn't have beeen whinning at all. He's a great winner, but a poor loser.
  • Trust me, Kentucky didn't lose that game because Duke flopped. Kentucky just got outplayed. If the young Cats don't learn how to rebound and shoot free throws; this will be a long season. It is obvious they are going to be pretty good but, they are not the UK team of last year. There are no "One and Dones" on this team.
  • Duke flops?
    in other breaking news, water is wet. fire is hot.
  • I agree with pitchedy.They have ruined the game. Most of these players wouldn't last in a game 15minutes in the 50s to mid 70s.
    A finesse game has evolved to a bunch of hatchet men that walk, palm the ball and roll on the floor which is walking. Jump hop! What a joke-it's a walk! Foul, foul, foul and call if they want.
    I think Calipari was correct on one call about the flop but KY is notorious for it being everyone else's fault and their fixing goes back to Adolp Rupp and never stopped! Anyone with a twit of education knows the origin of blueblood; it is incest and eastern KY has plenty of it. "Barefoot and pregnant." Calipari has done a good job but he would not be allowed to coach anywhere else. His reputation fits with KY history. Wins two NCAA Final Fours; two taken away. At KY, that won't happen because they don't investigate KY. How about Bledsoe? Jacksonville State won't accept him because he can't pass General Math. Goes to KY and gets A in Algebra! Who took his tests? I'm not jealous, I don't care. I see the game for what it is, a charade! "Opiate for the masses!" Only UK fans burn down their own "Mecca" (Lexington) when they get into the Final Four.When they won the Championship, in KY one would have thought it was the Second Coming. Insane! It's a game. Tomorrow is another day. It was a well played game and I believe KY will improve much and be a top contender by year end. It is wide open and anyone can win on a given night among 10 teams right now.
  • You're an ass for making such a judgmental comment. Education is your key to the future.
  • I don't think Analyzer has ever lived in Kentucky, and I know he knows nothing about the Bluebloods of Kentucky (the Fugate family). Do some research about methemoglobinemia prior to accusing all eastern Kentuckians of being incestual. As for burning down the city, a lone couch was set ablaze on the sidewalk by college students at a party. I walked right by it. The other 301,000 citizens all behaved. At least your last two sentences sounded informed and less hateful.
  • That's the primary drill they work on in practice. The flop.
  • Both of these coaches, and I'll throw Izzo in there as well, are constantly whining. What's the matter, guys? It isn't enough that you get the best prep basketball talent in the country? You want every call from every official as well?
  • There's a problem with "doing anything to win a game"? That's what you're supposed to do, and that's what every team doe sin every sport. They stretch the rules as far as they can, even going beyond the rules until they get called on it and pulled back by the officials. This isn't golf where a guy calls a penalty on himself, sometimes for things that aren't his fault. In football there is holding and pass interference on every play, and there's probably a foul on every shot in basketball within five feet of the basket. Every tems cheats until the officials stop it. If Duke is better at blurring that line than your team, quit whining and learn to do it yourself, or stop it for everyone, every game, every play. I personally think that's the way it should be, but no one would pay to watch the game the way it was intended to be played.
  • Hum does that mean Kentucy won't play Duke anymore because he got beat?????????????????
  • Haters gonna Hate (Coach Cal, Writer of this Article) but the Dukies got a win. Again. And Coach K proves to be the better coach. Again.
  • the only thing worse than a whiner is a cheater..Calipari has them both nailed down
  • LMAO...number 3...really? Bring on Louisville and Indiana...

    GO DUKE!!!
  • Duke dosent want to play Louisville because UofL has alot more experience then Duke does and a returning team from the final four. I'm a big Kentucky fan but if i had to place my bets on a team winng it all come the 1st monday in April its Louisville.
  • GO DUKE!!!
  • He better watch his big mouth or Coach K will punk slap him like Spearwell did when he was in the NBA.
  • Calipari should change his name to Crapapari. He has to put the blame on somebody other than himself. When he loses he lets the world know it wasnt his fault. UK played lousy and why they were ranked #3 is a gift from the basketball gods. They shouldnt even be ranked except 3rd from the bottom. He sucks
  • UK's ranking is definitely too high. Young, not used to playing together as a team. But Cal is one of the best coaches in the country when it comes to bringing immensely talented players together and making them LEARN how to play as a unit. Barring any injuries, this UK team could be a final four team.
  • I am a big UK fan always have and always be but i respect Duke they are the 2nd best team in the NCAA overall in basketball. Usually when Duke vs Kentucky its going to be most of the time one of the best games played. Duke was the better team last night they have more experience but lets see a rematch come March I know Duke dont want that and the record speaks for it self 1966, 1978, 1998 and Duke got lucky in 1992 and i believe in 2001 also as for coaches lets see UK has 3 of its former coaches in the Hall of Fame and with a guarntee of 2 more being a shoe in ow many does Duke has? Also NBA coaches will leave the NBA to coach at Kentucky Pitino left the NY Knicks to come to Lexington and Pat Riley is on record saying the only college he would leave the NBA for is Kentucky we are the most storied basketball program in the world, the list is long
  • Honestly can't say I've researched the UK coaches in the Hall of Fame, so I assume your statement is correct. And by the way, KY is one of my favorite teams. On the other hand, how many wins do those coaches have vs. how many wins for Coach K? And how many coaches has KY had while K has been at Duke? You think K couldn't have had his pick of jobs if he had wanted to leave Duke? There are a lot of good coaches, but only one Coach K.
  • Aduph Rupp 800 wins at Kentucky. Coach K dosent have that yet. and Rupp was at Kentucky for 42 years as head coach now name another Coach that stayed at 1 school for that long. and that standard was set 40yrs ago and not broken in men's basketball today not at 1 school and i believe Coach K will be the only other coach that will and it will be in 2014 when he does. and has for how many coaches that UK had while coach K been at Duke it is 6 now how many coaches did Duke have while Rupp was at UK? Also why would you want to leave Duke, Kentucky or UNC? you either leave those 3 schools for 1 or 2 reasons you either retire or forced to leave it dont get no better then those 3 schools
  • Coach Calipari needs to learn to be a gracious loser but I doubt that will happen. All he cares about is winning and publicity. Look at his past. Would you want your son to play for him? Not me. Coach K - of course.
  • "the only thing worse than a whiner is a cheater..Calipari has them both nailed down" by butch43

    Butch, you forgot "Manipulater and thief of the truth". Calipari should be banned for life, from all NCAA sports.
    Let him coach in the NBA where their already used to people like him; he can't corrupt it anymore than it is now.
  • Coach Calipari did something that Coach K already had 4 chance to do and Coach Calipari 1 and set a standard. When UK was invited to the White House after winning he natioanal championship he presented the President of the United States Barack Obama with a NCAA national champion ring and a team jersey wit is name and number on it making him a part of UK's team NO OTHER COACH HAS DONE THAT we set history and the standard here at KENTUCKY
  • Hate all you want. It will never take away our pride for our accomplishments. Our record dating back to 1903 speaks for itself. Analyzer, your comments about those of us who live in Kentucky, are just plain rude. You don't know me to make those kind of comments. People like you who make those kind of comments are who divide our country. Sure, we're passionate about our basketball. What's wrong with pride and passion? It brings us together and makes us happy. What's wrong with that?
  • Hey Calipari this isn't the NBA. In college you can take a charge. What a stupid statement, if this was the NBA, the players would be fined. Get a CLUE Calipari !!!!

John Calipari Calls Out Duke for Flopping (Video)

Kentucky coach John Calipari got snagged for an interview by ESPN at halftime of their game against Duke last night and he didn't have very nice things to say. "They're flopping all over the place, In the NBA they'd all be suspended.  So we gotta get to where we are getting the ball by guys and knowing that they are gonna try to take charges." Well John...

Yahoo! Sports trolls Coach Calipari

Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari called out Duke defenders at halftime last night for "flopping all over the place." It's OK, Calipari, ACC brethren have been saying that going on 20 years. We might even agree with you. But on the other hand....You're a cheater. So, when Yahoo! Sports flips your comment for a sensationalist headline, I applaud them.And here...

John Calipari calls out Duke for Flopping

Finally someone called the Duke Blue Devils for flopping all over the place. That person was Kentucky head coach John Calipari. In a halftime interview with ESPN’s Andy Katz Calipari called out Duke. Here is what he had to say. “The post defense and some threes. But for us to be in this situation, I’m going to be honest, I’m happy. We got into a little foul trouble but not...

No. 3 Kentucky faces No. 8 Duke at Georgia Dome

John Calipari isn't happy with Kentucky's effort on the boards. He didn't specifically say anything to the No. 3 Wildcats about their rebounding during weekend practices. But by the time players finished running, Calipari had gotten his message across. The Wildcats were pushed around in their 72-69 season-opening victory over Maryland. The Terrapins outrebounded Kentucky...

No. 3 Kentucky faces No. 8 Duke

John Calipari isn't happy with Kentucky's effort on the boards. He didn't specifically say anything to the No. 3 Wildcats about their rebounding during weekend practices. But by the time players finished running, Calipari had gotten his message across. The Wildcats were pushed around in their 72-69 season-opening victory over Maryland. The Terrapins outrebounded Kentucky...

Updated 2013 Class Rankings

John Calipari and Kentucky are on pace for their fifth straight No. 1 recruiting class. They currently have three top 10 players on board and are searching for more.

Calipari Presser Notes

Kentucky coach John Calipari discussed his team's win over Maryland and preparation for Duke in the Champions Classic during his press conference on Monday at the Craft Center.

Video: John Calipari had a great line about Duke’s flopping

This group of Kentucky freshman aren’t quite as dynamic as last years, and they will be taking some time to gel. That being said, John Calipari is as classy as ever. Last night, Calipari was interviewed by Andy Katz at the end of the first half, and Coach Cal discussed his feelings about the foul [...]

Cats add five signees

Kentucky is well on its way to its fifth-consecutive No. 1 national recruiting class under John Calipari after announcing the singing of five top prospects on Thursday.

Calipari grooming Goodwin at the point

Kentucky coach John Calipari appears to be grooming freshman guard Archie Goodwin for long-term minutes at the point, comparing his newcomer to former Memphis standout Tyreke Evans.

Kentucky comeback falls shot in 75-68 loss to Duke

Kentucky still has some growing up to do. But, hey, it's only November. Rallying furiously, the third-ranked Wildcats nearly wiped out a 14-point deficit in the second half but came up short against No. 9 Duke. The defending champs lost 75-68 Tuesday night in the first matchup between the storied programs since 2001. Seth Curry scored 23 points for the Blue Devils, who relied...

Duke-Kentucky Preview

On the court, Mike Krzyzewski and John Calipari have met just once during their lengthy careers. Off the court, Calipari seems to be winning many recruiting battles against Krzyzewski and other top coaches as he did in gaining the services of heralded freshman Alex Poythress. Poythress chose to play for Calipari and No. 3 Kentucky over Krzyzewski and No. 9 Duke, and the forward...

Wildcats land nation's top recruiting class again

Kentucky continues to stockpile top-flight high school talent. The Wildcats announced Thursday the signings of five recruits including 6-foot-5 twins Andrew and Aaron Harrison, considered two of the nation's top guards. Kentucky has also received national letters of intent from forward Marcus Lee and guard James Young - ranked among the top 10 at their positions by recruiting...
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The Miami Dolphins have not looked good over the past two weeks after kicking off their season with an impressive win over the New England Patriots. They allowed 34 points against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and 29 against the Buffalo Bills the week before. Neither opponent has what you would call a powerhouse […]
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