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A 65-year old Ohio State fan was pulled over by Tennessee cops who thought her Buckeye sticker was a marijuana leaf -- seriously.

  • Can people be this stupid?Do thy think she would be driving around with a bumper sticker of a pot leaf on her car.She wasn't sitting in the car smoking a joint they probably were that's why they got confused.
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  • so now the cops can stop you for your bumper sticker what has happened to freedom of speech the cops don't know the difference between pot leafs and buckeye leafs o well they don't know the difference between ora leafs and pot leafs here neither they raided a 87 yrs old garden here in winterviile nc last year and tore all her okra plants down and we trust these fools with guns
  • Tennessee police need to evaluate their training program if they can't tell a pot leaf from a buckeye. Or smoke both to get acquainted perhaps.
  • The cop was almost correct: (the hemp and buckeye plants are related)
    Ohio State buckeye logo is a type of nut, and Ohio State fans are really nuts, but the Kentucky and Tennessee cops will stop a car with Ohio plates just for that reason alone, you don't have to be doing anything wrong.
    This is a long standing feud between the haves and have-nots. You are taken to a "justice of the peace" kangaroo court in the local town, you pay a fine, and you are released. The cops split the take with the "judge" and no record of the incident is ever recorded. Stay on the interstate when driving through "hillbilly" country to avoid such incidents.
  • Wait... What? Since when is the Buckeye TREE related to the hemp PLANT? As for Ohio fans, they are nuts, but no more nuts than fans you find anywhere else in this country. After all, I don't recall anyone being beaten or shot outside of an Ohio stadium yet... Could be wrong about that, who knows with sports fans. Also, I grew up and lived in Ohio for years and spent plenty of time in Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and so on and have never been pulled over for having Ohio plates.
  • Actually, the fruit of Aesculus is not a nut, it's a capsule; and Cannabis (Hemp) and Aesculus (Buckeye) are no more closely related than Cannabis and many other plants. Botanically, in fact, Cannabis is more closely related to Tea Rose (Rosa) than Buckeye. Do some research, sparky.

    The "cop" was NOT "almost correct"; and while one cannot expect any officer of the law to be a botanist, we should be able to expect them to have some common sense.

    I wonder what they would say about the poppy bumper sticker my neighbor has on their car? It's a depiction of a flower similar to the millions of flowers growing along the highways in Tennessee, Texas, and many other places, and a celebration of the attempt to beautify our nation's highways... as opposed to having anything to do with opioids.
  • If you are going to opine on something, at least show some intelligence. I do not know about Tennessee (except when a camera took my picture and I was sent a ticket in the mail), but Kentucky has a far more advanced court system than most states, and I would include Ohio in that assessment. As for what the police do, I doubt if one would stop someone from Ohio without probable cause, and they certainly would not take them to a "justice of the peace" or "kangaroo court". In fact, even if you had committed a minor felony, it is not likely that you would be arrested. It is a little thing which was passed by the Kentucky legislature called house bill 463. So before you run your mouth and show your ignorance, get the facts.
  • If you read the article again u will find they live in Plano Texas and had a Texas license plate and not an Ohio plate, suck on that idiot!
  • While from a distance it does resemble a potleaf, what concerns me the most is the fact that she was pulled over for it. Police need to realize there is freedom of speech in this country. I was once pulled over and given a ticket for disorderly conduct and interfering with the duties of a law officer because I told the cop he was "Full of ****" for pulling me over in the first place. I went to court, claimed I had freedom of speech that would cover this, and the judge agreed and had the charges dropped. The bonehead cop was so pissed I loved it.
  • Cut 'em a break. How are they suppose to know what it is? Nobody outside The Big Ten watch Big Ten football. Why would they?
  • I'm outside the big ten and i watch big ten football so u are incorrect fool.
  • Shelby County is Memphis. Far from Hillbilly country, but if you are making remarks about the Tennessee education system, I won't argue.
  • Tennessee cops are the stupidest I ever saw. They search my car, come up with this little bag of pot, roll it around in their hand and hold it out like they expect me to take it. Hell no! I ain't puttin my prints on that. You just put it back in your pocket and go away. They couldn't get me to touch it so he put it back in his pocket and told me not to come back to Tenn. He didn't even write me a ticket for speeding, which was his excuse for stopping me in the first place. I had VA plates.
  • I dont know who's more stupid the cops or people who don't question this story. The cop's merely pulled the vehicle over because they have no clue what hemp looks like.Another more factual account clarifies the story, after the couple explained what the leaf symbol was for they went on their way, they were not arrested.
  • I grow spider flowers. They are delicate and beautiful. The leaves look and smell like marijuana. Imagine the field day these dumb-a$$ cops would have in my yard.
  • this goes to show U.S.ALL - A] just how stupid too many police really are & B] Just how out of control & wrong are the nazi-gestapo like unjust laws & idiotic " enforcement" tactics are that contravene our very fundamental constitutional rights , all of which have been trampled over by goosestepping morons , who do little to ' protect & serve" , other than the special interests of totalitarian scumbags !
    No, I am NOT Anti-police , just anti-dictators & nazis
  • I lived in Tennessee for 6 years, i moved to the Dallas metro and have lived here for 8 + years. I still have family in Tennessee. I have gotten pulled over by the Memphis police at least 6 times no matter whether in my Explorer with no stickers or Mustang with no stickers. The Memphis/Shelby County police are complete jerks, they have made me unload my vehicle, my children and once my 91 year old Grand-mother. On the flip side i have heard of several large narcotic bust they have made coming from Texas so i guess their thoughts are the more people they pull over the better chance they have of scoring a bust.....Idiots
  • Oooooh... they almost caught some bad boy criminals...
  • Whoever wrote this article is ignorant. The title says "Police make arrest..." - This was a stop, not an arrest. If you're going to call out idiots for their ignorance, don't show your own while doing so.
  • I know that it's possible for officers not to log every stop they make but I'm sure they at least call in to advise dispatch that their stopping a vehicle. How do we know this isn't some Ohioan looking to poke fun at Tennessee. As obnoxious as Ohio fans are about "The" Ohio State, I find it really doubtful that even obnoxious "Volunteers" would not know the difference.
  • I don't care what anybody says it looks like a cannibus leaf but why would a drug dealer advertise? HELLO!!That's where common sense needs to kick in.
  • This article is idiotic.... not the officers!! First of all, no one was arrested!! It DOES look like a marijuana leaf and WOW, the cops had on body armor and guns!! Imagine that, police officers wearing bullet proof vests and guns....at work!! Whatever happened to real journalism?!?!
  • This is a made up story and just a matter of someone trying to embarrass the police, because of who who knows why. Some kind of agenda (they don't agree with drug laws)? It seems that you can make up a story and it becomes "news" now. Where is the evidence that this really happened? No where in the article dose it offer real proof. The idiot who wrote this "news" article at the Columbus-Dispatch needs to be fired and whoever made the decision at Yard Barker to repeat it needs to be canned too. Do you have to qualify with a low IQ now to be a "news" reporter?

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