Originally written on Larry Brown Sports  |  Last updated 11/19/14

You may have received an email recently showing a picture of a bowling alley where President Barack Obama’s face is seen at the end of each lane. The alley is purported to be in Clearwater (Fl.), so the Countryside Lanes alley in Clearwater has been flooded with calls from people eager to knock over the President’s teeth.

Only there’s one problem: the email was a hoax; Countryside Lanes looks like your standard bowling alley.

The alley’s general manager, Tina May, told FOX 13 in Tampa that business has been booming because of the hoax. She’s received calls from people in California to Maine asking about the Obama alley.

“My personal opinion is it’s a very disrespectful thing,” May says. “I didn’t approve of it at all and that was basically what I told people, no we don’t do that and I don’t know many around here who would.”

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Comments 1-100 (of 194):
  • I believe that this is compleatly inappropriate and racist.
  • No. This is pure comedy! Many past Presidents have been joked about, made fun of, and Obama is certainly fair game too! Where is your sense of humor?
  • Hell, make it real only on a Dart board . Hey that way anyone can enjoy the pleasure of pokin' at the guy in the white house, he he he he .
  • I agree and it seems that if you make fun of Obama is ANY way, you are somehow a racist.
  • I am white and in Hawaii I was a howlie in colorado I was the majority, in South Carolina I was a cracker, and in Holland my ancestors were held by german natzis even though they had blonde hair and blue eyes. I guess I could possibly play the race card too if you look at my past. But that's not what the world is. My father faught for this country and was proud of it. My grandfather faught just the same, as well as my great grandfather, uncle, and brother. Stop playing the race card start realizing that by presuming that every joke or jab is simply due to race than you yourself may be racist. There are haters in every race religion and creed get over it.This is simple a joke! As a "white" girl I was taunted and teased constantly and I could have easily lumped every person of that race into the haters club but that would make me as ignorant as those who tormented me. The only difference is I don't get scholarships for having ancestors that were wronged. I have no problem with helping those our country has hurt but stop playing the pity card if you weren't even alive when it happened.
  • I have to agree with you KDV1484. Regardless of what race our president is not everything is racial jab sometimes a joke is a joke nothing more. I also agree that unless you were affected by things that happened 75 or more years ago get off the pity party and live your life the best you can & quit asking for everybody else to help & help your self.
  • When you were called a howlie, or cracker did you lose any civil rights along with the name calling? If all they did was make jokes or call me names I might feel just like you. But that is not the extent of being black in this country. You did not have the right to go in stores and try on shoes or clothes because you were black. You were not allowed to register to vote because you were black. You were not allowed to sit on the first available seat on the bus or train because you were black. You were not allowed to use the front door, drink from a water fountain,attend the school on your block because you were black. Many people in this country want to act ask though these examples happened long, long ago but it was only 50 years ago and I lived it. Stop telling me how a black person should behave in this country unless you are black yourself. Because I can assure you, if you are not black you really have no idea what you are saying.
  • Kita123 you are living in the past those are not the realities now. If it were Obama would not even be president. Sounds like you're looking for the handouts he's promising.
  • I believe anyone who sees racism in this is looking very hard for something to be offended by. It would be just as funny if it were Donny Osmond or Jimmy Carter. In fact, it would be funnier if it were Carter.
  • But its not Carter
  • The fact is that he has done so much to damage this country, Most Americans would like to shove a bowling ball down his throat....or up his....
  • where you in a coma? during bush and actors raping of usa you must be repoism
  • Okay...So obama has done so much damage to country, right???? please tell me how the country looked 1 month after Clinton left office and 1 week after Obama took office. hmmm let's see..National debt increased 72% during the Bush admin, there was a 1.5 trillion budget deficit at the end of his term..According to the Congressional Budget Office, under former president Bill Clinton there was a budget surplus in 1999 ($1.9 billion) and in 2000 ($86.4 billion).
    Bush's Final Approval Rating: 22 Percent (leaving him to be one of the most unpopular departing presidents in history).

    In light of the Sept. 11 attacks and the U.S. military action in Iraq two years later, terrorism and the Iraq war have come to define Mr. Bush's presidency. The nation's struggling economy has recently had an impact as well.

    Mr. Bush never received stellar ratings on the economy, but as the nation's economic concerns have become more severe, his rating on the issue has plummeted. Currently, 17 percent approve and 77 percent disapprove of his handling of the economy.

    In September 2008, amid the collapse and subsequent bailout of some of the nation's financial institutions, just 16 percent approved of the president's handling of the economy - a record low for him. His highest rating on the economy came in October 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks.
    Obama came into office just as the stock and housing market crashed (but thanks to him courts had the power to stop banks from foreclosuring on your homes so that you might save them), the automobile industry crashed, people were losing jobs (but obama extended your unemployment so that you could find a job and take care of your family), he introduced a new health system (costs more money, but now you can't be turned away for preexisting conditions such as cancer, aids, etc.)oh and he was stuck with a $80 billion dollar bill for a war that was started before he came into office (but didn't he bring the troops home??? and yes they may be shipped to another country, but America has always had soldiers in other countries).
  • You my friend are a Fool!!!!
  • Amen answermethis!!!
  • True, he didnt do anything to hurt america. But what exactly has he done to help it....
  • I think it is important that there be some clarification here:
    #1 A President can only do so much by way of executive order to right what he sees as wrongs.
    #2 A stacked deck lets a President run amok. By stacked I mean control of the House and the Senate, which Mr. Obama had at the beginning of his term in office.
    #3 Without a stacked deck a President is hamstrung, hence Mr. Bush requesting over 16 times on the record that the lending practices of these banks and mortgage companies be looked at. They were not, and his request to Congress was ignored.
    #4. The media had a lot to due with the housing boom, bust situation by way of things like Flip this House. Encouraging people to borrow against their homes to flip houses and then adding credit card debt to hopefully finish what they started is immoral t best.

    #5 It was during the Carter administration that lending practices were "eased". While Mr. Carter is a good man and his heart was in the right place when he requested this easing it was wrong.

    #6. Again during the Clinton administration at his request lending regulations were again eased. Hence the liar, liar loans that led to the downfall of the real estate market.

    Having been a loan officer for a savings and loan and before that a processor of loans I can tell you that prior to the Carter administration all loans required verification of income for two years, verification of employment for two years, credit checks, etc. A loan ratio of 30% was the max as far as what your loan payment could be which would include taxes and insurance against your income.

    Now that being said who exactly is the fall guy here?

    The fall guy or gal is the American public who thought the could get rich in the real estate market that was out of control. Everything has a cycle and to bet on the cycle staying at the top of the curve is sheer insanity.

    One has to realize that with the debt that has been made by our elected officials there will be no end at all to this depression. It will get worse, just watch what is happening in Europe. And as western society has always done you will see us once again in a war to beat all wars. Mr. Obama states that he is removing troops. I can tell you that translates to retasking units under the United Nations banner. Which actually should be illegal. Anyone with current military experience will tell you the same.

    And to get back on track while a funny thing to do with a bowling alley I do not approve.
  • He came into to office to save your home ??? What, the home you got into knowing you couldn't afford it in the first place. Get real. Some of these should have been foreclosed on as the bank gave out loans to many they knew couldn't afford tem. Is the bank partly at fault, yes. But it isn't up to the bank to sign the contract nor is their place to tell you that you can't afford it. Some people are lacking common sense and I say you are one of them.
  • i can't stand progressive socialism whether it's black or european it's not democracy and it's not racist
  • almost all of europe is a democracy.you been under a rock
  • Racist! No Way, Just funny.
  • How utterly ????????
  • racist, racist, racist, racist....why the heck does everyone (YOU!) have to make everything about race??!! People make fun of the president of the US everyday, WHITE OR BLACK. Bush probably got mocked the most...should we start crying about race in his case?
  • Bush was mocked for being a retard, which he is. on the other hand this is racist and agressive. would you want your kids knocking out the president teeth during a familey game. lets try it this way, put your mommas picture up and let them knock her teeth out. start crying now
  • Just because you don't agree with someone, doesn't make it right. Just because the President happens to be darker skinned, does not mean everytime they pick on him, it has to do with his race.

    Many people feel about Obama, the way you feel about Bush. Now if they put "race" stereo-typical objects, like watermelon pins.. THEN it would be race.

  • It is not racist, just not appropriate. Some idiots idea of funny. THose idiots live on the extremes of politics of both stripes.
    I voted for Obama and will do so again most likely.
    But there is nothing racist about this silly hoax.
  • And Obama is not a retard? At least he doesn't wave the "race card".
  • Fine. Then let's call Your momma a retard. Which she must be seeing how you turned out.
  • I agree! People think differently when you put your mama's in it! Let somebody talk about my mama and it will be a problem lol
  • Last I checked they don't allow "retards" (NOW THAT'S AN OFFENSIVE TERM!!) into Harvard Business School and they certainly don't give them MBAs. I guess you think Obamao is a genius because he graduated from Harvard Law School. Why don't YOU apply for the graduate program at Harvard Business school and see if you can get in. If they give MBAs to retards (your word, not mine) you might have a chance.
  • Overcome......racism implies ethnics, how is this racist?
  • would that be considered racist?
  • It would appear that the only people viewing this as race are those that can't see past a person's color of skin. To them, this is a racist act simply due to the fact that it is a darker skinned individual being presented in a negative light. Those who are able to see past the color of skin simply see it as an individual presented in a negative light. so who is racist now?
  • that should read "viewing this as racist"
  • I feel sorry for you. First, you call the former President of the United States a "retard". What gives you the right to make fun of anyone or refer to mentally challenged people as "retards"? Second, learn how to spell family. And finally, lighten up it's all in fun and not real anyway. A momma joke ...really.
  • So Obama has been doing just as bad as Bush and it is NOT racist. sure it may be very naive for someone to make this but it was just a joke that was taken out of hand. And that last comment in this post is just totally childish.
  • And why is being mocked for being "a retard" okay?? I teach students with cognitive disabilites and find that word offensive. If you are going to say it's okay for someone to be made fun of because they are retarded, then it's certainly okay to make fun of someone for the simple fact that he is our president--NOT because he's black. I think it's pathetic how people are trying to make this about race....no, I'm sure you wouldn't find it funny if it was "your mommas" picture up there, but the fact is Obama is a public figure, public figures get ridiculed all the time black, white, whatever....
  • how is this racist exactly. Also you spelled family wrong too.
  • He should have and no you wouldn't cry about race because he's white...........duh
  • And you aren't?
  • why do you believe that its racist? would it be racist if it was Goerge Bush? there were plenty of horrible things and names President Bush was called by the black community, i bet your lips werent flapping about racism then? you see, this is a hoax, that people, "stupid people" would have done to any president, the reason you see racism, is because you look for racism in everything, i know your type, and those who look for racism in everything, are racist themselves. because people who truely arent racist, dont care about racism, you know why? because they are above such things. God bless the people in this world with true common sense and intelligence.
  • first off my lips dont flap, for the record that comment is racist as well. so it looks as if your in denial.
  • "flapping" of the lips regards to those that talk quickly but say nothing... Your reply, though, was racial and stereo-typical...
  • waaaa, sniffle sniffle ..... it's all somebody else's fault that you (and obamacommie) suck
  • Stop with the race card. It's getting really old.
  • The race card will never be old when truth is on it's side
  • What a hilarious joke!!! Kinda like the Obama Administration! I can't stop laughing... Maybe we can all collectively laugh him right out of the White House.
  • I'm tired of evruone mis-using the term racist. Look up the term RACE as defined by it's science background. You will find that RACE is part of the definition of how animals are clasified. We are ALL of the HUMAN RACE,there are no, "as current knowledge", Martians, Vagans, Vulcans, Romulans or Klingons. Those WOULD be people of a different RACE. What we have is an ETHINIC issue, where people of different ethnic backgrounds think differently. The problem is ETHINISITY not RACISM.
  • Amen!!!
  • Race is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by heritable phenotypic characteristics, geographic ancestry, physical appearance, and ethnicity.
    An ethnic group (or ethnicity) is a group of people whose members identify with each other, through a common heritage, often consisting of a common language, a common culture (often including a shared religion) and/or an ideology that stresses common ancestry or endogamy.
    I suggest you do your research before you further show you lack of common knowledge.
    BTW - I agree with someone above that it would be funner with Carter as he has that big smile full of teeth.
  • If you actually think that this is racist then you would have to agree that obama is a racist that has purposely destroyed our economy because he hates whites and white built this nation.
  • if you think this is inappropriate and racist you are part of the problem America has with uptight over sensitive people.
  • How is it racist? White people have teeth too.
  • Inappropriate yes, but how is it racist?
  • I believe that people should get over the race BS. You should go back to school and take a history class and this time pay attention. If you would then maybe you would see that it was the blacks who enslaved their people and sold them!! And, it was also a white republican president who freed them. So get over it and get a real life. And you want to talk about racisim? What about all the crap we have to have like a National Black History month, A Miss Black USA and other crap like that. What would happen if we as white people declared a National White History month and held a Miss White USA pagent? Exactly, we would be called everything but white. I am not against people of other skin colors either, I am just sick and tired of all the BS. Obama is just as guilty too. Somehow he conveniently forgot about his white mother and grandmother who by the way raised him. But shure as hell he remembers his black father who abandonded him when he was a child. So lets see, that would make him a malato correct? Sooooooooo, guess what people, we still do not have the first black president. When the time comes that we do, then maybe it could go down in the history books. For now the only thng about Obama going in the history books is probably going to be the fact the he was the first president ever to apologize to the enemy!!! Hurry up and get here election day!!! :)
  • It's easy for you to say get ovet the race BS when you never will have to walk in that person shoes!
  • everyones experienced racism in some way, also why are so many people misspelling simple words!!
  • really I think every white person that has visited this page has faced racism. and you will never get to walk in that persons shoes because no one ever expierences the same exact things and deals with it the same exact ways as another person might.
  • What percentage of "black" do you need to be to qualify as the first "black" President?
    Many "black" people have "white" or Asian ancestors. Unless you believe that the intermingling of the races degrades the offspring, there will be less and less "pure" people in the world. And that is a good thing.
    But back to the original question, what percent? 50, 60, 75, 95, what?
  • Any comment or joke about Obama and you call racist. When we kick his incompetant ass out of the White house this fall, you will again claim us racist. The real racist are the 90% of the blacks that voted for him strictly becuase of his color.
  • The only people that ever call the race card are people that obviously have a problem with their race. I don't ever see caucasians pulling the race card even though they get their as..s.. handed to them by everyone else.
  • Just because he is african american does not make this joke automatically racist that is very iggnorant of anyone to say. It just looks like a group of friends were just trying to have a good laugh.I bet if George W. Bush was up here no one would have thought that it was racist or disrespectful they would all have laughed and got on with there lives. So just get over it.
  • In no way at all do I see this as racist!! This is not about the color of him!
  • Oh My! Let's take a different look at this. If I had created the bowling alley it would been to promote his good. People are so upset because he has made a difference. The irony is that this mess we are in was created over an 8 year period and will probably take 10 plus years to straigten out. Yes, many Presidents have been joked but some of the ones now have been cutting edge. I hear people everyday making remarks about him and yes they are on a prejudice nature. However, it is not going to change my mind about him. He campaigne on raising tax on the rich, health care reform, etc. He has done the things he campaigned on an I am glad. Could have done more if the parties had stood up for what is right for all Americans but instead they are afraid to vote for what is right worrying about getting reelected. President Obamas supporters see what is going on. I would say not a Dumb group of people. SMART however, letting congress think they are getting away with their tactics. Spending money remodeling bowling alleys, building gagets etc. That is money that could be spend creating jobs! Oh did I say jobs, that would create a few temporary jobs (lol)
    Another thing: the republican debates, enough is enough! It was far more interesting with Herman Cain, but of course had to make sure he was not the candidate then you would have two african americans running and would end up with one in the white house for sure! Well President is and has done a great job and continue to be focus regardless of what people think of him, he keeps focus and continue taking care of business! It is great to have someone that can THINK! ACT!CONTINUE!THINKING! thats what I call TACT! A Man of his word about the business of the country! Lets give credit where credit is due. Stop trying to find fault, trying seeing the good. Food for thought: A black person knows racism in all forms, until you are black you will probably not have the inner insights of knowing when the race card is played. Not your fault, but try not to get affended when someone else says it, try to understand why they are saying it. Americans, lets focus on what is best for the country in terms of programs, jobs, health. Pay close attention to what the candidates are saying and how they plan to initiate them. The plans are not clear and have not been well thought out. Please everyone lets try to respect one another.
  • I agree with much of what you have said. I was saddened to see Herman Cain drop out.
    Unfotunaely, the best man to lead this country is not running, he is Senator Allen B West from Florida. And, if it is in fact important to you, he is black, not htat it matters.... Just sayin...
    By the way, I'm a lilly white cracker and weather that's racist or not it doesn't bother me. (hope I didn't mis-spell to many words, the teacher is here somewhere)
  • The truth is the color of his skin they the (whites) have been doing this from day one with the Indians, blacks, gews, and everyone that is of a decent of another race and we live that today. with employment, living, dinning and everything America is not free we are just slaves for America!!!
  • Oh and that comment wasn't racist at all *sarcasm*
  • Be careful. Moderators are deleting all comments that point this out to Goldy.
  • and the blacks in africa never took slaves ... right you are just a biggot and cannot handle obama is a failure
  • lol, nah.. the Arabs that handled that end of the slave trade were off-white...
  • Obama is off-white
  • Acctually unfortuantly i have to start this by saying that i am a white man as well as a registered Republican, and like alot of other people i listened to the cable news networks an wanted Obama to be a one term President, But as i watched him over these few years i started to see that he is doing a better job than i really wanted to give him credit for. For example healthcare, That everyone says will bankrupt us, well it won't, And it gives everyone a chance at good health, he gave the go ahead to get that bastard Osama, He gave the go ahead to rescue that captain of that cargo ship, as well he gave the go ahead to rescue those two relief workers that were being held in Somilia. Now thats not to say he has done things that i don't agree with, But every President does that. But i truely believe that he is trying to help the "LITTLE GUY" and thats a hell of a lot more than any other president has ever done. So after swallowing my pride and let me say it was hard for me to finally say that i believe President Obama is good for the masses unlike some of the other canadates that only are worried about all their rich pals. So all of you people on this debate section need to band together and stop the name calling and start voting for someone that you truely believe is going to help us, because all these rich canadates are going to do is get in office and forget all about these ******** promises and comense screwing the middle class. And one more little piece of advice for all of the Black,White,Hispanic,Indian,Arab,Native American or other we are all in the same boat and that boat depends on us working together to stay afloat!! So stop all the name calling because not only does it not get your point across it totally stops any ability to have an intelligent debate. SO help each other and don't listen to what the cable news says about each canadate! Make up your own mind. And don't let the color of someones skin determine if you are going to like some one. Because you might be missing out on something great. THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE!!!~!!
  • Play that race card somewhere else. I am so f***king sick of people telling me I didn't vote for Obama because he is half black and I'm trying to keep a race down. The PC color to call me is Caucasian. But frankly, I did not vote for him because I thought him inept. (That is a big word and judging from your spelling capability, you may need a dictionary for that one.) Those who think race is the reason why he cannot get anything done, do not understand politics and the system at all. It doesn't matter what color they are. All of them are bad. Define decent race for me? Would that be anything but Caucasian?
  • *them* meaning politicians.
  • I agree, my not voting for him had nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with the fact that his background is firmly rooted in socialist idealism and any other concept that was counter to American success. If you doubt this consider his family, his upbringing, his friends. People do not associate themselves with other people who have ideals that are contrary to their own beliefs.
  • Funny you mention what Caucasians do but you don't mention that African Americans did (and still do in Africa) sell their family into slavery for money.

    I strongly suggest you educate yourself. A good start would be a spelling and grammar class you embicile!
  • The term African Americans is incorrect. You are no more African than I am European. Yes, your descendants are more than likely form Africa but you in no way are African American as I am European American.

    African American is a term that has been in existence maybe 15 years.
  • and the word "embecile" is spelled how? with an "e",
    try again....
  • and how do you spell "embicile"? try the letter "i"
    when starting the spelling....
  • Stop crying and stop blaming everyone else for your short comings.
  • What is a gew? Oh, and hate white people much?
  • Goldy, are you stupid, i mean real stupid, who oppreses you, who are you slave to, in fact think of this, what type of white people do you blame for everyones and all your problems? the brittish? irish? italian? german? russian? Jew? do you not see how racist you are yourself in your own comments, truely you are a sad and pathetic person, but i should expect you to atleast see that no one is a slave in america, black people for instance have so many head start programs that white poeple dont have, so if anything black people and all other minorities should flourish, if they dont, its no ones fault but thier own. so quit crying and blaming everyone else for your problems and live your life. stop spreading hate everywhere.
  • Give me a break. You have never been a slave. We do not have slaves in America. You guys need to get over slavery. It is in the past. Quit blaming white people for your failures as a person or race. You chose your on path of life.
  • How disrespectful! Would you tell the jews to get over hitler? Some people life has been chosen for them.
  • So, I guess it's also racist to call a white person "cracker" and "spook"? Or it's ok to stereo type whites are stupid and incompetent in black oriented movies and tv shows?

    Maybe all the "whities" should start screaming racial biased everytime the news reports non-white basketball players getting million dollar contracts? After all, there are far fewer white guys in the NBA. Couldn't have anything to do with SKILLS??
  • Excuse me have you been to a black comedy night anywhere? Seems to me either live, or on HBO, or Comedy Channel...dropping the "W" word is so common. Native Americans, excuse me you called them "Indians" have tribes like the NC Lumbees who have rpide and loyalties to the United States by going beyond old stereotypes and making their own history. You need to grow up!
  • This is not a racist reply to your blathering, it is a reply to your ignorance. Get a dictionary and learn a little history from someone who ISN'T promoting a racial component to every disagreement. While you're at it, take an English course that's above what used to pass for the 5th grade level. Of course, considering some of the people TEACHING English in US schools these days, you may need to get a post graduate degree to actually learn how to write a cogent argument.
  • You are complaining about racism in this comment but have you noticed that YOU are the one being racist against white people. All you are doing is BLAMING other races. sure white people mayhave a bad record but everyone makes mistakes. And how can you say you are "slaves" for america just because everything isn't given to you.
  • After you learn to spell why not think of leaving if it's so terrible here?
  • You misspelled jew. its with a 'J' not a 'G'
  • this person is to iggnorant to spell other ethnic groups names right
  • Just another worthless and disrespectful Republican generated lie. I cannot believe that people believe all those false e-mails. Why not check them out if they are true of false. There are a couple of reliable websites that deal with false information. Visit them!
  • Why are you so sure it was a Republican generated lie. Don't you know how many lies are planted by Dems trying to blame Republicans? Are you that naive?
  • One thing I've noticed is the Democrats are far more immature than the worthless Republicans. All they do is sit around and call Republicans names.
  • How about the possibility a Democrat was so sure to get a "emotional" response from individuals who votes for him because he is black, regardless of his ability to lead? What a way to distract from the issues of qualifications?

    Seriously, Republicans are too busy working and/or running business' to have the time for the detailed image manipulation...
  • Decibella, I remember all the hate, rhetoric and vitriol you liberals had for Bush. I saw some really disgusting effigies, yet when in comes to Obama, who is so much worse than Bush, you start whining and calling us names. Somehow the Democrats feel that Obama, being half black has this shield that protect him from the same type of hate and vitriol that some of us had for past presidents.
  • watch out people may call you racist for going against Obama. I mean you know it'd be ok if it were Bush but as soon as you bring an African- American into this you are automatically thought to be wrong.
  • Excuse me but YOU are being dissrespectful against Republicans seriously calling them worthless why don't you just GROW UP.
  • this comment was not suppose to go here sorry
  • Good grief....If they did this with a Bush picture it would be nothing but laughter..
  • See more comments >>

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