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Bob Costas was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday. The conversation started light-hearted with Patrick trying his best to get Costas to take part in their Jim Nantz impersonation contest for Masters week. Costas though wasn't in a playful mood and took the opportunity to blast CBS and its commentators (without mentioning any names, ahem, Jim Nantz) for their complete disregard of Augusta's history of racist and sexist admission policies. Costas has a point about this whole situation, and as is becoming the norm for him, he's lighting the fuse on the proverbial powder keg by calling out CBS in such an unflinching way. Ignoring the protests at Augusta in recent years during the Masters is at the very least an oversight and at worst gross negligence, but it's what CBS has to do in order to keep the tournament. Augusta famously keeps CBS on a 1 year contract, which contributes to the amount of influence they have over the networks that televise the event. Costas' statement about not turning the broadcast into an investigative news piece is valid because you don't want an afternoon of golf to become an examination of Augusta National's policies and practices. But to continually neglect the elephant in the room shows the power that Augusta has over CBS's coverage of the Masters. For CBS to completely ignore it all these years is disappointing for CBS from a journalistic standpoint, but they made the choice long ago to bow down to the powers that be at Augusta.

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  • Costas need to get a life. Augusta members run the club the way the members want to run it. Invitation only- no women- no problem. They own it we don't, If Costas doesnt like it he can start his own "whiner club". I'm so sick of these f'ed up humans. Send them to Europe--
  • Obviously none of you have ever encountered any form of racism. Yeah, they can run it how they want so long as they don't discriminate, and they do and they have a documented history of it. So you get a life "UCALIB" and wake up you feckless dweeb!
  • Agreed!
  • Have you asked "most black people"?
  • Chicken and watermelon, anyone??
  • You sound like your 10. White people dont like chicken? the kfc founder is white isnt he? white people dont eat watermelon either huh? that was a genius statement let me tell ya! lol.
  • Really? LOL, the level of ignorance in today's society never ceases to amaze me. I'm white and I eat chicken and watermelon...actually, I don't know too many people who don't, regardless their race...smh
  • You are so right. He is such a loser that the only attention he can get is by making inflammatory statements about others.
  • uh,your from europe so you should go together. Costas get a life?, your life as good as his?
  • Bob Costas, freedom fighter! BULL****
    This is the same jerk who sat and talked as though a terrble injustice was occuring while his buddy OJ was being chased by the police AFTER HE KILLED HIS WIFE.
    Sports analysts/announcers aren't supposed to make judgements about society. They're supposed to report sporting events, and that's what Costas should stick to.
    P.S. He absolutely STUNK in the broadcast booth when he was doing baseball. That's probably why NBC doesn't have it anymore.
  • Agree. I used to like him but now he needs to shut up.
  • Did not Condi Rice accept a membership or is she only being a guest?
  • Costas needs to get off of his high horse. He would not broadcast the Masters because of their history, yet he had no problem with the history of atrocities in China while there with NBC for the 2008 Olympics. I heard that interview on Dan's show this morning, and Costas came off even more smug and arrogant than usual.
  • Absolutely Correct.
  • Pretty much sound like sour grapes since NBC has not televised the Masters for quite a number of years. If he wants to do a racial and gender bias story about the Masters, let him have at it. I'm sure that his bosses would kill it in a minute. They still have an outside prayer that someday they might have a shot at televising it just in case anyone at CBS blunders. It's possible that even his discourse with Dan Patrick has iced NBC out of the Masters running.
  • I can't argue with Costas's complaint, because it's competely valid. But this is the same Bob Costas who once complained about the length of baseball games being 3 hours +/-, when it's the network requirement to squeeze as many TV ads between innings (and pitching changes, etc) as possible...all when he was calling baseball for NBC. Just saying...he should be as accountable as one sport as the next. His credibility hangs in the balance, I think.
  • Costas has credibility?
  • rodzilla55, I agree with you, except that comparing Costas' complaint to the length of baseball games is like comparing eating grapes to getting a tooth pulled. He has an opinion, and I think it is good for him to express it.
  • Hopefully Costas will get on the NBA for having so few white players. Obviously a racist league.
  • whites cannot be victims.
  • then there are no victims
  • IT SOUNDS LIKE BOB WANTS TO RUN FOR OFFICE. I think that all nationalities have been discriminated against at one time or another, when can we just see past the race and judge people individually, there are good and bad in all races
  • if bob is running for office it would have to be in hollywood, i think he will get the gerbil vote
  • the munchkin should tread carefully. augusta has just killed (2) birds w (1) stone---they admmited both another african american and female w condi rice. additionally, he is starting to speak out of both sides of mouth and sparing his "owner" nbc who are just as guilty of pandering as any other conglomerate. he needs another step stool to get on another platform. use to respect this guy but he is losing it.
  • Costas makes me sick, if he's so concerned with people rehashing the racial history of this country, why doesn't he attack baseball's history during his next World Series. When they finally did allow a black man into the game he was met with threats, verbal abuse and intimidation. Sommething I don't believe the Masters did once they changed their rules. I lost respect for Costas several years ago. I now just consider him another Self-righteous big mouth with access to a microphone.
  • Costas is a loud mouth douche that should just go away. The problem is someone must actually like the guy or they would get rid of him. Just die already!
  • As a native Georgian, I'm ashamed of racism. As an American I'm ashamed of a numbskull like Condaleeza Rice. She's not judged for being too dumb to prevent 911 just because she's a Black woman? I don't think Toni Morrison or Maya Angelou or a thousand other Black women would ever be so stupid as Condi Rice. And I'd much rather see them at Augusta National than her.
  • Listen sweetheart. As a native Georgian who has traveled all over the US, I am very proud of Georgia. Racism is not segregated to the south and not just one race is a victim. As far as Condaleeza Rice being dumb compared to toni morrison and maya angelou or a thousand other black women, your meds need to be upped. There is absolutely no comparison - Rice has it all over those two as she actually took courses that makes one think. Bob Costas is a hack. And again as a native Georgian, I am ashamed you are a native Georgian. Do the world a favor and euthanize yourself.
  • I am a native Georgian-Georgia is not the franchisee for racism. As far as Condi is concerned she is a nice lady smart-she was lied to by Cheney and Co...what a waste of a good heart on such a criminal-now there is a war criminal.
    Augusta is Augusta...what a clusterf;; on handling of Tiger's penalty. #15 is an accident waiting to happen and there are no officials? when he has the worst break of his life he spent all of his energy composing himself..someone should have jumped in...easy to say...jsut a game!!!
  • The issue of Augusta and the inherent racism of golf in general will not be settled any time soon. Augusta blew the issue with Tiger on the 15th. This in turn set off a cascade of barely veiled higher standard tirades with respect to Tiger diqualifying himself. From Brandel Chamblee to Greg Norman etc... Tiger Woods will always be held to a higher standard by the established "holy rollers, pun intended, of golf. He will continue to win major golfing events for many years, but never earn the full respect (amoung many) that his earlier great predessors have, even if he breaks all the records. We all know why, it's a gentlemans game!
  • Costas is completely out of line. CBS's job is to broadcast the tournament, not engage in sociological debate.

    CBS employs reporters, not advocates, which Costas is identifying himself as (advocate).

    As for sexist policies, I notice Costas never attacks all women's colleges. All women's colleges are one of the great assets of our country. As for racism, I notice Costas never attacks all-black colleges (very few of which exists today).

    Men and women are not equal and not the same. They have different psychological needs. They are different physically.

    So it seems, Costas is selective when he decides to judge people.
  • Good on you Bob..there needs ot be more transparency on all topics, Augusta included. I can see why Disney is not included for wins to be able to play the Masters. Payne and co have turned Augusta into Disneyland..can't see a thing and buildings every 10 feet..more of a resort versus Bobby JOnes' golf course.
  • There are no such things as all black colleges.
  • As a native Georgian, I'm ashamed of racism. As an American, I'm ashamed of Condoleeza Rice. How does she get a pass for allowing 911 to happen? Must be thousands of Black women more competent to serve as National Security Advisor or Secretary of State, than her.
  • Get over it! Then move to Iran!
  • And the MSN continues to ignore the 5 violent black on white flash mobs that have occurred this past two weeks.
  • I think Bob just realized he has spent his whole life being a talking head. Now he wants to give an opinion about the Masters and racism and gun control so people think he actually has a brain. More like Ron Burgundy if you ask me. Stay classy Bob.
  • But Bob Costas has no problem blindly supporting Israel while they are the most racist country in the history of the world.
    What a POS!
  • liberal midget douchebag. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnext
  • If Costas dropped 50 lbs., he'd make a great jockey.
  • Typical, the most ignorant of comments come from the most ignorant and bigoted of white people that ever scraped across this planet like a cancer.
    Let me guess, you believe that your race is so superior that you can't even think for one second before lamenting your hate-ful B.S. all over the page because blacks and women (of ANY race) don't belong? Or how about those that believe because Condi Rice's acceptance is anything but proof to the contrary?
    Keep it up. Keep fighting the moral and ethical growth that this society so dreadfully needs. No man is an island and no race of people is a country unto itself. Your hubris will be your undoing. Costas is right to challenge CBS to grow some balls and make a choice.
    Sure someone else will take up the mantle, or not and protest in alliance with CBS. That's how things change for everyone. WHEN PEOPLE RISE AS ONE AND TAKE ON THE UNJUST AND OVERLY POWERFUL.
    Otherwise, like rebrouser, stay content and flacid in a world where billions of people remain timid sheep, to weak to even voice reason on the INTERNET instead of spouting out racial pseudo-patriotic rhetoric based on stereotypes and Breitbart side jabs based on unfounded data.
  • Don't we wish historically, we were as perfect as Costas. Yes time have changed but only to be perfect when it is good for his own press seems somewhat silly. I don't think Bob is working with a full deck, and should not be able to purchase a weapon gun or knife!
  • A fair consideration of Costas' message is important - rather than just an attack on the messenger.

    Bob Costas got A HOLE IN ONE with his comments!!!

    Considering that the Masters Committee made an initial call that Tiger's drop was LEGAL - then - only AFTER he signed his scorecard - reversed their decision - calling his drop illegal - then penalizing him 2 points for signing an incorrect scorecard!!! Give me a break!

    We as Americans should all be ashamed that we still have racism at the Masters! It takes a courageous soul like Bob Costas to point out the racist environment (historical and present) that the Atlantic, Georgia Masters Committee's decisions are made within. When we observe injustice and do not speak up - we become part of that injustice!
  • Oh come now--be nice to Costas and Augusta. So they barred blacks and women form their private little club. I mean, after all didn't they give Condalezza Rice a membership? Doesn't that count for something? How long did it take them to do this? 100 years? I'm not quite sure, but, that's not all that bad is it? Go easy on the good ole boys, they are making pogress. Who is to say that in another 100 years--they may even admit gays and lesbians.
  • Ya know I watch the Masters for great golf. It seems to always deliver. I don't watch it for a history lesson or to be schooled by some talking head. And, I'll guarentee you that never once in my life have I said, "gee I wonder what Bob Costas thinks about that". The Masters is great and Bob is not.
  • C. Rice a membership to Augusta? Seriously, of all the likely candidates, Augusta National's wingnut board give's it to C. Rice. At least give it to someone who can actually play! Let's move on....Despite Augusta's policies...there are other private clubs in this country that STILL omit people of color & women. WE need to get over ourselves, pass one Federal Law, & get pass this bull@#$%^&hit sexist/racist thinking. Remember it is 2K13....&....counting ! ')
  • CBS bowing to Augusta is back page stuff compared to the entire mainstream media allowing Obammie to continue to perform unconstitutional and impeachable acts against the citizens of this nation.
  • Question: What's up with the field marshal at Augusta giving the little guy a hard time ? Penalizing him for "slow play" ? Really ?! To compound this blatant form of "adultism," the officials at Augusta send out a large, obese, crew cut, hulking man with a clipboard to chastise the 14 year old. Really?! First you invite the kid with a "special exemption" to play on a course designed for the best players in the world! A course that has been "redsigned" especially for Master's week, make the kid play from adult tees, then have the "golfballs" to send out the evil shriek to take points away from the visitor from China! If it was my son....somebody would have been eating his putter for lunch! So much for diplomacy! But then, Billy Payne & company do whatever they want...like make up a rule (33) to save face when we all know a certain "cheetah" should have been sent home with his tail between his legs! I hope he has the decency to give his share of the pot to charity ! Yeah right ! ')....Hey Lindsey I hope your paying attention.
  • Big mouth Bob.....where was his 'journalistic conscience' regarding Benghazi and the lack of investigation? Why not expose the cover up of that scandal, Bob?
  • Bottom line is that CBS has the Masters and third-rate NBC does not. Nothing but professional jealousy. Who cares what some country club's race and gender policies have been?

    Get over it, people. If they own it, and if they choose to prohibit women and black folks, why do you care? Be the bigger man and walk away. It is NOT Bob Costas' job to change the world. He's so full of himself and his beloved NY Yankees that he makes me want to puke. Do something constructive, Bob, like call a ballgame.
  • Augusta, stick to your policies keep Costas out and anyone he works for. If not for politics and racism all news businesses would not exsist. I say let them in, someone has to do the cooking and cleaning.
  • All I can say is the green coats totally sucked this year. The gutless call on the 14 year old, down to the tiger debacle, again we have a bunch of old boys thinking they are important. The worst run tourney in golf. What a farce. Go back old men and continue to tell women what they should do to their bodies.
  • I see right through you Costas, not getting any love from people so you have to try and stir the pot to get noticed. You fit right in with Hollywood for attention seekers. Did your publicist put you up to this one to get you back in the public eye, how freaking sad.
  • Augusta is a club and should have the right to keep out the riff-raff. Woods has shown what blacks do for an organization. He is still accepted in the golfing circle because blacks are expected to act just as he has. They ruin everything they are involved in. Hockey is one of the few sports left they haven't ruined.
  • Your right. Hockey ruined itself.
  • Bob Costas is a horse's rear end. No one cares what you think Bob. Between botox treatments why don't you just dry up and blow away you little troll.

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