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After receiving a bit of a backlash for cameras catching him spitting during his pre-shot routine during the Northern Trust Open last weekend, Keegan Bradley took to Twitter to issue a formal apology:

Bradley received plenty of attention during televised coverage of the tournament, in particular on Sunday, given his taking part in a three-way playoff with fellow competitors Phil Mickelson and Bill Haas (who held off Philly Dog and Bradley to win on the second extra hole), so it comes as no surprise that given the extended time on camera that Bradley was spotted spitting on numerous occasions, one of which is documented in the above video.

Bradley continued his loogie-hocking mea culpa on Tuesday as he prepared for the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship:

"I was very surprised to see the replay of the telecast to see how much I was spitting," he said. "To be honest with you, I really had no idea I was doing it. And I feel bad. I just ask everybody to just kind of bear with me as I go through this, because it's something I've done without even knowing it. But I will do my best to stop. It's something that I'm glad has come up, because I'm able to kind of nip it now.

While it is commendable that Bradley has owned up to the unique component of his pre-shot routine, to me it is much ado about nothing. Granted, golf has the reputation of being something of a hoity-toity sport, and the negative reactions to a relatively innocuous act -- it's hardly noticeable -- by those in the golf community certainly exemplifies that very nature. If this were any other television sport than golf -- well, perhaps except for tennis -- not much would have been said or written regarding what occurred.

Moreover, Bradley's subtle spitting wasn't over-the-top in the least, as was the case when Sergio Garcia crudely spit into the cup at Doral in 2007, nor when Tiger Woods spit on the green in Dubai in 2011. Let's put this all in proper perspective. Maybe if Bradley did his spitting routine with the entire world watching while on the 18th at Augusta during the Masters, sure, perhaps it is worthy of discussion. But an act so benign it hardly can be noticed on video hardly seems worth it.


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PLAYERS: Keegan Bradley
  • I think he should grab his balls before each swing and see what the out come is.
  • poor keegan gets racked over the coals for doing this one time - what about that PIG tiger - he CONSTANTLY does it cameras or not - what a foul pig (and the affairs have nothing to do with it)
  • Right on!
  • There was nothing this guy could say: I watched the NT Open for a while with my husband, and we caught wind of this ugly habit.

    Mr. Bradley just needs to learn to behave like a class act on a golf course. Behavior like spitting is quite simply not gentleman-like.
  • I am pretty sure this will seem like a small thing to a lot of people, i am 68 love a lot of things between humans and it is probably just my hangup but i absolutely am turned off with spitting in public. (which is right up there with blowing your nose in a restaurant)I really tried getting into baseball until the camera came on the players and they had this need to spit, so i gave up baseball.Forever

  • If you gave up baseball because of the spitting, you were never a fan in the first place. Spitting is part of the game. These guys chew tobacco, lady. Giving up baseball because of spitting would be like giving up basketball because of tattoos. Or fishing because fish stink! It's part of the sport!
  • Spitting in front of others is rude, crude and disgusting. I stopped watching baseball on television also.
  • You guys complaining about spitting shows that you really never played competitive sports. When Im playing soccer, i spit a ton. why? because when your exerting an enourmous amount of physical activity, or even the amount you exert in golf, and you are hydrating yourself so you can perform well, you tend to get gooier and more frequent spit that fills your mouth. Now put yourself in his shoes, if you have a huge lugie in your mouth, would you want to spit or swallow it? the question is simple. You people that choose swallow are way too finicky. you probably eat bbq chicken wings with a fork. anyone who complains about this is just stuck up, not understanding and you need to get over yourselves.
  • I also gave up baseball for the very same reason. I hate to see little leaguers emulating their idols following the same nasty habit!!!
  • The only thing golfers need to apologize for is golfing.
  • you must really suck at golf.
  • I agree with nicorette, but then it would be on YouTube plus the National News.
  • When you start with Nicorette can you still spit for the first week?
  • the hell with his spittin i watched it live and he took forever to hit the damb ball bout drove me crazy.
  • Good point!!
  • I would like to see him put in a large plug of Red Man and spit all over the place.
    P.C. is nothing more than a goober.
    Anyone complains he should spit on their shoes.
  • Yes, it is not very nice to watch spitting on TV, in any sport, but why pick out only one golfer? There are other golfers who were doing it too. Why haven't they apologized????
  • LOL, golf is not Major League Baseball. Bottom line, don't spit. Reminds me of the movie Happy Gilmore. The country club set full of nouveau riche whoi are always sensitive of Jerry Springer-like behavior. hehe, love it.
  • OMG you can't be serious! When I read the headline I thought he spit on a spectator, but NO he just spit on the ground! I do that all the time because of an over active sinus issue. The posters here that this issue "turns them off" or can't stand someone blowing their nose in a restaurant ( hey I'm sure they don't do it for fun)have some real social problems. Now if he snuck behind a tree and urinated on TV thats a different story...GEEEZ get a life people!
  • Thank you for the comment. People there are real things to bitch about. Spitting? Really? I agree. Get a life
  • How would you like to be a golfer that had to pick up his ball after it just rolled through someone's disgusting loogey? Would that be fine with you? Huh?
  • So when are all you sensitive people going to get on Woods case for cussing, swearing & throwing clubs etc. The kid spit. It's a nervous habit for him I'm pretty sure. Golf isn't a "gentleman's game" anymore. Re: previous comments about Woods.
  • I think it is pathetic that such a big deal is being made of this...really??? Nadal literally picks his undies (or what ever) out of his butt between EVERY point!!!! EVERY point!!!! I have been waiting for 2-3 years for someone to say something, nothing. I mean come on, Monica Seles got raked over the coals for grunting, but picking your butt it ok I guess.
  • Ladies, Gentlemen, and all mammals spit. Mr. Bradley's little dribble should not even be a topic. At that moment in time, I was surprised Mr. Bradley was even able to muster up enough saliva to spit. Now, if he and Tiger want to see who can shoot a loogie the farthest, starting from one side of the green to the other........Good Television!
  • Hardly noticeable? Where the hell were you, in la la land? He spit every time the camera was on him. I'm not going to criticize him, it's a habit he's trying to break and we all have little habits that annoy others. There are many other things of greater importance in the world than a golfer spitting on television. Golf is too tight-assed to begin with. If a field goal kicker can attempt a field goal in the opponent's house in front of 60000 screaming fans, some prep school ***** of a pro golfer can line up a putt with a camera clicking! If a relief pitcher took as much time with each pitch as one of these whining primadonnas do before each shot. baseball games would last 3 days!
  • one mnore example of people's dad gum sensitivity. get over it people, there are far more important things to gripe about.
  • I was watching the golf today and it looked like Tiger's ball moved when he moved something around his ball. That was when he was in that bush. Just wondering if anyone else saw that?
  • I'm pretty sure the tourney would have been off the air at least 45 minutes before it actually was...mainly because they showed every Bradley shot. He has a pre-shot routine... including the spitting...that takes FOREVER!!! He was taking so long that even my wife...who is not a great golf fan...ask if slow play was not against the rules. God forbid if a camera had gone off...the whole routine would have started all over.
    Sorry...but if the spitting is part of his pre-shot rountine, he's going have to change his whole rountine. Keegan is done as a pro...
  • I'm happy to see I wasn't the only one turned off. He didn't just spit, he cleared his sinuses and then spit. He did this repeatedly. I decided to not look at him when he plays. Someone please inform him that in HD and, in close ups, it is even worse.
  • Thank you!
  • Get a life.
  • What the heck people! Its a good thing this guy didn't fart when he approached his shot, most of you folks would have expired on the spot.
  • Who wants to clean others spit off their balls? Not me thankyou
  • If you really look at the spitting you will clearly see he just needs more practice at it. A few times it almost landed on his shirt.So keep spitting till you get it down my man
  • Keegan was a class act all through this tournament and even in apologizing! I was golfing last week and the people ahead of me were all chewing tabacco and spitting on the grass. I did not even think of it as being disrespectful in the least. I just thought of it as its nice to be free and out here in the open playing outside. If people want to spit let them spit unless they are being gross about the way they are doing it! To me cussing is a far worse act than spitting. I am 50 and when I grew up all the men and boys would spit when they feel like it. It is not something to worry about. Everywhere I go or all the TV shows I watch there are hardly any men anymore. All of the so called men are now acting like the girls acted growing up. We have turned men into girls and I hate it. I think men should still be allowed to do things that seperate them from girls but our society has taken all of the things away and now the US just has a bunch of sissy boys and very very few real men!!!
  • It's funny how some people comment about spitting when they themselves have never played a sport. Soccer players, football players, basketball players, even swimmers spit. When you were a little kid you probably spit. Yes I know it's only golf, your not running around but if it's his routine let him do it. Don't hate cause he's making money and spitting at the same time, I say let him spit to his throat's content.
  • I hope Dateline does a special on the people who were so adversely affected by this in 5 years. By the way, how are all of the kids doing that saw Janet Jackson's breast. I'm sure they are in jail because they became such deviants. I saw Cujo last week on TNT and he was dribbling a lot more than Keegan
  • Golf was a game of honor when created. Only recently, has it begun to lose that distinction. Sad, REALLY SAD. Maybe because I got in trouble for spitting (or yelling) when a child, I find it disrespectful. Spitting is ok, just maybe not where other people will walk. Also, many of our soldiers have died for this soil, why spit on it?
  • I think I heard damn during the telecast too.
  • Jeeze, this guy plays sports. It's no differanty than Drew Breeze lickin his fingers every 5 seconds.
  • differently- You guys know what i mean man
  • Get a life and worry about something a lot more important than spitting on the ground. What a shame we have to listen and view comments like the above
  • Thats what a hanky is for, when in public.
  • It's obvious some people who have nothing better to do than whine, errrrr... "comment" on a guy spitting have never watched a hockey game, those guys spit more than anyone I've ever seen, especially "The Great One". I challenge anyone to find a clip where Wayne Greztky's not spitting. Next they will be grossed out an athlete was perspiring on camera. It was hardly even noticable. People act like he urinated on camera before the shot.
  • I can not believe this crap....who cares if he spits....but these people that are talking about spit being on the ball, you would probably never know and what about all the **** that is in and on the ground that is natural(animal crap, fertalizer and so on).....wash your hands....this just makes me laugh
  • What a bunch of pansy douche nozzles. Its not like he spit in the floor of your home, he is on a freaking golf course outside. Maybe some of you should try getting out sometime lol.
  • What a bunch of worthless nonsense. Are you people that perfect that you can't handle a golfer spitting, a ball player adjusting his cup or a brain dead NBA 'star' trash talking with the eloquence of street walker?
    Who cares? This country is going to hell in the proverbial handbasket and you people are spouting off about this fellows habit, which you could simply ignore - and get on with more important issues. You are truly embarassing...

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