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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn made their first public appearance as a couple at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala in New York. Woods, the No. 1 ranked golfer in the world, and Vonn, a World Cup skier who is recuperating from knee reconstruction surgery, appeared on the red carpet Monday night wearing classic evening attire for a party that encouraged attendees to wear clothes inspired by the history of punk rock.

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  • Way to go Fran....telling it like it is....amen.
  • Ignorance is BLISS.......Ya feel me!!!
  • Cant we all just get along!!
  • against nature ? Is a brown dog having sex with grey dog against nature ... or a brown horse having sex with a grey horse ? Against nature was your parents having sex and you being born .
  • So which one are you; the dog or the horse??
  • Do you know how to use a spacebar on your keyboard?
  • handsome and beautiful. a number one good looking couple.
  • You said that right.Vonn is such a fool,because Tiger not going to marry anyone and take the chance of losing millions again.Atiger can't change his stripes!!!
  • You hit that right,I've lost any respect I had for Ms.Vonn.Tiger isn't going to let his next marriage cost him half his money.She's a fool and he's a has been.He could have been the greatest golfer to ever play,but liked whores more.His dad was the same.A tiger can't change his stripes.
  • She's not really with tiger she's with his wallet and bank account. She's not concerned about his serial cheating just his bank account.
  • Great Looking Couple, let the haters talk crapt, they are all losers, I know how it feels to be number 1, they don't.
  • You wish!!!
  • he still has a huge "L" on his forehead
  • Its time to let the past rest. Lindsey and Tiger look like a very happy couple and I for one wish them the very best.
  • He really goes for that prototypical blond thing.
    Just add aviator glasses, and it's a match.
  • Why is this news? An adulterer and a fool. So what.
  • I thought this woman had some class, my bad.

    I don't care how much money he has. He is ugly and has noooo personality. But; then he does have money.

    Did he mention to prenupe yet??
  • Who cares? An adulterer and a fool that looks kind of masculine.
  • Still swims in buttermilk, Tiger!!!
  • I think he has paid for what he has done to his wife(not to the public)10 fold. I wish Tiger and Lindsey well. They made a beautiful couple. What ever happen to forgiveness? Tiger lived such a tied down, can't do anything but golf youth, that I was not surprised that he went off the deep end for a while. I was only surprised at the extent of it. But such public hatred???
  • Mr. Woods is undeniably not comfort with his own race or mixture which of course is commonplace for people who are of mixed races more particuliarily when the mix is part black.
    However, despite my observation, I wish Mr.woods good luck.
  • WHOA!..... Let's hope your comment is about her physical resemblance to the late Nicole Simpson, which I'd guess it's not. Mr. Woods slept around on his wife, and lost his marriage becuase of it. If you are making a ridiculous assumptin that Mr. Woods' behavior toward his ex-wife had anything to do with physical crimes you are quite probably mistaken. Watch where you leap. Two words to you. "How dare?" Two words to Miss Vonn: Be happy.
  • Who cares...right? He's an adulterer and a pig...right? Well, guess what, more people seem to care about this than any of your/our/my opinion, which by the way looks really dead and typical. If you don't care about Tiger, the easiest way not to care is not to care. Commenting means you do. Investing in what he is doing emotionally is caring. Judging his life every step of the way past his lowest points means you care. So...enjoy acting like what you think matters.
  • I'd guess she is glad. You don't get to decide for adults, what they'll do. It's called "the grown-up program." Any, including "children", who bow to the life decisions and wishes of the people who birthed them, are not quite ready for the gig that is their own life. How horrid it would be to be enslaved to a title that is "your daughter", if that's how you would treat her regarding her choice of friends, fans, or mates. Trust me, she IS glad she's not your daughter.
  • Hmm....Wonder who Tiger's banging on the side???
  • Why don't people just leave them alone and let them live their lives. Who care how much money Tiger has, I'm pretty sure that she has a chunk of her own. People make mistakes but they deserve forgiveness. I think they look great together and I hope they prove everyone wrong in presuming the outcome of their relationship even though it has just begun. I wish them much happiness in the future and hope they live happily ever after. Tiger will go down in history as the greatest golfer of all time and Lindsay is at the top of her game. Ignore the haters!!!
  • You're kind of a raging zealot, aren't you? What's "the real" problem you have with this picture? Is it going to create a problem for you, in your life, in any way? Just wait until you're "stuck" on the side of the road in your life, and perhaps it's this exact couple that phones to save you,..or worse yet, pulls over to help you in the dark. Are you a 6 year old?....Wait,..the 6 year olds I know are much kinder than you. You should try it.
  • Both smacked asses!
  • See how much blonde $1,000,000,000 can buy you.
  • I think some of you need to calm down before you have a stroke or heart attack. Most of the haters never liked Tiger in the first place. I think you all just need a hug.
  • All you people are the "Beasts". Shame on you. This young couple deserves as much happiness as any one else. Why can't you wish them well instead of being ugly and mean. God will get you for the nasty comments.
    God bless you Lindsey and Tiger. I wish you the very best.
  • Thank you, I agree with you. Tiger's ex (Elin Nordegren) has already moved on, so Tiger cannot just remain as a single man the rest of his life. I wish them the very best and God's blessings. Only thing is Tiger needs to be faithful to her or else.....he knows how badly it will end.
  • OK, I love these people who think their crap don't smell. Take the bible out of your arse. You don't know what Tiger's relationship was with his ex. Obviously, their relationship had many issues for Tiger wanting to seek the company of other women. I believe Lindsey is an adult and going into the relationship with both eyes open.
    I wish them the best regardless whether they stay together or not. For those who are getting upset, get a life.
  • What is this that he can't seem to find a black female to run with - he doesn't like his "own"? What does that tell you, this gal is 'eye candy' just like the first one! Pathetic - does this mean more half breeds?
  • Tag3463:

    What does the color of the female have to do with it? Hey, times have changed...one need get with the program because the world is changing and has been doing so for centuries. Why do you think the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Brazil looks the way it does. People have been mixing in these regions for centuries and America would be more of the same if it were not for RACISM.
  • Lindsay:

    Don't say I didn't warn you. Tiger is out for himself and that is all. He will use you and treat u like his first wife. Leave him now!!!!
  • It is Lindsey. 'ay', is how the rehab queen spells hers.
  • YOU guys are SOOOO nasty: Can't you say anything nice:? Tiger is probably ONE of the best golfers in the WORLD. Lindsey is a gorgeous athlete -skier. Personally, I'd rather see her hook up with Tim Tebow but such is life.
    Give us a break with all the nasty stuff.
    P.S. The worst loser is Paul McCartney and his 'bride' of what 5 years making off with 100,000,000 pounds / wow.
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  • TAG3463 is 100% correct; why cant the blacks just stick with their own kind and stop creating more mixed breeds; pretty soon there wont be a black or white race; just caramel colored.
  • I have a tall, Caucasian "white"?...Jewish guy friend who only dates very slim brunette women. I have a blonde, male co-worker from Russia, who prefers short, curvy red-haired women, I have a gay black guy friend who has the same taste in men that I do ! "DRAT!!" He gets the good ones, every time. Seriously, people, perhaps Mr. Woods is attracted to lovely blonde women ! Good for him ! I know a great man who's 3 wives all resembled each other quite greatly ! Leave people alone with their choosing of play mates and friends. A great guy dumped me once, because I was ...."too tall !!" He should have never dated me, but good for him ! He figured it out ! Was anyone "hating" on Michale Jordan, recently, for his choice of wife d'decade? Seriously? No...and they shouldn't be. You folks "freakin' out" 'bout races mixing, are WAY behind in the Big Ol' Bowl of all things Melting Pot, that is this planet ! Choose what you want.....and convince me you don't have a Golden Schnoodle Min-Pin Boxer-Bowzer for a pet ! Some how, I "know" you do.
  • Hi Tiger Woods:

    Go do you thing MAN and stay with the fine women. People must get in where they fit in, and MONEY definitely opens up doors! Do not waste one minute on the HATERS--enjoy your life because you only get one chance at it!
  • and legs
  • It's funny how Tiger is treated in the media and by many of the haters on here, yet Rick Pitino, coach of Louisville, who is supposed to be teaching young men, did essentially the same thing as Tiger and is treated like some elder statemen! So Tiger made a mistake...let the one on here who has NOT made a mistake be the first to respond to this message!
  • zendar, this is the almighty. LOL

    I am amazed at the racist replies left on this site. AMAZING!!!

    Come on. She is an adult and if she wants to hang with Tiger, it is her business and no one elses. They are both intense world class athletes that are the best at what they do.

    I dont expect their relationship to survive for one reason and one reason only. The demand of their careers. Maybe Tiger will retire and become Mr. Mom.
  • They make a cute couple. Tiger does like his blondes. That gown she's wearing is not flattering at all from the waist up. Looks like she has no chest.
    But she is a skier. She's got thighs that could crack and milk a pair of coconut's.
  • ....and a hater behind a computer screen, at home, hiding, is still a hater in public. People only know it, if you dare to speak such garbage amongst others.

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ESPN officially announces 2016 World Cup of Hockey deal

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