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PLAYERS: Tiger Woods

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It looks like things are heating up between golfer Tiger Woods and skier Lindsey Vonn.

“Tiger and Lindsey have been friends for a while, and nothing started out romantically at all,” a source told “But they really have a lot in common and got closer and closer. He still refers to her as ‘my very good friend,’ but he’s been spending more and more time talking to her — and talking about her.”

Vonn recently returned to the U.S. from Austria aboard Woods’ private jet after she fractured her shin and tore two ligaments in her right knee during the Alpine World Championships, TMZ reported.

A source close to Woods said that the 37-year-old divorced golfer and the 28-year-old newly divorced World Cup champion skier talk and text frequently.

“Tiger really does want a woman who he can have good conversations with,” the source said. “He wants shared interests and outlooks. He is finding that with (Lindsey).”

Woods lost major sponsors and his golf game collapsed, partly due to injuries, after news broke about his serial cheating on his wife at the time, Elin Nordegren. They divorced in August 2010.

But the fact that Woods cheated with perhaps more than a dozen different women doesn’t seem to bother Vonn.

“She’s not freaked out by his past, and that’s really appealing to him,” says the source. “He really does deserve to be happy. He has been flogging himself for three years, and it’s good to see him moving forward.”

Photo credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images

  • Lindsey:

    Don't get involved. Don't let a lear jet blind u to thefacts. TW is notgood for himself muchless u. Please stay away.

    I have a great nephew if u need a BF. And he is a top shelf person.

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  • So easy to make cash. Google "RICH CRAZY CASH" and then go to the first site. Just click on their REFINANCE page to see all the ways that people are making a killing in the real estate market.
  • thats what they all say (regarding a nephew)
  • Looks like Woods has found another ho
  • Or someone as dummy DUM as Rhianna. Bad boys what a mess!!!!! Tiger dedicate your time to your kids and get your career together. Find ways to honestly do for others and give back to society. Take yourself off the top shelve of priorities and you will arise as a winner. Thats what life is about not chaseing every piece of tail. True love will come again in time. As yourself does she want you because you are Tiger Woods or because you are a human being?
  • who is this guy vonn? wow kitten likes the guys?
  • tiger woods , what a scumbag, I thought lindsey had more class than that. just goes to show that fame distorts everything... too bad .....
  • Not only fame distorts things, but it's the mind of the people, Tiger Woods did something many men do, they just wasn't famous or did not get caught!
  • Oh goody goody for the douchebag
  • He likes women he can have a conversation with ? That's right! Look at all the texting he did with the ten plus women he was screwing around with! Now thst the thrill of the ride on the private jet has worn off, this woman will wise up. And when her injuries have healed....RUN!!!!!
  • Wow! So much hate for Tiger! Last time I checked they BOTH were adults Leave him alone, leave her alone. Woods and Vonn BOTH deserve to be happy or a shot at it! People mess up, Jeez,it just shows that they are HUMAN. I hope they BOTH find what they are looking for. Just one guys opinion that has been married to same woman for over 37 years!
  • That's right mpdad! who really care what these two adults do? it's not like anyone has to read and keep up to date what tiger does. What does it matter to anyone who he goes out with? like his ex would even look at anyone out there who is commenting on her behalf. I think everyone wishes they were Tiger so they could do what he does lol...
  • Yep, Tiger Woods thinks he's too good for a sista. He only wants blonde white women. Lindsey, run. Well, as soon as you can.
  • Or an Asian woman. He is just as Asian as Black. Like someone else everyone calls black.
  • Just shows what having a large 'member' will let you get away with! Size doesn't matter...pfft, that's like saying "Big and Beautiful!" haha
  • Well notpat most of our men run that way when they get a dollar bill! lol
  • Tige only dates blonde white women "because he can" and I don't think her fans want to see her treated like he did his ex-wife and other women.
  • How did Tiger treat his ex-wife and other women? Explain to me and the world.
  • who can blame him... with his money why date a black woman
  • he is to good for a sister u inbread tard
  • Come on Von Tiger, I don't care how much money he has, it still won't buy one ounce of personality of which he has none.
  • I think she is a great athlete, but very stupid
  • All you people casting stones at your glass houses. Just remember when pointing at someone else, you have 3 more pointing back at you.

    Everyone makes mistakes and he has paid for those mistakes, far more then you can only dream of.

    Far too many racist people in this world. If Tiger is happy and Vonn is happy with him, thats all that matters.
    I personally wouldn't marry a "Sista," either, nor would I want any black kids from her and that doesn't make me a racist, its my preference.
  • “He really does deserve to be happy"

    So does his wife...
  • Sex is for marriage only. Any relationship built pre-marriage around sex probably won't last. Sex and newness wear off and life sets in. If sex was the core, cheating will ensue as you seek a new thrill. TW should reconcile w/his wife, setting the proper example for his son.
  • Please stop hating, in the high atmosphere of fame,fortune and notoriety, it's good to see two famous personalities relate to one another. I hope they find the kind of friendship that can support each other in their quest to be the best in their field.
  • Good for Lindsey. Tiger is not a bad guy. He wasn't happy in his marriage. He handled it wrong, but that doesn't make him a bad guy. As far as the night of the accident, he could have told the truth and Elin would have been arrested. He is with someone who is a friend. They know each other and are taking it slow. That's a good thing. His ex has issues and judging from the violence and the actions after the separation, She wasn't right for Tiger anyway. Good for Tiger. Move on with life and enjoy.
  • I wonder who pays the tab when they go out to eat? For the waitress's sake, I hope it's Lindsey.
  • date me plz! lol ;)
  • Some very hateful comments...All any of us know about Tiger's past is what the media has into sensationalism..everybody who has spoken is NOT without sins..maybe not as bad but still..yes he screwed up but none of us have been privy to his daily life..He looks like he has learned from all of this..I hope so..
    Everybody deserves a second chance..And if Lindsey and he are involved..She's a big girl!!Don't hate him.. the world is already full of hate.....give him the benefit of the doubt!!!
  • Let's hope this blonde has some sense . . .
  • what about all the sistas dating white men? hows that sista?.and who cares?we are all people...right?y r black women mad? i am a black man in utah,hard to find a so called sista thats got it goin on, should i not date any women?
  • @tongue it "I wouldn't marry a "sista" or want any black kids from her" I could care less about who Tiger dates and I'm a black woman, but what kills me is constanly hearing black men degrade black women as if they are supreme beings and Gods gift to women. Not only do stats show and all you have to do is open your eyes and see that black women are graduating from high school and college at a higher rate than black men. In addition, stats also show that a large portion of black men are incarcerated, in gangs or involved in drugs. But it still amazes me that with all the challenges and negative stereotypes black men face, you rarely hear black women publicly bashing and putting down black men. Instead they are the first to stand up and support when they feel any injustice has taken place against them and the majority still prefer to be in relationships with them, and its definitely not because men of other races are not interested. All though when blame them if they weren't because when your own is constantly bashing and putting you down, usually will cause others as well. Bottomline, its not just what you do, but why. If you have an innocent preference or just happened to meet someone of another race that you click with than fine, but when you intentionally and habitually seek other races, because of your own insecurities and issues from the past then that's when I feel its a problem, especially if you are putting down black women in the process. A group that I belong to!!! If you like white women so be it, but saying I wouldn't want a baby by a sista either as if black women are just the lowest of low and you are a BLACK man who was a black baby, is just sad and stupid!!
  • you are so right. he should reconcile with his wife and kids because believe it or not the kids are suffering.
  • Tiger's gripe with his divorced wife was she was just a trophy blonde. You know the type that wants everything the rich husband has and she only begrudgingly has sex with him as a last resort.
    We heard the talk at the club house. Sure it's true. Tiger was justified to look for companionship outside his marriage. His wife was refusing him his bible due normal marriage function. Read 1 Corinthians 7:5.
    How many of you would put with a woman using you?
    Glad to hear Tiger and Vonn may be happy with each other.
    Few of us talked to Tiger in Dubai when he did the golf shot commercial off the top of the hotel. He seems like a good guy.
    Hope he gets back to his full game of golf.
  • Oooohhhhh so many female haters on this site. Especially the sista's. Is it really hate or just jealousy?
  • First off I am not a Tiger Fan--I like Phil Mickelson. That said Tiger isn't any different from the rest of us. If anyone things he would act differently than Tiger did you better check your testosterone level. I don't agree with what he did but who are we to point fingers. Jealousy,envy,immaturity,and not having a forgiving heart makes people look at Tiger as a lower form of life----which he is not. He is just a weak man with insecurities, doubts, and a lack of worthiness in himself. Laud him for his golf talent and forgive him for his indiscretions--he paid the price and and will pay the rest of his life. He doesn't need forgiveness from me or anyone else. He has moved on and people should shut up about it. Ooh by the way what are any of you hiding in your closet ? Would you walk around so smug if people knew? I don't think so!
  • Dont do it Lindsey to Elin
  • Wow, he finally found another blond that will have sex with him. Just make sure he wraps it up Lindsay.
  • Give Tiger a break ! Lindsey is a grown ass woman perfectly capable of taking care herself . They both need to get on with life , if it works out fine if not @#$%£€ !
  • I never heard before this blog that Elin never wanted sex with Tiger. She must have like it in the beginning. I heard from another blog that they had BOTH cheated on each other. But I also wished that they would have tried harder to work things out...but , what's done is done...let it lie & go on with their futures! LOL
  • Oh how I love to read these comments I don't know if it's racism or just plain ignorance. Tiger is a full grown man what he does and who he sees really isn't any of our business. Wouldn't it be interesting if we all cameras following our every move, I wonder what they would see. We should spend more time with our own business and less time living through so called celebrities. By the way I have been married to the same black woman for 33 years, before that I dated white, hawaian, New Zealanders and a host of others, it's not the race it's the person.
  • Here's the deal people, how can you dis Tiger when you haven't walked an inch in his shoes. The man made Millions in a pretty short period of time. How many lottery winners go crazy after they win. All that money and all those ho's just wanting a part of it. Now we are to feel sorry for them? Leave Tiger alone and he will come back as the man he was before all this s@#$ happened.

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