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Tiger Woods‘ former swing coach Hank Haney has written a book due out late March and the golfer is not happy with it.

“I think it’s unprofessional and very disappointing,” Woods told Bob Harig, “especially because it’s someone I worked with and trusted as a friend.

“There have been other one-sided books about me, and I think people understand that this book is about money. I’m not going to waste my time reading it.”

Though he says he won’t waste his time reading it, I’m sure there will be plenty of curious folks who will want to. That’s exactly why Haney is writing it.

“The Big Miss is golf history. I observed greatestness and am asked about it all the time. I wanted to share it in a fair and honest way,” he said over Twitter.

The only way to find out if it’s fair and honest is by reading it. I’m sure many folks will purchase it because there is a thirst for information about Tiger; people want to know everything possible about the man, and this book will likely prove that.

Haney coached Tiger for six years before resigning in 2010. Woods won 31 tournaments including six majors while paired with Haney. There is little doubt Haney will have plenty of inside information published in the book.

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  • You too, Brutus? Man I have to say that I really do feel sorry for Tiger Woods. He has done so many great things in his life, not just as a golfer/athlete, but so many things he has done for people in general. Look at his foundation that has done so many great things for many children; look how he has always gone out of his way to be nice to as many people as possible, look at all the happiness he has brought to millions of people around the world. Then he makes the mistakes he made with the extra marital affairs. Bad stuff for sure, but one can only imagine the pressure he has been under for so long. Incredible pressure and now a lot of those people who he did so much for, now condemn him is the cruelest fashion, in print, on the radio and of course on the grandaddy of them all ESPN and TV. Makes me sick, it really does. This guy Haney would be working in a pro shop in Guam if it wasn't for Tiger. If not the scullery I never heard his name before. I don't think he was much of a pro.
    I hope Tiger comes back from all this and does even better than he did before. Tough times though, eh? He has lost his wife, his family, some of his friends, (thankfully not all of them), and now this puke wants to step up and hurt the fallen hero even more. Man, we live in a crazy world.
    Good luck to you Tiger. As they say, "Play through, old sport."
  • Nicely said. I too wish Tiger much success in the upcoming future. And I am a 62 year old woman who has made MANY MANY mistakes in my life and thank the heavens that I have been forgiven by my friends and family. How many of us are without mistakes in our lives? But to have someone that we trusted write about our mistakes & shortcomings in order to profit from it is making a BIGGER mistake than all of us. Shame on Haney
  • What a scumbag Haney is! Sounds like another Jose Conseco to me!
  • Maybe we should reserve judgement until actually reading the book.
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  • really disappointed that hand went this way, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Tiger right about it being a money deal. Wish Tiger the best.
  • well said my friend, how i feel about the whole matter is that he was setup by the golf world from the beginning. starting with his first mayor too that low down as wife, its a damn shame i still say GOOOOO TIGER
  • I agree that none of us are perfect. I am sure I am not alone when I say I ONLY tune into golf when Tiger is playing because I am interested in watching a WINNER and I don't care about his personal life. I watch Tiger for him to compete against the other golfers and win, often in dramatic fashion. I also have an ethios that does not permit me to support in any possible fashion those with whom I disagree. For example, I am against illegal immigration (not legal immigration so Mexicans who come here with documents are welcome...just learn to speak some English thank you) so I have personnaly boycotted anything to do with Mexico such as no vacations and no Mexican restaurants because the President of the US recently allowed the President of Mexico to lamblast Arizona for attempting to enforce our immigration laws right there at the WH! So since I am a supporter of Tiger Woods, I will boycott anything to do with Hank Haney, so no watching him on TV and no buying of his book. How many will join me in that boycott? Let's see how much money he makes if people stand on that principle instead of wanting to be nosey and after anything to do with gossip and papparazi.
  • Ditto's for me also! Being a rabid fan of golf, I also will not watch any tournament without the "TIGER"! Haney did such a great job with Barkley? I wonder if he will write a book about Barkley's shining reputation! Haney should take his trophy wife and go back to being a club house pro! If he can find someone to hire him! How many Majors has he won?
    I say, "GO" TIGER! Just as Newt told the main stream media press last night, screw you and your Obama kissing arse!
  • Well... I respected Tiger Woods as a Great World renounded Golf Player.. I admired him for his talents and skills - at the same time disappointed with his moral behaviour. Things happened.... all done.. and everyone has to move on... these things belong to the past..

    It is more disturbing to find that TW's former swing coach Hank Haney repeat former Coach... is on a book writing project to earn money repeat "money" exposing more information about TW's past behaviour. Mr. Hank Haney, you are demonstrating your principals, moral,eithic standards. TW respected you and trusted you as a Coach and may even have confided in you.
    I was an athlete and I knew how much I trusted my coach and he was a huge part of my life. You are very disappointing. What will you do with this kind of money you earn by bringing yourself down.
  • When the Kennedy's were in the White House, they had those close in proximity to their personal lives sign contracts of silence. Perhaps all public figures should think about doing the same thing. It is a shame that there are few in life who won't throw us under the bus for a buck, so public figures need a contract, and the rest of us need to seek shelter from buzzards instead of support their lifestyles with our hard-earned money.
  • The things we do in the public eye is called "reputation." The things we do when we think no one is watching is called "character." No doubt Tiger has been a man of exceptional golfing ability, and some financial generosity. But his extended life-behavior of sexual unfaithfulness was NOT a mistake. A mistake is when you do "A" when what you sincerely meant to do "B". Tiger is a bright guy, but with a serious character flaw because he had every intention of being radically unfaithful to his wife and children. Now he's paying the price. He would not be a multi-millionaire without fame - but his "fame" in golf has caused his humiliation as a man. His golfing future will be interesting to watch and I hope he does well. His recovery as a man will be FAR more important to his life, and to his children. His reputation will never be the same - but his character can be regained if he'll get it right - over time.
  • Seriously? Everything Tiger Woods did publicly was to foster an image of a "family man" (his sham marriage), who cared about helping kids (his foundation), so that he could earn more money in endorsements. He doesn't give a rat's arse about anyone but himself. The real Tiger cheats on his pregnant wife and walks by kids who ask him for his autograph without even acknowledging their presence.
  • Charliemuscle, you obviously have never been to a tournament where Tiger is playing. He is probably the worst golfer about walking past kids wanting autographs, and most adults too. if he signs 3 or four, you are lucky. Of course, he is used to getting paid millions just to be in a tournament, win or loose. So I guess if you paid him a couple of hundred, he might sign your kid's hat.
    Tiger was a great golfer. Now he is just a part of the pack. I do not believe he can now break Jacks' record. He may have the most wins overall, but not the most majors.
    The charity work is for image only.
    Hank Haney has been a teaching pro for over 20 years. You never heard of him because you know nothing about golf. Probably never watched till everyone got excited about how good Tiger WAS.
  • You're such a negative person. You could never achieve the heights Tiger's reached. Ever golfed? Ever been to the TPC Players Championship tournament?
  • Youre kidding right, reach the hieght of eldrick woods?? excuse me, but nobody want to go to his level, whichever level that was. Sorry but your almight player is done with. He is saying unprofessional and disappointing. eldrick should look in the mirror before saying anything else, that comes out of his mouth.
  • Someone who insists on calling Tiger by Eldrick has some major brain trauma! Wow come off the drugs buddy!
  • Well hate to burst your bubble but thats is his real name, thats what it says on his birth certificate. legally changed it?? yeah right whatever, go worship your lame golfer god.
  • True, that's his birth name! However, on all those trophies, they spell his name "Tiger Woods"! He will pass Jack within 3 years!
  • i guess you go around talking about Carlos Estevez and Nicolas Coppola too. you should really soul search the real reasons you despise someone you have never met that much.
  • Watch, you will be proven wrong, again!
  • I totally agree with golfwars. Tiger is not fan friendly. At tournaments he acts like its life or death when its just a game. I wouldn't want his autograph. And he's one to call Hank Haney "unprofessional"! What do you call "adultry"? I would say that's "unprofessional"! Tiger's a joke. Who cares what he does. I sure don't!!!! He stated he felt he was entitled. Entitled to do what.....give his wife AIDS! He's put the BLACKEST mark on golf ever & that is what he'll be remembered for...........not his golf!
  • Are you going to "cast the first stone"? Oh wait, you just did!
    Go Tiger!
  • I like you Tiger and telling the truth is the right thing to do. I applaude you and if anything the power of God and His love will forgive you no matter what the public says you rely on God for guidance and diredtion and you will be just fine. My prayers are with you and I pray that you depend on Christ for all your needs and your success, well you give that to the Glory of God, it is He that gives you that anywat okay? Smile, Jesus loves you and forgives you! :)
  • Keep drinking the Coolaid, buddy.
  • I am not a big fan of golf nor of Tiger, but I can say that he is great at his sport. The truth is that we spend too much of our little time worrying and judging others with some things like what people do in their personal lives. Tigers affairs are none of our business, being professional and committing adultry have nothing to do with each other. Also it may be just a game to you but people who spend their lives doing and perfecting something that they have a talent and love for feel the same as Tiger does, it's called the love of the game. If everybody had to pay for the wrongs and sins we have done, all of us would be locked up. Let his wife or ex worry about the personal part and you just watch the game. And while you're at it take a look at some things you may have done that were close or just as wrong that you got away with because you weren't exposed. Tiger committing adultry has not changed the game of golf, just your thought of him but that's your fault for making him a God! He is just a man with extraordinary talent for his game and that's all we should be concerned with. And so what if his name was Eldrick who cares, he has changed his name just as most figures do in entertainment, if he has legally changed his name let him be Tiger. Last but not least most of us will never reach the heights of Tiger and others who possess a special talent, just be the best at whatever talent we have.
  • Wow, there are hater and lovers in here...But really, how many other sport professionals stop in the middle of their game to sign an autograph? Are we all that unrealistic!

    As for being a Professional, can a person not be a professional player, Professional at creating programs for children, and a professional women pursuer of women. Because if his wife was doing at home what the other women where doing he would not have been out there...(A little fact most forget)...But since no one in here is sleeping with TW, or have walked in TW's foot steps we have no right to cast those types of stones, do we?
  • what's he supposed to do? sign 250 autographs between each hole? and you guys cant understand why he has 14 and fan fave Phil cant get to 5! it is called FOCUS!!! NOTHING matters from first tee to 18th green except club and ball.
  • "The charity work is for image only" How the heck would you know? Do you have a charitable foundation? Do you know what it takes to put one together? It's people like you that make this world an awful place! Your parents are ashamed of you and if you have children they should be ashamed of you too!
  • He has "people" who run his foundation, he shows up for a couple of functions per year, grow a brain, it IS ALL ABOUT IMAGE for this guy. The real Tiger doesn't give kids the time of day, routinely snubs them (unlike Mickelson who treats the fans with actual respect). Why do you people like this guy? because he can play golf?! What does that have to do with real life and character? As a person, he's NOBODY.
  • Fear, man who pissed you off about everything in life? It's amazing how you can have such serious issues about someone you don't even know. How do you really know what his foundation is about? Are you working for the foundation or something? Maybe it is all about image and maybe it isn't. That's just your opinion. Yes, I like watching Tiger play golf. That doesn't mean that I like him. I don't even know him. On the image thing, you fail to realize that for most celebrities, that's exactly what it's all about, so you might as well crucify every celebrity out there including Mickelson. I'm sure he has a few skeletons as well.
  • Haney only trying to get more attention to his clinic, Far as I am conncerned, it a money grubbing book. And yes, I am a long time golfer. And your remark about only signing a few autographs weak, not everyone is Phil, also you hating on his non-tournament pay lame. Stop the hate and get off your high horse. Why do you think that haney did those Haney projects?
  • Golfwars I think it's you that have never been to a tournament, at least thats the way you sound. I have been to many including Pepple Beach many times, and when he can I've seen Tiger many times be nice to as many people as he can, but tell me, does LeBron James, or Derek Jeter stop during a game and sign hats or whatever for kids? How can you say that? You don't think there is any pressure between holes.Of course no of these sports stars can do that during the competition.
    Oh and his charity work is just for image? Lay down sir, you need a nap, That's even more ignorant then the autograph thing. You've never read about Tigers school for kids....never mind, you really don't know what you are talking about, but everyone has a right to their opinion. To me yours just has some deep rooted nastiness who doesn't like the greatest golfer/athlete that ever played the game. Wonder what it is.
  • Goflwars, Yes I have been to tournaments where tiger was playing. He has about 3000 people following him around the course at 6AM practice rounds. If he were to stop to sign at each hole, exactly when would he be able to practice? Most of the big draw player con not take the time to sign a lot of autographs while practicing. Most, including Tiger, will alot some time to sign at a media center or other designated location when they finish the practice round. Playing golf is their profession, not signing autographs.
  • golfwars, don't accuse someone of knowing nothing about golf when you don't seem to know much yourself. First, any pro golfer, during a tournament, usually won't sign many autographs because they are in the middle of work. Secondly, and most importantly, Professional golfers in the U.S. do not get paid appearence money just for showing up. They do get income for sponsors however. Get you facts straight before you open your pie hole
  • Can you say Tiger is focused? Yes, he needs more "Fan Friendliness", however, has Mickleson won tournaments or played with the crowd? Duh! I play, marshall and volunteer for many tournaments on the amateur side. You have to admit, these PGA guy's, are good! So are the women except they still hit from the ladies tee. If they want equality, move them back to the pro tee's!
  • No I don't!
  • Most people fail to remember all the "PEDS" this golfer has taken and probably still does.....that is Woods' main problem.
    That has been demonstrated for years. However, the News Media
    refuses to recognize this problem be cause of many reasons: The most is $$$$$$$...lots of $$$$$$
    His actions ON and OFF the golf course shows this, if anyone would take the time and study the actions of those on them!!!!
  • huh?
  • exactly, huh?
  • the clown is referring to "Performance Enhancing Drug(S)". and he's looney. tiger's ujust ultra competitive thats all. thats what makes winners, winners.
    I had friend who you'd know usta work out at same gym with him and he's ultra serious and dedicated. thats all. no drugs. and the guy's pretty strong w/o being a muscle head.
    true, those kind of people can wear you out after awhile.
    what kills me is he's vilified and mentally destroyed for liking strange poon. show me a straight guy who isnt and wouldnt do what he did given the chance. exactly.
    what he did was wrong only b/c it affected his kids. his ex, the porcelain-skinned trophy idiot with a high school education who's resume included as a HIGH POINT, job as a nanny (thats a babysitter for rich people). she wrongly got half his money for nothing more than popping two kids and living in a mansion. tough gig.
    hope the guy gets his groove back and proves he's the best ever. and he needs to be alot better to young kids not just little rich kids whos daddies take 'em to watch golf. guess the "watching grass grow" stadium was sold out at the time.
    he shoulda just banged on the lily-white trophy babysitter instead of marrying her.
  • Yes poontang is good, not just for the body, but for the SOUL of it all. I had a 3 year running extramarital affair. That LADY said she was a Native American Queen from a long blood-line of Chief tons from way back to Crazy Horse himself. Not so. We did Online checks. Those Chiefs would have to be over 150 yrs old for her to have sat with those NA men killed by US Calvary at Little Big Horn. She even went on to take an abortion. She did not even DNA me to see if it was mine. She had another on the string. After that. He married her. My dear wife of 45 yrs with me took me back. My wife is a real QUEEN to me. She is more, she is a walking saint. My wife is my guardian angel forevermore. My wife forgave me my Manhood: and my sins also. Amen
  • How do you know what this man is taking? Are you the seller or were you with him when he made the purchase. You all make me sick of accusing people of something you don't know to be a fact! Stop it! just stop it! Some of you contribute everything to drugs!
  • Charliemuscle, I agree with you entirely. I feel badly for Tiger Woods. Just because he is the best golfer on the planet he is not supposed to be human with feelings! I don't know him personally but it seems to me that he is made out of flesh and blood like the rest of us. Give him a break! Everybody and their brother is trying to make a buck off of him. I can imagine how distrustful he is of everyone he meets.
  • Correction ! tiger was the best player ! he is now a sad broken person that still does not accept what he did to himself and his x wife and family. The old man taught him a lot good stuff but forgot to the most important thing! MORALS !!!!!!!!!
  • LMB333,I guess you will be casting the first stone?
  • golfwars, you sound so bitter. You come across as if you're happy that that man is going through all of this mess. Let him without sin cast the first stone. We have all done things were not proud of. All of my clients are pro athletes and I've seen a lot of wrong things that these guys do on a daily basis. I wouldn't dream of putting that stuff in a book just to make money. That's wrong no matter how you size it up.
    Tiger Woods fan or not. He has paid dearly for his mistakes and he's still paying. But I say to you sir; stop judging. At the moment you get caught up in your mess (whatever that may be)you're going to want mercy. I pray you get it. Unlike what you're not giving.
  • Im not going to read Haney's book. I enjoy watching Tiger play. All of those women were gold diggers and a minor bump in the road.
  • Yeeeeaahhh riiiight, you poor eldrick woods fell for their trap didnt he, he cheated his wife, yeah they put a gun to his head and said have sex with me or else, yeah uh huh, whatever you want to dream, once you wake up, let us know.
  • I'm sure he is the only man to ever commit adultry. You would think so from some of these comments. No, it's not right but really people do you think he is the only guy to cheat on his wife in the game of golf, baseball, basketball,tennis,football, life?
  • You have a major case being hateful, judgemental, and just simply jealous. The only person TIGER WOODS has to apologize to is his wife. He was a great golf player before he cheated on his wife and still is. You probably wish you were him...(HATER!!!!!) If and I do mean IF a woman were to approach you, you will probably sleep with her too. Tiger has moved on and maybe you should too. Makes me wonder why you really hate him...hmmmmmmm.....the color of his sking......Something to think about Hater!!!!
  • Those minor bumps destroyed the mans character and family !!! He will for life be remembered and reminded for his moral fall. Some day tiger might realize what he did to himself but until then I feel sorry for him and his lost love ones.
  • golfwarts is just a bitter old person! Lay off the club medicated and come down to reality!
  • has written a book do out late.....

    Do? due !

    Nice proof reading.
  • Tiger Woods‘ former swing coach Hank Haney has written a book due out late March and the golfer is not happy with it.

    ylsuoireS, you obviously did not read what was written again as it is written correctly. I just cut and pasted this from the article. It is the same as people who have never done wrong in their lives (brimming over with sarcasm as I write that) condemning TW for the wrong he has done in his life...as though they are gods. Give me a break people and get a life because it is obvious that you are so focused on anal-yzing the lives of others to really have a life of your own. Again, many more people buy tickets or tune in to watch Tiger compete and (hopefully) win those tournaments he enters. Many of the same people could care less what he is doing in his personal life as long as it is all legal. Last time I checked, it is not a crime for a person to have extra-marital affair in the US. Sure it is grounds for divorce but no one has gone to jail for creeping on their spouse. So get a life and let Tiger be Tiger.
  • "fallen hero"

    I thought that label referred to folks who didn't step in "it" all by themselves. Such a philanderer isn't exactly a hero in my book. Great golfer; incredible athlete - but hero?
  • athelete neither!!, he doesnt even carry his own bags.
    get them golfer to carry there own bags, and play golf, thats an athelete!!
    screw the golf carts too.
  • I think Tiger Woods and all pro sports stars dont have any grounds to be upset about such things.All of these sports stars
    know going in what comes with the job.Fame and fortune has its price and unfortunately does not require good traits to get it or to keep it.Tiger is human and alowed to make mistakes like anyone, but he is not just any one is he?May be its time for Tiger to take responsibillity and own up to being who he is.......Tiger Woods!After all it is his choice isn't it?
  • Tigger as a person is SCUM! Great golfer (PAST TENSE) yes but there is a reason nobody has him as their spokesman anymore. He tried to sell himself as some bigger than life man of integrity, he don't know the first thing about integrity! He's nothing but a male ***** who cares ONLY about himself. Any story I've heard from people in the know that follow golf for a living say he's truley a sex addict and treats most people like sh*t... Haney has every right to write a book if he wants! Oh by the way he's only one the most sought after instructors in the business. He was around way before Tigger and will be well after tigger finishes his implosion n fall off the golf map... At least Jacks record for majors will remain un challenged by this scum!
  • All you Tiger haters amaze me. You know how many people have cheated on their wife or husband. Especially, in the sports world. So, Tiger made the same mistake millions yes millions of people have made, but since its Tiger ohh well he should be shot how dare he...... Its not like he beats his kids or spends time in a shower with little boys. Get over it, I think all you haters are just filled with so much envy you can't stand it. You probably just wish you could hop in the sack with porn stars, but you have to settle for jerking off to them. Get a life! And a golf game! Losers
  • take your med okay. your rambling about something we dont care about, tiger hater?? what is that. you mean eldrick hater, yes, and a man who cheated his wife hater, yes. but tiger hater?? nonsense, i like tigers, and lions, and jaquars. Yes Oh MY!!
  • You are truly a moron! Your last sentence amplifies your intelligence or lack of! The entire world refers to him as Tiger so grow up and take a chill pill! I'm sure the immature little boy or girl in you will surface to comment without being a moron.

  • Unprofessional and sidappointing?...."especially because i'ts someone I worked with and trusted as a friend." Hello, Narcissus!! Reality calling! How 'bout your wife and children? Certainly they trusted you, and "worked with you." Get over yourself! "I think people understnad that this book is about money". (Duh!!...and good for him!) You golf for money. You are used by the profession, networks, and many, for money. Lots of it. YOU,..allegedly paid one Rachel U. VERY much money,...8 million, was it?.....NOT to speak, didn't you? Shame on you, wagging that finger over the slot in someone else's piggy bank. You were a great golfer. We've all done stupid; many not at the expense of others. You PAID women, allegedly for your selfish pleasure. How dare you scold a man for writing about the work of his life, and making legitimate compensation for such. You're not above it, Jr. How 'bout you man up, and start over. You're young enough to redeem yourself. You dragged, many, many down into your pit and paid them. Shut up and chip outta that!
  • I couldn't have said it any better myself! I, too, have made many personal mistakes in my life, but I GREW UP and LEARNED from them. And, I also learned what humility means. I have also ran a foundation for two years, and anyone knows that foundations are mainly just great havens for tax write-offs for the rich people. Most money that is funneled into foundations go to pay for the people who run them and their activities and advertising...not for the what the foundation stands for.

    On another note, the person who wrote that all the women who slept with Tiger in adultry are "gold diggers," ... that may be true, but it takes a REAL man with REAL and TRUE morals, guts and integrity to rise above adultry and all the corruption and do the RIGHT thing and walk away from all that kind of stuff. That takes more discipline and focus than any golf game ever will! People in professional sports and jobs need to first and foremost realize that they are a role model for a lot of people on this earth; especially children. Being a great role model shows that you are an honest and trustworthy person...something that Tiger needs to work on harder than even his golf game.
  • I know...I know. It's. Disappointing. (sp) Understand. (sp)
  • It's all about the money. Loyalty and friendship are lost virtues. Haney's about pure greed. I like to watch Tiger because I enjoy his intensity and competitiveness. When Tiger is on the course, he's focused on winning, not signing autographs and pleasing the crowd. Would anyone of you like to be bothered by autograph seekers while you are trying to focus on your job? I won't read the book and I despise Haney for his betrayal.
  • Loyalty and friendship are lost virtues?...Since when?...Since you and other malcontents decide to throw those virtues away?
    No one disputes the golf skill of Tiger Woods. It's objective, scoreable information. Folks here, are disputing his argument that Haney is "greedy". Only Haney knows his own motivation. If you don't want to support such work, don't buy the book. ...."focused on not pleasing the crowd?!?!"...are you joking? It's the ONLY way "the dog" became famous; he became a brand for many who knew they could make lots of money by promoting and supporting him. He "works" in a spectator sport. He ONLY makes money, because people want to watch him. A majority component of "his job" , for which he makes money, is: being watched. That is THE only reason he is paid to golf. The ONLY reason. Don't read the book. It's not required, just like those who don't want to watch a liar, cheater, skank of a d-ck! We don't. Tiger deserves every penny people pay him in "his circus." He really does. That doesn't mean it's greed. Only he knows why he golfs, but he should be the LAST person to suggest someone is workin' the game for bank! "Dog....!!" Good golfer. DOG!!
  • Hell Tiger was doing awsome there for awhile. I think he should go back to what he did when he was winning right? If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  • Tiger, let these punks go. Me and my regulars won't buy the book. Haney has nothing to offer, he's done. Tiger made him, and Tiger will take him down. The ironic thing, it was all Haney's doing. Steve Williams will feel it too. Just go low, Tiger, go low..!!!
  • "Woods won 31 tournaments including 6 majors while paired with Haney." Haney resigned in 2010. Certainly, he did very well at the job for which he was hired. Haney isn't the one who fell from his position. He got off the crashing train while he was still safe. We all get nervous when exposed by those who've been close to us. Good idea to keep things on track if we don't want the bad press. He earned every bit of bad exposure he's getting. He created it. The best thing he could do regarding this is to say nothing. Arguing any points that might be made are the stuff of grade school. Tiger knows what Tiger knows, and Haney knows what Haney knows. Why should Tiger say anything? If he's slandered, he can sue. Right? It's great to believe that Haney didn't take a pay-off to cover up.
  • 12 13 or even more women on the side in every city and those are the ones we know about? This guy deserves whatever he gets! And when Tiger hires somebody he knows down the line that he will be foder for any kind of book, it all comes with the territory. Tiger makes his $$$ and Haney makes his, it's called America.
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  • I am so Sick of people who use the excuse None of us are perfect ...

    How many of us cheated on their spouse from day ONE ( even when she was pregnant > Twice ) and did it with over 100 comfirmed women that included Porn Stars, Hookers and Skanks ... often numerous at a time ....

    Fact is We all arent the same .. if that was so Hitler wouldnt be worse then say a guy who killed someone in a hit and run accident ...

    Tiger is a low life always has been ... Great Golfer in the past yes ... But a low life jerk is a low life jerk and their bank account doesnt make it OK
  • Poor Woody...........you DESTROYED your family by screw1ing 12 or more porn queens.......you cant just close your eyes and make it go away.........get used to the trash talking or retire. YOU MADE YOUR BED ...now its TIME TO LAY IN IT WOODY !!
  • You must not attend church and you have never forgiven anybody who has made a mistake, have you. You are a sorry sole and must live an aweful life and not a very happy person. Try reading the Bible and you will change i promise you it will happen. Good luck on your negitive attitude. Oh by the way try to get a new life too.
  • Sorry to dissapoint you cars but I have a WONDERFUL life......Im pretty sure god would agree... lol whats wrong with telling him to lay in the bed HE made???? Poor Tiger wishes he could just close his eyes and make it allllll go away, SORRY.. it just dosent work that way. This is ALLL part of the fame he chases.... gotta take the good with the bad RIGHT?? Im sure his wife and kids are STILLLLLLL DISSAPOINTED......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Has everyone forgotten already what Tiger Woods did to his children and wife? Are we that forgiving of our celebrities? Tiger Woods is the best golfer to ever live, and the worst father and husband to ever live. He cheated not once or twice but at least 20 times with 20 diffent scanks. You know what Tiger? anyone can get a woman in the sack. It takes a real man to stay faithful to his kids and wife.

    I want to read Hank Haney's book because he knew this low life better than any of us. Tiger is a sneaky low life that needs to be exposed to people that idolized him. He is a dishonest person that no kid or adult should ever look up to.
  • After everything Tiger has gotten himself into the past few years....he's now gonna bitch about a tell-all book written by someone who would definetly know what he is talking about?? I say...Hard Cheese!
  • Most of you guys that diss Tiger for his "off the course" actions sound like you're jealous you were not getting any.
    If I were in his situation the line of bimbos would have streched for miles.
    I have never watched a sporting event to get lessons in morality. I watch golf to see good golfers, baseball to see good ball players, I go to art museums to see great art. If the artist happened to be a degenerate, it doesn't make his work any less a masterpiece.
  • Tiger was an amazing golfer, and perhaps he can return to a degree of that championship form again. Time will tell, but his best swings perhaps are behind him. Whether you agree or disagree, the Tigers of the world are financially well off (one percenters) and have a lot of people (Williams/Haney, etc.) who help them do things. And they are trusted by the person who pays them. When those relationships change (or sour), there are those "helper" people who want to capitalize on that relationship and tell all. I don't agree with that, but everyone (including Tiger) knows that can happen. That's life. The book will not be a "Best Seller," but it will sell. People like to read/watch (about) people who have fallen down. Tiger had it all, didn't use good judgment, and took a huge fall. He's as human as me, but just plays golf much better and had much bigger temptations. And he failed. He's not a despicable or terrible person. Put it in perspective. But how he rises from the ashes will be what he is. As a person, I lost respect for him. As a golfer, I wish him well.
  • take note, tiger: you're book is what's important - that is kind of funny...

    still waiting in the zombie apokolypse
  • More than one way to make a buck off a sucker,,,Huh Hanky !!
  • When he was young, Earl said to him " Tiger ... concentrate on golf, and screw everything else " .............. so he did !
  • That's funny.
  • I will say the times I have seen Tiger play, he was more than a professional. I remembered as if it were yesterday when he was playing in the tour championship in Houston, Texas when a young kid climbed into a tree to get a better view of an errant shot Tiger hit. When Tiger approached his ball, he was slightly startled by the noise in the tree above. A cameraman following the Tiger group looked up and told the kid he should get out of the tree, Tiger turned to the cameraman and told him the kid could stay but that he (camera man) was too close and he needed to move back. After hitting the shot he gave the kid an autographed ball. I applauded Tiger for this because I fault the media for making most athletes rebel against the average person!
  • It's amazing how cynical and ignorant people are in this world...Tiger made some bad choices in his life and now most of you want to crucify him...another good man was crucified also by ignorant people like you...remember? He paid for all our sins with his life.

    Wake up people...'let those without sin cast the first stone' We're but mortals and all of us have skeletons in our closet...you should look around and see what your father, uncle, mother, aunt, cousin etc have done in their lives and tell me if they never made mistakes....Tiger's is in the open because of who he is (public figure)...can you imagine if all our secrets were in the open for all to see.

    Look at Tiger the golfer, for what he's achieved in golf....but don't be too quick to judge...we humans don't have that power...we all SIN.
  • I love it - comparing Christ to Tiger Woods-ha!
  • Of course it's unfair to hold Tiger to a higher standard...but that's the way it is and always will be. Any top athlete is in the lime light and Tiger knew that.....but he didnt care. All he cared about was getting another woman each night. Look at the true famous golfers of our generation...Palmer, Nicklaus, Player, Floyd, Mickelson, Hogan, Snead, Nelson...the list goes on. They all knew what was expected of them and they acted accordingly and never embarrased themselves in front of their fans for all to see.
  • There are 3 things that are true about Tiger Woods:

    1) He is a great golfer.

    2). He generally demonstrates bad behavior in tournaments, Profanity, throwing clubs, and being rude to spectators.

    3). He cheated multiple times on his wife and kids.

    It seems that a lot of you know these 3 things are true and are okay with them. But have a problem when someone (Haney) points them out in a book. I found that interesting.
  • You will always be # 1 in my book! :)
  • Tiger has gone through hell and much of it well deserved, time to let him rebirth himself. I think of the next several years you will see a Tiger that has been deserving of forgivness. Isn't that why Jesus died on the cross....for our sins?? Let him alone and give him a chance to heal.
  • Arcadian ... are you illiterate or just lazy ... edit your posts dude or dudette.

    Tiger Woods messed up - yup, he did - but, how long does someone have to pay for his/her mistakes? How much crap is someone expected to take? We all make mistakes - some more than other, but give it a break!!!
  • There are so many parasites and leaches amongst us! As the saying goes; your worst enemies are indeed your best friends and those who call themselves friends are your worst enemies. Therefore, do not support and waste your money buying Hank's book. . . don't allow another to get "rich" from your pocket. Tiger remains the World's best golfer.
  • I think Tiger is one of the greatest golfers to walk this earth! The bible says,"let he who is without sin cast the first stone,". Did Tiger make some mistakes? Of course he did, and he has paid the price. Let the man be! As for Tom Haney, I think the man is pure scum! What kind of human being is he? He is using the mistakes , the pain and suffering of some one he claimed as a friend and cashing in on it. He rose to the top on Tigers coat tails anyway. My gosh, he couldnt even help poor Charles get his golf swing back. More than that, just how much do we really know about what really happened, we all know the media dont get stuff right most of the time. God has already forgiven Tiger, so let the man be and let him put his life back together in peace! ( Tiger, if you ever read these blogs, I keep you in my prayers, God gave you this special talent and I know he will help you to rise above all this and be the man he set out for you to be, God bless you. I l;ove to watch you play the game! No one doest it better!)
  • Poor Tiger he got his little feeling hurt again. He is an arrogant creep and will always be an arrogant creep. He gets no respect from me, I don't like the guy and I never have liked the jerk.
  • I wonder if Tiger, now a free single man has taken up with any of the hotties he was with when he was married, specifically Holly Joy Sampson? Any trips to Flagstaff lately?
  • I wondered when the termites were going to emerge from their nestings of envy, jealousy, retardation, descrimination, etal. Nevertheless, these "nay sayers" and "bad-wishers" of Tiger have done him a great favor; they are is best friends because he is better able to keep his enemies closer.
  • to call him a fallen hero makes me sick our boys in uniform who have died for our country are heroes

  • he may think he is god but he better think again
  • See more comments >>

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