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PLAYERS: Tiger Woods

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As Europe clinched its 14th point on Sunday, assuring itself of retaining the Ryder Cup as reigning champs, Woods missed a three-foot putt for par. He decided not to force Francesco Molinari to make his putt, also a three-footer. That halved their match and instead of a 14-14 tie, Europe won 14 1/2 to 13 1/2 -- costing bookies millions, according to reports.

A Ladbrokes (a booking firm) spokesman told MailOnline on Monday, “No one bets on a tie. It cost us just over £650,000 (which converts to $1,048,905) last night on Tiger’s miss. Tiger is not a bookie’s friend this morning. At 8:20 p.m., Europe were 33/1 to win and USA were 1/50. It was a nightmare result. The USA were heavily backed pre-tournament. We were so close. It was our most expensive one ever.”

A Sky Bet spokesman told Sporting Life, “While it was impossible not to get caught up in such a fantastic victory, Woods' miss resulted in us taking a really heavy beating.”

A Coral spokesman also told MailOnline, “It was the biggest betting Ryder Cup we've ever had. We took £1million (converts to $1,613,700). During the first two days, confidence was a bit shot. People didn't really back Europe then. We were staring at the ideal result when Woods was at the final hole. Had it been a tie we would have kept everything we'd taken because no one backs a draw. But it was a £400,000 hit.”

“It was already over,” Woods said of his gesture. “We came here as a team -- this is a team event. And the Cup was already retained by Europe, so it was already over.”

Woods played for three days at the Ryder Cup without winning a single match.


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  • Tiger Woods is the most selfish golfer ( and perhaps man) on the face of the earth.,He has quit/choked at every Ryder cup. if there is not $ in it for him, he will not suck it up for anyone or anything. He ,because he was so embarrassed at his choke, gave the other side the put He could care less about the consequences to others. He has wasted his golf gifts by his selfishl behavior,and in my opinion, is an embarrassment to US golf.
  • If he was truly selfish he wouldn't even bother showing up.. They don't get paid.. How much money do you think the PGA makes off the Ryder Cup? At least above 70 million. Once the players realized how much the PGA was making they demanded that if they didn't get paid the PGA should at least donate $200,000 per participant, with half going to charity and the other half to a college development programme in each American player’s name. Who really is the selfish one here..

  • He pretty much has to show up. When you qualify for an event as huge as the Ryder Cup, you don't NOT show up. It's not about the money for Tiger anymore. But he is selfish and I never saw him as a great team player. He's in it for himself, and if he's not the star or if he's not the one winning, he doesn't care.
  • annisarsha...."you don't NOT show up"???????FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DID YOU LEARN ENGLISH IN CHINA?
  • He made a mistake you ******* asshole.Go correct and yell at you wife LOSER
  • For God's sake people...the expression is "He could NOT care less..." Ah, the lost art of proper grammar!
  • I wouldn't exactly call him the most selfish golfer or man on the face of the earth. He has given much by creating his charitable foundation. The fact that he cheated on his wife is not your's or anyone's problem but his and his wife. Methinks there's a little bit of jealousy on your part.
  • Well said. Too many haters out there. They need to grow the F**K up.
  • You are telling people to grow up! Cant do that without throwing in an explicit (i think this is spelled correctly). You my friend may be the one who needs to take that look in the mirror and grow up!
  • YES! Ole BALDY tigger IS the most SELFISH EGO-JACKAL around, period end of statement!! Ole BALDY tigger NEEDS to grow up!!
  • Why in the world should Tiger Woods run his life for golf fans, or his game for the benefit of British bookies????? How many of today's top golf pros have set up charitible foundations AT ALL - let alone of the magnitude of Woods'? He conceded the putt on the last hole of the Ryder Cup because the match had already been decided - by the chokes of several of his teammates, not his. This is something that polite golfers do, not selfish egomaniacs as you paint him. Tiger is the richest golfer in the history of the game specifically because he HAS "sucked it up" time after time after time. Anyone who thinks that Jim Furyk or Bubba Watson (or Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus, for that matter) would have done anything different in the same situation is an idiot who doesn't know the first thing about golf.
  • Selfish? I'd say it was the gentleman's thing to do. As it says in the article, it was already over, Europe had retained the cup even if he would have won the hole. The way we golf, if your opponent already won the hole, we concede, pick up our ball and move on to the next hole.
  • Why the hell would his being gracious and conceding a hole in an already lost contest?

    Why the hell would you be concerned whether bookies in London made money or not. You are a piece of sh..
  • Why is it Tiger Woods Fault the TEAM lost? Steve Stricker was embarassing, Furyk folded under the pressure, Bubba choked, Mickelson got beat by three incredible shots by the green,AND DUFNER- THE ROOKIE kicked ass. If we recall it was Wood's that led the way at the Presidents Cup and the Australian Open. If you are going to gripe about something grire about all of it..not just one part.
  • here's a tissue and it's a putt.

  • You ARE right on point, ole BALDY tigger IS the soooo SELFISH & has an EGO from HERE TO THERE!!!!
  • woha!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh Boo Hoo - you should see what the replacement refs cost bookies here in the States - there's a reason it's called gambling.
  • your Haterade is getting warm
  • I have little sympathy for gamblers.
  • When you bet you take a chance.Hello!! It's called gambling
  • Shepherdman - what a stupid comment! As if Tiger (or any of the players USA or European) care what the book makers will lose? Tiger not making Molinari putt his 3 footer was a GREAT diplay of sportsmanship. Yes, he could have made Molinari make the putt and if Molinari had missed, Tiger would have WON the match. Clearly you don't play or watch (do you know that Tiger has won 3 times this year?) or understand golf.
  • sit in your pen shep or shepardboy,check Mr WOODs record.theres alot of other golfers there .hes not the only one to miss a putt,You putz.
  • While I am ABSOLUTELY NOT a fan of Tiger, I do admire his sportsmanship in this instance. Say, many times has Tiger made big money for you by blowing away the field...or failing to do so? If it hurts you this much to be on the losing side of the bet, why don't you switch to a respectable profession?
  • You admire ole BALDY tigger, ohhhhhh plezzzzz!! He's an ARROGANT & SELFISH JACKAL!! Hey, BALDY tigger, ever heard of
    KARMA K-A-R-M-A ??!!!!!
  • 1$A73257230A
    currency copyright:$1 bet

    gamblers whether stock market; or the book; have to remember the default is to hold with time?

    there should be a "even" bet, the 0.51 since the "unitary" bet of one "bumps" the number to 51.
    this is the basis of the three dimensional gaming; it also contains the instructions for the various "lock/unlock" methods for the 0.86 "you are eighty-sixed" you lose, or the 0.71 "you win" bet. the 0.51 is the tie bet continue later!

    AWL (a sharp pointed object used to blind or A World Lives...)
    Apart Y Ink
    Alba C.

    breach of peace judicative logic
    white crane aka big bird legislative logic
    garden of eden executive logic
  • Smart bookies hedge their bets with a line that breaks even and make theirs off the vig. Grow a pair they aren't hurtin with football here ha. Tiger did what most would do conceeded when its over its over.
  • Proof that pro sports are fixed!
    The NFL is the worst. The substitute officials could not work the game like the regulars could and that's why the bookies had a fit during the conflict. Why do you see so many fumbles or dropped passes to maintain the spread or officials kill a last minute drive with a phantom holding call?
  • If anybody really thinks PGA Golfers dont gamble then ask what Tiger was doing before he got smacked with a golf club so you gotta wonder how much he got on the side to be a sportsman something few would believe. So much for the TV personel who claimed in Johnnie Millers words USA have the best golfers. Thanks to Frank Nobilio for being more balanced.
  • The bookies lost... They have made plenty on Tiger in the past... It is called Gambling for a reason... Get over it...
  • one word............TUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The bookies have misplaced their ire! They should be mad instead at Francesco Molinari for not conceding Tiger's par putt, which would have been the sportsman thing to do, and created the 14-14 tie the bookies were hoping for!!!!! Better yet, be mad at Jose-Maria, his captain, for telling Francesco in the fairway NOT to concede the hole to Tiger. I have a feeling that otherwise, Francesco would have done just that, and made the bookies happy. So it's really Olazabal's fault, not Tiger's!
  • Why does everything golf related come down to what Tiger Woods did? He is a human being who plays a sport. He once dominated, then he made some mistakes and is paying for them in, life and on the course! What about Stricker, Watson, Simpson, Bradley, Mickelson, Snedekar, Kuchar, and Furyk? They all lost on Sunday, if anyone of them would have won their match then this article would be of no value. Not that it has much anyway. Blaming Tiger Woods for the bookies is outrageous!
  • Tiger cost the Brit bookies $$$ ... but he cost the USA the Ryder Cup !
  • no, it was the 11 people in front of him that cost the Ryder Cup. It didn't come down to him. It was over before he got to 18th green. Granted he didn't play well and in one of the matches, it took someone to shoot 9 under to beat him. Team USA just blew it. They needed just 4-1/2 points out of 12 out there and they didn't get the job done. Period, end of story....
  • My old man taught me to never bet more than I can afford to lose; and if I do don't bitch it was my money to keep ... ( Same goes for bookies ) ...//
  • Too bad for the bookies. I just wonder how much they have won off of Tiger over the past decade??? So they finally take a big hit, get over it. Do they like to listen to the better when he or she looses? Hell no, they just take the money and smile. Hope a couple more big upsets are on the way...
  • Some of you ought to be on the TV program Biggest Loser, because that is what you are. Not a hint of graciousness about you. You are only interested in spewing invectives at Tiger every chance you get, as if his private life is your business. How dare he treat that blond white woman that way! Find a toilet and jump in.
  • You ca say anything you want about Tiger, but he is still the greatest golfer of his era. It's interesting how many people abandon sports figures when they get into slumps or don't perform as expected! I will always be a fan of Tiger (and Rory). As far as upsetting the bookies? Don't they understand that, that is gambling!!?? Idiots.
  • Who cares if the bookies lost money. If you're gonna cry about it do something else. It's the chance one takes when you gamble. His putt meant nothing for team USA. They lost no matter what. I'm surprised he didn't concede the hole before they even got to the green. It didn’t matter. Team Europe was celebrating on the green while they were on the fairway. I'm sure he wasn't standing there on the green saying.; "Wow, I can screw the bookies out there by conceding this hole." NO. Here's your F'N tissue.
  • I could have sworn it was gambling.
    I guess the bookies lost.
    Haven't they won in the past? Get over it.
  • I admit > I hate all things Tiger > he is a jerk, a low life as a person ... SOB as a husband ...

    HOWEVER this is a NON-issue ..... not Tigers or any other players place to worry about Bets made with a bookie. Teach people to not bet on a game where you are allowed to give a hole away.
  • The bookies lost on the Ryder Cup? Gee, I can't begin to express how bad that makes me feel.
  • Tiger is just like alot of these other athletes out there that are "big-headed" and dont give a damn about me or you. I dont care about his issues and his wrong doings because hes not the first and wont be the last man/woman to have an affair (or affairs) thats life. I still watch Tiger everytime he plays and so do you!!!! I dont watch to see Tiger lose I want him to see him win. To the bookies out there that lost the "big-bucks" on The Ryders Cup..suck it up because you have more than one sport out there to make that money back.. besides Tiger didnt walk out that club-house all by hisself. The thing that "does" bother me about Tiger is the fact he is "STINGY"..he has all this money and DOESNT dare you Tiger..whats wrong with you?? Get over yourself and start digging in those pockets..You can afford to give up a few of those bucks..(damn it) Ha Ha Ha--Im serious Tiger

Tiger Woods costs sports books millions on last hole of Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods cost sports books millions with his play on the final hole of the Ryder Cup on Sunday.The U.S. had already lost the Ryder Cup before Woods began his head-to-head play against Francesco Molinari on the final hole Sunday. Europe was up 14-13 after Martin Kaymer defeated Steve Stricker a hole earlier. Had Woods won 18 to win his match against Molinari, he would have given...

Tiger's gesture costs bookies millions

Tiger Woods' concession on the 18th hole in his Ryder Cup match against Francesco Molinari on Sunday reportedly cost bookies millions.

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Tiger Woods has had a rough weekend at Medinah. Tiger has never been a great Ryder Cup player and this really isn’t new, but again like every other bad finish this year it seems bigger. Woods has lost 3 points in 4 of his 6 Ryder Cup appearances. He and Steve Stricker were 0-3 through the first 2 days with only the individual matches left. Tiger actually played really well in...

Plenty of blame to share in epic choke

We need a reason, a theory why the U.S. can have the best golfers in the world but can't win the Ryder Cup. The Americans lost again Sunday, after holding a huge lead. Did U.S. captain Davis Love III screw up the lineup? Do Americans just not care about the Ryder Cup as much as the Europeans do? Is there something about our culture that keeps us from understanding how to play...

Video: USA choke job memorialized by Taiwan animators

While the Euros are calling their Ryder Cup win the “Miracle at Medinah,” we here in the States can just refer to it as the “Meltdown at Medinah.” The United States, led by Captain Davis Love III’s horrific line-up, completed one of the biggest choke job’s in Ryder Cup history, as the Tiger Woods and [...]

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The PGA Tour supplied the best tonic possible Tuesday to cure the Americans of a Ryder Cup hangover. It staged a news conference to mark the official one-year countdown to the Presidents Cup, the one team event that Americans still seem capable of winning. Then again, it was held at Muirfield Village, where in 1987 they lost the Ryder Cup on home soil for the first time. It hasn...
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