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It looks like those rumors about Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn being an item might not have been as far-fetched as previously believed. Or Tiger Woods is just a really good friend. TMZ has an exclusive photo of the private jet of Tiger Woods sitting on a runway in Salzburg, Austria on Friday morning reportedly to pick up an injured Lindsey Vonn, who tore two ligaments in her right knee and suffered a tibial fracture on Tuesday in a violent crash during the Super-G of the Alpine World Championships. Rumors began swirling and speculation later ensued about a possible relationship between the two superstars of sport in late January, and whether or not this European pick-up is evidence that the two are romantically involved or if it is simply a noble gesture of one very rich friend who owns a private jet on the behalf of his pal who needed a flight back to the United States is really “up in the air” at the moment. Heh. Up in the air. TMZ has an additional  photo showing Tiger’s ex-wife, Elin Nordegren boarding the very same airplane, essentially to remove any doubt that the plane is the very same aircraft that Tiger uses to jet-set around the globe. [photo via US Magazine] TweetThe post Tiger Woods reportedly sends private jet to pick up Lindsey Vonn in Austria appeared first on Sportress of Blogitude.

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  • Tiger is frothing at the mouth.
  • my one thought is WHO CARES!!!!!! Let Tiger play golf and leave him the hell alone!!! All this is no ones business but his,mybe he would play in more tournaments if everyone buts out of his personal life!,All I care about is his golf and that's ALL anyone else should care about PERIOD!!!!
  • Tiger has found the person he should have been introduced to in the beginning...sports minded plus beauty. His first wife was opposite and possibly even sports inept leaving him with only one half of the necessary equation.
  • Tiger only cares about himself, what a f'n stupid thing to say the his first wife was inept about sports, he knew she was a super model before they got married and he cheated on her...DA mister G!
  • Wasn't his ex a nanny before they were married?
  • Sure was and a wanna be model.
  • She was a board in the bed evidently.
  • who is this guy vonn?
  • New relief pitcher for the Yankees.
  • Wild thing!
  • She's garbage to me.
  • Jealousy gets you nowhere........
  • Tiger is rich but he's still a loser! I hope this blond is smart enough to see through him . . .
  • audio217 sounds more like the loser
  • another one that walks on water.you just don't like the idea that shes blond. and he's the best golfer you will ever see.
  • Tiger is never a loser, the women lust for him.
  • Maybe we should post a picture of his face just after his wife tuned him up a bit. Id call that a loser.
  • So, domestic violence is ok in your book? Hell, even funny to you? Vonn is hotter than his ex anyway. Have you seen the donk on Vonn? WOW!! She is HOT!!!!
  • Finally!....
  • Lindsey, why would you hook up with that stinking piece of garbage? You can do way better, unless your just after his money. Thats about the ONLY thing appealing about Tiger Woods. He always goes after a blond haired, blue eyed, white woman. Shouldn't he be hiring more hookers or some waitress from Perkins. If he was poor, or just a caddy no one would pay any attention to this stupid loser.
  • Why don't you just mind your own business. Nobody is asking for your advice.
  • I like that.
  • Stop hating .... you must be afraid your blond haired, blue eyed, white woman has a thing for him or you just might lose her to him!
  • I'm a waitress from Perkins and I wouldn't do him.
  • A brother is banging your wife? Why so much hate for the brother and the blonde. BTW, her roots are not blonde.
  • get over yourselves. Tiger is one of five best golfers we've ever seen and Lindsey is the best woman skier this country has ever produced. Will she come back? Odds say yes. Tiger is well on the way and everyone threw him under the bus two years ago. Are they anything but friends? Only idiots and pervs give a damn. grab your penthouse and go to the bathroom and do the only thing you do best.thinking is not your best area of expertise.
  • baldguy ...your the one who haS LOST ALL HIS HAIR FROM WACKING OFF YA DA...
  • I'm glad he found someone....i think he will behave this time.
  • Why does it matter whether he does or not? Tons of people have cheated, or are currently cheating, on their spouses.
  • Unfortunately this is true.
  • I feel that Tiger still loves Ellen along with his children but is now showing her that another person will give love that he is needed.
  • Ellen? Ellen who? Did Tiger once have a fling with Ms. DeGeneres, and he's been pining over what he can't have ever since she switched teams?
  • Ellen D. never switched teams she has always been in the ladies only league.
  • I agree.
  • They make a good couple. Why not? Just go with the flow as long as they're happy. It's life and it's their life, have fun.
  • way 3 go Tiger! now go visit some Ihops and win a major
  • Ellen is waaaaaaaaay hotter! No offense Vonn.
  • It's Elin you morons.
  • OMG what is wrong with you people. This man cheated on his wife with children many women. Then not only did he cheat he lost his game and nike kept him in the commercials and golf channel kept him in the lime light even when he was sucking. How many other golfers were aforded this luxury when they were losing so bad. They were showed more than the person who was winning and he was 11th or 12th back..... Get a frikin grip, this guy is a loser, he had a great game at one time but you know what karma has its just deserves....
  • Elin was a bore in bed obviously.
  • Hey Jeanie, Wake up and get your facts straight. Just cause u despise the man, dont speak incorrectly about his career. U say he had a great game and karma has found him, U couldnt be more wrong. He Won 5 tournaments internationally last year, 1 of only 2 peeps to do that in PGA sanctioned events. Also the 1st tournament he played in this year, last week by the way, He won that one also. Not bad for being washed up, yopu ignaramous!
  • There aren't any perfect people and God is forgiving.
  • You are loser and a hater ... get a life of your own ... you won't have time to criticize his! DA!
  • Why are you so judgemental and moralistic? Have you ever sinned before? Obviously you are a Saint.You are God.

    "Thou shallt cast the first stone who hasn't sinned",Jesus Christ proclaimed protecting the lady who committed adultery,the audience was going to stone her to death,but didn't after Jesus proclaimed His words.

    Judge not and thou shalt not be judged."Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,lead us not into temptation,but deliver us from evil,Amen."(Lords Prayer.)

    The whole society is becoming judgemental,putting people down,destroying them,torture them,there is no element of love,forgiveness and love in humans anymore.This is catastrophic.Francis.
  • at least now for the time been he won"t have a problem lifting her legs since they will be up on a sling.
  • What a dumb bimbo.
  • You people are idiots people cheat so what. They got a divorce and nowhe can see anyone he wants. What happens in his personal life is his business. GO TIGER....
  • This is so true.
  • As someone before mentioned, Tiger has found the one! She has the stamina to replace the threesomes he use to have. And she's blond!!! Alls well that ends well!
  • WOW everyone seem to belief that humans are beyond redemption we all have our own issues, some are alcohlics,drug addicts,womanizers,woman beaters,gambling addicts,sexual predators and the likes but all can still be redemed. Is it that he is rich and famous why so many who posted is having a problem. Take the stick out of your own eye first and stop being jealous let him live he made an error or maybe many errors but he is HUMAN.
  • i don't care
  • Professionally, Tiger is one of the best ever. Personally, he may have been one of the worst ever. Money corrupted him. His personal life showed through his performance from the end to 2009 to the end of 2011. You can't play golf -a sport of concentration- with all that stuff in your mind, whether you caused it or not. Now, that these things are farther back in the past, he is slowly coming back professionally.

    The question is: does he have enough time to break the records he wants to break since his career, as any athlete's is on the way way down. As for his personal life, it is really his own business, and business with his sponsors. As for his golf, we all watch when he is playing. Many of you are just jealous that he "can get away" with this (but he really didn't). Is he good for the game he represents? Sure he is. I hope the "New Big 3" get in a match: Phil, Rory & Tiger before Phil and Tiger are too old.

    Live your life and leave the guy alone!
  • I agree 100%.
  • LOL,Theres one life,no more,mistakes are made and hopefully you grow into a better more wiser human being to help others. You find out about selfishness and self-centeredness and what it does to the people around you. Everything you do affects someone else.Your not alone on this planet.So for those of you who can cast the first stone,your no better than the mind blowing filth you spew. I see you have no windows in your glass house from all the rocks being thrown.Talk about tiger look in the mirror.....
  • another disgrace to the white race
  • hard to imagine all the vitriol here. It's Tigers business and not that of you jerks out there. Bug out of his life and go back in your hateful hole.
  • why are most of you - not all-slamming tiger for his cheating. i find it kinda funny that ya he did have "multiple" females and his so called "wife" ran after him with an iron -- BUT - i find it ironic that she didn't know about these women. sorry - but did she not accompany him on these tours? i think she knew about this and just went along with it until the time was right where she knew she had him by the shorts (kids) and then knew that if not alamony but child support would land her alot of money - oh ya and by the way - did anybody else find if funny that not to far after the divorce from tiger that SHE found another man and was married how long after that. think she was messing around with someone on the side. so gee - was she such a goody two shoes. i don't think so. so ya tiger go - if these back stabing idiots think that you have no right to snub them - they are sooo wrong. as the saying goes "what goes around comes around". oh -dwd0127 - sounds alittle racial there.
  • I kind of hope that if she likes him and he likes her than they will be a couple. Shouldn't be more complicated than that.
  • Tiger Woods...............PUKE! Don't like him and never have. I feel sorry for Vonn, how long before he either dumps her or cheats on her? Once a creep always a creep!
  • Lindsay: Stay as far away from TW is u can get. He still has not grown up. He still thinks that all he needs to do is throw $$$$ at a woman and thats it. Thats how he lives his life. Didn't work out so well with Elin, someone with character. All those other women knew it was only about $$$ thats why they beat him at his own game. If u need a boyfriend, I have a great nephew u should meet.and he is a good skiier.
  • When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.
  • Who cares about either of these people? Because they are very good at their respective sports people think they can live through them vicariously. There is more to life than sports, sports, sports. Tiger and Vonn and other refuse like Paris Hilton and all of the Kardashians, including the wax model Bruce Jenner, should be ignored instead of worshiped.
  • does it really matter anymore?....
  • I think everybody should leave Tiger alone, especially the reporters who can't get there stories straight. First they tell you Tiger is going back to Elin, and now he is supposedly dating Lindsay Vonn. They should get there stories straight before they broadcast it. By the way, Lindsay also said that she and Tiger are just good friends. I heard this on a news channel, and it came from her. So, leave Tiger have his privacy
  • make it fling tigger your rich you ain't a nerd and the world is full of sexy ladies. try some of the ladies in SO. America before you settle on one at least. bend her flip her and throw her out tha door and move on.
  • Lindsey is much better than Elin ever was at handling Tiger's putter.
  • You people who attack Tiger and claim he is still a loser must be perfect. I don't get people. All of you act like you never did anything and regretted it. Is there a possibility none of you actually know Tiger?
    Yardbarker is an embarrassing site. It's articles have one purpose...to incite evil. YardBarker tries to get people to hate. If you fall for this you are a hater. Stop attacking. Forgive. None of you even know Tiger therefore you are not entitled to make claims about him. None of you are perfect so you are unable to attack. If everybody would just stop the hate we could be a great world.
  • Noble Gesture??? From this cheapskate??? I don't think so. He's looking to get her in the sack !!!
  • Let me clue you obviously bat **** crazy self righteous females posting on this topic...Here is a FACT for ya NINETY SEVEN percent of ALL relationships where the mal "cheats" is due some sort of psychological or emotional issue caused by the FEMALE involved in the relationship...IN a nutshell ..Its YOUR fault.. It UNDENIABLE SCIENTFIC INDISPUTABLE FACT ..Woods was driven away by HIGHLY psychotic behavior and emitonal abuse by his former wife ..Get over it ..If it has a vagina its probably unstable

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