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Dewayne Wise hurtled into the left-field grandstand at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night in what appeared to be an imitation of Derek Jeter's famous catch against the Red Sox in 2004.

The left fielder, however, forgot one important part -- he didn't actually catch the ball. Unbelievably, he was still able to sell the grab, and the umpire ruled Cleveland's Jack Hannahan out.

The ball hit Wise's glove and dropped to the ground, rolling about 10 feet along the inside of the fence toward home plate, where another fan picked it up and held it in the air. Unfortunately for the Indians, umpire Mike DiMuro did not seem to notice and made the incorrect call.

Wise clambered out of the stands and -- still clutching his glove shut to preserve the illusion -- ran back to the dugout. The Yankees went on to win the game 6-4.

After the game, DiMuro watched the replay and admitted he had made a mistake, saying, "In hindsight, I should have asked him to show me the ball, since he fell into the stands and out of my line of vision."


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  • If I were the Yankees coach I would make sure this clown didn't pull some bs like that ever again. Black mark for the integrity of the player for sure, may be the team if they actually condoned this if they actually knew it happened immediately. Disgusting. I am all for pushing the envelope but to make a blatant move like this and let it go, never heard of such a thing...Way to teach our youth winning at all cost.
  • I blame the player for no entegrity and the Umpire for not do his job rite. I blame his parents for not teaching him the difference between rite and wrong and the game should not go in the win column for the yanks.
  • The player lied to the umpire and was not truthful.
    These are the people our children look uo to.
  • Oh, I see idiot, it is ok to cheat, as long as you don't get caught? Is that what you are saying. Let's hope you don't have kids or interact with kids. You are an idiot. This guy has no balls or morals. Yes, the ref blew it as well. But, the player cheated first. Get that straight.
  • Watch the video. Please remember as I say this "I hate the Yankees". The player made his attempt came up from the crowd and sees the umpire signialing an out. He then steps over the wall and goes to the dugout. The umpire is an idiot. The fan with the ball is standing next to the umpire as he shows the out sign. The player did nothing wrong.
  • your screen name fits you, the yankees are3 a bunch of cheaters, last year derek jeter did the same thing againt the rays acting like he got hit by a pitch, after the replay it showed the ball no where near him.
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  • Wise as much as lied to the umpire by not showing him that he did not make the catch.
  • blown calls at first base happen to fast a lot of times theres no way of telling who made it there without instant replay, with a catch its a diffrent story. and there has been players both in the mlb and nfl who have admitted to their mistakes(out of bounds,not touching the plate)
  • Cheating to win....forget you Yankees. No honor.
  • Yeah sure...and no player on any other team has EVER done something similar...If you believe that, I have a ski slope in Florida for sale cheap....wake up and join the real world you idiot.
  • The problem with people in sports today and in general is that everyone tries to justify what they (or their team) do (does) by citing what someone else does. Maybe the "Real World" isn't good enough for people of character and honor and is just for of lying-cheats like the Yankees and Whitehorse67. First time somebody cheats them though...break out the firing squad.
  • everyone cheats so it's ok? really?!!
    you are obviously too lazy and/or cowardly to take a stand on any kind of moral issue
  • "but other people do it.." doesn't make it right.

    People break the speed limit law every day, that doesn't mean you can drive at your own pace.
  • I'm sure your wife would want to hear that from you, since everyone cheats it's okay, that's if anyone could put up with your BS
  • What kinda mentality is that.
  • Sure an our president tell the truth all the time
  • haha cheating., if you watched the game and not just this edited clip the ump called a fair catch even before Wise was up from the stands. It is the umpires job to make the right call not the player. since when in any sport is it up to the player to make a call. That is why you have umpires and referees. And for that fact Santana would not have had a no hitter if it wasn't for a bad call made by the umpire. why didn't David Wright speak up and tell the ump he made the wrong call. Oh ecause the bad call went against the opposing team. And wasn't there a pitcher last year denied a perfect game when the first base ump made a bad call against that team. I beleive the opposing runner should have spoke up to say he was really out and not safe.. So I guess cheating must be rampant in MLB.. Get a grip.
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  • I agree trebor, no honor
  • Is this guy trying to replace A-Rod as the all-time baseball cheater? Why is it always the Yankees that are caught on camera cheating? Must be something on that team that makes the players feel they have to cheat!!
  • dont forget a guy by the name of Sammy Sosa with a corked bat...
  • This guy ran back to the dugout PURPOSELY deceiving the umpire. What does that do for the integrity of the game? It speaks volumes of his lack of integrity.
    I'd ban him for a good 50 games at least.
  • So when the pitcher throws a ball outside the strike zone and the umpire calls it a strike and an out, he should tell the umpire "No, please change that to a ball". This player made no attempt to decieve or claim that he caught the ball.
  • Make them replay the whole game,cheaters should never be allowed to prosper!
  • Better yet...Give the Yankees the loss.
  • Replay game? no. They should forfiet that game.
  • Really then take the rings away from the rag sox,Manny was loading up on "roids"..and from the look of some of the other players on tha team he wasn't the only one..GO YANKEES!!!
  • The player should be disciplined and fined for cheating. What a way to ruin a play that showed heart and athletic ability by tainting it with a false outcome. Come on players lets have some integrity. SHALOM : )
  • The player should be and also the umpire for one blowing the call, but also when is it not been a rule that you have to hold up the ball when there is question of the catch or when a runner runs through the catcher. It is more than obvious when he gets out of the stands that the ball is not in his glove!
  • Sad thing is , this wasn't the worst calls i've seen this year . That honor goes to the ump who called an out when Todd Helton was 3 feet from the bag . MLB needs to start fining the sorry umps when a blown call is obvious .
  • I know what you mean about bad calls...but give the umpire the benefit of the doubt. He just made an error. But I guarantee you the home plate ump saw it and didn't bother to overturn the call or conference with the responsible ump. There are also persons of authority in the boxes above that should have the authority to immediately rectify blatant bad calls like this. Need to have integrity from all sides in sports.
  • A replay official would solve all of these problems.
  • The Yankees are supposed to be "all that". If that's the only way they can win a game, they've got a problem. Looks to me like the manager and management would at least make a statement about how deplorable their player acted. It's a shame to let that go on their record as a win.
  • Cheating is cheating,....mostly. Exempt from "cheating" are stealing signals from catchers and/or base coaches. All other cheating, is cheating, from steroids to a non-catch. Players caught cheating, should be penalized one game (or more, based on the infraction and the ultimate outcome of the gAME).
  • Just curious, is a catcher trying to pull an outside pitch back into the strike zone cheating? How about a pitcher who takes credit for a called strike that was obviously out of the strike zone? Or a shortstop who gets credit for turning a double play on a phantom tag at 2nd before the relay to first? Or a batter who takes credit for a double on a ball that lands outside the foul line but is called fair. Or a base runner stealing 2nd who is called safe when the tag was made on time?
  • These are totally different and all judgement calls when at game speed it is really hard to tell. Making a blatant attempt to fool an ump like this is like taking a bus ride for 24 miles of a marathon and then claiming the win.
  • wrong...its a call the ump made...a judgement call. He should have checked the players glove and didnt...human element of the game. Plain and simple
  • That doesn't change the fact that the player "Intentionally CHEATED". Yes the ump should have done his job but the other part of the problem here is that people have lost a sense of what is right and wrong. Sounds like you have, too. If it were the Sox pulling a fast one on the Yankees like this, YOU would be the first the scream foul. But then again, what else do you expect from the Yankees. As long as it is one of you doing the cheating, "it is just part of the game" or "everyone is doing it". You can't police morality... or brains.
  • that's messed up, im a bit surprised that the umps trusted this clown as much as not even asked to see the ball. as long as you getting rid of wise get rid of the ump as well.
  • I know everyone will jump on this but when a player obviously cheats (Jeter,Wise) for the sake of teaching our kids what honor & sportsmanship is all about the MLB should make them forfiet if the win.

  • If it were your team and your favorite player, you would have sid...way to play that one up!....
  • If it were my team I would feel the same way. Cheating is cheating - I would have been greatly disappointed in the player. It's so disappointing to see these "boys" acting like they were brought up without morales. My favorite player of all times is Cal Ripkin and i'll bet my bottom dollar that Cal never did anything that could be considered cheating. Great players don't have to cheat -- their talent makes them a winner. Wise is a loser in every way - they may have won the game but they lost their integrity -- the Yankees should apologize to baseball fans everywhere and should fine Wise (or better yet, give him an empty pay envelope)
  • You can give LeBron his pair of glasses back. He's lost without them
  • This call should have been reviewed on the vedio, and then the right call. But Wise also is to blame, great roll model for all our kid's. This not a magic show fooling his fan's, I'm very disapointed with Wise, his real calling is what some have called him a Clown.
  • Par for the course for the Yanks. Right up there with A Roid yelling " I got It" on a pop fly to an opposing infielder.
    Too bad, even after A Roid finally admitted he was juicing, they still count his "record tying"grand slam.
  • Another example of what this whole country is coming to, or already there! If the players think there is any chance that they can cheat to win that exactly what they will do. Dwayne Wise, Joe Girardi, and the rest of the yankees organization have no integrity whatsoever! MLB and that moron umpire should be fined and/or suspended for cheating! Another thing is that the umpires have entirely too much power!! The player that got cheated was trying to argue his case saying that Wise did not catch the ball and the umpire not liking his authority being questioned throws him out of the game, really!!!
  • I'm a Yankees fan since I can remember. Wise cheated. He was responsible for bringing to the umpire's attention that he in fact, did NOT have the ball in his glove. Instead, he returned to the dugout, knowing the play was miscalled. What else do you call what he did? Misjudgement? It's a game and he knowingly did not play by the rules. He is a cheater. But, the thing is... he is the one that has to live with the shame that his behavior bears.
  • Just another case for instant replay. The game has never been 'fair'. Interferance by a fan that cost the Red Sox a playoff game, steroids openly used. What about players that lean into pitches? Isn't the ultimate non-sportsman like conduct stealing basis? It's all part of the game. GO YANKEES!!!Don't blame the players for following the rules. There are no rules that say you have to be honest or fair. It's the umpires mistake and I'm sure he will remember this less than 200 hitter when it's payback time. There were other umpires on the field but god forbid they should 'correct' one of their own. 'Don't blame the player - blame the rules'.
  • "No rules that say you have to be honest or fair"? Are you kidding? what about morality? What about decency? Because you make a zillion dollars for playing a kids game doesn't mean you can cheat -- and yes, he knowingly cheated. For the first moment he probably thought he caught the ball but when he realized he didn't, he purposely make it appear as though he had. That's dishonest and, yes, there are "rules" about honesty and fair play. They don't have to be written down. Normal people just do it because it's the right thing to do. When I was growing up we used to say "cheaters never prosper" -- another decent "rule" of society gone down the drain.
  • LOL,he only did what every team does,take advantage of mistakes.In this case the umps mistake.
  • I disagree. He purposely deceived the umpire by pretending to have the ball and then running to the dugout.

    If you hire someone to fix your plumbing and then find out they stole all your furniture while you weren't looking, would you consider that to be YOUR mistake?
  • Obviously you didn't watch the entire game, you just watched the edited clip. The umpire made the call before he even got to the stands. Wise was still laying on his back, down on the ground. It's not up to the player to make calls of whats in and whats out. That's why you have umpires. For that fact they might as well call their own balls and strikes because it seems the umps have a hard time calling them too!!!!
  • This is typical of the "Yankee Haters" out there. I'm a Red Sox fan but to call Wise a cheater is stretching is a bit far. How many times have you seen an umpire blow a call? How many times do you witness after a replay that the shortstop never touches the bag when turning a double play? I guess all middle infielders on every MLB team are cheaters as well. That was totally on the umpire. Every outfielder that dives for a ball in front of them are at risk of "trapping" some make the catch and the umpires miss it. Some actually do trap the ball and get the benefit of the doubt. Don't start bashing Mr. Wise because the umpire didn't ask to see the ball. If Dewayne Wise made that "catch" playing for your team, I think your comments would be slanted the other way. Get over it!
  • A short stop doesn't always have to touch second base trying to turn a double play. There is an exception to that rule.
  • better check that rule book your wrong you do have to touch the bag not touching it is called a ghost tag and a ump can call a runner safe
  • Unless a player is trying to avoid being taken out by another player sliding intentionally in his direction to break up the double play. That call falls to the ump.
  • like i said better check that again YOU HAVE TO TAG THE BAG your just going by what you were told in little league.
  • The ump can call it an out if a player is close enough to tag the base, but doesn't, while trying to avoid a sliding player, who is intentionally trying to break up a double play by sliding at the infielder and not at the base.
  • if they leave the base line to slide into the ss or 2b it is a automatic out . read the book stop looking it up online
  • I'm a Yankees fan since I can remember. Wise cheated. He was responsible for bringing to the umpire's attention that he in fact, did NOT have the ball in his glove. Instead, he returned to the dugout, knowing the play was miscalled. What else do you call what he did? Misjudgement? It's a game and he knowingly did not play by the rules. He is a cheater. But, the thing is... he is the one that has to live with the shame that his behavior bears.
  • I'm sure you came to this site from AOL and Huff-Post. Go back there and vent your stupid views. Wise did nothing to deceive the umpire. It is all on the umpires failure to ask to see the ball. I'll bet you turn in every penny you find on the street. NO? That would be stealing and you should be put in jail!!! See how stupid that sounds?? You sound the same. Go "hate" somewhere else.
  • tarheel, well said. I can't believe the comments here. There was absolutely no attempt to deceive the umpire. Wise never said to the ump that he caught it. All he did was get helped up and the umpire called the batter out. He got out of the stands and jogged into the dugout...AFTER THE CALL. For all the self righteous morons that called for lifetime bans and other penalties, get a life. Geez, some of you people need to go get a job and stay off the internet looking for places to vent your anger!!!!
  • 81 games at home with the shortest left porch in the majors, intentionally built that way, so they can load up on left hand and switch hitters to pad their stats and wins vs. losses and fool themselves into believing they're a great team. Sad really.
  • The headline makes you think that the Wise faked catching the ball, but the story simply says that the umpire THOUGHT he caught it. Wise running back into the game "clutching his glove" isn't an indication of his consciously doing anything illegal either. People can interpret all of this as they wish, according to where their loyalties or perception lie.
  • See below
  • The umpire's fault for not checking the glove-- little league move.
  • how does accusing him of cheating make people "yankee haters"?? he didnt catch it, he didnt tell the ump when the ump called the batter out....cheating, lying its all the same.
  • I love all you who think this is the only time and the only team that has ever worked an umpire to get a call. Wake up you morons. It happens every day, in every sport and every team. I would love to see what your comments would be if it were a player on your favorite team. How many times in your own life have you ever stretched the truth to get the outcome you wanted? I would say 100% of you.
  • they should say "us" to include yourself
  • Obviously, Dewayne Wise did not intend to cheat but as I see it missed the opportunity to show true sportsmanship, honesty and courage. Unfortunatly, he put his and the teams best interests above the game's.... hink of the positive feedback he would have got if he was mature enough to correct the call !!!
  • It doesn't matter what team you root for or what teams ya hate. What it does come down to is common sense. The umps call the game. It was the ump's responsibility to check the glove for a clean catch. Plain & simple. Wise took the "don't ask / don't tell" approach. Had he not, his team mates would have been all over him. It's just part of the game that IS called by the umpires.
  • Nick.
    He intentionally faked out the ump. The ump made a crappy call and if they fine these bozos when they make an obvious blown call and their egoes refuse to make them change it to the correct call, like when a player beats out a throw and they know they got it wrong, (not in this case but) there will be less blown calls. More close games are decided by bad calls these days it seems.
  • Never have liked the Yankee's now I know why.
  • To all of you saying that the "Yankees are cheaters" and "they should replay the game": If you think this is bad in baseball, you should watch other sports. Players/teams do whatever they can to get ahead all of the time. It's just not as rampant in baseball.
  • Man,a lot of Yankee haters here..hate away,don't blame the player blame the ump for making the wrong the way they do make bad calls just about every game..Yankees certainly don't need to cheat just look at their record..GO YANKEES!!!
  • Who cares? Baseball is so slow and boring-you may as well watch the outfield grass grow.
  • then why are you here reading all of this and posting comments.
  • The Yankees have a short porch in right, but the Red Sox have an easy home run and double in left.I've been to Fenway ,it looks like a little league park,and yes it is the umpires call, just like the strike zone being 4 feet wide in some games.
  • Whatever respect and dignity I had for the New York Yankees is all gone. I will never support anything that has to do with the Yankees. It's obvious that they are desperate for a CHAMPIONSHIP and they will do anything to win it all. They SUCK!!
  • So what's new!! What do you expect these are the Yankees. How many times in his career has Jeeter faked being hit on the hands and gotten away with it!
  • So the Professional Baseball Player cheated, just so he could look good and so his team could win. Way to go, fella, you're really teaching the kids how to play fairly and win on skill....NOT. The guy should be benched for the rest of the season, as well as fined at least $50,000 for what he did.
  • I concur with the Red Sox fan. I am part of that nation. I am also an umpire and agree the blame is totally with the umpire. When an umpire is in any possible doubt as to whether a ball is caught ( and there is a strict definition )then the umpire should demand that the player show him the ball. This can happen in a tag play such as a home.
  • Hey idiots- He didn't fake anything. The ump made the call. Too bad. No player, EVER, has contradicted an umps call. EVER!!!!! He didn't even try to say he caught it. He just climbed out of the stands and saw the ump call it an out. All you Yankee haters can go scratch!!!!
  • @YANKSNUMBERONE; Those who are blaming the player are 100% correct to do so -- because HE is the one who blatantly and willfully cheated. Congratulations on teaching your kids that it's ok to cheat as long as they don't get caught.
    Oh, and don't try to complain when someone on another team cheats just so the team can win a game.
  • Shouldn't YOU be teaching your kids how to be a decent human being and NOT some person on a baseball team that you and your kids will more than likely never even have any interaction with? Sounds like the blame is on your shoulders for you kids cheating, not the players.
  • "Show me the Ball" is one of the first and most basic rules for an umpire - he should be immedeitley and sternly reprimanded... he blew it and yes the player has some integrity issues but.... the Ump is the problem.
  • First of all did any of you idiots even watch the game ? I was there !!! 2 rows behind where it happened !!! He never did anything wrong & obviously the umps thought he caught the ball, but the gentleman that picked the ball up held it in the air before he even stood up !!! the YANKEES did nothing wrong, the UMPS should have over turned the call to a foul ball but did not !!! So what did he actually do to cheat ? the ump called the guy out before he stood up with the ball !!!!!
  • The Umpires should be fired for their stupidity, and where is the integretiy of the game these days??? We have to deal with drugs, alcohol, and steroids, now it's cheating. After reading all about it WHO is really to blame here? Once a mistake is so obvious, during or after the game, Ump change your ruling, and play the game over if need be. Who make the Unpires God anyway??
  • To the people talking about role models, no-one ever said that you need to be a role model just because your an athlete, IF YOUR SO CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN HAVING GOOD ROLE MODELS THAN MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE GOOD PARENTS AND LET THEM TAKE AFTER YOU? Stop being jealous that your teams will never have the amount of money or wins that the Yankees franchise has, and find something better to put your time and energy into.
  • are the skankees that bad,that they have to resort to cheating to win a game?
  • This sets a sorry example for our younger athletes at the high school and college level. Cheating brings victory? I think not. That is why more pressure is put on the secondary and college level sports programs to win any way they can. It has become a business, not a love of the game.
  • This is PUSHING THE ENVELOPE...but the responsibility is on the ump to SEE THE BALL!!! That's why players always take it out of their gloves and show it to the ump. The player pushed the envelope of fair play...but it's like flopping in basketball/soceer, if the ref/ump falls for it, it's ultimately on him.
  • The Yankees have been cheating at baseball forever. The penalty is barely a slap on the wrist, so they don't care. I lmao when they lose to a team with a sub $50 million payroll.
  • Yankees are a bunch of overpaid skumbags!
  • all athletes are overpaid just look at pooholes i'm from st. louis and all he said was it aint about the money but it was. then he said the cards didnt try to keep him they tried every off season to sign him and he said no the angels are morons for signing him until hes 42 he will retire by 38
  • Let's say there's ACTIVE cheating and PASSIVE "cheating". You rob a bank, that's ACTIVE...someone gives you too much change and you DON'T CORRECT THEM, that's on them...but you did PASSIVELY ACCEPT what wasn't yours.
  • has any body noticed that there are more players from other countries than americans playing pro ball now what happen to the american past time now its the cuban past time it aint right
  • I think this is very, very funny. All those who say that the Yankees are teaching kid to cheat,are, themselves, off base. We see things like this in all sports, the receiver trying to get another inch or two on a down, basketball players faking injuries, all kinds of things. It's because this was a Yankee who did this that there is such an uproar. I still say, this is funny. I do not see it as cheating to win, just an opportunity, and shame on the umpire, where were his eyes on this play?
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Word to the (Dewayne) Wise: You are in danger of breaking the Yankee Code of Conduct

There are certain things that players must never do in order to uphold and maintain the clear moral superiority that comes with playing for the fabled New York Yankees.1. Grow facial hair.2. Take steroids.3. Mass murder.4. Wife-swapping. (Banned since 1967)5. Operate dog-fighting rings.6. Lie.Last night, outfielder Dewayne Wise clearly broke one of those rules. He pretended to...

Umpire blows call on Wise dropped ball

Well, it appears that New York Yankees outfielder, Dewayne Wise, has broken onto the scene as one of the best actors of all time. He’s up there with Robert De Nero, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and Marlon Brando. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of him diving into the stands while trying to catch [...]

Wise Guy: Ump's Blown Call Makes Dewayne Look Like A Hero

Okay, we all saw what happened. The umpire blew the call and Dewayne Wise was credited with an out, on the way to the Yankees 6-4 win over the Indians last night. Minutes after the call was made, the cries for expanded replay could be heard from all who witnessed the play, the loudest probably coming from the Indians announcers.Expanded replay. There wouldn't be this outcry for...

Dewayne Wise makes phantom catch, umpire buys it

Just watch this whole minute and then give me a word to describe the call made by umpire Mike Dimuro.  Yankees left fielder Dewayne Wise made an athletic attempt jumping into the stands to catch a ball hit by Indians third baseman Jack Hannahan. Hannahan was actually ejected by Dimuro for arguing the call.  The Yankees won the game 6-4,

Little Leaguer winds up with Wise ball

New York Yankees outfielder Dewayne Wise's fake catch became a lesson in fair play for a 7-year-old fan who went home with the ball. Little Leaguer Ben Pikor found himself at the center of a Big League storm after he went home with the baseball that was supposed to be in Wise's glove. After two adults at Tuesday night's Yankees game, won 6-4 by the Bombers, tried to...

Dewayne Wise Should Have Admitted Muffed Catch and Found Better Way to Cheat at Baseball

Baseball is as much a sport of gamesmanship and guile as it is skill and ability, but the sport has long had a line between plucky strategy and just plain cheating. Dewayne Wise crossed that line Tuesday night. Wise, a journeyman who plays for the Yankees about as often as the bench coach, was in left field when a foul ball from Indians third baseman Jack Hannahan looped toward the...

Dewayne Wise gets credit for catch without a ball in his glove (Video)

Third base umpire Mike DiMuro credited New York Yankees left fielder Dewayne Wise with making a catch after leaping into the left field stands in foul territory even though Wise came out of the stands without a baseball in his glove. Your browser does not support iframes. It happened in the top of the seventh inning as Cleveland Indians batter Jack Hannahan hit the ball towards...

19 P*ssed Off Tweets For Mike DiMuro’s Ridiculous Dewayne Wise Catch Call

Umpire Mike DiMuro has to be the biggest waste of MLB umpire flesh, right? By now you know what happened in last night’s Yankees-Indians game. Yankees outfielder Dewayne Wise goes into the left field stands to catch a foul ball & clearly doesn’t make the catch.  Replay shows a fan in the vicinity bend over, pick up the ball and hold it up over his head. Does DiMuro ask...

Yankees Dewayne Wise incredible no catch

New York Yankees Dewayne Wise appears to make an incredible leaping catch into the left-field stands on Jack Hannahan's foul ball.  A closer look at the replay shows Wise never made the catch.   The Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians 6-4.

Dewayne Wise Deserves An Emmy

Best acting job by an athlete...ever.

Umps blow call on Yankees catch but did fan put ball in fielder's glove?

Derek Jeter was celebrating his 38th birthday but it was left fielder Dewayne Wise who might have gotten the best gift of all last night after the New York Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians, 6-4, in the Bronx. Wise dove into the leftfield stands for a fly ball hit by the Indians' Jack Hannahan with a man on third during the seventh inning.  The umpires ruled a catch on the...

Yankeetorial: I'm getting tired of Andruw Jones

I hate to say this, because last year he blossomed into a pleasant surprise, and I came to like that goofy, yolta-dolta, "gee-wilikers-Mr.-Wizard!" smile. He seems to be liked, a decent human being, a calming presence, a salty old vet. Several winters ago, I wrote a series of compelling and emotionally draining posts - often compared to Spencer Tracy's arguments...

Dewayne Wise Made an Awesome Catch (No He Didn’t!)

And we wonder why people hate the Yankees.

BP Unfiltered: Today in Entirely Speculative Out Calls by Ben Lindbergh

Everyone cuts corners. Yeah, if you don't do the reading for class, you probably won't get called on. Sure, that stadium is probably up to code. And that left fielder who fell into the stands? He probably held on to the ball. It's always easier not to do an inspection. Most of the time, cutting corners doesn't come back to bite you. When it does, it can be embarrassing...

Umpire admits mistake on Hannahan foul ball

In the seventh inning of last night’s game, Tribe third baseman Jack Hannahan hit a foul ball into the seats on the third base side. Yankees left fielder Dewayne Wise leaped into the stands and got leather on the ball, but did not make the catch. That didn’t stop umpire Mike DiMuro from calling it a catch however. Hannahan would be tossed later in the game for arguing the call...
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Yardbarker is the largest network of sports blogs and pro athlete blogs on the web. This site is the hub of the Yardbarker Network, where our editors and algorithms curate the best sports content from our network and beyond.