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  • He is proud to srve, just cannot hit the high note. Kudos to him.
  • serve
  • I was at this game and we gave him a standing ovation.He did an awesome job on God Bless America and to start the game he sang the National Anthem.They should have showed the entire video where he completed the song.This should not have become a story.
  • i was not at the game but i did listen to it,he sounded great,just sounded like he very emotional at the end,that is a very emtional song he did great.
  • Thank you for setting the record straight. I wasn't there, but somehow it doesn't surprise me that MSN would focus on a serviceman's weakness and not the strength of his overall performance and that possibly even though it wasn't 'perfect' was deeply inspirational? This should have been the story.
  • Hey moron, you realize that Yardbarker is through FOXsports right? You know, FOX, the ones that LOVE America. What an idiot.
  • That's yardbarker WITH foxsports.com ON msn! Takes one to know one.
  • Yeah, I think you missed the point.
  • It's not about "Yardbarker"........... and Thankyou ncradar for the enlightment on about what really happened!
  • This is my good friend Mark and he had just finished with an upper respiratory infection. By the way did you hear him sing the National Anthem? It was perfect. He has had several tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and is a wonderful father of two grown children. His son is also in the military and his son-in-law is currently serving in Afghanistan.
  • Mark needs to practice more. Ask your friend what airfield he served on during his deployment. WOW what a hard time he must have had. All the food and movie must have been hard to get through those 6 weeks those girls do on there deploymnet rotations.
  • I hope "usmcvet" is not US Marine Corps. Your comment is a disgrace to any US service man or women, regardless of the branch. Absolutely disgusting!! And, yes, I am a proud US Marine Corps veteran.
  • usmcvet - you are a complete and utter f-ed up asshole. Go crawl back under your rock you maggot.
  • Please do not comment on something you have not experienced. My experience including getting so confused about what day it was, that we would have to get several people together to figure it out. You work hard enough, you sometimes forget and just work.
  • I'm also a veteran of the USAF and proud to be a "Brother Airman" of his!!
  • How many times have your ears rang when a danger close HE round went off. I have seen airmen in action sitting on there asses. "Brother Airman" means you also sit when you pee.
  • Yo, d*ckweed (usmcvet) I retired 2 years ago after serving in USAF for 25 years, and yes, I deployed to Iraq twice, both times coming under enemy attack. My cousin (15 year USAF veteran) was killed by an enemy IED last year in Afghanistan working EOD on a Marine convoy. So before you continue to insult the USAF I suggest you check your facts on how many USAF personnel are filling posts with the Army & Marines in the war zone and STFU!!
    As for this rendition of God Bless America, great job Mark!
  • Please tell Mark that many more people are giving him a high five for his performance than the other way around! And it's a shame that the media chose to focus on the end note and not the entire performance. If he did have a RI and was hitting a high note in a very emotional song, then I challenge anyone to have done it better under the same circumstances. I applaud him and his beautiful voice!!
  • It happens. I can't sing and it would happen to me if I tried to hit that note. My inner twelve year old voice cracking would show up every time. Not to mention he's probably not calm and cool singing in the shower. I imagine his breathing was effected by nerves. Good voice, but yeah, ouch on the last note.
  • It sounded beautiful to me! Good for him! So, his voice cracked on the last high note! Wish I could sing like that! Great job and thank you for your service to our country!
  • What songs are more difficult to sing? This one and the National Anthem are known down to each note. Miss one note and everyone the place knows it. Sure would make me nervous.
  • what a sad joke the media is. they are parasites living off people with talent that occasionally have a blip and they make abig thing over it unless it's their favorite politician.they make mistakes reporting what has already happened.
  • Feel bad for him; great voice just hit a bad note.
  • I agree with nana96, it truly sounds like he was choked up at the end. Kinda got to me because I can only imagine what thoughts were going through his head, after he fought to prove "God Bless America
  • The Airman in the video did not fight ever. He is in the "Band" he most likely could not field strip even a basic m-16, let alone a crew served weapone. Give credit where it is do. This a-holes job is to perform, and he did not do so very well is end game blow.
  • hey you (I don;t even want to type your screenname... it insults real vets) I'm gonna bet you didn't serve. Real Vets don't go out of their way to make little comments like you do. We may give each other **** in person, but we don't lack the self-confidence that would cause attacks like this. I can't even think of a scenario where you would have any real time in the military. You did get a bunch of people riled up, so cudos for that, I guess.
  • I wasn't there. Someone posted that in the beginning he did our National Anthem beautifully. That is one of the most difficult songs to sing. I listened to the video and heard a beautiful voice singing God Bless America. Here is a man in uniform, very obviously an active duty member of our best & finest. Considering the history of the last 10 years I am sure that he has been places most of us have only read about and what we read wasn't necessarily good. The missing of a high note at the end of a patriotic song hardly seems like anything to make a news item out of. When Steven Tyler desecrated the National Anthem there was hardly a peep! I will defend this mans efforts forever. I am so PROUD of AMERICA and very PROUD of this man. God Bless him and all of our troops! I thank you all, past and present for your service.
  • God Bless "Him".......it was a wonderful rendition and "NOTHING" was wrong with his singing job!!
  • Whos inivisible god is going to bless him yours, mine, budda, ahla. Fear is your only god!
  • Maybe you mean the christian God who ordered the killing of innocent men women and children in you book of fiction which targets the fears of the weak>
  • I too was at the game and the final note was a non factor. The crowd was singing along, and filled the gap for him. Dude sang beautifully and looked so crisp in his uniform on what was a hot sticky 2.5 hour rain delayed night. I was proud of him and the crowd for such a classy reaction to what was probably his worst nightmare.
  • WHO ARE YOU USMCVET sounds like one of the A-holes. I would bet you wouldn't have the courage to do what he did
  • huh
  • Huh, the Christian God of the Original translation (still being perfectly preserved in this day) or one of the many man made rewrites.gotta be more specific. To many translations these days,to many ignorant people...but this is about missing a note in a song so??? GOD BLESS AMERICA! (With the true God of the living word)written about in your constitution by our forefathers... Thanks for your service 'usmcvet' (can only assume)
  • Usmcvet, I HIGHLY doubt you’ve ever made it over here to Afghanistan or Iraq. USMC vet, ha. Probably could not finish boot camp. Why don’t you just go about your sh***y little life and “talk” your war stories BS to some other poser!
  • Personally I think that he showed great courage just by singing with all those people there (not in a shower). That shows courage and strength NOT fear...Negativity is not cool, be more positive brother.
  • usmcvet, I HIGHLY dought you ever made over here to Afghanistan or Iraq.USMC vet, ha. Why don't you just go on with your crappy little life and "talk" your BS war stories to some other poser.
  • Awesome voice!!!!!!!! It happens, so what.
  • Mark, He's A Secrity Policeman and he has more experince with weapons than you! He's A great guy to have on our side.
  • mark is a Secrity Policeman, and he has more experance with weapons than you. If there is a fire fight, I want him with me not a blowhard like you! (usncvet)
  • first of all bravo zulu to mark, and thanks for your service...now for the rest of ya'll....dont beast up on the usmcvet guy that was bad mouthing, id challenge him to a sing off, besides we members of the military before now and after and in the future....fought to allow his to his free speech.....im sure he slept better that night by degrading someone in public.....
  • after i re-read usmcvet's post over and over, omg, you really have some anger issues, perhaps a trip to the local VA Hospital might help you, It seems that you can't stay focused just on the song issue you had to go to religion, Perhaps you should sit back and take stock of your own life as just as others before you that have passed on....so too will you one day...and hopefully not with all that anger......roll tide roll

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Devon Still's daughter has complications with transplant

$70M Reebok deal is bad for UFC fighters

If the Warriors win the title, the parade will be for Oakland

Peterson is wrong (sorta): NFL players have great power

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