Found May 11, 2012 on Nationals Enquirer:
PLAYERS: Bryce Harper

From The Nats Enquirer:

That's not eyeblack: Bryce Harper had blood dripping down his face in the 8th inning of Friday night's Nats-Reds game after being cut above his left eye. So what the heck happened?

As the Washington Times' Amanda Comak explained, Harper smashed a bat against a wall after making an out. Manager Davey Johnson said the bat came back and hit Harper in the face.

Harper needed 10 stitches to close the cut, and he could miss a few games, according to Johnson. 

"I'm fine," said Harper, who added that he doesn't want to miss any time.

The Washington Post's Adam Kilgore described the scene after the game, saying Harper had a golf ball-sized lump over his eye, and clumps of blood in his hair.

Harper had suffered through his worst night with the Nats on Friday. He went 0-for-5 with three strikeouts while leaving five on base. To add insult to injury, Davey Johnson benched Harper in favor of Xavier Nady as a defensive replacement in the 9th inning.


Also from The Nats Enquirer

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Screenshot via MASN TV

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  • Another example of childish, spoiled rotten little crybabies making millions while good hard working people lose everything. Lets all boycott professional sports until their salaries are less than surgeons that save peoples lives everyday. It kind of sickens me to be an American in todays America. Pride, Dignity, Honor have left our country, lets bring them back before it is too late.
  • Another example of a spoiled rotten little crybaby. We should boycott pro sports until these childish idiots make less money than surgeons that save lives everyday. Pride, Honor, Dignity have left America and it is well past time we regain these lost virtues.
  • @nyochre: I agree. Pride, dignity, honor, trust, common sense, etc. has gone downhill since the ignorant masses elected the current "me, me, me, me" President who sets the example by pointing fingers at everything the goes wrong and takes credit for the good done by others. Hopefully the ship will be righted in November and he can go back to his criminal friends in Chicago.
  • You see enemies everywhere. Even in articles about baseball. Hope you feel better one day.
  • You really think it's because of the current clown in office and someone new will restore these things? Keep dreaming. We've been headed this way for decades. As for baseball which this story is about, just another spoiled brat. Talk to me in a few years about how good he is. Right now, he's a childish rookie.
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  • Watch out for this guy. I think we have an Albert Belle here...
  • welcome to the big leagues. Now let's see if you can last one season - not off to a great start this way, dummy...
  • Why all of the sanctimonious remarks about Harper? Players kicking over a water cooler and slamming a bat against the wall are not new, they show a huge commitment to succeed and non-acceptance of mediocrity.

    The biggest problem is when a new player emerges and is doing well we lionize him and dub him a superstar (remember the NY Knicks guard?) and then when things get back to normal, we rebuke him. He is barely out of school and is still maturing. A non-story that is eaten up by the media.
  • Finally as reasoned response, probably not many of you "posters" are athletes or have ever been an athlete. The will to win and the pure frustration at failure can sometimes lead to this type of behavior. I'm not saying it is right, but what would you say if he hadn't done it and been interviewed and had come off with a "who cares" attitude? You would be on him just as hard. Look to your own work, life and situations before you pass judgement.
  • Thinking about the line from Bull Durham: "Million Dollar Talent - Five Cent Head!" Team mates should start calling him Meat!
  • @nyochre....Really? I mean Really? This is the Presidnt's fault? It has nothing to do with the way our kids are being taught to carry on vias their XBoxes and Play Stations, where celebrations and childish behavior is celebrated?

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 Harper literally added injury to insult on Friday The 19-year old had a night to forget in his first appearance in the Queen City on Friday. His 0-5 showing with three strikeouts led him to lash out in frustration and consequently harm himself. After his fourth at-bat he went down in the tunnel and attempted to take out his anger on an unsuspecting wall with his bat....

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Well, it's a good thing Bryce Harper got his frustrations out on Friday night. Harper suffered through another tough night at the plate on Saturday (0-4, 1K, 5 LOB), capped off by a three pitch strikeout to Aroldis Chapman (99 MPH foul, 87 MPH foul, 100 MPH whiff). (Screengrabs via MASN/MLB.TV) Befriend the Nats Enquirer on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Harper already getting compared to The Greats

CINCINNATI Brandon Phillips, The Tsar of Twitter, tweeted this to his constituents Friday morning: "We play Babe Ruth and the Washington Nationals this weekend. He was not referring to Rick Ankiel or Adam LaRoche or even Ryan Zimmerman. He was, of course, referring to 19-year-old rookie Bryce Harper baseball's newest cover boy. Phillips' tweet was not disparaging...

When Is Plunking Bryce Harper Justified?

So here’s what we know: 1) Bryce Harper, a phenomenally talented 19 year old who also occasionally does annoying things, got plunked by Cole Hamels on May 6. 2) Cole Hamels admitted doing it on purpose, “to continue the old baseball… that old-school prestigious way of baseball.” In the week since Hamels hit Harper, jawing between the two teams has given way to a wider discussion...

On the Beat: Harping on Harper by John Perrotto

When Bryce Harper stepped into the batter's box for his first major-league plate appearance April 28 at Dodger Stadium, the usually laid-back LA crowed booed the Nationals rookie outfielder lustily. Talk about your reputation preceding you. By now, everyone had heard about Harper's reputation going back to his high school days in Las Vegas. Those were just three years...

Cole Hamels vs. Bryce Harper/ MLB Managers Rant

PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON TO LISTEN! IT'S ONLY TEN MINUTES! The reign of T- Money continues and again I want to thank you for taking your precious time to listen to my thoughts. I have made the show more accessible to you by limiting the podcast to ten minutes or less. If you like what you hear the only thing I ask is for you to continue to spread the word to your friends...

Nats win; Harper gets cut in tantrum

Mike Leake is still winless, and that's becoming a worry. Roger Bernadina and Danny Espinosa each hit a two-run homer off Leake on Friday night, setting off one of Washington's biggest scoring splurges of the season and a 7-3 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. The slow-starting Nationals had scored only three runs in the first inning all season. They had that many before...

Call to the Bullpen Podcast: Hamilton Heroics & Hamels Meets Harper

Corey and I agree, it’s our best episode yet. Lots of stuff to talk about this week: Josh Hamilton makes history Where Hamilton’s game stacks up next to other great performances Pat rips Cole Hamels for his faux toughness Bryce Harper steals home The Nationals are for real The Blue Jays sign Vlad Guerrero Adam Dunn’s renaissance Josh Beckett being booed out of Boston Mariano...

The Nickname Crisis In Our Nation's Capital

I blogged about this when Stephen Strasburg made his debut, but with 19-year-old Bryce Harper now seemingly in a Nationals uniform to stay the situation has become intolerable. Washington has two of the most exciting, talented, compulsively watchable young players in their lineup that the grand old game has had grace its fields in a long time... ...and neither one of them has...
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