Found August 20, 2012 on Fox Sports Ohio:
The Indians must suspend Chris Perez. He earned it. He earned it by representing the Indians the team, the organization and its fans in a classless, boorish way with that discussion with the fan in Oakland. (For those that missed the news, Perez was caught on camera over the weekend in Oakland engaging in a pregame argument with an A's fan, directing a series of expletives toward the fan before asking that the fan be removed and walking away.) Perez needs to hear the team's message, loud and clear. What he did was vile and crude. The Indians should never want a player representing them on the field, in uniform, the way Perez did. Suspend him. This does not exonerate the fan, who clearly wanted to annoy and harass Perez into just what happened. Fans taunt endlessly these days, and they get away with it. The fan may have been relentlessly obnoxious prior to the video. He's may be at home today, celebrating his little victory. Let him live in his small world; Perez can stay out of it. Problem is Perez gave this oaf what he wanted: Attention. Let's also not pretend it's the first time something like this happened. Fans taunt players into this kind of thing way too often, as if the price of a ticket gives someone license to be a loudmouth bully. What the fan did matters, but it doesn't excuse. The Oakland A's organization can handle that guy, and if he crossed any lines the team should handle it. The Indians can handle Perez. The fan does not play for the Indians, does not represent the team and its fans. Perez does, and he let them all down. He may have had his reasons for his angry response, and the reasons may be convincing, but his behavior was wrong. Perez has to walk away. He didn't. It was caught on film, and it's embarrassing to the Indians. Suspend him simply for not acting the way a professional should act. That's the first issue. The second is the way Perez addressed the fan, which should cause the Indians some concern about his long-term future with the team. That is because he made the most me-oriented statements imaginable. In response to being heckled, Perez asked: What's my salary? He pointed out he was an All-Star. He said he had more saves than the entire Oakland A's team. Wonderful. In response to a fan, Perez talks about how great he is. This is logical? It almost seems like one of those moments when a person is cornered and then reveals what they are about. Perez in the past has come across as a team guy, a guy who criticized the Indians fans for not buying tickets because he cared about the team. He seemed, briefly, to galvanize the team. Now the team is losing and he pulls out the what's my salary card? As if the holy dollar is what matters, as if the fact he makes more money than the fan makes him better. Maybe it does matter, to him. This is a really shocking response. If that's what it's about to Perez, maybe the Indians need to discuss his future with them. Maybe he revealed himself for what he truly is. Perez has been such a cooperative, stand-up guy that you want to not believe it, but it sure comes across that way in this situation. It might be a good idea for the Indians to remind Perez of the only man whose jersey number has been retired by Major League Baseball: Jackie Robinson. As the first African-American in baseball, Robinson put up with more and heard more than Perez will ever dream of. He handled it with grace and silence. The same is no doubt true of former Indian Larry Doby, the first African-American in the American League. Their silence was infinitely louder than the garbage that came out of Perez's mouth. Perez embarrassed Robinson's memory, all of baseball, the Indians, its fans and the city. He needs to hear a message, and the team needs to send it. Suspend him.

Indians closer mixes it up with fan

Deadspin posted this video today of Indians closer Chris Perez arguing with a fan in Oakland. Perez swore at the fan who was heckling him, and his best comebacks were "I have more saves than your entire team!" and "I was an All-Star again this year!", while the fan's major comeback was "LOOK AT THE STANDINGS!" which is pretty much a complete killer...

Chris Perez says fan he cussed out has been harassing him for years (Video)

Indians closer Chris Perez is one of the more emotional players in baseball, and we saw yet another unique example of that on Monday before Cleveland’s game in Oakland. During warmups, Perez walked over to the stands and got into it with an A’s fan. Players are typically advised not to engage in this sort of behavior since it gives the fan exactly what he or she wants, but according...

Indians closer Chris Perez curses out Athetics fan for heckling him (Video)

Cleveland Indians All-Star closer Chris Perez cursed out an Oakland A's fan after being heckled during pregame warmups before Sunday's MLB game at Coliseum. Perez came over to the right field stands as the heckling fan came down to the front row to say "Here I am." The fan appeared to tell off two Indians players while Perez took the bait and threw a...

Indians Perez doesn't regret incident with A's fan

Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez says he won't apologize after being caught on camera in a profanity-laced verbal exchange with a taunting Oakland A's fan. ''I don't regret it,'' Perez said before Monday's game with Seattle of the incident that took place the day before. ''Looking back it's not the best thing to be on the Internet...

BP Unfiltered: Fact-Checking the Chris Perez Profanity-Laced Tirade by Ben Lindbergh

Before Sunday's game, Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez took a break from shagging flies, ambled over to the right-field foul line, and cursed out an A's fan. You'd think Perez would've known that players rarely come out ahead in public player-fan confrontations. Then again, this is only his fifth major-league season, so maybe he's still getting the hang of...

Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez gets into argument with Oakland fan (Video)

The last couple of months haven't been too kind to the Cleveland Indians who dropped from first place in the AL Central to the bottom of the division.  The team's lack of success has gotten to closer Chris Perez and it appears that it boiled over in Oakland over the weekend. Perez got into an argument with an Oakland fan in the stands and decided to kindly tell...

Indians' Perez: 'I don't regret' incident

Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez says he won't apologize after being caught on camera in a profanity-laced verbal exchange with a taunting Oakland A's fan. ''I don't regret it,'' Perez said before Monday's game with Seattle of the incident that took place the day before. ''Looking back it's not the best thing to be on the Internet...

The Chris Perez Fan Interaction Video is Very Entertaining

Yesterday, the video of Cleveland Indians’ closer Chris Perez interacting with an Oakland A’s fan went all over the internet. Perez is known as a hot head, but this is just awesome. The first rule of thumb is; 1) don’t listen to stupid fans yelling, 2) don’t go over to the stands and engage in fans, and 3) most importantly – don’t say “get your d$ck out of your mouth”...

Chris Perez doesn't regret incident with A's fan

SEATTLE (AP) -- Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez says he won't apologize after being caught on camera in a profanity-laced verbal exchange with a taunting Oakland A's fan. "I don't regret it," Perez said before Monday's game with Seattle of the incident that took place the day before. "Looking back it's not the best thing to be on the Internet...

Indians Closer Chris Perez Tells A’s Fan To Get D**k Out Of His Mouth

How does Chris Perez entertain himself now that the Indians season is a waste and he’s closing games just to keep his $4,500,000 salary rolling in? He gets in an f-bomb fight with an A’s fan – just because it seems fun. You know this kind of A’s fan. He shows up early for BP, finds a guy who’s likely to jab with him and then acts like a d-bag. Perez not only obliges A’s...

'Get Your D*ck out of Your Mouth': Indians Closer Chris Perez to Heckler

Tough guy closer for the Cleveland Indians Chris Perez (douchejuice #2) got into it with a fan (douchejuice #1) in Oakland. After dropping half a dozen f-bombs, Perez turned to the cliche what's my... Full story at Bob's Blitz ~

While We’re Waiting… Acta’s Job Security, Buckeye Pass Attack and Suspending Perez?

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at “The “window of contention” theme we took from the front office and propped up in these parts? It’s been more like one of those utility windows in your basement....

Does Chris Perez want to be Kenny Powers or just out of Cleveland?

Mullet-wearing, mouth-shooting, save-scrounging, former-razor-abandoning closer Chris Perez of our very own Cleveland Indians can be quite a character. If it's not his look on the mound (I personally loved the firebreathing, hair waiving, crazy persona he brings to the mound), it's his fired up personality after getting a save, the same on-field antics that certainly can...

Indian’s closer goes off on A’s fan

To say that the relationship between baseball players and their fans is temperamental would be an understatement. A pitcher has a bad couple starts or a batter goes through a slump and even the diehard fans can begin to start a ruckus.That being said, prior Sunday’s Cleveland Indian’s game versus the Oakland Athletics, the relationship between fan and player turned sour quick...

Chris Perez has no regrets about anything ever

And why would he? Being an All Star relief pitcher for a Cleveland Indians club that’s twelve and a half games back in the worst division in baseball means never having to say you’re sorry. Even when you respond to some heckling from an anonymous Oakland fan who points out your team’s place in the standings by saying that you “don’t give a ****” because you make a lot...
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