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Originally written on Bush League Chronicle  |  Last updated 1/15/13

Former MLB pitcher John Rocker, who has a reputation of creating controversy, might have just stirred up the proverbial pot once again.The 38-year old is now a political columnist for World News Daily, and he recently used the platform to express his views on gun control, which is a very sensitive topic in this country right now. Naturally, given his track record of ill-advised remarks, he wrote something which is likely to upset some folks.Mr. Obama wants to severely neuter the Second Amendment and disarm the law-abiding citizens of this nation, a similar act of tyrants throughout the 20th century such as Stalin, Mao and Hitler. Absolute certainties are a rare thing in this life, but one I think can be collectively agreed upon is the undeniable fact that the Holocaust would have never taken place had the Jewish citizenry of Hitler’s Germany had the right to bear arms and defended themselves with those arms.Wait, what? Is Rocker really suggesting the Holocaust could have been avoided if Jewish citizens had more firepower? I believe this is the case.This isn't the first time Rocker has voiced his opinion and came under fire for it.In a story published in a December 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated, Rocker made several questionable remarks regarding his hatred for New York City. Most of his remarks came across as racist, sexist, homophobic, and just generally offensive in nature.Rocker, who resides in Atlanta, broke into the major leagues with the Braves in 1998 as a hard-throwing reliever. He played in parts of four seasons with the Braves before being traded to the Indians during the middle of the year. Rocker was traded by the Indians to the Rangers a mere six months later. After one season with Texas, he later signed with Tampa Bay for the 2003 campaign.Marred by off-the-field issues, criticism from fans, and declining performance, Rocker was eventually released by Tampa Bay during June 2003. He took the 2004 season off to recover from shoulder surgery and tried to make a return to baseball in 2005. However, his comeback was short lived after being released by the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League in June 2005.

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  • John Rocker has a constitutionally protected right to say what he wants. That very Amendment is given its teeth by the 2nd Amendment which was part ofthe military amendments discussed at the time. Gut the 2nd Amendment and the 1st, followed by the 4th, the 5th and 6th amendments and the 8th will follow later.

    Adolph Hitler did remove firearms after he became Chancellor in 1932. He made a comment to the effect that others will follow in the footsteps of Nazi Germany to make a safer nation.

    The other despots took away weapons, rights, dissent etc to maintain control. Why is that so foreign sounding to us. John Rocker may be loud, proud, crude and rude but he has the right to say it because of the Bill of Rights.
  • Just created an account. This is the lamest website I've ever come across. Of course I've only been on about fifteen trillion websites, so perhaps there is one lamer. I seriously doubt it. Completely lame site.
  • I am not sure why the author of this article views John Rocker's comments as "controversial"? Perhaps, said author needs to "...hit the ‘ole history books…" and conduct some research before writing something "critical" about another person - in this case the misunderstood, but loud and proud, John Rocker.

    Streetlaw1 has it "covered" with his/her comments above, as Stalin did the same after WW II in all of the countries behind the Iron Curtain, as Hitler did in Germany before WW II. Therefore, Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. could not fight the communists because all of the citizens who owned weapons from after the war were identified and then sent to the Siberian “gulags”.

    So, there is NO controversy about Johnny Rocker’s comment(s), as he seems far more learned and historically aware, then the author who decided to stir-up the pot with this biased opinion, which consequently is just as protected by the 1st Amendment, as is John Rocker's - with the 2nd to support it.

    God Bless America... Jerz says so…
  • You folks that tout gun laws and Hitler, always get it wrong!
    "The 1938 German Weapons Act, the precursor of the current weapons law in Germany, superseded a 1928 law. As under the 1928 law, citizens were required to have a permit to carry a firearm and a separate permit to acquire a firearm. Furthermore, the law restricted ownership of firearms to "...persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can show a need for a (gun) permit." Under the new law, gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. Writes Prof. Bernard Harcourt of the University of Chicago, "The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition.” He actually loosened the gun laws in Germany, and only restricted guns from the Jewish peopl and Gypsies.
    Rocker has been proven to be nothing more than a failed athelete, a bigot, and now of course a shinging example of the redneck gun owners that give responsible gun owners a bad name.
  • Most of the rednecks that I know are responsible gun owners. Now, what group of people do you know that are responsible gun owners?
  • Mark_N_Atl:

    The Nazis took guns away from Jews & Gypsies, leaving them unable to defend themselves.

    Rocker has an important point. The Jews were defenseless victims until they started fighting back. It was too little too late. They fought back with guns smuggled in by the resistance.

    Look up the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. The Nazis where shocked when Jews put up fierce armed resistance. The Nazis didn't expect it. The Nazis had to dring in heavy artillery to battle the resistance.

    Now if every Jewish/Gypsy/Gay/Etc neighborhood or town throughout Europe had been armed, it could have severely delayed and diluted the Nazi plans, saving thousands of Jewish and other lives.

    Look at Isreal now. every citizen serves in the military, and everyone is armed. Their survival depends on it.
  • You obviously didn't think this through? In your post you admit Hitler took guns away from jews and Gypsies, isn't that what Rocker said? He might be contreversial, he's also correct. Penalizing law abiding people to correct the actions of criminals and mentally ill people is ridiculous. I don't think Adaam Lanza was a redneck? I don't think he was a law abiding gun owner either. Where is your indignation over the failed Fast and Furious gun conspiracy commited by the clown and chief and his AG Holder? You remember, the one where their actions got a Border Agent killed! The Prez and his lacky should be in a prison cell and have their names mentioned right along with Lanza's! Remember, Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people without the use of a gun. He used diesel fuel and fertilizer. Would a gun ban have stopped him?
  • Mark-N-Atl is correct about the history level as far as he took it. He did mention that only the Jews were required to be disarmed. Mark, what happened to the Jews? You might want to refresh your memory on the War with Japan. Yamato refused to invade the United States because so many of the families were armed, and he didn't want to have tofight the military and the civilians too. The present state of World affairs, does not preclude such an invasion. I, for one, want to be armed to protect myself and my fammily. I have n o problem with background checks, but why should goodpeople be denied their rights, because of a few nut cases? I am 72 years old and have oowned guns all my life. None of them have ever killed anybody. Background checks and early gun safety training would be a much better avenue to pursue. Like you, each of us are entitled to our opinion.
  • hes just another media blow hard wanting attention he couldnt play baseball and not good at what hes doing now (loser). theres nothing wrong with owning a gun but in this day you dont need a ak47 in your household.talk about the govermment telling you what you can and cant do the NRA is no better.gun shows do no background checks and sell guns to anyone .get a life i think you live up to your name(rocker) as off of it)
  • My family dates back to the 1600's here in America. Members have fought in every war since our coming here. We've had guns in our households all that time and not one has killed anyone. (military sevice excuded)Owning any type of weapon shouldn't be possible for criminals and the mentally ill. Any persons able to pass a background check should be left alone. In the new debate the surest way to remove guns from the people who should not have them is to expand the criteria to qualify for one. More thorough background checks,more in depth mental health checks, longer waiting periods, no gun and ammo the same day, and stricter gun security by owners. Then the TYPE of gun won't matter.
  • Actually charby they do conduct background checks at gun shows.The vast majority of sales at gun shows are by liscensed dealers that do have to conduct background checks. There is a small % of sales made by private individuals that are not checked. How many gun laws are already on the books that are not effective or not enforced? The real problem is nobody can say johhny is a couple fries short of a happy meal and should not own a gun (or probably a plastic fork) because his feelings might be hurt!
  • Well Mark_n_Atl just because you did your research and got the gun laws issue documented right you missed a pretty critical point in your analysis. He (Hitler) did restrict guns from the Jewish people which apparently you must think was ok? The Jews were the very people who needed guns to protect themselves from the Nazis and could not. I am not a Rocker fan. But just because Rocker may be wrong in his suggestions does not mean he is a shining example of redneck gun owners, but if he was that does not make rednecks wrong....there are rednecks who are very responsible gun owners. I bet there are some Jews too. You took your analysis too far in my opinion...you had to attack a group of people who are different than you are and suggest they can't be responsible gun owners?
  • Once again, explain to me how, had they been armed the Jewish would have defeated the Nazis....I indeed would love to hear facts to back your point....of course you could referrence the Ghetto in Warsaw...let me know how that worked out for them, will you?
  • Rocker is right, this is simply a step for the commies in the white the whitehouse to disarm the very people that keep us safe from their tyranny. I also find it amusing that the liberals in this country think its ok for their communist president to restrict the rights of others for "safety" concerns, but when President Bush's administration had the patriot act implemented they screamed it violated their rights. the patriot act was implemented to protect the nation too remember. So you commie lefties STFU.....
  • copperj-just the fact that you use antiquated terms like "commie lefties" tells me you are an old, old redneck with a 50's mentality. Or perhaps your brain got fried by agent orange in 'nam. First, I am a conservative and not a liberal. Second, the reason we lost the Presidential election is because unfortunately a large segment of the Republican base includes uninformed clowns like you. Just the mere suggestion that the Patriot Act was established solely for our protection speaks volumes of you narrow and naive views. Just so you know, during W's administration, the Patriot Act was criminally misused and abused by many, many government agencies. The NSA, CIA, NRO, etc. repeatedly used the Patriot Act as an excuse to spy on our Nation's citizens, not just suspected terrorists. Cheney by far, has orchestrated some of the worst government-sanctioned crimes and violations of rights granted to us by our Constitution-in the history of our great nation-he even makes Richard "I am not a crook" Nixon seem honest by comparison. And to even credit Rocker with being right on anything, or even acknowledging that ass clown certainly says a lot about you. Sure everyone's got a right to an opinion but it doesn't mean they have to be minded. Let me take a wild guess: Your idea of a perfect America is one that is all white, christian, and armed to the teeth. Am I close? So no, you brainwashed, inbred Cletuses are the ones that need to STFU and quit embarrassing the truly informed conservative base, which was dragged down to election failure by Tea Baggers and the likes of you that use terms like "commie lefties"
  • Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    From: (http://astillthinsound.blogspot.com/)

    "Juden Haben Waffen" - kol dimama daka

    This essay was written in memory of all those who decided to fight rather than die like sheep
    It has now been 62 years since the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Sixty two years, six decades which have seen the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in our land and a mighty legion once again rise. However, most of us here in the galut and indeed many in Israel fail to learn anything from the heroes of Warsaw. The walls of the ghetto were already closing in when a few brave souls decided not to die like sheep but to exact vengeance on the enemies of our nation with their every last breath. These fighters were not, however, the majority. Even as some were being loaded onto cattle cars they still condemned the “militants” of the ZOB and the “fascists” of the ZZW for trying to fight. These people were so awash in the “ turn the other cheek” mentality that had been beaten into us, that even as they were hauled to Treblinka they decried the “hooligans” of the underground. Poor Jews, it was not their fault “eyes they have but they see not, ears, but they do not hear”. The fact of the matter is that two thousand years of European exile had brainwashed the Jews. What kind of behavior is violence for the sons of Abraham? Better that we die obediently at the hands of the Nazis than cause undue fuss. No , it is not true .The heroes of Warsaw whether they were socialists, bundists , bnei akiva or Betaris all understood what most of European Jewry did not and most of American Jewry does not know; that it is not a mitzvah to be peacefully persecuted. Nowhere in the Torah are we instructed to give in to our own decimation. The fighters recognized that violence unto our people deserves violence in return. And so, as the first of the wicked one’s SS companies entered the ghetto on April 19th at the start of the “grossaktion” they were met in turn with a hail of Jewish bullets. As the murderers fell the cry went forth “Juden haben waffen!”, “the Jews have weapons”. Let those three words be seared in the mind of every one of our enemies and may all of our brethren finally understand the true importance of those words.
  • Who would have thought that John ( crazier than a shithouse rat ) Rocker would be a political columnist, i figured between cutting eye holes out of white pillow cases & burning crosses all over the state of Mississippi, would keep him busy at least six days out of the week ...A multi tasking racist, i like it...On second thought
  • grbear - you are a Moron!

    You don't know a thing about John, you F'ing Punk. He is about as racist as you are intelligent. If you knew anything about him, you would know that he had an African-American girlfriend for several years and is now fighting for a worthy cause - homes for homeless Vets who served this nation.
    Now, as most of those Vets are also African-American, I would suggest you STFU, you Simple-Minded Fool. Get a life and contribut half of what John has to the Vets of this nation...

    Caus Jerz Said So...
  • White boy Rocker speak truth, even American Indian know better! 2nd Amendment belong to people,ONLY THEY, BY BALLOT VOTE COULD CHANGE IT!!
  • I think you have me confused with your mother, but the motor in her mouth isn't talking. It's too full of meat to do that.
  • The last comment written above by chomammy isn't worth responding to. I see two trends in the comments above both worth commenting on. #1. The overwhelming majority see the obvious attempt to diminish the rights of law abiding citizens using the guise of public safety, fear mongering, and controlling the criminals. Come on MAN!!!!!!..... They ARE called criminals and no law applies to their thought process. #2 A derogatory term seems to come up by those who see themselves as enlightened and openminded people perhaps with a little more intelligence than the average "red neck" The way they use the term proves otherwise beyond any shadow of a doubt. You see I am just a dumb ass farm raise Nebraska boy living in North Dakota. I only have a high school education, (and as you can see from this prose), am barely literate. Even an uneducated backward individual like me knows the definition of a red neck is a working class man known for having the evidence of sun exposure on the back of his neck. I want to know what damage has been done to what part of your brain that makes you use this type of generalization and classification of people. That is exactly why it is so difficult to achieve any kind of productive discourse on this topic as to disagree with the likes of you generally will be written off as "red neck-ishness", meaning lack of education/iq/liquid assets. Try sticking to your arguments so there is less wasted time on your ignorance friends. If your argument held water it would stand on its own even in a "red neck crowd"
  • I totally agree with you....I carry a gun for a living but we don't need idiots out there with "war" weaponry, unless we know EVERYTHING about them...I wear my gun now to restaurants, movie houses and shopping with the wife...anyone who enters those places where I am won't kill as many as he or she planned...but we do need controls of some kind...what kind is the actual debate.
  • Hey usofakingfunny...

    Either way, the 2nd is the 2nd, so you and the government should not worry about what I have or want to have, and leave me in peace. I am a VET, a gun owner (lost count of how many) and I fought to support and defend the Constitution, so I take it personally when some A-hole in the White House or otherwise decides that I should not own something that I am allowed to own under the 2nd.

    So, just like I protected your right to open up your "yap" and provide your opinion under the 1st, I feel compelled to do the same through my VOTE to protect all other rights given to us by our (much smarter and less lasier) fore-fathers...

    God Bless America - and if you don't like it, I'll buy you a one way ticket out of it...

    Cause Jerz said so...
  • Randy Weaver, Kathryn Johnston. These are just two of many people that would disagree with you.

    Randy Weaver lost family members when FBI agents and US Marshalls attacked his home based on lies told by people that had disputes with him.

    Kathryn Johnston was gunned down by Dekalb County's Red Dog Squad when they busted down her door. The investigation would show that they had the wrong house and had followed faulty information.

    You don't think you need it now, but what about if it's your door they come to? This is the reason the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms. To protect ourselves, our families, and our country from tyranny, whether it comes from an outside nation, our federal government, our State government, or our local government.
  • Hey John, want a REAL ISSUE? Listen up!
    The corrupt Republican OIL corporate MONARCHY has 24 applications for permits to STEAL the American People's "VERY OWN NON-POLLUTANT" Natural Gas, FRACTURE/DRILL, LIQUIFY & SEND IT OVERSEAS under the false pretense that it will CREATE JOBS! Bull$hit! Nothing but MORE of their UNCONTROLLED CAPITALISTIC GREED while they CONTINUE GOUGING the American People at their PUMPS with their 3x's too high-priced HIGHLY POLLUTANT gasoline! We should've been on "OUR VERY OWN" Natural Gas for home & automobile a long, long time ago! And, by now, we should have been CONVERTING to 100% NON-POLLUTANT, DAMN NEAR FREE, MAGNETICALLY-DRIVEN ELECTRICAL ENERGY for BOTH HOME & AUTOMOBILE! We own 3 viable patents by Howard Johnson and we have the AC/DC electrical technology to quickly CONVERT to this form of energy! And, since EACH system would be INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER, WE COULD NEVER HAVE ANOTHER "MASSIVE POWER OUTAGE" during inclement weather that their HIGHLY POLLUTANT gasoline is causing and changing our climate forever!!
  • 1STCAV - HooAAAhhhh!

    As a VET I second your opine - everyone should mind their own damn business and let me pray in peace, let me protect myself with whatever hi-cap weapons I want and start paying atttention to their kids so that they don't bully anyone or get bullied and go f'ing postal...

    God Bless America - the Home that I LOVE...

    Cause Jerz said so....
  • What is wrong with what he said?

    At least he has an opinion and isn't like the mindless politicians and people who feel it is correct to just put on a show to America. People you gotta stand up for yourself..
  • and by the way...Rocker was right about much of NY City's populace...they are weird and without total control of their faculties....
  • Look, here's the truth. the 2nd amendment gives the right to bare arms to local and state governments. So that on their own law and order could be maintained. I don't have problem with any law abiding citizen owning a gun (most people don't), but the idea that this country doesn't have a gun problem is a joke. Think of who benefits from lack of gun regulation. I know guns don't kill people, people kill people; if that's true than guns don't save lives people do, right? A simple common since approach will save countless lives, maybe yours or someone you love.
  • Lol you people are crazy, all i hear is "Obama took my guns", but in reality he just banned assault wapons and large clips. Did it say anything about handguns or shotguns? No, so this would be different from germany in the 3o's right. And john rocker? im duprised he knows how to right his name let alone an article
  • Good Grief would you folks listen to yourselves and try to get just a FEW Facts straight! #1.) No one anywhere is talking about taking away a citizen's right to defend himself with a gun. But #.2) If any of you puppets of the NRA who allow their fear mongering tactics to cause you to run out and spend money that your kids probably need for more important things (like History Books for example) would stop and do some 3rd grade math... You would be able to conclude that you and all of your lackey friends could never possibly afford enough weapons to defend against a military that you very same folks have INSISTED on OVERFUNDING for the past the 50 years- even though Republican Generals and Presidents were among those warning you of the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex! I'm not sure if you've noticed, but our government has Jets, Tanks, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Battleships, Submarines and Missiles they can put through a window or down a chimney from thousands of miles away... and you Bubbas think you are gonna defend yourself with something YOU can afford? And that's not even mentioning the massive stockpile of Nuclear Weapons we continue to build despite having possessed much more than enough to destroy the entire planet many times over since the 70's....or the Drones we've had for nearly as long. Its obvious that the founding fathers were talking about a citizen's militia that could defend against musket balls not nuclear warheads. That whole "militia" ship sailed when we split and harnessed the atom.The Founding Fathers could not have possibly envisioned nuclear weapons or the creation of numerous other weapons that kill so many so fast! As such,it is obvious to any thinking man that the 2nd Amendment is NOT nor was it ever intended to be an UNLIMITED, UNREGULATED Right for any citizen to possess or distribute as many of any kind of weapon they so desired! On the other hand, the 2nd Amendment Absolutely assures citizens of good character the inalienable right to own any and all guns that remotely fit the meaning of the word "gun" when the Constitution was drafted and even the most Liberal among us will fight side by side with you to defend your right to personal protection! Furthermore, only the most numbskulled liberal would fail to see how vital hunting is to mankind and the entire planet. What a tragedy it would be if hunting was made more difficult! Its a simple truth that DEER kill more humans than any other animal (via the automobile accidents they cause)Its difficult to imagine how many more tragedies there would be without those who deer hunt or how threatening the spread of disease could become if unmanaged deer populations were permitted to starve and they surely would without hunting. So how about we all get a grip! No one wants your hand guns (well no one since Republican Richard Nixon attempted to ban them during his first terms) or your legitimate hunting weapons. However, the same voice in your head that tells you that it would be a bad idea for every bonafide citizen to be allowed to keep a Nuclear Missile in their closet should tell you folks that we need SOME limits on what weapons citizens can stockpile. (And be sure to keep in mind that if you "Responsible Gun Owners" can keep nuclear warheads at your house then the meth addicts and gang members and KKK members and other terrorists will have an equal Constitutional right to keep them too...) The more guns in circulation means the easier it is for them to fall into irresponsible hands- plain and simple. We just want to have a reasoned, rational discussion on where we should draw the line. And if anyone says something stupid like "If you outlaw Nuclear Missiles only outlaws will have them" then you deserve to be one of my final pertinent statistics: The VAST majority of people killed by gun in their home are killed by their own gun! That's not an opinion. Its a longstanding fact which when combined with little factoids like there were recently 2 Rocket Launchers turned in to authorities in Los Angeles should tell any reasonable person that there are at least a few flaws in our current system that we could work out if you loons would stop with all the hysteria that only lines the pockets of gun manufacturers (which is the NRA's sole mission). Finally, don't for a second believe that just because we can no longer perform a coup de tat with weapons that average citizens can afford that we are defenseless against bad government. When allotted equally - the Vote and the Truth have always been and will always be our greatest protections.

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C.J. Spillman Indicted on Sexual Assault Charges

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive back and special teams performer C.J. Spillman was officially charged with sexual assault stemming from an alleged incident at a Dallas-area hotel last September. The accusation came just one day after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated that the league would get tougher with violent offenders of the personal conduct policy. Grapevine, TX. police...
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Report: Kevin Love to meet with Lakers

So much for the idea that Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love was a near certainty to return to the team. While that may very well still be the case, ESPN’S Chris Broussard released some rather interesting information on the heels of free agency opening up at midnight east coast time on Wednesday morning: Sources: Lakers have spoken with reps for Kevin Love & a meeting...
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Carli Lloyd sends USWNT to World Cup final

Carli Lloyd was the hero for the USWNT in a 2-0 semifinals win over Germany at the Women’s World Cup on Tuesday. Lloyd scored on a penalty kick in the 69th minute and then assisted on Kelley O’Hara’s goal in the 84th minute to put the team up 2-0, which is all that was needed...Read More
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Auburn, Oregon to open 2019 season at AT&T Stadium

Auburn and Oregon will open the 2019 season at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
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Butler can’t sign one-year contract unless it’s with Bulls

Jimmy Butler was reportedly hoping to leave the Chicago Bulls this offseason to sign a short-term deal with another team, but that is not going to happen. According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, the Bulls made Butler — a restricted free agent — a Maximum Qualifying Offer on on Monday. The team also reportedly made a...Read More
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DeAndre Jordan wants 4-year deal, bigger offensive role

The Los Angeles Clippers have remained confident in their ability to re-sign unrestricted free agent center DeAndre Jordan, but it turns out the hyperathletic big man may have plans that would make a continued future in Lob City rather difficult. According a report by NBA insiders Chris Broussard and Arash Markazi published on ESPN.com Tuesday...Read More
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Kings reportedly looking into viability of firing Karl

One of the things potentially standing in the way of the Sacramento Kings firing George Karl after just months on the job is the $10 million he’s owed over the final three years of his contract. According to Yahoo Sports NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Kings’ brass is now looking into the viability of being able to fire Karl with cause: Per Wojo’s report: “Sacramento...
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Jim Brown: I ‘encourage and support’ Johnny Manziel

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