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Originally written on Guyism  |  Last updated 11/20/14

Via Guyism:

A home run off the bat of Adam Dunn happily found its way to a young Rangers fan. While the boy celebrated his newfound treasure, an evil, tattooed witch stole the ball and threw it back on the field. The woman and her meathead companion celebrated while the boy sulked. I’ve lost faith in humanity.

Here’s a step-by-step look at the boy’s heartbreak.

The home run catch by his father and the celebration:

Seriously, look how happy he is:

And now look at the witch, brewing up evil thoughts:

The theft:

The witch throwing the boy’s hopes and dreams on the field:

The anguish:

The two suspects laughing at the boy’s expense:

Everything about this is sad. From the peer pressure to the theft to absent dad to lack of protection from mom. That boy deserved better and those people deserve our ridicule.

UPDATE: The mysterious woman was the boy’s sister, which now makes her the worst sibling in the world. The Rangers later made him the fan of the game.

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  • On September 15 2002, I was at an Angels game in Anaheim ,Ca. And this was the only time i had a chance to come close to catching a ball ever in about 100 games that i have attrended in my life . I was talking to my buddy who was sitting next to me in the top level down the 3rd base line and we were talking about of all things , "women" . We were not really paying much attention to the game , some one on the Tex-ass Rangers was at bat. When all of a sudden somebody yells out that IT (a foul ball) was coming our way . So i immediately stand up , Hot dog in my right hand hand with mustard and relish on it .I then spotted the ball coming towards me, stuck out my left hand, and with much excitment and anticipation of catching a foul ball for the first time (i was 44 at the time)sqeezed my right hand which still held my hotdog when at the same time the hot dog shot out of the bun going over the guard rail down to the level below . SMACK . The ball landed in my left hand . The fact that nobody was standing near me and i didn't have to fight for the ball was pretty amazing. Then i turned around and showed the ball to my buddy and i exclaimed, "look at it man " 1st time ,WHOO HOO. Just then some young man sitting in front of me starts yelling to me that i should throw it back since someone on the Rangers had hit the ball. I Looked at him and said "are you crazy"?? And that i had been to probably 100 games and never came close to catching any ball (home run or foul) and that THAT BALL was gonna go in a display case in my man cave and said to him that maybe i should throw him back instead . I was not serious ,just joking with the guy . Long story short , that experience was one of my most exciting at a baseball game , except for Maybe when my Angels went on to Finally win the World Series that great year of 2002 ...
  • That was no "Lady"....
  • You're entirely right.
  • you're a pig
  • You are an ass - get off this site. You make me sick and you've totally missed the point. Get a life.
  • Dumb White trash- the women, boyfriend and this Tbone1234
  • You are truly the moron. Only idiots will put sex into a baseball sroty.
  • They are probably covered with tattoos just like her legs and guy next to her.
  • And your Mom?
  • The rack on the Snookie stunt double? That skank is a loser!
  • Okay maybe the broad looks more like j wow. Definitely a once or twice only bang! Still shouldn't of thrown the kids ball back.
  • You are a moron ... like the reporter that wrote this story. You fell for the lie. Read comments below and you'll see the facts of what happened.
  • They all suck the big one because they don't understand the kids emotions the dad if he had any b..ls would of thrown it back and not given it to his kid to have. What a suck. All the kid knew is he had a major league homerun ball. Let him decide what he wants not those losers
  • The adults definitely screwed up...shoulda let the kid keep the ball and to hell with the crowd chanting to throw it back. The one who threw it back is probably related to a skanky barker here on the yard named spotella, a real tasteless biitch.
  • Watch carefully and get the story right. Father catches ball, gives glove and ball to son. Along with the whole crowd tells son to throw ball back, mother even motions to throw ball back. Lady throws ball back, no complaints from anyone, other than sad look on boy's face. End of story!!!
  • A kid never has to throw a baseball back that he catches.
    You must be that broads boyfriend!
  • Try, hardest to imagine this.

    You love baseball.
    You are finally at the game, watching not on TV.
    Your dad makes a catch on home run!
    Your dad hands over the ball to you.
    The drunk pig next to you took that ball from your hand, and throw back to the field instead of at least let YOU throw back the ball.

    Do you think you are really happy???
    You should become a monk.

  • WHAT A SKANK !!!!
  • What time does skank's boyfriend have to be back to the Jersey shore !?!
  • In time to get his unemployment check, and watch MMA.
  • hahaha, these are the comments of the scrawny kids who got their a??es kicked in highschool and are now mad at anyone who can still whip their a??es
  • I agree the parents were clearly in on it.

    How sad. Most of us only have dreamt of getting a ball as kids and this poor kid's parents are accomplices to stealing his dream.
  • And they wonder why kids turn out to be criminals. This family (if you can call them a family) obviously has no feelings for this little boy. I raised 3 boys and NEVER treated them like this. If I had I know they would let me know how they felt. What was a good day to the ballpark was more like a ridicule of a little boy. Thanks to the Rangers for acknowledging him.
  • You people need help. Anyone in their RIGHT mind can tell this mom is not mad...the boy is not upset, these people ALL know each other and everyone is happy. Get a grip folks...if you have nothing better to do than make up stories about people....maybe you should get a job..or better yet, go to church!!
  • Going to church won't solve anything. Ever.
  • No it just does not help you
  • You can go to church till the cows come home, it wont change you, only you can change you.
  • Maybe the parents should go to church - or child parenting.
  • Their evil plan that succeeded has not hit that poor kid yet. That is his sister?? She looks RODE HARD AND PUT UP WET! THOSE TATTOOS! ON HER LEGS! I first thought it was shadows of a wrought iron fence. Boy, was I wrong. Where does she work, in a biker/bar or a TATTOO SHOP! The gorilla boyfriend, wow. I can't even believe that is his sister, then she looks older than the mother.

    Hey sister and bf, don't go to anymore games with "your little brother". No big sister would ever treat their little brother like that!
  • Both teams should give the boy an autographed ball as well as a night out on the town for him and his family! As for the ball thieves I hope that thier business associates/employers see this story and terminate thier employment. If I were there employer I would not want somebody like them working for me!
  • It amazes me at the absolute stupidity of this "reporter" and some of the posters on here. For one it was the Sox who hit the home run NOT the rangers, typically when the away team does this the ball gets thrown back. And for two, all the people around them were signaling to throw the ball back. The boy didnt catch the ball, he was handed one, kinda like he was at the end of the game.

    I wonder if the girl/family that has been falsly reported on can sue for slander. Some of the things be "reported" (and I use that loosley) are just vile and rude. How bout this mr reporter, lets just be safe to say you are a troll that cant find anything worth reporting because you inept at what you do. You and your "meathead" bosses amaze me at how stupid you have become. Did you brew up this evil plan to try and slander some fans of a game? EPIC FAIL!
  • What difference does it make who hit the ball. I don't know of any boy that wouldn't like the opportunity to catch a ball no matter who hit it.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Put something on here that slanders the sorry ass "reporter" and they remove it. Just goes to show this isnt journalism, its a half hearted attemp at slandering the family. Thats ok I am sure that in this sue happy world there will be reprocusions.
  • what a rotten thing to do to a little boy, some one should have told her off ,I hope she doesn,t have any kids .you can tell she is a terrible person.iam so sorry for that little guy,if I was his dad ,I would have decked her.
  • I'm sorry if I had been this girl's mother, (she taking this ball from her little brother), I would have dragged her tail to the back of the SHED and gave her a GOOD SLAP of Mama done SNAPPED!!!!
  • There are days and people who make me very happy to be an only child..... P.S.- I think there might be a slight misspelling .... somebody hit "w" instead of "b".
  • Hey bitch!!! Do you feel good making a KID feel sad!!
  • Seriously, everyone. If the opposing team hits a home run and you catch it, you throw the ball back. It's base ball etiquette. Kids need to learn that. It's all American!
  • What ever happened to responsible journalism? Whoever posted, and allowed this story to be posted should be terminated. I'ts a tradition to throw back homerun balls from the other team. How weak is your journalistic integrity? Is any bad news the only word of the day? The only dirt un-covered here, is on whoever allowed this to reach the MSN home page! Shame on you!
  • And why would you want to ridicule her on facebook? It's called cyber bullying, it's immature and unacceptable. If you read the comments, it sounds like there's more to this story that the author failed to mention. Plus, the kid got quite a reward in the end.
  • And what form of trash are you?
  • Recyclable trash.
  • Amen
  • This story is completely wrong. They interviewed the family and the lady that threw the ball back is the boys sister. They gave him 2 balls and a bag from the TX Rangers.
  • You are right. If you going to report something get your facts right.
  • yeah ok, sure. The lady is a witch and her boyfriend is a toolbox.
  • HOW can that old fat dark-haired tattooed woman be the kid's SISTER???? On what planet????
  • Pluto! Woof, woof.
  • Seriously, what a jack___!
  • I was watching the game, she was the little boys sister and it was a homerun ball for the other team. He was given another ball and a gift pack.
  • sure. that is stupid. the chicago cubs do that and its stupid when they do it.
  • They disgust me and they think they are so cool ... looped for sure. The parent should have stepped in in the best interest of his son. It is obvious he did not care. I am happy that the boy was given something, but how they acted and what she did is a lasting hurt no matter how it turned out. She will have her jollys over this ... probably the highlight of her life.
  • sister!? holy crab she looks old enough to be his grandmother! and what time does she go back to work at "BOB'S BAR"? !!!
  • He also get to be on TV. If the report would've actually watched the game they would know.
  • really!!! by the look of the parents are you really surprised. What are you teaching your child. oh ya... to be lust like you... loosers
  • Well said !!
  • It's LOSERs, not Loosers!!!! Idiot.
  • You write that the boy's father is an "absent dad" right after you say that the dad is the one who caught the ball. You can't even get your own story straight, much less try to find out the facts. This makes me doubly mad because you made me defend Rangers fans.
  • Why is the Mom (in blue, I presume) smiling and giving a #1 gesture almost applauding the move. Since Dad was "absent", why didn't she step in. In the end, we all know how this is going to end: The Rangers are going to provide free tickets to another game, one more baseball items, and the family will have pictures taken with the team, i.e. Adam Dunn. The boy will have a great story to tell his friends. I'm all for that. The unfortunate side, although his dad may be a good guy, he didn't do anything but will reap the rewards of his son. BTW, the boy will once again end up with nothing because his dad took it all, i.e. the baseball items, FREE game tix, etc.

    Why do kids always end up on the short end? I feel sorry for the boy.
  • "The home run catch by his father and the celebration:"

    Yeah, you're right, the father didn't do anything but CATCH THE BALL.
  • Adam Dunn plays for the white sox, NOT the rangers. get your facts right you ignoramus, who would want a homerun ball from the opposing team?
  • Since when should a family be rewarded for outright RUDENESS!!!
  • What a skank, wonder what her leg tatto is going to morph into in a few years when she is old and wrinkled??
  • Wonder what your face will morph to when you are old and wrinkled
  • Skank's tattoo then will cover her hideous varicose veils! ha!
  • LOL painted cellulites that are faded, how sexy is that
  • White trash does what white trash knows, and it is Texas after all.
  • Yeah, I guess being Texan an all, we tend to slow down and read the full story before passing judgement. Must be a north of the Mason Dixon line kinda a thing.
  • WHOA Y'all slowwwww down! Whether north or south the bottom line is here we are obviously ALL passionate about only GOOD things happening for kids. That's what it's about. The freakin' Civil War was done a long time ago, get over it!
  • Slugs of society. when the kid runs away from home someday...they will wonder why! Sad...just plain sad. She looks like a street 'ho to me. Hope this is re-visited on her in spades some day!
  • This whole story is ridiculous. It was a Sox homer, caught by all Rangers fans. throwing it back is very common and encouraged. its not a tragedy, the kid learned something. somewhat sad, maybe, but anguish lol. definitely the wrong word. if he threw it back everyone would laugh and applaud. stupid story.
  • See the tats, and her look that she knows she is an abuser at heart? See how the kids parents are cowards ? This is white trash and its failure and a brunette that I hope is sterile. Hope facebook rips her a serious correction
  • See exgunny make a stupid comment. Too bad your parent wasn't sterile.
  • Weird story. It turns out it was his family throwing back an opponents ball. You called his sister a tattooed witch in this story? For all the world to read! Talk about defamation of character. I honestly feel that this would be a justified lawsuit...and I am the type of person that is against frivolous lawsuits.
  • She was letting the kid know that you throw back an opposing teams home run ball. That is the tradition. You writers here at yardbarker.com should know this. That is why the dad didn't say anything. Them mom even cheered when she threw it.
  • Just proves that you shouldn't make snap judgements.
  • what a schmuck. That woman needs to be thrown over the rail. And the mother should have grabbed her by the hair and slammed her teeth into the rail. And the father should of done something the wussy. Poor kid. Rangers should autograph a ball to him and send it to him or something. Im sure he would love to have an autographed ball from Nolan Ryan. That would be bad @s
  • So you believe they should mercilessly beat up their own daughter for, along with them, teaching her younger brother the ball park tradition? that's some fine parenting, i feel sorry for your toothless children.
  • Please people. True baseball fans would understand what happened here. Adam Dunn plays for the White Sox. Any real fan knows that you ALWAYS throw the ball back when it's hit by the opposing team. If you look at the first GIF, the "dad" is pointing to the field and telling his "son" to throw it back. Looks to me like the whole family is celebrating along with the rest of the Texas fans.
  • No. You do not "ALWAYS" throw it back. Yes, it's a tradition (a silly, unsportsmanlike tradition, in my opinion), but you are asserting that every real baseball fan does this 100% of the time. That's absolutely not true. Only an idiot would throw away a home run ball, whether or not it was hit by the opposing team, if it might be of considerable value some day. Do you think the guy who caught Babe Ruth's called shot threw that back?
  • From everyone's expressions and physical actions, it seems the throwback was approved by all concerned. The boy may have had the expectation of keeping the ball, but clearly the parents didn't. I think you have stirred up a storm on this woman and the father without knowing all the facts or any of the verbal exchanges.
  • I do not suspect we have been given the whole story. You, the writer, want us to assume the boy had a right to keep the ball. Calling this woman an evil tatooed witch may be far rom the truth and displays ignorance; the kind of ignorance that you would complain about it the situation was reversed. You owe her an apology as she taught the boy the right lesson. When you find something that belongs to others you return it.
  • You two are exactly right! What losers! They're so insecure with who they are they have to pick on a little kid! If you find facebook information post it here for sure! I'll get on board giving her a piece of my mind!
  • Watch his mom and dad, they're telling him to throw it back too. Not like she snatched it out of his hands and threw it, I don't think it's her fault.
  • guess she was moms sister. i still would have taught the two of them a lesson their mothers should have taught them.
  • Apparently none of you have ever been to a baseball game before... you're supposed to throw the ball back if the opposing team hits a home run. The game was at the Ranger's stadium and Adam Dunn is on the White Sox. Stop all the hate!
  • Your all right, but me I say look at the childs face! Thats called wrong! And I don't care that ones the sister or not she ripped of a childhood memory. I've had my own trama's so get the heck out of this boys life! He deserves better
  • Oh Good Lord People....google the real story and then reply. You'd think by now we would all learn that just because something is on the internet or in writing does not necessarily mean its true. O and I am a French Model...
  • Bonjour!
  • You got that right! Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. And that goes double for the internet!
  • I find this type of behavior extremely disrespectful of the game and the players. How do you know the player who hit that ball won't be on your team next year or the year after that? What if the player who hit that home run ball ends up in the HOF? What can of horse's a$$ are you going to feel like throwing a HOFer's home run ball back on the field. This sorry excuse for fan participation started at Wrigley Field (dump) and it pains me to see it accelerating its way into other ballparks. What happened to being ejected for throwing ANYTHING on the field? Not to mention the Rangers were winning when Dunn hit his homer. Where's the satisfaction in that? Idiots!!!
  • Everybody calm down. Watch the first video at the very top where the "absent" dad catches the ball. First of all, he high-fives the man sitting with the woman who threw the ball back, so they apparently know each other. Second, he hands the ball to his son and motions towards the field, indicating he was supposed to throw it back because it was a competitor's hit. Then look at "The Anguish" photo - mom is chatting with the man indicating even further that they apparently know each other. The kid wasn't traumatized over the event - he was told it was tradition to throw it back. He probably was a little nervous so the woman threw it for him. Everybody is happy. Child Protective Services are not needed.
  • Well, the whole story is out now and it makes you, the writer, look pretty incompetent.
  • The writer is A. Isaac. The senior editor of a web info page called "Guyism - What guys need"
  • Whoa! I watched that game last night. It didn't happen quite the way you are making it out... 1) It was a homerun by the other team- and it is standard practice to throw back a ball if the OTHER team makes the homerun. 2) The boy knew what the woman planned to do. While he was disappointed he willingly gave the ball to the woman. 3) They were NOT laughing at the little boys' expense and the mom wasn't NOT protecting her child. 4) AND most important, Jim Knox, took the boy another baseball and offered him something else, which I missed. The kid said it was AWESOME. Whether or not the woman is a good person or not, she shouldn't be shunned because of this. This is typical media twisting the story to make someone look evil. No, I don't know the woman or her friend, or the boy or his mother, but I watched the whole thing and it was pretty benign. It would be different if she had snatched the ball from the kid and tossed it, but there was conversation between the boy, his parents, and the others BEFORE he gave it to her to toss back. Notice the footage was edited. Go Rangers!!!
  • Ha...WOOOOOWWWW! OOOOH common sense...some people just don't have it. I bet she feels stupid now.
  • I was at that game last night, if fact i was 1 row behind them. The news has this ALL wrong. The boys father is the one who caught the baseball and since it was a home run by the other team, the ball was thrown back, Texas Ranager fans do not keep the home run ball if the home run was not hit by them(not sure why they do that). The tattoo women was not the child's mother. His parents were sitting on the other side of him. The boy was interviewed by Fox 4 news and given another baseball. As usual, the information is not relayed correctly by the press.
  • Great, you want your team to be like the Cubs, whose drunkard fans????? started this bullcrap
  • See more comments >>

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