Found February 03, 2012 on Fox Sports Southwest:
ARLINGTON, Texas More ugly is coming. That much is guaranteed with this latest Josh Hamilton slip-up. The Rangers center fielder and recovering addict dropped enough hints Friday to suggest his very public fall from sobriety has more details to come, almost assuredly with visual aids. Beers were consumed. Pics were taken. And I'm guessing by Hamilton's tone Friday, his wife is not going to be happy. His fidelity does not concern me in the least, and his fall from sobriety actually is pretty tame compared with alternatives like a crack pipe jammed in his mouth or an after-party at the morgue. If this sounds melodramatic, let me assure you that almost every drug overdose starts with an addict who told himself "just this one last time." This is why Hamilton knows drinking is dangerous for him. "Any time I drink, there's a point that comes where a switch flips and you never know when that point's going to be reached whether's it's the first three or four, or the 15th," Hamilton said, as he talked to media Friday about what he admits were multiple drinks at a Dallas bar earlier in the week. He had no written notes and spoke from his heart, a perfect balance of contrition and transparency, honesty and sadness. There was also a very subtle moment in there, when he leaned back in his chair and sighed, as if to suggest "I cannot believe I am here again. I thought I had this beat." Addiction is the mother of all *******, a daily battle between what a person desperately craves and what he already knows. What Hamilton already knows is that what he craves is stronger than him, has tried to kill him and never relents, actually patiently waiting for his moment of weakness. "When I take that one day off, it leaves me open for that moment of weakness and it's always been that way," Hamilton admitted. "So for everybody who I have hurt, for everybody fans, kids, people who have addictions and look up to me I apologize to you. When you're doing this, you don't mean to hurt anybody. You only think you're hurting yourself. But as I know, you're hurting a lot of people." The thing with addicts is they never mean to hurt anybody and that is why they rarely take only themselves down. Ask anybody who loves or cares about or depends upon an addict. It is scary as hell to be at home praying to God that your phone does not ring at 1 a.m. with news of one line too many. This is true for the wife of an addict, as well as his general manager. How much Rangers GM Jon Daniels cares about Hamilton was obvious from how he talked in a conference call Friday. "This is not a baseball story," Daniels said. "This is something that is real. This is something Josh deals with, an addiction, an issue he has that is affecting him and people around him who care about him. He's a husband and a father foremost. That is where our head is at, to make sure the get the supports he needs." He has the best of intentions. He wants to help. He and this Rangers baseball team have done everything to help. And the ugly truth is only Hamilton can help Hamilton another reminder coming courtesy of Ian Kinsler. The Rangers second baseman was destroyed for aiding and abetting Hamilton in his night of drinking when, really, what he did was come to the restaurant when Hamilton needed somebody to talk to. According to Hamilton, he never drank in front of Kinsler, hid any signs from him that he had been and promised not to drink when Kinsler exacted that vow before dropping him off. Hamilton immediately found his way to another drink, an act for which a decent number of idiots blamed Kinsler. And everybody who is blaming the bartender or the Rangers for not having an "accountability partner" in place quick enough after Johnny Narron left to be Milwaukee's hitting coach is wrong too. Nobody is to responsible for the sobriety of an addict but the addict. I actually think this accountability partner is hurting Hamilton, just like love and trust of family and friends actually ends being up what hurts so many addicts. Hamilton can not have somebody with him 247 and almost assuredly will not when his baseball career is done. It is not realistic. It is not life. He gets the closest thing possible now because he is getting paid 12 million this year to play baseball. And the accountability partner is taking away the accountability. The Rangers would be wise to say "Josh, we love you but we cannot be responsible for your sobriety. You have to and, if you can do that, we'd be happy to have you back." What Hamilton needs is to do what so many addicts have to do, which is to figure out how to win this battle every day when nobody is stopping you from making a mistake but yourself. This would be the best thing the Rangers could do for him: Stop protecting their investment and help him save himself. I have rolled over my delete key for a couple of minutes now on the previous sentence, fearing it is too harsh or judgmental. Anybody who has ever met Hamilton is pulling for him, and I include myself in that. I am pulling for his sobriety. And I agree with Daniels that this is not simply a baseball story. A lot of words have been, and will continue to be, spent on how many millions Hamilton cost himself by this screwup. He is trying to get a big-money, long-term deal from the Rangers and now the argument is: How do you give 100 million to a guy you can not trust? This is ridiculous. They never trusted him, thus the accountability partner. They were betting the reward was worth the risk. The next contract if it comes will include such actuarial decisions. That is the baseball story. The Hamilton story is different. No amount of money will motivate him to stay clean, nor will the threat of lack of money. We cannot wrap our brains around this because we are not addicts. We are not in love with something that is actively trying to kill us. We do not understand. Hamilton does. And that is why the best thing the Rangers can do is stop being responsible for his sobriety so he can be.

Setback may affect Hamilton's future

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, who has spoken openly about the alcohol and substance-abuse problems he has battled for most of his professional career, suffered a setback this week, a major league source has confirmed to FOX Sports Southwest. The incident occurred Monday night at Sherlock's Pub and Grill in Dallas, where Hamilton was seen drinking alcohol, according...

Hamilton talks about his relapse

ARLINGTON, Texas Texas Rangers All-Star outfielder Josh Hamilton said Friday he wished that the hastily called press conference set up at Rangers Ballpark was to discuss a contract extension. Unfortunately for Hamilton and the Rangers, the circumstances were much different. Hamilton admitted he was out drinking in Dallas Monday, suffering a setback in battle against addiction...

Hamilton's struggles likely far from over

If you know anything about battling drug and alcohol addiction, you weren't surprised that Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton had another relapse Monday night. When your struggle is as powerful as Hamilton's one so strong that is risky for him to be out alone or carry more than 10 in his wallet - relapses are considered normal. "It's a chronic relapsing disorder,"...

Can we leave Josh Hamilton alone?

As I stood (ironically, in a bar) last evening, I watched the familiar scroll across the bottom of the ESPN screen. Scores. News. Milestones. And then, of course, the details of Josh Hamilton’s night out in Dallas where he had “three or four” drinks. The bottom line graphic lit up across the plasma screen and included quotes from Hamilton, his wife, details of what he did and...

Josh Hamilton Relapses, no Whipped Cream was Harmed in the Event

We like to take long breaks from blogging just before Spring Training gets underway. Obviously. But what better way to get back into the game than waking up to hear the news of Josh Hamilton's alcohol relapse. Sadly, no whipped cream was harmed in the process. The Texas Rangers outfielder didn't come out and admit his relapse to the press, however. No, some tattle tales...

Report: Josh Hamilton Has Relapse With Alcohol at Dallas Bar

Josh Hamilton's inspirational journey may have hit another speed bump on Monday night. The Dallas Morning News reports that the Texas Rangers outfielder had an alcohol relapse at a Dallas area bar on Monday night. If true, it would be an unfortunate setback for Hamilton in his continued efforts to battle alcohol and drug addiction. According to the report, Hamilton was drinking...

Remember, All Star Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton is not allowed to have a drink

Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton's drug use is well chronicled. How many guys you know have a chaperone? Well, apparently he's relapsed: According to the Dallas Morning News, Hamilton was seen... Full story at Bob's Blitz ~

Rangers' Josh Hamilton calls alcohol relapse a 'weak moment'

ARLINGTON, Texas. — Texas Rangers outfielder and recovering drug addict Josh Hamilton said Friday that he had a relapse that started with "three or four" drinks at a Dallas-area bar this week, apologizing for a "weak moment" that he said he will try to make sure doesn't happen again. The ...

Josh Hamilton makes statement about relapse

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton made a statement about his latest relapse in his fight against alcohol and drug abuse.

Ex-Rays OF Josh Hamilton confirms alcohol relapse

Rangers outfielder and recovering drug addict Josh Hamilton had a relapse this week when he drank alcohol at a bar, The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday night.

Hamilton admits 'weak moment'

ARLINGTON, Texas. (AP) -- Texas Rangers outfielder and recovering drug addict Josh Hamilton said Friday that he had a relapse and had "three or four" drinks earlier this week at a Dallas-area bar, calling it a "weak moment" that he will take specific steps to make sure doesn't happen again.

Report: Hamilton has relapse with alcohol

The Dallas Morning News is reporting Rangers outfielder and recovering drug addict Josh Hamilton had a relapse earlier this week when he drank alcohol at a bar.
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