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(via Getty Image)If you like baseball, perhaps you’ve heard the story of Ryan Braun — a nice Jewish boy who was accidentally accused of steroids and suspended before the people in charge realized he was a total sweetheart and couldn’t have done anything wrong — and Alex Rodriguez, a hard-working everyman who pulled himself up by the bootstraps and became one of the best players in baseball. Uh, several years ago.Anyway, Major League Baseball is just CRAZY OBSESSIVE about prosecuting players who get caught using steroids, so the big baseball news has been about how baseball hates heroes and wants us all to be sad. At least I think that’s what’s been going on, I haven’t done one of these in a while.Today’s Dugout, about the exciting true story of two innocent sluggers, is after the jump.@import url("");The DugoutTheBraunBunny: heh heh lying about steroids is the best homosexual_rod: IF JOO GET ME CAUGHT AN SUSPENTED FOREVER BOY I SWURR TheBraunBunny: shh, keep your voice down, this is supposed to be clandestine homosexual_rod: oh sorry tee hee TheBraunBunny: Good, that’s better. You come up with an excuse yet? Mine’s great. “It’s BS.” homosexual_rod: does that really worgk TheBraunBunny: Worked for me back in 2011! If that doesn’t work, blame the testing. TheBraunBunny: “maybe I allegedly did steroids but you can’t suspend me, the tester put my sample in a ziploc baggie instead of a test tube. CASE DISMISSED, HEROES ARE REAL.” homosexual_rod: LOL TheBraunBunny: you’re a person of color, though, so you’ll have a tougher time explaining yourself. homosexual_rod: what do joo mean homosexual_rod: we are literally the same color“high orange” TheBraunBunny: alright, well, we’ll talk about it later when you’re crying about your innocence on TV specials and I’m being consoled with concerned grandma hugs TheBraunBunny: so what’s your excuse, Bud’s gonna be here any minute to test us. To personally test us. Because he is a great commissioner. homosexual_rod: “what are steroits” TheBraunBunny: hahah what homosexual_rod: i jess wanna play, i diden have them saw curtis grandson in half an remove his hips an have them surgically implanted into me to sit at home, i dong care about steroids, i jess wanna play homosexual_rod: backup plan: “skittles have vitamins in them that make test say you have steroids i just ate skittles sry for loving skittles brand skittles” TheBraunBunny: you did what to curtis granderson now  **Online Host** ILoveCashman has entered the chatroom. ILoveCashman: hey guys, what’s going on in this chatroom? Not talking loudly to each other about how you did steroids, I hope TheBraunBunny: heh, no sir, just uh, just talkin’ wCB/C. I say you need lots of it, Alex says you don’t need any. Neither of us understand it! ILoveCashman: hm, well- homosexual_rod: BRIANG LET ME PLAY BASEBALL BOI ILoveCashman: shut the f**k up, Alex homosexual_rod: MY DOGTOR SAYS I’M FINE, AN HE EVEN MEANS IT METTICALLY AN NOT RE: MY JERKIN’ CENTAUR BODY homosexual_rod: I CAN PLAY IN JOOR LINEUP TODAY I SWEAR, PERFEGLY FINE HIPPS, LOOK I CAN SWIVEL /begins twerking ILoveCashman: stop f**king twerking you imbeclie, you’re not fine, you’re hurt and have to collect millions of dollars and NOT take a cotton-swab dump on the Yankees legacy ILoveCashman: you are injured homosexual_rod: NO I’M NOT ILoveCashman: no, look at me ILoveCashman: you’re injureeeeed /wiggles eyebrows homosexual_rod: /stares ILoveCashman: IN. JURREEDDDD. /presses down on Alex’s foot homosexual_rod: OUCH MY FOOT homosexual_rod: I MEAN, NO, LET ME PLAY I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT STEROITS ARE, MY COUSING GAVE THEM TO ME, HE SAID THEY WERE DANGEROUS STREET DROGS ILoveCashman: eeennghhh  **Online Host** BudIsWiser has entered the chatroom. BudIsWiser: hey fellas! Just stopped in for your random drug test! TheBraunBunny: gulp homosexual_rod: gulp BudIsWiser: lol just kidding, you guys are great, keep hitting dingers and scoring wCB/C’s, we’ll keep giving you dollars!  **Online Host** BudIsWiser has left the chatroom. ILoveCashman: god dammit TheBraunBunny: nailed it. Time to celebrate! Lying rulz! /does steroids homosexual_rod: LET ME PLAY IN JOOR LINEUP BRIANG /cuts hip, tries to force bottle of steroids into wound ILoveCashman: brb, posting this entire thing to reddit Photos link to player info. The Dugout


Alex Rodriguez, lawyer prepping to appeal suspension from MLB

Major League Baseball is waiting on Alex Rodriguez and his lawyer to know if they will accept a deal that will suspend the Yankee star player for the rest of the 2013 season, and all of 2014, according to the New York Daily News. If Rodriguez and his representatives reject a deal, A-Rods suspension could be announced as early as late Monday or Tuesday. According to a [...]

Brewers trying to win back fans' trust with $10 voucher

Ryan Braun screwed everyone that is a Milwaukee Brewers fan. At least, that is how the organization is going to play it up, so that they all stay on their side, now that Braun has accepted a 65-game suspension for PED use in wake of the Biogenesis scandal. The organization is taking drastic steps to keep fans interest, now that the team’s best player is out for the rest of the...

Yankees' Alex Rodriguez should be ready for simulated game Thursday

Whether you believe the conspiracy theories or not, Alex Rodriguez is still going through the normal rehab protocols a player with a quadriceps injury would.  He is taking grounders at the team's spring training complex, and he is hitting in the batting cages.  Soon, he could start playing games again. Adam Berry of says Rodriguez should be ready for a simulated...

Alex Rodriguez Is Dead. He Just Doesn't Know It Yet.

Pout All You Like Perhaps the only thing that both the PED haters and the fans of the individual players, affected teams or just those who want the world to move on from all of this can agree on is this... the waiting for MLB's inevitable strike against the Biogensis suspects is, well, ridiculous and off-putting. Some teams, like the Tigers with Jhonny Peralta, the A's with...

The media has made me feel sorry for Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most scorned athletes in the media today. There is a palpable amount of hatred towards A-Rod from the media, fans, and hell, even Yankees executives. And yet, the reasons for all of the disdain towards Rodriguez are petty at best. Yet, that doesn't stop media members from taking snipes at Rodriguez whenever his name pops up, despite the fact that...

The Great Fall of A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez once had the smoothest road to Cooperstown paved for him.  He was meant to be the elite poster boy for this generation of the game.  Well Major League Baseball is making sure he’s the poster boy of something for this generation, it just happens to be steroids. When you think back to the 19 years we’ve had of Alex Rodriguez it’s really just disappointing to...

Report: MLB Suspensions in Biogenesis Case Likey to be Announced This Week

It looks like Major League Baseball is ready to drop the hammer on the rest of the players involved in the Biogenesis scandal sometime this week, according to a report by The New York Post. MLB is also set to announce a lengthy suspension for Alex Rodriguez, according to The Post. “It always has been MLB’s plan to announce the suspensions at one time for the 15-plus players believed...

Report: Alex Rodriguez Could Be Suspended Without Appeal by Bud Selig Using ‘Integrity of Game’ Clause

If this isn’t protecting “the integrity of, or the maintenance of public confidence in, the game of baseball,” not much would be. MLB commissioner Bud Selig is moving to use a remote clause in the MLB collective bargaining agreement that includes that phrasing to try to keep Alex Rodriguez from returning to baseball, the New York Daily News reports. Rodriguez, who is working...

Report: A-Rod offered deal to sit out '13-'14, avoid lifetime ban

So it's only been a few hours since the last Alex Rodriguez update which means we're due another. And we have one courtesy of a report in the New York Daily News. And the update is that A-Rod is in fact facing a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball due to what is reportedly "voluminous evidence" in connection to the Biogenesis scandal. MLB is however offering...

Greinke: Braun “willing to use anyone”

Zack Greinke was a former teammate of Ryan Braun during his time in Milwaukee. Now a pitcher on the Los Angeles Dodgers there was no shortage of slams directed at the Brewers outfielder who has been suspended for the remainder of the 2013 season. Greinke called Braun a liar and a user in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: “The main thing is, yeah, he lied to us,” Greinke...

Exposed: The secret ESPN plan to bring down Yankee legend John Sterling and take control of the Hertz 24/7 Broadcast Booth

The following was indirectly mentioned yesterday in a brief comment by "Anonymous."  I suspect the writer is a high-ranking ESPN official, wracked by his lost morality, or a bureaucrat in the appropriate U.S. government agency, which is assigned to tap ESPN's phones. Frankly, I don't give a whoop. What follows is a terrifying path of pure, unadulterated truth.  ...

Has baseball set bad precedent?

Whatever happens with Alex Rodriguez, no matter how many players baseball suspends, the debate over the sport's investigation of Biogenesis does not figure to end anytime soon. To some, Ryan Braun's acceptance of a 65-game suspension indicated that for baseball, the end justified the means. An even longer suspension for Rodriguez, which could happen this week, according...

A-Rod and eight others to be suspended this week, MLB tells union

Major League Baseball officials told union leaders during a meeting at the Players Association’s midtown Manhattan offices on Tuesday that they plan to suspend Alex Rodriguez and eight other players who allegedly obtained performance-enhancing drugs from a South Florida anti-aging clinic. Most of the players will be suspended for 50 games but some – including the Yankees’...
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