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I have no idea when and where this occurred, but since the boxscore on the bottom scroll shows a Twins-Royals score, my guess it was from last weekend. No matter when it happened, in all my years of either witnessing personally or seeing replays of deplorable actions committed by grown ups at sporting events on [...]

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  • With an attitude like that, she could be a Waveland Avenue Ballhawk!
  • Did someone steal a ball from you Obamaisagoof ? Sound a little sensitive . Maybe you should not get involved in activities that you are not able to compete in . Maybe you should stop being so negative and good things would happen to you. Mabye you should stop throwing stones just in case someone someday drops a boulder on your head. I also bet your attitude has cost you plenty over the years.
  • I agree with obamaisagoof, this lady is pathetic. I really hope this story gets more air. I would love for this person to be presented as what not to do. Obviously she cares nothing but her self and didnt even have any emotional discrace when she stole the ball from the little girl.
  • What a low life! I hope that her theft of that little girl's ball brings her years of bad luck!!!
  • What a George Costanza moment. Geez.
  • This BS took place in Houston during a game between the Astros and the D'Backs. The D'Backs broadcasters caught it on camera, and one of their staff took a baseball down to the little girl.

    The D'Backs staff then showed this stupidity on the home telecasts during the following series as a lesson in poor baseball etiquette.

    At least they showed it before Mark Grace was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

    They never identified the woman, but her pathetic display sure got a lot of airtime in Arizona.
  • This is great news to hear. I hope people reconize her and make her feel bad.
    thanks for giving more details about this story
  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100002181742071 Her facebook page!
  • But you have to copy the whole thing. Don't know why it only highlighted half.
  • Unbelievably greedy bitch. Hope the video identifies her by name. She should be ashamed. The guy/friends of hers should take note and drop her like a hot rock.
  • Cool for the D'Backs broadcasters to have some class. Certainly this woman lacks it.
  • douchebag!
  • Wow, if this were any other place in life this B!tch could be charged with theft at the least. That little girl had the ball trapped between hands and her chest. If she had trapped the ball between her hands and chest and a stronger person like a male were to rip it away from her, he might be charged with assault. Possibly sexual assault.
  • What do you expect, she looks like she spends most of her time on a bar stool. I'm surprised, but she was probabley between beers anyway. No class what-so-ever. I would guess no one would want to have children with her either. So she doesn't no what to do around them.
  • I was two seats away from this lady when it happened! She said something in Spanish to the ballplayer on the D-backs and thought it was ok to take it from the little girl because she "was sure" he really meant to toss it to her. Wow!
  • Now Mexicans aren't just taking our jobs...they're taking our kids' souvenirs as well.
  • r u stupid?
  • Racist Moron!
  • Yall shut up. its not racist if it's proven true on camera.
  • What is wrong with being racists? I have 3 engineering degrees and I believe in numbers and logic. When 60% of our prisons are filled with black people for crimes, what is a person to think? Either everyone commits crimes and black people are to stupid and they get caught, or some people commit crimes and blacks do it more than most. Really what is a person to think?

    Same goes for Mexicans. Right now we have a Major imigration problem and a drug cartel problem right on the other side of our southern border. Now I don't see a flooding of African's, Australian's, Chinese or russians making their way into our society. Not to say it's not happening, but I am saying Mexican's do it more than most other races. That is why we want to put up a wall in the south. Surely we have people crossing the border in the north, but the percentage from the north to the south can not even compare.

    Now anyone that disagrees with this logic, is someone who is uneducated and has a whole coexist mentallity. Which shows that they are lofty because in 10,000 years humans have never coexisted and we never will and that is bottom line. If you disagree, then explain every war that has taken place between every tribe and empire in the past 10,0000 years. America will have major issues in this mentality because we bring many cultures together in America and we just tell everyone that we have to respect ourselves and those around us. On one hand in the past 50 years America has made it better for all of us to coexist, but on the flip side America also lost its backbone in the principals that our founding fathers have set. By losing this backbone our country is now in a downward spiral, but hey that's okay because when American collapses atleast we will all be getting along, right?

    Before, I come across racist I want to note the fact that I am a realist. There are some wonderful black people out there, and I am proud to call them a friend. There are also some great mexican people out there and again I am proud to call them a friend. But there are more people in those 2 races that create a bad name for them than there are good people.
  • Three engineer degrees and yet your argument is completely riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Also, your logic is so full of holes I do not even know where to start in tearing apart your drivel. Please stop claiming such lofty educational levels, if, this is the lack of coherence that you are going demonstrate.
  • It figures this happened in Arizona. I wonder if that despicable woman is/was in this country legally. If not, it's just one more reason to support SB 1070.
  • @MoJoDaddy - It figures you are another moron who can't read. It happened in Houston douchebag. AZ acted with class and dignity.
  • I was fine and in agreement on all comments concerning this "lady" deserving public shame and all, but you sir are a moron and your comment is racist and narrow minded...

    A-h-oles come in various flavors, you for one, please learn that it does not matter if they speak French, Italian, Russian, or trailer trash as in your case, all nations have good people and bad people...fortunately the good is still outnumbering the bad...

    Another thing; It is not just Mexicans speaking Spanish. According with Ethnologue (1999) 358MM people spoke Spanish around the World, with approx. 112MM living in Mexico. I know you need help so that leaves 246MM that are not Mexicans. So please keep your s-tup-id comments for when you are at the Klan's meeting.

  • Yeah and those 246 mil Mexicans are living here in the US.
  • Apparently there are more stupid people in the world than I thought. I felt that it was necessary to give a more accurate portrayal of information. So there are 358M people who speak spanish. Well, 112M living in Mexico, 47M in Spain, 32M Mexicans in the US. That leaves 167M people that speak spanish unaccounted for. Considering that Puertico Rican, Dominican, Porteguese, etc. speak some sort of dialect of Spanish. So once we add in those countries and those races here in the U.S. we now roughly found our missing 167M people.

    Now that we roughly know the numbers, lets get down to the real argument. Granted there are pricks in all different races, some races have more pricks than others. If you don't believe that, then you haven't left the U.S. and even if you had, you need to get outside of the tourist cities to see what that country is really like. In tourist cities people are nice because they have to be, it's part of their job. Bottom line is, that womans ethnicity proves a point in why we should definitely build a wall between us and Mexico. I say if we don't build a wall then we tell Mexico to fix their problems or we (U.S.) declares war on Mexico, come in and take it over and then start cleaning house and getting rid of the drug cartel and imigration problems. I guess my point is what kind of ass hole steps across the borders without approval to live off from our way of life and expecting us to feel sorry for them? Why should we pay for their medical bills, why should we be paying for them to survive? Other Mexicans got into America legally, why didn't they? Because they are selfish and there are lots of them out there south of our border.
  • What does the population of certain countries and how many people speak spanish have ANYTHING to with this? So what? If you are showing that you can add numbers, congrats. BTW, the offical list of spanish speaking countries is: Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Equatorial Guinea. So take your time and account for all them. RESEARCH FAIL!

    You are making this whole arguement why we should build a wall between the US and Mexico; yet your lines of "logic" and "proof" are so far out of wack
    it is pathetic. We really do not know who this woman really is. She might be here legally or be a U.S. citizen or even a 2nd-3rd generation citizen; who knows she might not even be Mexican. So to base your whole arguement to build a wall on the border and have have grounds for a war against Mexico over one selfish act of stealing a baseball is an extreme case of LOGIC FAIL.

    You sir, are a FAIL.
  • Everybody is so sensitive. Clearly it was a joke and pretty funny at that..... AND..... I'm mexican. Everybody needs to relax and just laugh a bit instead of always having their guard up!
  • He was not joking. Look at his name.
  • so because he is not an Obama fan he must not be joking?? I thought it was funny and I'm not racist I hate everyone equally...see what i did their.. that was a joke but you will probably tell me I'm a racist...sigh
  • Wow.. you must be white trash to even say that!.. Mexicans taking your jobs?!.. The jobs that you white trash can't and won't even do.. cause you're so damn lazy!! Get off welfare and the internet and get a JOB!!
  • He IS a joke..
  • Too funny!!!
  • i agree with you earlier but, this is just stupid
  • Dear Moron GoSportID.

    Way to go and instigate some racial or ethnic hatred when this has nothing to do with this selfish action by this equally moronic female. I doubt an idiot like you would even understand the difference between Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian (yes, Romanians share common Latin root words with these other languages).

    Secondly, I was at the game and I did not hear or see an interchange with any D-Back player in Spanish or English or Moronic. You just made this crap up to stir the pot....and indeed you did with ignorant rednecks that are already on this site.

    But Karma is alive and well....and this instigated hatred will come back to bite your ignorant butt with a vengeance...just wait and see....we reap what you sow, Moron.

    If you want to instigate racial hatred then I suggest you join the KKK. You may find kindred souls that you can exchange this your insecurities with. Dr. R

  • Just an FYI, a really cool police officer who was working as the "in between innings security" kind of guy, got the little girl a ball towards the end of the game.
  • Awesome!
  • Wow! Reminds me of my second ex-wife when she was around my Daughter by my first marriage... Evil!
  • what?? you're the idiot who married her! says something interesting about you, doesn't it?
  • He said EX- Wife- so maybe he wised up. Geeeesh people are so mean to each other!
  • Yep that he
    A)Doesn't have a great track record with Marriage
    B)Second wife was very jealous of his daughter
    C)He was smart enough to divorce a woman like this

    Did i leave anything out?? Nope thats pretty much all the facts that can be taken from his statement
  • loser
  • wow..what a bitch. Where is this little girls mom? I would have gotten that ball back for her. girl had it..What an evil woman to do that. I wish I was sitting two seats from her.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing...I would have had more than a few choice words for that loser.
  • Is that idiot """""HIGH FIVING"""""" her got a YELLOW WRIST BAND on ???? If so, i think he should think about what the band STANDS FOR and what he just did. The woman is LOWER than POND SCUM.... If she gave the ball to the little girl later then all is right, if not, may that little black cloud hover over her forever !!!!!!
  • I'm sure it had something to do with Alcohol consumption, not Lance Armstrong.
  • REALLY !!!!!!!!
  • So are you thinking WWJD or Live Strong...hum...let me ponder..

    What the hell does a man high fiving her wearing a YELLOW WRIST BAND need to think about.. He more than likely did not see the actual ball theft at time of high five being her back was to him and the high five was a reaction to a person who just caught a ball... Maybe after they showed the clip showing the ball theft HE SAID HEY I WANT MY HIGH FIVE BACK... see you didn't think of that did you.. maybe you should think about what you just did ....
  • Wait till she sobers up and someone recognizes her and she starts getting hate mail. She'll regret she ever grabbed that ball from a kid!
  • I think everyone else has said everything I could have thought of, except scum bag.
  • I think this should be posted on U-tube and have that little girl and all her friends comment on that stinkin bitch and how rude she was. It't takes a lot of nerve to do what she did to that kid. If this ever gets out over the national news Ill bet that womans friends will be embarrased to even tell anyone they know her... shame shame shame on her
  • A man did that to my nine year old daughter at Coors Field manty years ago. He literally got booed out of our section. He angrily threw the ball at her (and she caught it in her glove!)like she had done something wrong! Everyone else was so nice to her - high-fiving and all - but I've never forgotten how she felt when that rude adult grabbed the ball out of her glove.
    I hope that woman in Arizona is humiliated into a public apology!
  • This woman must be related to the one who lunged over my 5 year old grandaughter's head at a radio movie pre-screening of Disney's Tangled. A t-shirt give away was heading straight into my 5 year old grandaughter's lap when this woman lunged over the kid's head from the row behind. I never saw a t-shirt bounce, but the woman's reach was short, the balled Tee bounced off her fingertips and fell between my husband's feet. You can bet she didn't lunge there! Grandpa calmly bent down picked up the Tee and handed it to our grandaughter.
  • Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay
  • I hope she has as much bad luck as she did when she stole the ball from the kid! It was clearly the kids ball and the adult stole it! Low life scum sucking women!
  • How sad, I hope they find out who the greedy woman is and where she lives ,interview her ,put her to shame , she's a low life and then to high -five after taking it from a child was so crude , she has probably cheated her whole life I hope some one does it to her " what goes around comes around " Karma
  • What a BITCH!

    Similar thing happened to my daughter at Dodgers stadium. Between inning warmups the outfielders would throw the ball into the stands; so my little girl stood on her chair holding her mitt real high and the outfielder motioned to her and tossed the ball. The big fat ass sitting in front of her jumped up and grabbed the ball and his motion kept going backward and smacked her in the face! Everyone yelles at him but instead of handing her the ball he turned around and tried to give her a sucker. She pushed it back at him and said she wanted the ball but he just turned around and sat down. He had to hear it from everyone that saw for the rest of the game.
  • What a nasty pig, nasty stinky tampon eating monster. The fans around there should have called her out on her krapiness. The little girls should have beeotch slapped her and spit on her face. I hope this crude bar maid reads about her dispicable act and hides her face and moves out of town.
  • Do you feel better now that you got that off your chest... there there let it all out Hammer. Feel better? Good... Now seek theraphy for your deep seeded issues please "nasty stinky tampon eating monster" Really? Really?
  • What a nasty selfish skank. They should show this on the highlight reels on all the news stations in the state. I'm sure all of her friends will find out what a low-life she is and stop talking to her. Hopefully she'll see for herself what a low-life middle aged woman shes become, but I doubt it. Losers like her will never learn.
  • Didn't get it all out in your first comment huh?? Feel Better..Good
  • Well, seeing as this is on MSN I would have to say it has been seen by a lot of people, including her. At least I hope she has seen it. All I know is that if that had been my child and that "female" had done that, I would probably have reached down her throat, ripped out her lungs and handed them to her on a paper plate with a plastic spork. She is nothing but a cow. A cud chewing, snot dripping, teats scraping the ground cow.
  • leave the cows out of it, they have moooo,re class
  • I'm a huge baseball fan, so if I would have been anywhere near this baseball thief, I would have stuck a baseball bat so far down her throat that she would have been crapping wood chips. Like patches47 said, what goes around comes around..KARMA BABY!!! At least there were a couple of people who had class enough to give the little girl a ball. This woman obviously had no class or morals whatsoever.
  • wow your like Super Bat Girl
    "if i would have been anywhere near this baseball thief i would have stuck a baseball bat so far down her throat that she would have been crapping wood chips"
    Don't you think that might be a little excessive? if you were their i think if you boo'd her and brought a lot of negative attention her way she might have gotten the picture with out her throat being violated or you going to jail....just sayin
  • WHAT A BITCH! I wouldn't do that to anyone let alone a kid.
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  • really... you get that she is a slut from stealing a ball? Thief Yes Slut not proven
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  • Bet she felt like an ass when she sobered up the next day and saw herself on the news...bawahahahahaha The humiliation that she hopefully feels is probably punishment enough for this very sad display of fan etiquette.. no?? your right...To Death Row She Must Go... lets get a grip people
  • That Lady is lucky I wasn't there! I would have ripped that ball out of her hand and given the ball to that sweet little girl!
    She(Skank)should be ashamed of herself!
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  • Give the broad a break, y'all. Maybe she thought one of her fake tits had gotten away from her, and she was desperately trying to retrieve it before it got stepped on, in which case her no-nuts husband would have smacked her around.
  • After reading your comment I no longer have one of my own. You said it all. I do have something to say. I hope that this BITCHES C..T gets infested with 1,000 sands fleas.
  • And may yours as well for going back on your word of not having a comment of your own
  • I saw this happen on TV..it was the D'backs game with Boston on the 2nd...the little girl had the ball..and this gal just ripped out of her arms...the good thing is that somewhere during the night someone..probably a D'back gave her a ball..because it showed her later with her parents holding one...yea !!! for justice...the older gal was a bitch..sorry...only way to describe what I saw in live time.
  • Just to be clear....this game was between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Houston Astros in Houston. As a longtime Dbacks fan I do not want ANYONE to think that this un-classy lady was in Chase field. We would NEVER do that!! The best part is the next day when the Dbacks announcers (Sutton & Gracie) showed the clip over and over talking about what a horrible person this lady was!!
  • @dbacksgirl - Exactly. And remember boys and girls, grownups in Chase Field are expected to toss the ball bakc if the opposing team hit it into the bleachers. THAT is proper etiquette.
  • OMG! This lady is too much; I wanna call her the C word. And isn't she high-fiving her friends...what a $%$@%@!
  • That's just so typical and common. A Greedy inconsiderate, uncaring Ditzy Broad. I bet she doesn't have any children of her own. And most likely she wont. Because a good parent, cant be selfish. A K A BDD.
  • What a despicable dork is this woman, taking a baseball out this little girl hands and then celebrate like she did the greatest thing on earth, stupid woman should be put to shame forever this ugly thing.
  • Really??? Sue her and make her due community work? If the girl had purchased the item that would be one thing but this CLEARLY is not something that either of them "owned" Get a grip you Sue Happy fool... She's an idiot for snatching the ball away from the girl but to say it is something to sue over is ridiculous...
  • Well she looks old as hell, I'm sure she'll be dead soon anyway. Then she can play with Satan's balls
  • Forgot to say, what about some legal action against this bitch, for the anguish that caused this beautiful little girl after stealing from her hands the ball that she catched herself, only to be stolen away from her hands, this piece of crap belong in a penitentiary.
  • Really...Legal action..your an idiot; disappointment maybe.. anguish A bit much. Sending her to the Penn. I'm glad your not in charge of deciding who they let out when it comes to inmate overcrowding.. so should we send her to jail and let the murderer out? The comments that i am reading are seriously cracking me up...
  • This type of incident happened to my daughter in the playoffs in 1995. She was standing there watching batting practice and a player threw a baseball to her, then another player threw another ball up there to her and a guy stepped in front of her and took the ball. The player saw this happen and gave a ball to the security guard and pointed out my daughter and watched as the guard brought the ball to my daughter.
    I hope that this lady will be totally embarrassed when she sees what an a** she was to take the ball away from the little girl. The things adults do without thinking.
  • hoooo cares if the snotty nosed brat didn't get her ball. every day is kids day all they do is whine cry freeload and get coddled. down with child labor laws and get the little brats to work!
  • Can't help myself.... should be Who not hoooo and the comment of freeloading?? I take it you were working and bringing in the dough to contribute to the family's needs from birth?

    Thats right kiddos...get your butts to work you greedy selfish little ingrates!!!
  • This idiot woman high-fives her frineds like she won the lottery or something. HEY, you stupid cow, you STOLED a baseball from a little girl and broke her heart. Are you proud of that? No class, and your friends don't have any either or they would have made you give it back to that poor little girl who it rightly belonged to anyway BITCH!!!
  • There are no words to describe what this grown woman is , That was a terrible thing to do . I hope the ball yeam had class and found that little girl and gave her a bunch of stuff . I have been to many games in 40 years and have myself as an adult caught 28 fould balls . I have did not keep any of them I found the nearest kid with a glove and gave it to himm . I caught crap one time at wrigley it was a cub cardinal game and the fowl ball wasoff the bat of cardinal wearing a cub hat and jersey after I caught the screaming liner that almost ripped my hand off ... I gave it to the a little girl with her dad two rows in front and she was wearing a crdinal hat .
  • What this woman did was classless, tasteless, and totally unacceptable and her friends are just as bad for not reprimanding her; shaming her is a good thing. There should be more shaming for bad behavior in this country. While I'm at it, the Amish idea of shunning wouldn't be a bad idea either. Shame and shunning...hmmm...sounds good to me. I hope she gets a good dose of both.
  • I like the way you think....
  • I woulda threw my drink in that bitches face and took the ball back
  • okay lets give this some thought.... a ballpark drink could cost you $5-8.00 depending on your choice of beverage... yeah.. I'm not going to throw my money in her face.... ridicule her yes... waste a perfectly good drink NO
  • I thought that was HORRIBLE!!! And I can't believe that nobody did a thing for the little girl. I wish I could have been there to help the little girl out and that ol heifer out of the park - SHE WAS DEFINATELY IN THE WRONG. I wonder how she sleeps at night and she probably doesn't realize that she was seen. I'm not a spitter, but that woman makes me 'nail spitting mad'.
  • What a bitch!!!!
  • Taking children to America's pastime has become more like introducing them to America's most wanted. Drunken, seat stealing,ball stealing,fat slob falling on your child,husband beating,wife groping,hell of a good time for only a few hundred bucks. I am afraid baseball games are becomming a real indication of where our society really is.
  • What?? it sounds like your saying that this is not a good time...

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