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It’s the greatest internet fantasy geek tournament ever created, and it starts now.  Plus it’s a hell of a way to pass the off season rumor mill and FA period by.

That’s right we have brought to The Sports Headquarters for the first time the All Time NBA Mock Draft.

The basis of the competition is simple, we took every NBA player that has ever laced them up and made them eligible to be in our draft, once the order was determined we went through a 12 round snake style draft that created our teams.

The teams were created with the rules being, everyone plays by today’s NBA rules, all players are considered to have access to the same technology and work out regimen of today.

Once the teams were selected, well that is where we are now, the pool play. In the pool play we take our teams and devise a sort of game plan, based off a combination of game plans, roster, and NBA knowledge you vote for who you think would win our hypothetical game.

In today’s match up, we have the original triple double man vs the new triple double man in the All Time Mock Draft: Oscar Robertson v Lebron James edition.

As always if you want to drop your own comments or opinions check out our forums section.

Game Thread.

The Fightin’ Chupacabras

PG-“The Big O” Oscar Robertson(32min)
SG-Sam “Effortless Range” Jones(28min)
SF-Dominique “Human Highlight Reel” Wilkins(30min)
PF-Robert “Chief” Parish(36min)
C-Bob “Canoe Shoes” Lanier(38min)

6M-”The Blade” Alex English(22min)
BN-Dennis “The Bron Stopper” Rodman(22min)
BN-Dave “Double Dutch” DeBusschere(22min)
BN-”Sugar” Micheal Ray Richardson(10min)
DNP-Buck “No Minutes” Williams
DNP-Mitch “Rock” Richmond
DNP-Steve “Super White” Kerr

Quick Lineup Talk
-Rodman/DD will play all of their minutes together

Defense(It Wins Championships You Know)

Bron-Obviously the toughest matchup for us.  Bron is a unique athlete and hasn’t seen the type of big/strong/athletic defender to make him work… because he never faced the freak(athletically and domestically)that is Dennis Rodman.  Worm will be the primary defender on Bron, playing a step off to encourage the outside jumper, but with a hand up ready to contest.  If Bron posts, we trust Worm to push him off his spots and make it tough for him.  Nique gets the remaining time, and Nique will play him similar in space, but when Bron posts Nique we will bring a quick double from Chief/Lanier, whichever is closer, when Bron initiates his move not while he’s still surveying the court.

Dwade-Big O will get the call here.  We just want O to play a bit off, hand up ready to contest.  O has the quickness to keep Wade in front of him, and the strength to d him up if he posts up.  We just want to make him work for his points, and encourage him to jack up longer jumpers.  MRR will get any leftover time on Wade.

Hill-Jones gets the nod here.  Hill has a few inches on Sam, so Jones will play in his face, physical D.  We want Jones in his hip pocket, not giving him a lot of space to operate.  Hill’s greatest strength is his passing, so when he has the ball we want to constrict his vision.  English/Dominique will get the leftovers here.

Reed-Lanier will get this assignment.  Lanier will bang with him down low when Reed has it in the low post.  If Reed is outside looking for jumpers, Lanier will stick with him, but be ready to help on drives and/or bron posting up Nique.  We can live with Reed taking jumpers.  DD will get the remaining time here, playing him tough.

Walton-Parish will D up Walton.  Parish will play right up in his grill, physical D.  Walton will likely be in the high post, so Parish will look to obfuscate Walton’s vision to try and limit his passing.  If Walton does get it in the low post, Chief will play him tough and physical, try to get him off some of his spots.

Bench-KJ will be played a step off, trying to keep him out of the lane.  Jones/Big O will play him.  Wilkes will be played by the other guard/forward.  Pretty simple, just tight D denying the jumper.  Chambers/Horry will get played by DD, nice and tight D, denying the jumper.  We trust DD to bang with either down low as well.  The rest of the bench will be marked by position.

PnR/PnP Defense-  On the high PnR/PnP we will go under the screens, especially if Wade/Bron is running it.  We are not afraid of long jumpers from those two.  Lower PnR/PnP we will try and funnel the driver, Bron/Wade/Hill, down to the baseline preventing them from getting in the lane.

Offense(Is Fun For Everyone)

Tempo:  We will look to run intelligently.  We want a faster tempo seeing as we have dynamic wings, Big O/English/Nique, and very good rebounders, Chief/Lanier/Worm.  Off misses we will kick to the wings and push it up the court.  If we can get in the lane easy, or find Jones trailing for a three or Chief trailing we will take advantage.  If not we will pull up an initiate the offense.

Our main offense is the 2-1-2.  We will have 2 players setting up on either wing, around the 3pt line.  One big man in the high post, specifically on the free-throw line.  One man sets up in the corner three area, his side is now referred to as the strong-side.  The other big man will set up base-line just outside of the paint for spacing.

The players will slot in the offense as follows:

Strong-Side Wing-Big O/English
Strong-Side Corner-Jones/DD
Weak-Side Wing-Nique/English

Our main initiators will be Big O and Lanier.

When Big O initiates he has these options:
1)PnR/PnP with Lanier.  He will have the option to hit the J off the screen, his jumper was silky, or take it to the hoop.  He also can slash and kick to Jones/Lanier/Chief for jumpers, or Nique cutting to the basket for alley-oops.
2)Give and Go action with Lanier, trying to get quick runs at the basket for buckets.
3)Simple Dribble-Drive and Slash and Kick action, looking to either beat his man and get buckets in the lane, or draw in the defense to open up a look for jumpers from Jones/Lanier/Chief.

When Lanier initiates he has these options:
1)Face up at the free-throw line and look to distribute to cutters at the hoop, Big O/Nique, or hit open shooters, Jones/Big O, coming off screens from Nique/Chief.
2) Hi/Low game with Chief.
3)Posting from the free-throw line.  He will either find the open guy if they double team, drive to the hoop, or get to his turnaround jumper.

Jones will be running through screens constantly from Chief/Lanier/Nique and will get his points off of kick outs.  Nique will be setting screens, and will get most of his looks off cuts to the hoop.  If Nique gets Hill/Wilkes matched up on him, he will get some Iso looks on the wing.  DD fills in Jones role off the bench, and English will fill in for Big O/Nique in his minutes off the bench in this offense.  When Worm is in for Chief he will play closer to the basket and focus on cleaning up the glass and setting screens.

Bench Offense
For 10 minutes in this game, 5 minutes bridging the 1-2 quarters and another 5 minutes bridging the 3-4 quarters our lineup will look like this:


When in this lineup we are going full up tempo.  MRR/English are great finishers in the open court and Worm/Chief are good rebounders.  We’re running all the time in this set.  On D we are looking to get in the passing lanes and disrupt the flow of the offense and to get steals to start the break.  On offense, if we don’t get the hoop off the break MRR/English will initiate on the wing and look to score first, and set up Chief/DD for jumpers second.  Worm again will work down low setting screens and cleaning up the glass to get put-backs.

Why We Will Win…….Why Not?

-This has been a SumTNew 41 production


PG – Lebron James – 40 minutes PG
SG – Dwade – 36 minutes SG
SF – Grant Hill – 32 minutes SF
PF – Bill Walton – 38 minutes (14 center, 24 PF)
C – Willis Reed – 34 minutes C

BE – KJ – Leading talks to build a better basketball arena
BE – Chambers – 24 minutes PF
BE – Wilkes – 12 minutes SG
BE – Billups – 8 minutes PG
BE – Robert Horry – Resting for the playoffs
BE – Bird Stopper Johnson – 16 minutes SF
BE – Laimbeer – Working out to knock Kobe on his ass

Defense: Straight up man to man the whole way. We will press anyone not a PG bringing the ball up the court, and shadow his PGs while they bring the ball up, laying off each as we cross halfcourt, neither one being a great shooter. We will go under screens not involving Jones/MitchRich/Kerr as a general rule, hedging against the drive, and keeping between screener and the basket. We are not afraid to switch on perimeter PnRs when Lebron is in.

Oscar – Defended by Hill/Johnson the first 3 quarters, Lebron in 4th. Lay off half step at the 3pt line, encourage long jumpers. We look to encourage O to score rather then setup. Push away from paint on drives, and deny quick hitting passes, force crosscourt exchanges that are open to being stolen.

Jones – Not concerned with any drives, play up tight and no airspace. Wade/Wilkes all game. Play for the jumper and nothing else. If he drives, force baseline to deny banker.

Nique – Lebron first 3 quarters, Hill/Johnson 4th. Lay off at 3pt line and encourage long jumpers. When he drives we will cheat slightly towards the paint, we want him taking jumpers all game. Lebron and Hill more then match his athleticism, if not exceed it. Try to push baseline on drives, and then quick flash double from a big, especially if Rodman/DaveD/Buck are in, Nique’s passing left much to be desired, and those three aren’t going to punish my defense.

Lanier – The big-footed bruiser is taken by the toughest man on the court, Willis Reed. If more minutes then Reed, passed to Walton or Chambers. Deny easy post position, stay between him and the basket to prevent cheap offensive boards, follow out enough to shade on PnRs, especially when Nique/English is ballhandler. If setting backscreens, switch if it’s big/big screen, otherwise hedge whichever option is ballside if screen is effective(applies to Parrish as well).

Parrish – Walton all the way. Top 3 defensive center all time will have no trouble shutting down the jumper happy Celtic. Bully him out of the paint, keep a hand up on the jumper, look to help off occasionally on drives by Nique/English due to their poor passing.

English – Played in the same manner as Nique, guarded by position he slots into (Lebron if at SF for early game, Hill late, Wade if at SG). Encourage long jumpers, deny drives to paint, quick traps on baseline. If he and Nique are on the floor together, pack the paint and all focus on drive denial, neither one will hurt us with rotating kickout passes.

Rodman – Stay between him and the basket. Any possession he takes a jumper is a win. Manned by position. Will help off to pack paint against poor passing drivers

Dave D – Not quick enough to burn us on a drive, so play up close and personal to deny jumper, hedge a step when he is the screener, but recover quickly to prevent PnP. Manned by position.

MitchRich – Manned by position, deny entry passes, play for the shot, encourage into glorious shot blockage on drives

MRR – Same thoughts as O, manned by position, encourage the jumper not the drive, hedge against easy passes and encourage the long floaters.

Buck – Keep off the boards, deny roll to basket, manned position

Kerr – Hand up, make drive, by position

Offense – 3-1-1, break. We will look to run at every chance. Outlet to PG, SF slashes for oop then curls on opposite wing. SG runs to wing or baseline jumper. PF goes for putback/secondary break jam, C for kickout jumper. PG can shoot the midrange if drive overcommitted, finish, or kick, shots only on open looks. If no look reset to 3-1-1, where we will have constant motion and attacking of open space on the court. As a rule we will focus more on getting back on defense then going for offensive rebounds, we will trust our defense to generate extra opportunities. If an easy offensive board is there we will take it, but otherwise focus on executing our offense and stopping their’s.

3-1-1 – SG/PG/SF up top, just above 3pt line in any order, PF at high post, C opposite low post. Any of wings can start the possession. Possible plays include:
1. Double staggered screen for SG/SF, drive to PnP with PF. Center extends baseline for kickout. PG cuts off quickscreen from SF/SG, sets above C on wing. SF/SG cuts behind PF to corner. If ball is kicked to PG for reset, PF comes to give screen for run to curl jumper or oop-cut for SF/SG
2. Double staggered screen for SF, drive to wing. If open pullup J. C goes to screen for PF, cuts for oop. PG/SG flair to opposite corner for kickout jumpers.
3. SG/SF screen either side for PG. Drive to wing. Options: pullup jumper, drive to whole, PnP with PF, PnR with Center. SG flairs to PF side, SF flairs to C side. PG can kick to either SG/SF, who will then run PnR with their respective big.
4. Postup Lebron on non Rodman defenders.
5. Postup of any wing on smaller/weaker defenders.
6. On doubleteams, kickout, rotate around, attack.
7. Ball entered to PF, Hi-Lo action with him and C. PG runs off SG screen to short corner for kickout.
8. Enter ball to Walton in highpost. SG cuts to basket off screen from C. If no oop, SG runs to corner. PG gets off-ball screen from SF, flashes to same side as SG for kickout. SF up high for reset. Walton can take jumper if his man steps off to help on oop, enter into the post and unleash the arsenal, kickout to PG who will run PnP with either SF or SG.
9. Enter ball to PF. PG and C pair up, SG/SF pair on otherside. Double C/SF screen for PG/SG. If either generates a clean run to basket, take it. PG/SG cross under basket, SG curls to wing off C screen, PG runs to corner. SF uses PF as a rub to cut to basket, then to corner. PF can dish to any option, pull a jumper if his man leaves, or enter the post.
10. Run English/Nique/Kerr through multiple screens then iso them from the wing.
11. High PnP with PF and PG. SF screens for SG, who runs for an oop. If not given, cut off backscreen from C, who then goes to run backside PnR with SF. PG can run original PnP, kick for oop, dish to SF for his PnR.
12. Ball with SF. SG runs off double screen from PF and C to corner. PF then sets a screen for PG to curl opposite wing. SF can swing to either guard, hit C for lowpost action, or run PnR/PnP with PF.

B100d FTW
1) My starters bring an incomparable combination of offense and defense, while his are skewed completely to offense
2) Cannot contain my team in space, does not have personel to slow the game down
3) Selfish scorers are trapped and prevented from dominating
4) My best player is the superior version of his best player.
5) 5 Finals MVPs lace them up for me
6) I am b100d, he is not.


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The 'Josh Gordon is back and the NFL will have to deal with it!' quiz

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