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As we head into the challenge round of our All Time NBA Mock Draft we have learned a couple of things about people’s views on the history of the NBA.

A great big man will always influence the game more than a great guard, defense may win championships, but some offensive forces just can’t be stopped, and most of all never count out what type of scheme someone is playing in, because as little as coaching matters, with all this hypothetical talent together, putting those players in the best position to win is more important than just collecting talent.

In today’s match up we have two of the greatest stars from the modern NBA in the All Time NBA Mock Draft- Lebron James v Shaquille O’Neal.

Game thread.

PG – Bob Cousy – 30 minutes PG
SG – Sam Jones – 34 minutes SG
SF – Clyde Drexler – 36 minutes SF
PF – Lebron James – 40 minutes PF
C – Robert Parish – 20 minutes C

BE – Dr Rounds – 6 Fouls
BE – Bobby Jones – 12 minutes SF
BE – Marques “Bird Stopper” Johnson – 14 minutes SG
BE – Alonzo Mourning – 20 minutes C
BE – Elvin Hayes – 16 minutes (8 minutes C 8 minutes PF)
BE – Alvin Robertson – 18 minutes PG
BE – Artis Gilmore – 6 Fouls

Hack-A-Shaq – When we get up by 10+, when Joe goes on a run, end of first three quarters. Artis first, then Rounds, then others if necessary. 2 fouls is enough to disrupt the tempo. When it’s Dunkmore, we go straight at Shaq on the other end, use the 60% accuracy to get easy buckets while Shaq clangs his FTs.

Defense: Force long passes, Deny the lane to Dr, make Barry shoot long contested jumpers instead of involving the rest.
If Joe starts 23-Flavors/Hill/Barry, we foul Shaq hard and sub in Robertson for Cousy.

DJ – Holdin down the fort with the greatest Celtic PG, who had 7 seasons with more DWS then DJ’s best. With 23-Flavors and Barry rollin along DJ wont see much action as primary ball-handler. Sag off at the 3pt line, look to cut into passing lanes when DJ is up high. Dont leave when he’s got the chance for midrange, push him baseline on drives, force him to make long passes. Robertson leftovers

23-Flavors – Clyde will handle 23-flavors. Full court ball denial, make it tough for him to ever touch the ball. When he has the ball, play off and encourage the 3pt shot, tighten when he crosses the line. Use length and athleticism to stay infront and keep him away from the lane, we want him doing jumpers not layups. BJ leftovers

Barry – Sam Jones. Stay up tight the whole time, get in his space and make him uncomfortable. We want Barry quick twitching contested shots up or massaging the ball. Never let him have a clean look, play tight ball denial when off ball. Not worried about Barry posting us up. MJ2.0 and his bird stopping defense will blanket Barry when Clyde is out.

Pettit – Lebron all day. Joe loves to use his PF as PnP dudes and with the midrange, Lebron has the size and length to make Pettit’s day a nightmare in those areas. Pettit loved playin outside the Pivot and low post in the NBA anyway, which plays right into Lebron’s wheelhouse. Be physical and use Lebron’s physical advantages to punish Pettit. Stay in between him and the basket at all times, only take one step to hedge, Lebron has more then enough speed/quickness to recover for the roll or pop.

Shaqtus – Start with Parish, punish with Zo. Parish is gonna use superior speed to get down the court before the lumbering fat ass of the Shaqtus. By beating him to position we begin to establish leverage. Shaq is bigger(wider)/stronger then the dudes on my squad sure, but his “prime” with the Lakers was all about power and the little flip back, by getting superior position we will be able to lower the influence of Shaq’s strength. The tremendous length of Parish will let him bother Shaq all game long with his little flip shot. Get down low and deny the spin move. We know Joe likes the lobs from baseline over defenders, cant do that to the Parish man. Zo comes in and uses those DPOY moments to frustrate the Big No-Post-Moves, both DPOY matchups he outscored the Big TNT-Head-Dos. We know Shaq isn’t shooting anywhere out of the paint, so we will loosely follow, be ready for the roll, and cover the ball-handler. If Shaq looks like he’s getting an easy look, foul hard to put his ass at the line.

Bench – No shooters outside Horry, matchup by position. Make them beat us with their long jumpers, deny penetration to the lane. Tree is only used in putbacks, follow and shadow on screens, dont let him get good position for boards. Nance can pop the midrange and dunk, make him put the ball on the floor. Horry stick at the 3pt line, encourage drive. Hill/Aguirre/Penny/Arizin play off a step at 3pt line, go under high screens, push away from lane. Play all bench by position.

PnR/PnP – Fight through Barry, go under high screens on everyone else. Fight through mid-screens, Lebron hard hedge one step.

Offense – No bigs in the lane, no shotblockers. Attack Shaq in PnR, attack weak D of 23-Flavors/Barry/Pettit. Crash O-boards with Clyde (4 of top 7 guard seasons, including top 2) and MJ2.0 (career 2.6 orpg, high 3.8)
Break: Outlet to PG, SF slashes for oop then curls on opposite wing. SG runs to wing or baseline jumper. PF goes for putback/secondary break jam, C for kickout jumper. PG can shoot the midrange if drive overcommitted, finish, or kick, shots only on open looks, set into 2-1-2 or 3-1-1. Guards up high, SF corner, PF highpost, C flexed opposite baseline. 3-1-1 PG/SG/SF high, C highpost, PF lowpost. Possible plays:
1) Ball with SG, PG gets ball with high dribble handoff. Goes to PnR with PF. SF cuts for oop, if not there curls at wing above C, who stays baseline for kickout.
2) Ball entered to Lebron at high post. Can enter post-up, use size/strength on his perimeter dudes, quick spin double-step layup/dunk. Also run offense from here, C sets high screen for SG, who cuts for oop/layup. SF screens up top for PG, who runs to baseline for kickout jumper. Can kick to PG, then quick side PnR.
3) Ball with either guard, quick hitting PnP/PnR with C. PF takes C’s spot flexed baseline for kickout.
4) If Pettit isn’t on Bron, someone on perimeter has huge mismatch. Relentlessly attack the slow footed bigmen. ISO drives, quick screening, off ball cutting, blow-by drives, upfake parade to FT line etc. His bigs cannot stay with my perimeter players.
5) Ball in PG’s hands. SF fakes run to corner, cuts off SG screen to top of the 3pt line. SG rolls to baseline for kickout. PF and C come up to offer PnR/PnP either way to PG. If PG goes outside the inside big rolls to high-post for kickout. If PG goes inside the outer big flexes baseline for kickout. PG options – drive to score, pullup if clear, dish to screener for jumper or finish at rim, dish to big for kickout J, dish to corner for SG to shoot/drive, kick up top to SF for shot/drive/reset.
6) Ball with PG, PF and C come to set screens up high for SG. SG runs off screens for oop. If not open, SG settles in short corner. PG PnR with PF, C sets screen for SF to curl for kickout jumper
7) If Pettit on Bron, bring Bron up top to C side. PG and SF set screen for SG to run to corner for quick 3. Bron PnR with C, SF crashes for oop, PG up high for kickout.

1) Pound with Lebron in the post. Enter the ball to Lebron from anywhere and let him work. We can PnR with any of the other 4, hi/lo with SF/C, or straightup dominate down low. If any double comes, C crashes for oop, SF flashes baseline to curl, PG goes short corner, SG goes same wing for kickout.
2) Any non BJ perimeter run PnR/PnP with PF/C. C/PF flexes baseline for kickout jumper, one wing to short corner, other up high for kickout jumper/reset.
3) Sam Jones showing off who the real clutch shooter is here. Jones runs off high screen from SF to corner. PG begins PnP with PF. If Jones is open off screen, kick to him for automatic jumper. If not, Jones runs baseline and curls up off screen from C. PG can run PnR, dish to C, kick to Jones for midrange.
4) Cousy running the show attacking. Dude was great at scoring and dishing. Up tempo quick hitting. 1/2 and 1/3 PnPs up top to start, pullup if midrange there, kick for open jumpers. If not, C comes up to screen for SG, who curls around the screen for a pullup. SF goes opposite baseline extended, PF comes to run PnR with PG. PG can drive/shoot/dish on PnR, kick SF for jumper if defense collapses, kick to SG for popped jumper. SG can pull it or run PnR/PnP with C.
5) PG gets ball in dribble handoff from SG uptop. SF cuts off double screen from PF/C for oop/dish for layup, if not there runs baseline to corner. Ball sent to SG, PF comes over to screen as SG goes for pullup J or attacks the hole. Can kick to PG who resets into a PnR/PnP with C.
6) Ball with PG. Lebron comes up high to give SG double screen with SF. SG runs to corner. PG runs PnP with C, Lebron gets screen from SF and runs for oop.
7) Lebron in highpost, C down low. Double staggered screen for SG/SF, drive to PnP with PF. Center extends baseline for kickout. PG cuts off quickscreen from SF/SG, sets above C on wing. SF/SG cuts behind PF to corner. If ball is kicked to PG for reset, PF comes to give screen for run to curl jumper or oop-cut for SF/SG.

B100d FTW
1) Shaq can’t handle the PnR, will clang over a dozen FTs
2) Terrible wing defense, open buckets for Jones/Clyde/MJ2.0 all day
3) Pettit is in a terrible position all game long, being shut down by Lebron, and then having to stick on Bron or being embarrassed on the perimeter
4) I am b100d, he is not


Everyone Hates Joe



C: Shaquille O’Neal 38m
PF: Bob Pettit 30m
SF: Grant Hill 30m
SG: Julius Erving 38m
PG: Rick Barry 38m (28-PG/10-SF)


C: Tree Rollins 10m
PF: Larry Nance 18m
SF: Robert Horry 8m
SG: Mark Aquirre 10m
PG: Penny Hardaway 20m

DNP: Dennis Johnson
DNP: Paul Arizin

Joe’s Motto for this game is Zo don’t know, Take it slow, Rings to Show

First thing is Zo Don’t Know, cause it’s simple my man, Zo can’t stop Shaq. 16games H2H=

Shaq 30.4ppg at 57% shooting, 12.4rpg, 3.0bpg, 3.1apg

Zo 21.1ppt at 43% shooting, 9.2rpg, 2.0bpg, 1.3apg

Shaqs team won 13 times, Shaq scored over 30 7 times, over 40 2 times, 5 times shot over 60%, once over 70%, and once went 17 for 20, yea dude, for 85%.  No record of that dude ever slowin down the diesel.  Shaq’s stats all higher than averages.  Let the feast begin.

Next is take it slow, with the big dude down low and three dudes who can swing the rock around in Barry, Doctor and Hill, Joe’s controlling the pace of this game and keeping it in the half court.  Pound it inside, or take it hard to the rack since Zo’s gonna be occupied with Shaq.

Last is Rings to show.  LeBron has one Finals MVP, and was the man, ONCE.  But Joe’s got dudes like Shaq who dominated 3 times to get MVPs, Barry carried a bunch of scrubs to get his MVP, and Pettit took his team to the championship during the difficult Russell title run.  Plus dudes like Doctor, Aguirre and Big shot Bob got rings.  Most of bloods dudes road other cats to the title.

Joe’s Defense

You know you don’t have any good outside shooters when a cat just played a zone against your team, like Cain said unless that blood plays S.Jones who’s the that dude to scare anyone from outside?  Keep with all those cats in transition, where they get their points and give them space deep to invite them to shoot those low or almost zero percentage 3pt shots on Joe.  PnP’s out wide vs non-S.Jones go under, PnR’s with any 1-4 get under quick to contain the drive.

Centers: Shaq on Zo/Starting Center.  Dude, if all Zo had to do was PnR Shaq all day, how was he lifetime 43% vs Shaq, cause with some of those being dunks, what was that cat’s percentage on jumpers?  Zo can shoot those outside shots, Shaq’s staying a step back on PnR’s.  Parish had a pretty good jumper, so play that out there, but couldn’t roll a dubie, let alone to the basket.

Hayes: Dude loved that turnaround, and was a horrible teammate.  You cats told Joe that every game when he had him, right, lol.  Pettit can play him tight both outside to contest those shots, and inside bang him for rebounds.  Throw an occasional double if BJ is close, two things happen, Hayes won’t pass ( cat had one of the worst apg averages of any PF, 1 out of every 10 FGAs were a pass my man ) and BJ won’t shoot ( read up on the dude, he passed up wide open jump shots to other teammates ).

LeBron: Position he’s in don’t matter, he’s getting Hill for all his digits, then Nance for extra.  Both these dudes were strong, athletic and can keep close on drives.  Give him space outside to invite him to start shooting long jumpers.  Both can battle him for rebounds to limit extra possessions.

Drexler:  Always by Doctor, dudes an underrated defender who had more defensive rebounds and more blocks than Glide.  Give a step outside since the deepball ain’t hurtin joe, play the drives tight force baseline.

BJ/5th starter: Played by Barry.  If it’s BJ, that’s perfect, dudes only good for transition baskets which is tough to get against a dude as quick as Barry.  BJ allows Barry to not use much energy on defense, big plus for Joe.  If Cousy starts, Barry can contest jumpers easy with the 6 inch height difference, play off a step to disrupt those passing lanes. If S.Jones play him tight every inch of the court, watch those bankshots.

Other Backups played by position

Alvin: keep with drives, invite long shots

Rounds: Horry to keep in front of him, shouldn’t get many looks

Dunkmore: Tree is a great down low defender of someone that just dunks

Joes Offense

Control this game with size and strength in the halfcourt.  Spread the dudes around the perimeter with Shaq down low, Nance and Pettit take turns at the elbow with Barry.  Hill and Doctor working wing to wing.  Hill or Doctor can handle the rock if they press Barry, Hill was a stud passer in his prime, usually led the team as a SF.  Shaq’s the leading scorer and going straight after his defender. Looking for bloods bigs to use their fouls on Diesel to put him on the line, as effective as Shaq will be vs any defender they’ll be behind enough anyways.  Steals/rebounds go directly to Hill or Barry, Joe will fast break with Shaq steamrolling straight down the center, Doctor on the wing opposite, and Barry poppin at the arc for the 3ball if Hills got the rock.  BJ couldn’t contain Doctor, and won’t here either my man, if bloods rollin those dice Joes going cool with that.  Should see BJ lining up with Barry, LeBron with Doctor, and then 3rd cat will get with Hill, who he probably will think is DJ.  Doesn’t stop Joe from running these plays in the halfcourt=

-Dump it down to Shaq for his one on one power move, force the help inside cause ZO will need help with shaq.  If help comes shaq can dish it to the open dude, if none, then just keep powering to the basket and jam the ball in, Pettit comes crashing the boards.

-Barry up top directing the play, Doctor moves from the left elbow to the baseline for a pindown on the left block that frees Hill to Doctors spot at the elbow.  Doctor then curls under the hoop past a pair of screens from Pettit and Shaq to find himself open on the right wing for an open jumper.

-Shaq sets a pick for Barry up top.  Barry then dribbles off the pick, forcing ZO to give help.  Barry takes a few dribbles past the pick to create space, than dishes down to Shaq rolling to the basket for the jam, or passes to either a. Pettit at the weakside elbow for a jump shot, b. Doctor in the strongside corner to attack the rim, c. Hill in the weak side corner to reset the play up top.

-Nance sets a pick for Barry at the wing.  Barry dribbles off the pick, forcing Hayes to give help.  Barry dribbles in past the pick to create space, then either can pop that shot outside, find Penny down low posting up Cousy or dish across to Nance rolling to the basket.  If neither is there my man, find Shaq down low for his shot or reset to Hill up top.

-Pettit sets a pick for Hill up top. Hill goes off the pick, making Hayes help again.  Hill drives in a bit to get space, then either can shoot a j, or pass over to Pettit poppin to the weakside elbow area.  Or if Hayes commits, then pass to Shaq cutting strong side low post.

-Doctor and Hill at each elbow, Doctor sets a pick hard on his defender as Hill dribbles off the pick, forcing that dude to give help.  Hill takes a couple steps in, to either shoot that mid range j, or bounce pass in to doctor rolling to the basket.  Shaq is ducking into the lane waiting for the repass from doctor, or dish it back out to pettit for the jumper.

-Doctor/Aguirre cuts to backdoor, if he’s open on the cut Barry finds him.  If he’s not open, doctor/Aquirre goes to weakside corner, as takes it to strong side corner.  Shaq sets a pick at the corner for Barry, who dribbles off the pick, and finds shaq rolling to the basket, or hill spaced on the perimeter.

Bench dudes:  Nance used for Rolls on the plays with either Hill or Barry.  Tree banging down low for putbacks.  Horry keeps at wings, looks for screens from other forward to create space for his frustrating 3ball, or runs a PnR with the off guard to get to the basket.  Penny and Aquirre come in to create a mismatch looking for Cousy to be the defender on them, the 5-6 inch height difference will come in handy when Joe sends either down low for post ups as everyone else clears out.   Or just run a PnR with Hill to create space while cousy tries to defend those cats rollin to the hoop.  Cousy is stuck defending someone he can’t, Joe’s taking it to that white dude over and over.


1. Pound with Shaq, best scoring option on the court.
2. Defend LeBron with two solid options.
3. Attack Cousy/backup G with Penny/Aguirre.
4. Control the pace, outrebound, better scoring secondary options.



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Sports & Politics Intersect: Mr. Jones goes to Washington

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