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While NBA fans sit and stew about basketball games being cancelled and having nothing to watch, players not only have to find stuff to do to keep busy but also figure out ways to manage their finances. For someone like LeBron James, missing out on paychecks isn’t even among the top 10 reasons why the [...]

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  • NBA? Who cares !
  • Poor, poor guys. I enjoy watching the NBA, but today it's all about $$$$$, not like back in the day, when the players played because that's what they loved to do. It came from their hearts and not their bank accounts. So Dumb.
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  • It can be. I've chosen to give dating a break for the past 6 months, but would eventually enjoy getting to know someone, but he does not have to be rich, I make my own money. Have not been to your website, because I just have not decided whether or not I would want to meet someone on the web. Keep your chin up and just don't try too hard. It's really the little things in life that bring joy. And simply being financially comfortable is good with me!
  • @angelskeep...Excuse me but isnt everything about the money in the Sates now a days? Comon people have you looked at the headlines these days? Pick one..there are many to go around. pension fraud, overtime fraud...I see police officers..(sworn to serve and protect) document fraud in overtime to get the green backs. Politics...(we not going to even go there) So what is everybody so concerned in a negative way when these guys are just **** an honest days work and just like any person earning they want to be paid but the difference is they arn't stealing or defrauding to get it. Food for thought!!!
    Buy a house - get a job... diversify you lazy moose!
    Or wait go occupy Wall Street with all the other snivelers...
    I was a PRO BIG MTN SKIER for 15 years... never had a $600,000 pay check and never mooched off my parents either.
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  • SAVE IT - I work circles around you and this NBA Sniveler.
    Im sure you live in your parents basement.
  • Why don't you worry about your own life? I'm so glad that in this day and age the consideration for why people do what they do is so closely scrutinized by those whose lives are beleived to be something that should be mimiced. GERNSTEIN I have been through some tough times. I currently live in my parents basement so your thoughts on why I am where I am are of no concern to me and me being here has no value as to the human being that I am and the respect I give others. It must be maddening to know that their is a guy/gal living in their parents basement being coined "the loser" that could give people like you a run for their money in any challenge. I welcome your response but i won't value it as I'm sure it will be full of disregard and disrespect.
  • no he won't show disrespect, rather he'll continue spouting off how awesome and successful he is. Because you know guys that feel the need to spout off about how great they are on internet boards are usually high esteem, successful heroes of awesomeness that if only the world wasn't so stupid we would all realize that we should aspire to be like him.
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  • OH MAHN, I wish I was a multi-trillionare like that GERNSTEIN gui and the most badass person in the entire world.
  • My heart really goes out to this guy. He only makes $788,872.00 per. What a shame!!!!
  • You know what- enjoy - there will never be anyone who looked out for you, drove you and cheered you on, it's not a business interest, it's a parent's interest. This soon will pass!
  • Are you kidding me?? Give me $600,000 a year and I could make that work almost the rest of my life. If I get that for two years, then I guarantee I could make that work the rest of my life. Learn how to take care of yourselves financially.
  • Agreed.
    You are a retard
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  • I don't know...$500K a year with a 1st and 2nd mortgage, child support, alimony, and a hot young girlfriend doesn't go as far as ya think. Sorry just projecting:)
  • @Temana..that is just it..the folks posting these comments dont think. They dont realize that at all. Someone on this site said they could make 600.00 last for the rest of thier lives. Oh wait my bad he actually said 2 payments of that amount. (1.2 million) He must be planning on being gay and not having any kids or kids mamas sucking him dry for money once they know he making money. (not at all saying all women suck men dry) But there is a certain type of person who prey on folks for money) Not to mention you must be living very common because a house or apt worth anything wil most certainly come with a price tag!!! In a nutshell that is not a lot of money!!!
  • based on what lifestyle? Remember at that income category and living in NY more than half is gone immediately. You wouldn't be able to live the rest of your life in NYC with a reasonable lifestyle for that $$. Or do you expect the kid to pack up and move to Iowa in order to make that money last forever. One other point, if you were handed that kind of income are you going to suggest that you would change your lifestyle in which case that money won't go as far anymore. People who think making 300k a year after taxes is living a wealthy life have no idea. 300K is outstanding but by no means will it last long in places like NYC, LA and SF....unless you live in the ghetto.
  • Are you insane? I live in the SF Bay Area, and yes, it's expensive. But my husband, myself and my two kids would live pretty damn high on the hog with $300K a year, let me tell you. You do need about $80K a year to live semi-comfortably, but anything over that is gravy... So I too have very little sympathy for anybody complaining about having to live on $600K a year, no matter WHERE he lives.
  • What you dont realise ifyousayso is that this money is the foundation of the rest of thier lives...HELLO of course you can live off that pretty good..but what happens after that? Well because you are seemingly working how long do you think he can keep living that way after the money stops? How long do you think you can live like that if you get laid off or fired???? Oh and since you were living high off the hog you dont have too much in savings soooooo. Now you fall into the ranks of the rich and now broke. Comeon people think!!!
  • Thank you..finally someone with sense. Folks who think that is alot of money honestly have never dealt with money before. if you live in a 200.00 a month studio apt. you may be able to strecth that a long ways but comeon lets be realiatic..no one lives like that who works anywhere near the NBA. Its all aout lifestyles people. That kind of money and job demands a higher cost of living. That is why they make that type of money.
  • Thats BS
  • I have never made $600,000 in my life time. I've been working for almost 40 years.At his $600,000 salary , at my current rate of pay in a public school, it will take me over 37 years to make $600,000. Adding my wife's salary, it would take us 11 years to match his one year salary. No pity from me!
  • @disgusted8..So you can make 1.2 millioin last for the rest of your life? You must not live i california because after they get through taking your @ss to bank from all the taxes they take from you. There wont be too much to go around. Not to mention all the BS the Big bank put you through these days. A 600.000 sallery after taxes and agent fees and living expenses isnt really alot of money sir. The reason he is living with his parents is to protect his future. Get your foot out of your mouth...millionairs file bankruptcy for this very reason.
  • This crap about how players earning millions > even the low paid ones who are broke and havent even missed a paycheck yet ... tired of the sad sap BS of these over paid no talent bums
  • Agreed
  • Personally i hope the NBA doesnt play another game for 5 years
  • Make it 10 and u got my vote.
  • On top of all his other problems like moving back home with mommy and daddy, he also has to worry about being in that top 1% that obama is going after for additional taxes. Sux to be him.
  • yo, disgusted8, ya $600,000 will last a long time for a regular guy... in Syracuse. But you can blow it fast in New York City paying New York City prices. Seems to me the kid is taking care of himself financially as you put it. Smart fellow, keeps his money in his pocket, gets to spent time with his friends and family, and gets to watch Syracuse U. start its march to the Final Four.
    There is a reason they love this guy in the 'Cuse, he has got a good head on his shoulders.
    Love the NBA, not all the players, just the mature ones like this one.
  • Is this a joke? Try living on the avarage salary of $45k per year where you cant even afford to live in NYC or close to it, or even pay for cable to watch a basketball game on top of everything else. With everything going on in this country, are we supposed to feel sorry for any of these guys?
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  • Thats funny i didnt read the part wear he was "whining like a little bitch" Read it again. You will notice that the reporter implied he may not be able to live off it. He was happy to be spending time with family.
  • Are you kidding? This guy is complaining about having a hard time to pay the rent after making $600,000 in a year, and the writer of this story has sympathy for a young 24 year old? In my 22-year military career, I made a TOTAL of $660,000. With that, I raised two kids, kept the cars running, and bought a house. A single guy with $600,000 should be set for a few years. Also, he could find a job with his college degree, right? BTW, do the math, that is $30,000 per year.
  • I'm not sure if you read the article correctly, as I don't believe he was complaining about paying rent. Just that it made more sense not to stay in a high priced apartment in NYC when he could just drive five hours to his parents house in Syracuse and save some of the money he did earn until they figure this mess out. Sounds pretty smart to me.
  • I agree completely 89FoxStang. This article makes him seem like he isnt making jack **** and that he is poor cuz he is living with his parents. On the contrary, he is making a smart financial move.
  • Don't bring up common sense now. Then people can't spout off about how great they are.
  • SHUT UP, you don't have to pay medical, dental, college (yourself), and military discounts wherever you go. ANd not to mention BAS (330 a month), BAH (800), you get more money for being married and having kids. Don't compare yourself to this guy. And if you were in 22 years and only averaged 30,00 a year then you didn't do much in your military career. It takes about 5 years to get past E-4, and after that, its well over 30 grand a year.
  • Oh, PLEASE - "$1.39 million will mean very little to a person who is only in their mid-20's" - what universe are you LIVING in? Tell that to a teacher who is trying to educate young people in an urban school district for MAYBE $40,00 a year, or the cop or the priest who is working in the same neighborhood. Do you think your mind and thinking may be a wee bit skewed here? Try to get a grip!
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  • The point is he didnt make 1.39 million yet thats why he is being smart. He is in the second year of his contract meaning if they dont play hes not getting paid that other half. He only got the 1st years pay. Hes not complaining that he does not have money he saying its nice to stay around his friends and family and get home cookked food and that saving money is just a bonus. He could play 1 more year to finish his contract then get cut so why not just be safe and smart while being with your family.
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  • Sensitive much? You must be one of those locked out players, or maybe you're one of their baby-mamas that won't get the child support check this month. In any case, what makes ME sick is that they are paid exponentially higher than the average joe and STILL manage to end up broke at the end of their careers. Could it be because the mean average of their collective I.Q.'s is only a double digit number?
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  • @ sketteroo you just decribed half of capital hill and the whole likes of the tea party..are you mad at them too????
  • YOU are a DONKEY!
    U are a Scary bitch who hide behind a message.. growp up little girl
  • Sounds to me like you are the one crying. Now you do something about it.
  • @_KNOW_BETTER This is the best post I have read all day....Thanks for dropping some knowlegde.
  • Some of the stuff people write in these reply's make me laugh... Instead of whining about how much everyone else is making how about u actually set some goals for yourself in life and accomplish something... This is whats wrong with the U.S today, everyone feels bad for themselves and thinks people who work hard to make alot of money don't deserve it.. I'm sure 600K would make you set for life, You would be the king of the trailer park with your double wide paid off... By the way he's the one that paid 300K in taxes last year to cover your welfare check and food stamps... Maybe u should thank him..
  • Who really cares anyway.Most of these guys went to college for free so get a job like the rest of us. Whats the locke out about anyway MONEY!!!!!! Just like football was millioniars fighting with billionairs over the guy making $45k a years money. What a load of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • You must be one of those rich snob players, i'm not whinning I make a decent living and love my place in life but these babies, yourself included, complaining about money is CRAP. Maybe you need to move to the real world.
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  • You sounds like a whiny 2 year old yourself. YOU grow up and stop harassing strangers for posting their opinions.
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  • THEY PLAY BASKETBALL MORON Thats y people are WHINING I hope they never play another pro game again the proplem is i'll end up having to pay for 90% of them when there sitting in prison
  • @OldArmy...I didn't read anywhere where it says he was complaining about having a hard time paying rent. What he said simply is that he saves money by living with his parents during the lockout. @Gernstein...PRO BIG MTN SKIER vs NBA player...and you never made in 15 years what he made in one season, but you're calling HIM lame?
  • You guys need to check yourself.
    1. He never complained, he simply took an unfortunate event (no season) and turned it positive by taking advantage of having more personal time to spend with his loved ones.
    2. Ya he made alot of money last year. Guess what, hes being a responsible adult by not wasting it away. He is living a non flashy life with his parents who im sure are glad to have him. Trust me....hes not free loading
    3. You turds clearly know nothing about the lockout.
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  • Yo. The word is "advice". Douche.
  • I think all of these NBA players should just quit crying and play ball. I want to watch basketball and not hear about money problems. They don't even have a clue what it is to have money troubles.
  • 3. Even though he is not complaining, he has every right to. The lockout is in the hand of a few. Those being represented are the elite paid NBA players, Rautins' interests to them arn't paramount, they are concerned about their own interest. All the man wants to do is utilize his hard earned talents to make some money. Now he is saving his money for a rainy day aka an extended lockout.
  • I_KNOW_BETTER is a troll trying to piss everyone off. Notice how he/she has nothing positive or helpful to contribute?

    Anyhoo, everyone becomes accoustomed to the life you live based on your salary. So everyone from the $45K/year to the $600K/year would feel some sort of pinch financially if you all of the sudden weren't guaranteed your paycheck any longer. He's not whining AT ALL; he's being smart and resourceful and building closer relationships with his family by doing so. I commend him for not relying on a paycheck that he may not see for a long time coming.
  • I have no sympathy for someone who is HANDED millions a year before they even do anything, and can't manage their finances responsibly enough to make it when they can't "work" for a couple months. I'd like to see guys like this make it for a full year on the $25,000 most American's have to live on AND pay their own bills. With making over a million he could just go find a cheaper apartment than the one he was in. What does he think the people that make minimum wage in New York, and everywhere else, do? They don't all live with their parents! Again, no sympathy for someone who has never truly worked for their money.
    An NBA "star" moving back in with his parents to "save money" isn't even worthy sports news.
  • It isn't handed to him. He earned the contract through years of dedication and hard work. You think this kid woke up one morning and was a great basketball player? And FYI - I couldn't live on 25K per year in anyway shape or form and nor do I want to have an inkling of that lifestyle. It is why I went to college, studied hard and applied myself in my career. The point is that this kid might lose his entire playing career due to the lockout if it last for the remainder of his contract and if he doesn't get resigned. If that is the case then he is doing the smartest thing possible by not spending anything and living at home until he knows what his future entails. The difference between this kid moving home and many others who move home is that he is being smart and responsible and not mooching. The moochers are the ones that move home because they have ZERO ambition or motivation to succeed.
  • I'm sure Leo Rautins is an intelligent and realistic young man. He is earning a nice salary for someone fresh out of college. He's foolish to invest in an over-the-top apartment since the likelihood of him remaining a New York Knick is highly doubtful. He might remain in the NBA and at a salary comparable to what he's currently earning. However, where he eventually decides to live and work post NBA is up in the air. Considering the economy, who knows what type of job awaits him post NBA career. Although, I can envision him moving into the coaching ranks. He can certainly impart his knowledge of shooting three pointers. I remember that six overtime game at Madison Square Garden against Connecticut in the quarterfinals of the big East in 2009 and Leo drilling those three pointers both from a set position but also off the dribble.
    I think it's wonderful he's spending time at home with his parents and I'm sure his bedroom is roomy. This strike will afford him time to think about his future and invest his earnings wisely and not be duped by some Wall Street speculator who will lose his money.
  • um 1.39 million over 2 years.if he doesnt work another day thats almost 50,000 a year for the nexr 23 or 24 years boo hoo for the players that might have to actually work for a living
  • Must be real tough two manage a two year $1.39 million contract (does he even play)? Let him sleep in a cardboard box, that way he might learn how to manage his finances a bit better. If I'm supposed to feel sorry for this idiot...I DON'T!
  • You are all gay! Those of you complaining about this b-ball player and those complaining about the complaining...
    Stop it America! Go eat some food and complain about that.
  • I have no sympathy for him earning $1.39 million even thought I am from Syracuse. I have been out of work for almost a year, my unemployment has been reduced to $91.00 a week, my car is going to be repossed, I am on food stamps, welfare says I make too much week form unemployment to get financial help, I have $6.00 in the bank, I have to give up my two cats because I will have no money for their food or kitty litter, I have no one family wise who can help financially, I can't go back to school cuz my school loans are in default and the list goes on and I am supposed to feel sorry for him?! Try getting a financial adviser and learn how to live on the money you bitch ass has and be a man and stop whining..people like me have it harder and are struggling to get a job and are out of options...I can't run to mommy and daddy's house cuz my mother is a pill popping junkie and my father is an alcoholic..so tell me know why are you even reporting on this garbage!
  • OH PLEASE! The man has made $500,000+ and has to live with mom and dad??? Didn't they teach him about budgeting and saving? Most people don't make that in 5 yrs and that is with raising kids and they don't live with their parents. Sorry, no sympathy here. No one said he had to live in an expensive place to begin with. You earn that and since he obviously has no concept of money management, he shouldn't be in that expensive place.
  • What is Wrong with America? We are brainwashed to believe it takes large amounts of money just to live. Boy they got our number..................we are slaves, the grease that keeps the machine rolling and it is accelerating. I am in finance and get to see the actual earnings of people in every walk of life and for the most part people are earning 2500 to 3000 dollars per month and making it here in TX. This Idea that it takes $500,000 a year to live comfortably is science fiction, it is a nightmare created by the American EGO. How did they get people to believe this? Is it something in the Water? BACK TO BASICS AMERICA before we forget where we came from!

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