Found January 28, 2013 on Celtics Green ...a boston celtics blog.:
It sure was nice to do comments for a win finally.   Heat fans spend more time trashing their own team than they do cheering for them. I guess that's the nature of bandwagon fans. I love how they say KG is finished and then say they wish Bosh played more like KG.   It was nice to see the Heat fans not gloating over Rondo's injury and wishing him a quick recovery.   I've highlighted my favorites.  What are yours?  Boston has been trash lately but you just know they are going to give it their best against the HEAT. Ray Allen 10/10 from 3 and gets beer poured on his head on the way out I don't simply want the win... I want to blow these guys out!! Boston is sucking right now, but honestly, they bring their A+ game against us EVERY TIME. Especially in their building, and the fact that it's Ray's return?! im expecting Ray to come in to a chorus of boos. I think the guys are going to want this one pretty bad, even if just for Ray. Holy **** rondo isn't playing today... A lot of the air just got taken out of my sails with that Rondo news. I want to beat these **** with all their pieces. Rondo ruins everything If rondo doesn't play and we still lose to these mf's then I'm going to be extremely pissed. Classy Boston They gave a tribute to Ray Allen even after the way things ended for him there. Hate Barbosa Glad to see Wade using his jumper, he has a tough matchup against Bradley Damn LeBron got stuffed? You don't see that often... Woah go ahead Courtney lee, nice block on lebron. that's definitely not a easy thing to do... Bosh is showing KG who deserves to be starter in all star game Celtics are better without the stat padder. I cannot stand the Celtics and Jason terry Just rewatched the terry 3 pointer...can t believe how bad Ray Allen is on defense wow KG is the only player I would be ok with if someone from our team just socked him. I can't say enough in regards to how good Avery Bradley's on ball defense is. He's just sticks to you like glue. I feel like Joey Crawford refs all our games Barbosa is a Heat killer. I love how green kept on slaping lebron on the arm but no call Ok Trade Bosh Rondo might have a torn ACL. Hope it's not that serious. Screw Rondo. Rose yeah I want him to get better. But anything from Boston they can go screw themselves. Sullinger and kg having a good game. I'm sick of kg playin crap all other games but just plays lights out against us Chalmers clearly gave them momentum. I wanna slap the **** out of him. The Celtics already look tired Man kg is really getting exposed. he's old, the only reason why he still puts up big numbers offensively is because of rondo... Boston are very weak in rebounding. Much weaker then us Without Kevin garnett, they got nothing upfront Haha if pierce doesn't step it up then he's getting traded... Danny Crawford cheating for the Celts I wonder why rl did that tho? He was trying to choke chubby sully... HUBIE BROWN #1 CHEERLEADER FOR THE CELTS Doesn't matter who's playing for the Celtics these guys always give us hell. Why are we tied? THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE RONDO!! Imagine if they did. CELTICS ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY OVERLY AGGRESSIVE. WE CANT GET INTO A RHYTYM This is sad to be honest, playing down to competition once again. The Celtics don't even have rondo and they're still in the game Rio needs to be benched... Chalmers is the most stupid, overrated and one dimensional pg of the league! Smh here goes Paul pierce faking injuries again... We need a wheel chair Wade can't get any passes. Boston playing great D Refs just giving the Celtics calls now smh.. It's crazy some of the calls we aren't getting as physical as Boston is playing us. That call on Wade just horrible I'm no fan of Rondo at all. In fact I hate him the most on that Celtic team, but I hate to hear that he sustained an injury of that magnitude. I genuinely hope he gets better and comes back from it better than he ever was. Same way I feel. I would hate for Lebron or Wade to suffer an injury that serious and I believe in Karma. Hope he makes a quick and full recovery. Whoa, Rondo gone for the year, hate that guy, but get better Rondo, hate to see that. Exactly. never want that happen to anybody. Tough for Celtics fans Golem down for the season. He will not be missed by me. It sucks for Boston though. I hate Rondo, but never would wish injury upon him. I hope he gets a speedy recovery. Both our pg sucks We are playing so soft. Lebron is afraid to go to the rim And why the **** was Lewis playing earlier? He is almost as bad as Cole He is Bosh's twin except he is awful on offense. So basically he's useless. C's have been playing great defense all game Boston is pumping the noise all the way right now LOL what's up with our transition defense today? The Celtics look much younger then us right now smh... Green just poster'd Bosh The way Jeff green attacked the basket is the way lebron & wade should be doing... Rivers is annoying as hell...every foul he jumps around like a mad men Chalmers has been useless tonight. I guess he figured since Rondo isn't playing he doesn't need to prove himself. Chalmers is straight trash; tonight and most night anyways. Sometimes I wonder why we have all those 3 point shooters on the team if they can t make a three to save their lives Gotta give credit to Boston. They are locking up the lanes and really closing out on our shooters. Again, they bring their freakin' A game against us ALL THE TIME. I bet their next game, they won't play like this. What does Spo tell them in the huddle, dribble with no purpose then jack a 3? we are so lucky bostons playin like crap on offense too I wish Bosh played like Garnett Why is Wade passing to Ray like Ray is LeBron lol? Not winning here fellas. Been reduced to bostons standard We deserve to lose. It won't change this lazy ass attitude (particularly on the road) though. We deserve this L I guess I don't mind losing this game.... Boston's season is over anyway. Might as well give them their championship game lol. Sometimes I hate this team **** every one in this stupid team! We don't deserve to win this year! I hate you wade. We really don t deserve to win...I don t think we made even one good play in the fourth quarter This was the game where we could have crushed the C's confidence for good, and our dumb ass team came out unfocused and lazy. Dude we lost to the freaking wizards. Believe anything. If terry hit a game winner I'd kill myself. Lmao fkn hate that guy Pierce was able to get a step on LBJ Jason Terry gets more calls than Dwyane Wade. My god ray Allen is selfish Man omg wade just slap yourself in the f'n face please... Wade should've took Pierce off the dribble he's slow as hell Wow I wish I could hit Wade right now. It's funny how the Celtics have an astonishingly smoother offensive flow even with Rondo out Boston defends Wade really well for some reason Dude is reduced to a scrub against Boston in the regular season. Boston sucks and we AR going to lose to them Wheelchair on a mission Dwyane wade is no longer my favorite player, thank god I wasn't in the td garden tonight because I would whoop that **** ass... You ****ing idiot wade. You stupid ****ing idiot **** you, Wade. **** you, you ball-hogging punk *****. I feel bad for Rondo because no athlete deserves an injury like that but I could not care less about the Boston fanbase, they deserve to feel bad. I lost so much respect for dwyane wade, this dude blows foreal... You idiot ray Ray Allen sucks. We weren t coasting...can people stop saying that...Celtics just outplayed us Doc's coaching against us is really worrisome. He traps Wade all the time and runs beautiful sets in the halfcourt and out of time outs because he knows how much we trap. Chalmers is worse than Junk.. D-League material at this point.. His decision making, turnovers, defense, shooting, extremely low IQ/boneheaded and overall crappy play have costed us at-least 3-4 games.. I'm dead serious.. He is HORRIBLE.. HORRIBLE... He might actually be the worst starting PG in the league.. Ughhh... Every time Boston calls a timeout they score in like 2 secs sporon take notes 20 turnovers and awful shot selection. Nothing else needs to be said One other reason for tonights loss. I know it was the Celtics but that urgency that they had during the 2010-2011 season that they had to win in the road against the team that Lebron and Chris left "for our brother" mentality wasn't there for Ray I doubt they care though This team is looking like a first round exit team. I'm just wondering how Pierce got only his 7th triple double in his career considering how awful he's played lately. miami was moe focussed on playing ball with POTUS than playing in boston Ugh that sucked [Discuss on CG Forums!]

Buy Dwyane Wade’s Autographed 2005 Range Rover For $25,000

Are you such a huge fan of Dwyane Wade that you are willing to drop $25,000 on his autographed 2005 Range Rover? Yes? That must be a miserable life. However, it’s your lucky day. Some guy is selling Wade’s old ride, but it comes with a very cool piece of memorabilia. Wade autographed the driver’s side visor. Are you a little fat and have been striking out with the ladies...

Ray Allen returns to Boston to face the slumping Celtics

Ray Allen is sitting on top of the world. His Miami Heat are on a hot-streak and they are the current kings of the Eastern Conference. His good fortune is just another reason why he will be a hated man when he walks into  the Celtics TD Bank Garden on Sunday. Please Click Here To Read This Story The post Ray Allen returns to Boston to face the slumping Celtics appeared first...

Report: LeBron James comments on tackling fan after amazing halfcourt shot.

LeBron James has made some pretty big shots in his time in the NBA. He’s also celebrated with his teammates when they have done the same. James was the model of class as he embraced and celebrated with a fan who sank a halfcourt shot to win $75,000  during the halftime of  Friday’s victory over the Detroit Pistons. James rushed and tackled Michael Drysch, a 50-year-old computer...

Celtics-Heat Live: Ray Allen Returns to Boston in Battle of Streaking Teams Headed in Opposite Directions

8 a.m. ET: Welcome back, Ray Allen. Or not. The former Celtics guard should not expect a warm welcome when he makes his first appearance in Boston as a member of the Miami Heat. Celtics fans are still miffed over the way Allen ditched their team for the Heat last summer, and they have been waiting for this opportunity to let him know exactly how they feel. Judging by how this season...

Ray Allen Returns To TD Garden

Ray Allen returns to TD Garden for the first time since joining the rival Miami Heat. The 5-year Celtic received mostly boos as he checked in, but did receive a standing ovation when they played a tribute video during the break: Ray Allen tribute video -

Vote: Should Celtics Fans Cheer for Ray Allen on Sunday?

The Boston Celtics, who find themselves buried in the Eastern Conference and Atlantic Division standings at 20-23, will go toe-to-toe with one of the former members of the Big Three on Sunday. Ray Allen will have his hands full not only defending Boston’s young and versatile guards but also in dealing with the fans. The same crowd that embraced him when he broke Reggie Miller...

Ray Allen Says He’ll Always Be a Celtic Regardless of Fans’ Boos Everytime He Touched Ball in Return

Sunday’s 1:00 p.m. Heat-Celtics game was supposed to be all about Ray Allen and his return to Boston. Then, word came down about Rajon Rondo‘s ACL tear, and the day became all about the injured point guard. But just because the Celtics lost Rondo for the season doesn’t mean you can forget all about Allen’s five seasons with Boston and his emotional return to the TD Garden...

5 Things Celtics must do to win tomorrow - Heat 1/27

Not like other Celtics fans, I am quickly moving on from last night's meltdown and looking ahead to tomorrow's return of Ray Allen. This offseason Allen stupidly left the Celtics for the Heat for less money. I don't know if he wasn't thinking or if he's just one of those guys who doesn't understand common sense, but he looked bad. He thanked us in the Globe...

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade take photo with Bill Clinton painting at White House (Picture)

Back on Monday, the Miami Heat traveled to Washington D.C. to visit the White House and celebrate their 2012 NBA Championship.Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade decided to roam the halls and took some time to take a photo with a portrait of 42nd USA president Bill Clinton:(Courtesy of TMZ/Image courtesy of LeBron James Instagram Account)

Photo Gallery: Celtics-Hawks

Boston drops their 6th in a row last night after blowing a 27-point lead in Atlanta. Hawks win in 2OT 123-111. Celtics now get ready for the Heat and the return of Ray Allen tomorrow at TD Garden. Tip-off is at 1pm EST. Won’t be surprised if nobody’s interested, but here are some pics, GIFs & struggle faces from last night’s tough loss..

The Miami Heat visit the White House

One of the perks of winning an NBA Championship is the opportunity to visit the White House and meet with the the President. Today was that day for the Miami Heat. The entire Heat team, staff and owner Micky Arison were on hand as President Obama took the time to honor the Heat, crack a few jokes at their expense and celebrate their 2012 NBA title. A few of the highlights: The...

“The Fellowship of the Miserable” – A Boston Magazine Feature on Sports Media

You’ll recall that last year, Alan Siegal wrote a feature for Boston Magazine on 98.5 The SportsHub morning team Toucher and Rich. Siegal, who has also written for Deadspin among other publications, is back in the pages of Boston Magazine this month with a feature entitled The Fellowship of the Miserable.  The introduction for it goes like this: Whiny, petulant, entitled, self...
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