Found March 19, 2013 on Celtics Green ...a boston celtics blog.:
I really, really dislike the Heat and their fans.  The majority of  Heat fans became fans when LeBron arrived.  They are fair weather fans  who trash their own players constantly when they miss a play or don't shoot well.  .  They also talk about how Celtics fans are complaining about the refs and then turn around and complain about the refs and the truth is that no team gets more calls than the Heat.   Heat fans are among the least classy and most arrogant fans in the league.  And I'm willing to bet that if their team fell on hard times the majority would promptly disappear.  Heat better outrebound them, even if KG plays. Knowing that John Cena is more than likely a Celtics fan just makes me hate them even more. Honestly could'nt care less about the Celtics at this point, they're so 2009. We already killed that rivalry. Absolutely not afraid of this Celtics team in a playoff series, but for 1 game, they can beat us, especially if we show up with a lazy effort. Anyway, because this would be the win number 23, I would love to do it, not because its against Boston (they are dead already) , just because it is history. I hope we give these guys a celestial ssa whooping that they will never forget. I hope we stomp the green panties off these bums. Man I hate the Celtics with a passion and they're annoying fans. Knicks fans have been worst this year just like how Mavs fans were in 06 & 2011 but Celtics fans are consistently annoying... Concerning KG, there's no way that I don't expect that crotchety old ****ER not to be out there tonight and I want him to be. Just win, I don't want Celtics fans to use this game as an example of why they could beat us in a series Kevin Garnett (thigh) is out tonight against the Heat. Is the ****ER not on the active roster or are they just saying he won't play? I don't trust 'em. The Celtics are scary. Only because they are so unpredictable because of their constant change in effort depending on what game they are playing. I don't really think they stand a chance against us if both teams play their hardest. In a strange way its going to be Avery Bradley who will be the key to this game, he dogs our guards like no one else and their handle and rhythym gets thrown off. Heat should blow em out to keep Terrys blabbering mouth shut for a bit. Even dead, he will speak how he hates the heat to the Devil himself Terry...he has no idea of what class is...nothing will keep his mouth shut...not his 13.3 PER not his ugly mug, nothing. He is great example of what the NBA is not...a remember what happened to the Dinosaurs...extinction here we come...tick tick tick Ray Allen better **** all over Terry. Please Miami shut That little ***** terry and his wife pierce down!! Make them hurt, and go have fun. I hope Wade schools Bradley As a franchise I don’t care about the Celtics, but as people I f***ing hate every single one of these d****es, starting with King Turd, Doc Rivers. From there the diarrhea trickles down to the players. Once these players leave I won’t care about the Celtics. It will be fun though to hear them whine and make excuses after we beat their asses tonight. We gonna beat them so bad they gonna be talking bout retirement I have absolutely no respect for anybody on the C’s. So tired of the confidence the Celtics have against us. Time to step on their necks. Celtics crying already Got away with one LeBron travelled LeBron did travel. Also Avery Bradley has no handle. Wade is one of the biggest reasons we always lose at Boston. He just does not play well there. I know the streak will come to an end sometime. Just don't want it to be against this damn team. Ray needs to wake the f*** up..........Jesus bricking 2 wide open 3's Please have Bosh go take his jersey off and go put on a cheer uniform. They're letting Boston play really physical, a ton of reach-ins so far. We're going to have to make shots to win this game, because they're gonna let them manhandle us. Jeff Green decides to play well against us. Ray Allen needs to stop dribbling Our defense is making Jeff Green look like LeBron/Wade right now smh... Lol, if KG even tried to what Green is doing, he would fall apart Green is going to murder us The second we start drawing charges, Green will disappear. Lebron cant stay on his man **** I hate Boston Hey everybody, look, its Boston's super bowl. Jason The Clown Terry celebrating like they've won the JAson Terry is a troll! I'm getting so angry. F*** Jason Terry Seriously, the way Jeff Green is attacking is what LeBron should be doing right now smh.. I hate Terry. Punk ass. Of course Birdman couldn't control the rebound, he was fouled on the reach in. Bradley is fouling man Jeff Green looking like Durant out there Jeff Green is trash Guarantee he won’t score over 25 Get Shane Battier off Green, he is getting torched. Nothing good ever happens when Cole is on the floor. Ray Allen is an idiot. The guy's a chucker except when the clock is running out. The only time he looks to pass. What is this garbage? This is not Heat basketball. 31 points to a team that can't score. Pathetic. Time for Ray to make Boston pay. Just cut into this lead going into the half. They will fold down the stretch if we keep it close. The Garden is playoff-like loud We need halftime... Birdman is just stupid Sag back, let him take the jumper you idiot Ray Allen wrote the book on how to throw away possessions. Ray sucks on offense and defesne. If we're going to keep playing like this than I'll gladly turn this $hyt off and go get drunk at a near by bar... Wade ain't getting no calls right now smh... I think this game dosen´t mean anything, we can lose this game, so what? We are already in the playoffs, which are the games that really matter we should start focusing on winning the second championship in a row and not a simple regular season game I've been saying forever that Rondo is overrated but people didn't believe me lol. Not to say that they aren't better with Rondo but the guys impact is so overstated because people just look at his assist numbers and don't understand that the guy holds the ball to much and stops the ball movement and he's not really a big threat to score. I hate Terry and his perfectly circled head. Bosh is such a ***ing ***. Boston is going foul crazy that may hurt them in the end After being down by 16, after the monster half by Jeff green, after everything else that happened, we’re only down by 6pts at the half. I can say that, never fear, 23 will come to pass. Apparently the fix is in And the refs are the reason for the Heat comeback Now that the lead is trimmed down to 6, Celts fans are ******** about the refs. They can’t accept the fact that their beloved Celtics ain’t a match for our heat. Celtic fans are only happy when the refs don’t call Boston for any of their fouls. I can't stop watching that LeBron dunk on Terry Don't stare at it. That might be considered taunting. Lebron has to get stabbed to get a call in this place Refs need to give LeBron the calls he deserves **** these refs. Call the **** fouls. Since when do announcers call out 3 second violations? Geez, Tirico. We're overpassing. Also, not matching the energy level of these pieces of ****. Finally this team is showing some fight. Love how Battier slapped the ball outta Pierce's hand. NBA new agenda, make Green the future in Boston (kidding) I love that the dunk was on terry just wonderful. All that's missing is a coffin dropping on him. Rivers takes the timeliest time outs, spo could learn somethin Refs taking ova smh... Officiating in Boston is a joke Lol at the whining on the Celtics' board. It's hilarious the amount of fouls Bradley gets away with This is why SPO is far from being a great coach compared to Doc. Would Spo do the same w. Doc's team? NO. Would Doc keeps Mario in? No. Does Bosh know KG ain't playing? Holy sh*t getting tired of Jeff Green. Jesus, can we get a stop on ****ing Green? I'm actually starting to get pissed at this scrub going full Millsap on us. It's official....Green has souled his soul to the devil!! Ok, if we lose this game vs a less Rondo and KG Boston Celtic, it would be really worried! I never understood why Miami has such a bad record in Boston. They’ve seen the same thing from Boston, year after year after year. Its not like you can’t figure it out after seeing it so much. Send Cole to the d league. Scrub. I don't think it would be much of a stretch to say that Cole is the worst rotation player in the NBA These loose ball fouls are killing me. Better not hear any complaining about the refs with all these gifts the Celtics are getting from the refs. Chris Andersen just doesn't belong in this type of game. The fouls killed that quarter for us. Should be up. No KG, no Rondo, Ray is on our side, and we still struggle against them. I find that more annoying... Green is looking like a super star out there as well... Doc getting everything out of his talent...Sp not so much.... Jeff Green will score 1000 and Spo will still not know. Wow 41 pts for Green, pathetic.. Nobody on Boston has had a 40 point game this season Against Miami they have their first lol Forgot about the former Wizard, Crawford. One helluva scorer They better guard terry Chris Bosh is horrible. They're taking advantage of all our schemes. I **** hate Doc Rivers. I don't want to play vs this team in the PO'! This game is BS. Although credit to Green for executing. I keep telling everyone never underestimate Terry. Damn...can't believe it though. Spo being Spo. Lebron shooting jumpers is becoming cringe worthy Why call a timeout after we had a huge run? Spo just did Rivers a favor. Another 3 by Boston....AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This loss comes down to coaching. Doc is coaching circles around Spo right now... Boston pumping in the fake crowd cheers Can't get a foul call without the prostate exam. I keep forgetting. Lmao that angle looked like LeBron touched it last, but it went off Green's foot Are the Celtics fans in the arena that blind? Or are they dumb? Lebron getting fouled everywhere Rather see Rio shoot a 3 than lebron pound the ball for 20 seconds Green with 13 free throws MVP Lebron with 6 freaking free throws........WTF Celtic fanbase should be on sucide watch REFS ARE SCARED OF THE PUMPED IN CROWD NOISE. Pierce FTL. The guy never makes clutch shots anymore YEA!!!!!!TAKE THAT **** PAUL PIERCE AND BOSTON FANS AND **** REFS!!! BALL DON'T LIE PIERCE, YOU SHAMELESS CHUCKER!!! Someone get a stretcher for Pierce. Battier trolling Paul hahaha This win was the sweetest of the season. PP and the JET can blow it out their ass if they got anymore tough guy comments Green will NEVER drop 43 again against us. That was crazy. Serious props to that man. He almost single handedly ended our streak. GG Terry getting **** on by Lebron and Pierce getting clowned by Battier. Such a fitting end after the crap those two talked before the game The funniest thing is LeBron hit his jumper as the go ahead bucket when it's been off lately. Like he was trolling the C's the whole time [Discuss on CG Forums!]

Jason Terry selling Mercer Island mansion for $2.5 million (PICS)

Jason Terry thinks so highly of his Seattle, Washington roots that he has his old area code, 206, tattooed on his chest.  But the roots aren’t deep enough to where Terry feels the need to keep a home in the Seattle area. Terry earns his paychecks in Boston these days.  And even though his net worth is roughly $25 million (I’m skepitcal it isn’t more), he doesn’t need houses...

Wikipedia Pronounces Jason Terry Dead at 9:01 PM at the Hands of LeBron (Photo)

Hopefully, Jason Terry has dunk insurance for his family and friends. He had a good a life, before LeBron went Mortal Kombat on him. Once TMZ confirms Last Rites have been given, we will know that it is real.

Green, Celtics Close To Ending The Heat’s Streak, But No Cigar

Heat 105, Celtics 103 Do moral victories exist in the minds of NBA players? Do they consider the difficult circumstances, appreciate their team’s effort, and accept the fact that, although they lost, they played really well? The short answer is probably not. Yet when the Celtics (36-30) gave the Heat, a team that has seemed untouchable throughout their 23-game winning streak, everything...

Heat escape Boston with a 105-103 win; streak hits 23 despite career game from Jeff Green

Ugh. The Celtics, without Kevin Garnett (and Rondo, and Sullinger, and Barbosa..) had the Heat right where they wanted them. They were up 17 in the first half, and 13 with 8:27 to go in the 4th. But they couldn't close the door. Lebron James was too good, scoring 37 points to go with 12 assists and 7 boards for Miami. The Celtics were led by Jeff Green's career high 43 points...

The Prayer List: Jason Terry And Joakim Noah Need Your Well Wishes

Ed’s Note: There are times when dunks, crossovers, insane tackles and other things that can cause extreme embarrassment to players and raucous laughter amongst the consumers of live sports, yet don’t meet the (singular, as in mine, and mine only) criteria of what should be an obituary post. Therefore, I figured I’d try something new. [...]The post The Prayer List: Jason Terry...

Live Game Updates - Celtics @ Hornets

9:35: The Celtics continued their aggressive play in tonight's first quarter. It could've been better, but I'll still take their current 31-22 lead. Jeff Green is playing well again tonight, leading the C's with 11 points. Pierce has also chipped in 6. Keep watching, this should be a good one.

LeBron James Gives Jason Terry the Brandon Knight Treatment

I've been looking for it, but I haven't seen it yet. Brandon Knight has to tweet something in regards to the dunk that LeBron James threw down on Jason Terry Monday night. It doesn't have to be much. Something simple like "I guess everyone is going to quit making fun of me now #jasonterry" or some derivation of that would work. The taunting was...

LeBron James Brandon Knight’ed Jason Terry

LeBron James absolutely crushed a dunk over Jason Terry during the first half of the Celtics and Heat match-up on Monday night.  The poster came only a week after Brandon Knight was dunked on in the same fashion by DeAndre Jordan.  LeBron was also receiving an alley-oop during his massacre of a defender.   Article found on: Next Impulse Sports

Fans, media remain fascinated with big dunks over small guys

By most accounts, LeBron James is 6-8, 270 lbs. Jason Terry is a modest 6-2, 180 lbs. I would expect James to dunk over Terry 100 out of 100 times. So… why the hell is the NBA blogosphere still buzzing about James’ dunk from last night? I thought we saw the end of this silliness when Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski lauded Brandon Knight for challenging this DeAndre Jordan highlight...

LeBron James Destroys Jason Terry

LeBron James destroys Jason Terry with a fast break alley-oop jam midway through the second quarter on Monday night. Terry lost the ball before crossing half court and attempted to contest an airborne James from punching home the alley-oop but instead went flying himself and got a post-dunk stare down.

Lebron James Dunks on Jason Terry

(source feed provided no summary content for this entry)

Why the Celtics Can Beat the Heat

If I were to ask you at the beginning of the year, if the Celtics could beat the Heat without Rajon Rondo or Kevin Garnett, I am certain that most of you would say no. These are two fundamental players that drive this team and without them, it would be difficult to beat the best of the best. Yet, this past Monday, the Celtics came three points away of ending the Miami Heat’s historical...

The Heat looked a bit like the Globetrotters last night

Culminating with this LeBron James oop dunk down upon the Celtics Jason Terry. **Follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Subscribe, or Return to us on Twitter. Subscribe or... Full story at Bob's Blitz ~

Heat burn the Celtics for 23 in a row 105-103

This had all the ear marks of a true streak ender for the Heat, on the road in Boston against their hated rivals the Celtics. Add to the fact that the celtics 5 years ago to the date ended another hot streak by the Houston Rockets at 22 in a row, this was a game that some had saw this a a streak buster. The fact that the Heat was down for a good part of the game late really gave...

Miami Heat Still Streaking; Win Nail Biter Over Boston

It was a lot closer than the Miami Heat would have liked it to be, but in the end the result was exactly what they wanted--a 105-103 win over the Boston Celtics to extend their winning streak to a record 23 in a row! History was not in favor of the Miami Heat as they tried to go for their 23rd consecutive win Monday night against the Boston Celtics. It had been sometime since...
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