Found January 25, 2013 on Celtics Green ...a boston celtics blog.:
Much better effort from the Celtics even if the result wasn't different.  There is definitely something going on with Paul Pierce - just not playing well at all.   The Knick fans weren't quite as bad as they usually are but as always, the stabbing jokes are disgusting.  At least there weren't as many death and injury wishes as usual.   And surprisingly,  some Knicks fans admitted that the officiating was blowing calls on both sides and that they even got some on their side.  Hopefully the Celtics build on this game to get a win tonight in Atlanta.  This is a big game. Chandler will decide to turn it on this game. Blowout win! Fun fact: Pierce has been playing like moldy dog shyt since they won in MSG. Literally been terrible Another fun fact: He will magically find a way to play with intensity like its Game 7 of the ECF on Thursday and drop 35 on us, then happily continue to play like a washed up 36 year old bum until the next game against the Knicks. Boston is currently not playing well. I say we win by 15. They will against us. Not scared of the players so much.... It's the Refs that scare the crap out of me. PAULLL WHEELCHAIR PIERCEEEEEE If we lose to this team I will go lick a urinal cake at a Yankee Stadium bathroom. At some point we have gotta stop getting owned by those scrubs. It will be a close game,Melo will chuck and make stupid decisions trying to prove something and Paul Pierce will break our hearts once again hitting a jumpshot late in the game. Theyre content with going 4-78 every season, as long as they play ultra hard against the Knicks and win those four games then the season is a success. For the love of God, can the Knicks please defeat the Celtics??? Knick Bavetta is usually on our side guys. Hopefully he can overpower Joey Crawford. :'( Probably not a bad idea to have Kurt start and give KG 2 or 3 good hard ones as a thank you for his trash mouth. We are in desperate need of another rebounder, whena 40 year old PG is one of your top rebounders its not a good thing even if it is Jason Kidd. Rondo doesn't need a real defender until he proves his jumper is working that night Better Melo step up and break Paul Poo knees. Melo is an egotistical hot-head sore loser. - when he's fouled and it's not called, he pouts and complains and doesn't run back on defense, Then he gets mad and can't control himself, leading to technicals. When angry, he tries to shoot His way back into games, instead of letting the game come to him, or looking to distribute to open men. I forgot to mention he also delivers cheap fouls when he's p*ssed off. I don't think anyone needs to add (or added honey nut) fuel to the fire when it comes to hothead Melo. Celtics are god awful, can't defend, can't score, just garbage. Biggest game of the season, loss here is simply inexcusable. Must win....might be the most hostile crowd the Knicks have seen this season. Knicks have a better team than Boston........ Boston has a lot of Key Injuries....and Brandon Bass signed a 3 Year contract and is now just going thru the Motions....he is not playing,,,even decently. Having said that.........I pray....Knicks don't play the Celtics in the Playoffs 1st rd... Cause the Playoffs is a diff animal.. Joey Crawford is reffing this one... He hates us. Doubt we'll have any players on our bench left for crunch time. I want pierce's head on a stick Let’s hasten the downward spiral of these fools in their own house Joe Crawford will T us up before the tipoff just in case As usual, Paul Pierce finds the fountain of youth against us Pierce is gonna drop 50 on us tonight. Joey Crawford? Why don’t they let Stevie Wonder ref as well? He wouldn’t be any worse. Do the Celtics a favor and wear a headband Rondo Hey doc let the refs ref u annoying POS Celtics must die at the end Can't believe Boston hasn't started chanting Honey Nut Cheerios Doesn't surprise me Boston has very classy fans. Rondo's awfully fast Rondo already in *****-mode That was the biggest moving screen by that Celtic... Did Collins not just bulldoze Chandler like five feet Hard to know whether I hated Danny Ainge more as a player, or more now as the Celtics GM So did Melo punch KG yet? Is anyone suspended!?!?!? Damn. Sullinger just bodied Amar’e. MELO AND ONE But no call cause they already put both teams in the penalty for no reason. Sullinger is going to be a Knick Killer for years. Ugh. Melo got fouled about ten trillion times These refs are so bad, KG starts bumping into Chandler and flailing his arms so Chandler pushes back and gets called for the foul. Celtics look tired and beatable, if we make an open shot or two....we got this. Terry is such a scrub Keep shooting, Terry This Boston team sucks..we should be killing them I know melo can't complain but someone has too. He gets no **** calls. I figured out why they haven't done the Honey Nut Cheerios chant The chant would require rhythm, and these are Boston fans, after all Implying that since Boston has a load of white people? That white people have no rhythm??! Boston will need disinfecting from the Shump Effect. They have to disinfect anyways because of Garnett's sweat. How the hell does rondo have 4 assists...Score keeper is just gifting him assists I guess I definitely have daydreamed... About Rajon running point at MSG after STAT’s contract expires. "My big redneck vacation" scares me. Avery Bradley doesn’t. We're getting lucky they're missing all these wide open shots. At least we're capitalizing now They're missing wide open shots because they aren't a good team. KG and Pierce are the only ones on that team you don't want shooting open jumpers. Can we get one non-ancient backup big? Kurt Thomas just killed our momentum, he doesn't do anything and should retire. Woodson is truly a bad coach. Damn KG is so in Melo's head he should be paying rent. Melo likes to lose Celtics games apparently Marv calling out the Celtics for piping in crowd noise. LOL. The Celtics flip a switch and the Knicks have no answer. Same old story. I **** hate Boston Melo go sit down Why doesn't Doc Rivers ever get called for a technical??? Good God Rondo is sick at the handles Just don't stare at his enormous hands I'm convinced at this point Bavetta is immortal. Wheel Chair Pierce balling tonight Good GOD I HATE THE CELTICS. Oh look at all those Celtics banners during the dark ages Paul Pierce reenergized If I’m a Celtics fan I’m furious with him for all of the games he doesn’t even pretend to get up for. Garnett seems to be the only one who brings it every game. I think Rondo does as well. He be getting triple doubles like they are nothing Sometimes I really hate the little voice inside Jr's head If I were out there, I'd be whispering to Paul Pierce: “So, you planning on watching the All-Star game this year?” Melo getting embarrassed. Go home dude with your punk ass KG is still in Melo's head. Completely punked him. Pierce looks more explosive then Melo. LMAO Pierce keeps elevating like he never does that except against the Knicks I HATE BOTH KG and Pierce and there is NO EXCUSE why ANY NY team shouldn't bring their A game to Boston. Baveeta n Crawford r the 2 worst cheatin home crowd favorin refs ever unless its MSG Lol kg got fouled by father time I don't like Sullinger White Bostonians attempting to dance on the TNT Overtime feed Oy vey Rondo is definitely an assist-padder All the opposing team has to do is barrel into our defense and they'll get a foul call. If only it was like that for us. Rondo once again is a clown. And the refs are bailing out the Celtics right now. This Sullinger kid is one grimey grimeball They're literally getting every call Jason Terry, absolutely not as deadly as Ray Allen. Boston is so bad. We should be blowing out these scrubs Terry is so awful. I'd rip out my **** hair if I was a Boston fan. Was that actually a goaltend? I didn’t see KG touch it. I mean, I don’t care at all cause F*** KG. But I didn’t see it. Karmic refund. Rondo has 13 9 and 9 Quietest triple double. Dude is impressive He sure is. Please God let us sign that dude somehow…. Some of his assists have been …generous scoring. Hey, even if you take away a third of those I take 13 9 and 6 any day KG's nicknake should be the big illegal screen. I hate Rondo so much Boston has NOOOOOO bench Joey Crawford giving us some love tonight Can we please sign a goon to knock the piss out of KG. Dude is dirty as hell and gets away with it I swear Rondo get the least dominant triple doubles Not bad for an extraterrestrial Rondo was too busy flopping to catch that pass Crawford is trying to take over this game. Fortunately he's being even about it. Joey Crawford wants everyone to know he's still there. Why arent they calling a foul on KG, he cant set picks like that, dont they see this??!! Garnett mugging the crap outta Chandler and the refs don't call it. I officially hate the Celdicks more than the cHEAT All I want is for KG to get called for a moving screen so I know the refs arent blind If that was a foul, Kg should of fouled out in the third quarter When is Crawford going to die wtf!! We deserve to lose this game. Our play has dictated that we should lose. This is just a testament to how bad of a team the Celtics are. Paul Pierce looks like someone just stole his lunch money I get so much enjoyment from watching Paul pierce F*** up Haha those punk b**ches just got served at home. So sweet. Like a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Knicks played like **** and won in Boston...Celtics look done. Washed up Celtics got all the calls and they still lost ahahahahah We'll KILL the Celtics in the playoffs I hope this loss made KG cry. First win in their house in 7 years??? That's ok guys. Garnett will be fine after getting home and eating some cheerios. Ok I've taken the Celtics off the list of teams I don't want to see the Knicks play in the postseason. Don't be silly I don't want any part of them I think we should thank PP for his two turnovers today [Discuss on CG Forums!]

Pierce thinks Celtics lack only mental toughness

The Celtics are on a four game losing streak. They’re 20-21 at the halfway point for the season. What are they missing? A backup center? A backup point guard? A top flight NBA scorer? According to the captain Paul Pierce it’s simply, mental toughness. Following last night’s demoralizing game in which Kyrie Irving had his way with the Green, Pierce talked about the team’s...

Your Morning Dump… Where Paul Pierce isn’t himself

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.. Pierce, battling a terrible shooting slump, connected on 6 of 15 shots overall, but it wasn’t the fact that he missed nine attempts; it was the fact that he passed up open looks in key moments and then let the...

A Celtics state of mind-pushing for change

After losing their fifth straight against the New York Knicks, Rajon Ronsdo said an interesting thing in his post game interview, "Paul Pierce can't be the only one drawing fouls."  Paul Pierce is considered to be Mr. Celtic; the lone active Celtic player to have more than a fleeting memory of Red Auerbach.  Pierce cut his NBA teeth in the tradition of what it means...

Paul Pierce Left Off All-Star Team for First Time in Five Years, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers Cites Voting ‘By-Laws’ for Sub-.500 Teams

BOSTON — The last time Paul Pierce stayed home for NBA All-Star Weekend, the Celtics’ record made it difficult to whine about the snub. The Celtics went 24-58 in the last year of the pre-”New Big Three” era while Pierce, for the first time in his career, spent more than a month watching with major injury as his team give away game after game. There is no serious injury this...

Video: Celtics/Knicks postgame interviews (Rondo & Pierce)

Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce talk after Thursday night's loss to the Knicks at home. Videos courtesy of Mike Petraglia.

Hey Doc, where's the prescription?

Forgive me for the lame pun in the title, but I have to sugarcoat my frustration with the latest developments, i.e. losses. We're losing by not showing up, we're losing by blowing up huge leads, we're losing by making terrible decisions, we're losing by losing composure... Yes, most of this is on the players' lack of effort and concentration and, if you want to...

Carmelo ready for trash-talk rematch

Carmelo Anthony says he just wants a victory in Boston and has moved on from the trash-talking incident with Celtics forward Kevin Garnett that eventually got him suspended one game. “I don’t care what message I sent to him,’’

Kevin Garnett Believes Consistent Effort Is ‘Part of Job,’ But Celtics Still Searching for Nightly Intensity

BOSTON — As the ball bounced off Paul Pierce‘s knee and out of bounds, ending the Celtics’ chances of a last-second, game-tying shot, the Celtics could only take solace in the knowledge that, finally, a lack of intensity would not be their downfall. This time, the Celtics played hard the whole way but failed to execute in the clutch. They turned the ball over on two crucial...

Celtics Player Grades vs Atlanta Hawks

The Boston Celtics lost to the Atlanta Hawks 123-111 ESPN Boxscore CelticsLife Game Recap Player Grades: I grade on a curve! Kevin Garnett: 24 Points, 10 Rebounds Kevin Garnett gave us a great performance tonight, and it was unfortunately wasted. He rebounded well, shot well, and was only slowed down by fouls/minutes. He got gassed at the end, and his last two fouls were stupid...

How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Hawks

Tip: 7:30PM     Court:Philips Arena     Watch it:CSNNE    Hear it: WEEI Referees: TBD Spread: ATL -5.0, O/U: 185.5 Boston Celtics Tickets The Matchup Record: 20-22 Record: 24-18 On road: 7-13 At home: 14-7 Streak: Lost 5 Streak: Won 2 Leaders Leaders Buckets: Pierce (18.9 ppg) Buckets: Josh Smith (16.7 ppg) Boards: Garnett (7.1 rpg) Boards: Al Horford ...

Celtics Player Grades vs New York Knicks

The New York Knicks beat the Boston Celtics 89-86 ESPN Boxscore CelticsLife Game Recap Celtics Player Grades: I grade on a curve! Kevin Garnett: 8 Points, 12 Rebounds KG had a decent game tonight, although he did struggle in some areas. He did his best on the boards, and he did a good job messing up the potent Knick pick-and-roll. His excellence did not extend to the offensive...

Comments from the Other Side - Hawks 1/25

Well, that wasn't fun.  It's becoming clear that the bench is finally coming around but now the starters are slumping.  The second unit gave us that big lead in the second quarter and then it went away when the starters came back in.  But there's progress.  We  at least got one great half of basketball.    One thing that always strikes me is all the complaints...

RedsArmy presents “Celebrity Fan Friday”: Maria Menounos

For the last year or so, I’ve used “Fan Friday” to highlight Boston Celtics fans from all over the world. I wanted to step it up a notch this season and bring our readers fan profiles from the world of entertainment, music and professional sports. Well, I’m proud to bring you all the first installment of “Celebrity Fan Friday”! Once a month, we’ll interview and profile...

How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Knicks

Tip: 8PM     Court: TD Garden     Watch it: CSNNE    Hear it: WEEI Referees: Joe Crawford, Dick Bavetta and Marat Kogut Spread: NY – 1.5 Boston Celtics Tickets The Matchup Record: 20-21 Record: 25-14 At home: 13-8 On road: 11-8 Streak: Lost 4 Streak: Lost 1 Leaders Leaders Buckets: Pierce (18.9 ppg) Buckets: Carmelo Anthony (29.2 ppg) Boards: Garnett...
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