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I love beating the Lakers.  It's even better when the win is a humiliating blow out.  The Lakers were jubilant when the Celtics got called for 5 fouls inside of 30 seconds to start the game but when the calls started to even out, they started crying and whining about it.     Of course, there were multiple wheelchair references.  And I got the feeling that most Lakers fans hate their own players as much as they do the Celtics.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours?  Enjoy.... I just saw a pic of Rondo in a Lakers jersey and it weirded me out.  Boston has been red hot since Rondo went down, hope MWP comes back and plays well vs Pierce. We cant let guys like Jeff Green, Jason Terry, Courtney Lee and Barbosa go off on us. Two oldass teams but we have Clark. Blowout by Celtics. Lakers are rested and Celtics playd a close game last night.   Old teams can't play back to back games.  We got this one.  Book it.   We have won three road games in a row you know. The Celtics aren't a huge team. Hopefully Dwight will play that will make a win much more probable but even without him I could see us winning. Kill the leprechauns. The new season starts tonight! Lakers will beat the Celtics.  They played last night.  They are old and slow.  Nobody can stop Kobe.  If Dwight plays they have no answer for him.   This one's in the bag.   I hope Earl Clark has a HUGE game and shows Boston why our future looks so much brighter than theirs! Here's to a fourth straight! If all else fails, love watching Peace mixing it up with Pierce If Dwight plays tonight I highly expect some scum bag from the Boston roster **read KG** might put down a hard foul in the opening minutes, just to let him know what's up. Garnet is definitely going after the arm... And if he does, I hope Dwight goes ape- **** on him. I mean if you're going to be out a couple days anyway to recover, why not do it in style by decking Garnet... And instantly becoming a hero of the league. Beat the smelts! God how I loathe that team. Rondo is coming to LA in 2015 along with Kevin Love. For those that want Irving, put the pipe away. Rondo will not be a bad second option. Barbosa will look like an All Star tonight... My biggest fear tonight is MWP running a fast break and dribbling the ball off his foot or getting called for traveling. My second biggest fear is artest going 1-13 from downtown. Actually flip flop those. Just saw the teams coming through the tunnel in Boston. They're wrapped up like a Taco Bell Cantina Steak Burrito. It's 27 degrees in Boston. I heard Paul Pierce likes the temperature in the Boston arena very cold. Helps the wheelchair glide across floor easier. Dwight Coward!!!!! I'm on Kobe and Nash side about this one, Dwight should man the F up. Dwight better keep the ball up tonight if he does play...I am sure Kevin Garnett is waiting to tweak that shoulder and put him back on the bench. Am more worried about Boston bench, Jeff Hill, Barbosa and Terry are no joke U Wheelchair boy Garnett holding Dwights arm,...Looks like he's trying to hurt it again KG a dirty player... Nice, 2 fouls on KG early. Boston already over the foul limit 5 team fouls in 30 secs. Pierce is single handedly beating us. Pierce has been shot in the eye! Uh Oh Paulina bout to fake a eye injury. Somebody get the man a wheelchair The Celtics call time out to get the wheelchair Eyechair you mean? Just watch he’s going to suddenly have an eye patch after the time out. Celtics playing super dirty Dumb (bleep) refs aren't calling fouls as usual. What??? Man refs are gonna be [expletive]Ing us over all Game arent they  [My Take:   at this Point, the Celtics are already in the penalty just 2 minutes into the game. The Celtics have been called for 8 fouls. The Lakers 2 fouls - And the refs are messing THEM over??????] (bleep) CELTICS, LOOK HOW HARD THEY ARE HITTING DWIGHT. The Celtics are fouling hard I FEEL LIKE DOC RIVERS TOLD HIS TEAM TO SLAP THE HELL OUT OF DWIGHT(HOW HE GETS HURT). DOC IS SUCH AN AZZ Wilcox, Garnett, Collins = 7 fouls together in the 1st qtr. Going hard at D12... C's are dirty as hell Courtney Lee.... We could of got him Holy **** bona fide mvp chants @ Boston Get Dwight off the court. Cant even grab an easy rebound Boston hitting some tough outside jumpers, their front line is gonna foul out by halftime. The newer guys don't seem to realize that this is a f****** rivalry game...... I rather not have world peace. KG guarding Steve Blake and STILL going back on the other end and punking Dwight on offense.......WOW Can't wait til Howard is gone The Celtics are an old and slow team and they look lightning quick against us Nash is about to get punkd by Bradley. Dudes the best on ball defender in the game. No dbout I thought rondo was one of the key pieces of this team but they haven't been missing a beat without him. Realistically the Cs are less predictable without rondo Blake ****ing sucks, I'm better then Blake ...the guy has to be traded or amnestied ASAP.. I hate that dude he does nothing beside play like **** every game Dwight does not work hard. Blake is garbage. Jameson Sux. Why are we down in this game? Boston sucks Boston out hustling us coming off a close one up in Toronto Damn, Green is abusing Antawn every time The Celtics have talent from top to bottom. The Lakers haven't had that for years, and it's really hurt the Lakers this season. When you have an older core, that's really needed. Blake is the only bench player getting minutes that's been on the team before last season, and he's terrible too. Lakers will shut them down in the 2nd half Bradley is one of the best on ball defenders ive ever seen. I'm done with refs and their lopsided calls man this is seriously some BS.... If we look this bad against the Celtics I hate to think what the Miami game is going to be like. WOW WE SUCK. If you bought a Dwight Howard Laker jersey I hope you kept the receipt. When will the Celtics' FG %age go down? They’re still shooting over 50% for Heaven’s sake! Metta World Garbage Kobe can't be pass first Kobe because he can't penetrate on Avery Bradley lol Bradley is a really good defender Bastard. Not even beer helps right now Why is mwp still in the nba? he's such trash. Without Kobe's shooting this is a 20 point game ... Oh wait, it almost is anyway The Celtics can play 5 guys who are at least solid at all times. The Lakers have one bench player who is solid. A jump shooting team is beating us in the paint...pathetic... When are these Celtics going to go cold? They are old and played last night.  They'll cool off in the 4th and then we'll make our move.   It's just sad that almost all of our opponents are having "one of those nights". I swear if I see Dwight **** smiling at any point tonight from now on..... D'Antoni failed in his frist big game as a Laker head coach. Even Mike Brown beat Boston. Someone needs to punch mwp Boston just scored 14 points in 2 minutes, making 6 straight shots, to open a 95-69 lead after 3. Id take Kwame Brown right now over D12. We got completely exposed this game. We will lose every game against teams that have good defense. Dwight mailing it in. I hate his attitude. No mental toughness at all. He is the anti-KG. Howard is such a giver, he continually gives the ball to the Celtics I cannot express just how much I hate artest The Celtics are faster than us I keep hearing announcers and posters say "the Celtics are not better without Rondo...they are just playing better". No, they are definitely better. Rondo is so overrated...and the Celtics now have guys at every position that are knock down shooters. Howard and dantoni for KG Pierce Bradley and doc Only a team run by Dumbtoni could make the Celtics old, slow *** team look like Showtime! How seriously pathetic he is as a coach. Can't believe he has the keys one of the most storied franchises in sports. Nice hire FO...****ing idiots! Dwight getting dominated by Chris Wilcox and Jason Collins. And this is what the Lakers look like against a good team? Brooklyn is better than Boston I don't think so Quick! Somebody shut the power off! It almost worked for the 49ers. Who would you like on the lakers next yr? Since this season went to hell in a handbasket…why not talk free agency! Lol lets start with Rondo….. Yeah! Let's sign Rondo with all that cap space we don't have! KG and Kobe are really friends. Nice Yep they have high respect for each other! I never see KG tap an opponent's head while chatting with him, sign of respect The lakers look really old People from Boston look weird with Lakers jerseys. Kinda like people from LA with Boston jerseys The look on the faces of those two Laker fans is priceless lol 32 point deficit with 8 minutes stil lleft in the game. Can't the Lakers just forfeit now and spare any more lingering embarrassment. Lakers holding the Celtics to 12 4th quarter points. That defense is starting to pick up! /sarcasm James Worthy comparing the feeling of this game to the Celtics playing the Washington Generals. Ouch LOL Terry is almost as unlikeable as Westbrook. Almost... Damn I wish we had gotten KG back then. Imagine him+Kobe, all-heart. Can we trade Dwight to Boston so he can destroy THEIR franchise instead? [Discuss on CG Forums!]

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