Found May 07, 2013 on Celtics Green ...a boston celtics blog.:
It's always fun to see the Miami bandwagon fans melt down after a loss.   It's so funny to see them complain about the officiating when they get the benefit of the calls 99.9% of the time.  In a game where the opponent took just 4 free throws more than them,  they are certain that the game was fixed.   They are used to getting all the calls and when a crew calls is somewhat evenly they feel cheated.  And they go from LeBron is the GOAT to a choker.  Too funny   Enjoy!  I expect Miami to win this series in 4 or 5 games. God I hate the Bulls and especially Noah and Nate. It would be such a pleasure seeing them whooped by us. I hope it would be an entertaining sweep Blow these mother****ers out! I hate the bulls sooooo much cant stand them and their overrated star rose I really hope we can win in 4 D'Rose latest excuse for not playing is that he has "muscle memory" so he won't even play Heat win big tonight.... They ended our streak.....lets end their season Make a statement. LeBron the GOAT Statue erected for Derrick Rose: Well rested Heat vs limping club. Heat wins by 20. It's not the philosophia of coach Thib to give up a game but man does he really think he will push Nate Robinson and Jimmy Butler with heavy minutes for the first game when Deng and Hinrich are out ? Haslem is so bad. Bosh getting killed by a one leg Noah We getting killed by the refs Welp... On pace for 8 points Battier... Is still Crappier Early foul trouble for Bulls :) 15 points has to be the lowest ever. 5 for 19. And its only a 6 point game... Bulls fans are excited, they just don't know yet The Miami Heat machine is just getting started baby!!!!   Pick your poison. Let Bron have free reign in the paint, or give our 3 point guys room at the arc. Wade is feeling it now Just pull the plug on the bulls already Birdman outhustled by one foot Noah unacceptable The heat just looked like the globetrotters And the bulls.. The generals The key to guarding Nate Robinson: Give him open shots he'll miss them, he makes the difficult ones. ARE THESE REFS NEW????? That clear path is BS I feel bad for Nate Imagine a 270 pound, freakishly fast man diving at full speed and colliding with you, 2 days after another large man stepped on your head? Nate is out with a “LeBron sat on my head” Battier retire plz Imagine if the Bulls were fully healthy OH GOD WHAT A NIGHTMARE !!! Pathetic performance by LeBron.... Worst I've seen him play. LeBron and especially soft as charmin Bosh need to wake the F up. Wade cries too much! He should stfu and get back on defense Boshzilla time. Nate looks like a little kid next to Andersen. Mad respect though, dude should get more than a vet min contract next year ..wherever he plays Ha! Derrick rose may lose his roster spot to Robinson, the way nate is going =) Lebron never shoots at the end of the half BC he doesn't want to hurt his FG% He loves his stats, there's no doubt about It. why the heck are the heat still struggling vs this depleted bulls team?/.It just baffles me how these scrubs always play over their heads when they play the heat. Imo the Bulls probably have the best coaching in basketball. They always overachieve because of it. There not scrubs. Maybe they should have handed the MVP to little Nate! Chalmers is so bad plz spo bench him Wow these refs are unreal We stop Nate in the 4th, we win the game. Refs are keeping them in it. Looks like Stern wants this to be a Bulls win. Man I ***ing hate Spo sometimes. Wade is leading the charge and he takes him out...... This is LeBrons problem. When he is struggling he doesn't impose his will on the game. He looks so passive out there. 5 points almost going into the 4th? Jimmy Butler is owning LeBron right now.... Lebron James is UNREAL... Can you believe there were doubters on the forums and in chat???????? LOOOOOL He's taking over! ...Screw these refs MAN!!!! Chicago getting away with fouls in the paint as usual. I was about to say I don't like this small lead (lead is gone) I hate spo! Why birdman, battier, Cole, miller not playing? They are in our head ! Pathetic man. We just can't shake these guys. Wade has been so bad in this 4th and Bosh is the invisible big once again. Tom Thiboddeau is out coaching Spo. Someone needs to tell these officials that its not their job to keep the Bulls in the game. So one sided. What a choke..... SMFH. This sucks. THE EASTERN CONFERENCE - WHERE DEFENSE AND UGLY MEET This is crazy... Fouls for the Heat 23 free throws for the Heat, 25 for the Bulls when the Heat are penalized more than the other team and get fewer free throws, that’s further evidence that David Stern is rigging this game for the Heat, right? 5 on Noah. Kick NOah out of the game - thug! If we lose this game I'm gonna be so ****ing pissed there is so reason to lose to this depleted team Bosh stinking up the joint wade your a ****ing joke Wade is so ****ing dumb! *** YOU WADE Seriously. Chalmers is a waste of space Now this is ***ing going to be an incredibly tough series that we could possibly lose. Wade is the anti thesis of clutch now. We deserved this one If the Heat can’t handle Chicago playing shorthanded playing this way, they’d get embarrassed by Indy. This is NOT a championship team and this team WILL Lose to the Bulls in 6 games you heard it here first. Love Chicago coach for always yelling his players while spo can't. I'm just disgusted beyond belief right now Brother disgusted is not the word this Heat team made the city look bad tonight playing against a bunch of scrubs. HOW CAN A SCRUB TEAM LIKE BULLS HAVE MORE FTS THAN THE HEAT REALLY REFS PITIED THEM Miami looked liked the scrub team tonight, but Heat can't get cocky if they want to win. If they go in thinking they are the best I could see them losing if you have followed the playoffs you would know Bulls are damn good and have been good. This Heat team is full of Divas, I saw this coming. But right now really Spurs look like the team that will win the NBA title, coaching is important and we don't have one. The winner of game 1 wins the series like eighty-something percent of the time. We sucked. Plain and simple. We got out-coached, out-rebounded, and out-hustled. It was a SELFISH play by WADE.. He is too SELFISH whining at the refs instead of back checking and trying to be the hero with a 3pt? HOW MANY 3s did he make this year I DON'T REMEMBER A SINGLE ONE! And now he wants to be a hero with a crucial possession and throw up a 3???????? I still cant believe we lost to these bums, damn we suck idk about you guys, but im almost fed up with bosh Bosch is no longer a star He never seems to come big, he is just a so so player. He never was a star. Lebron being a passive ***** for the first 3 quarters Bosh always is a ***** could of fouled out Noah Wade by far the worst ball IQ I have ever seen Butler made him his ***** **** I'm so ****ing pissed right now If Chalmers and Bosh continue to suck I don't see us doing any better against the Bulls. So the MVP chokes and quits all in the same game He is who we thought he was Kevin durant still a better player than Le bumb. LVP of the game was Chris Anderson Chris Anderson had 1 rebound and 3 points easily being the least valuable player of the game. We are getting swept. [Discuss on CG Forums!]

Bulls rumors: Derrick Rose could dress for Game 3

Even as most people believe Derrick Rose will not play for the remainder of the season as he recovers from knee surgery, the Chicago Bulls have not been definitive in ruling the All-Star out. Some thought they were simply leaving their options open, but Alex Kennedy of reports it's because "they genuinely believe that Rose may be able to make his season debut...

Time to question Derrick Rose’s mental toughness

At the risk of being struck down I’m going to question the mental toughness of Chicago Bulls’ star Derrick Rose. There are unwritten rules in sports: You don’t talk about a perfect while one is being pitched, you don’t hit a man below the belt without apologizing vehemently, never bet on a team from the Northwest in a big game, and don’t question a player that says they...

Derrick Rose ‘Not Ruling Out’ Playing in Series Against Heat, But Will Miss Game 1

Derrick Rose will spend Game 1 of the Bulls’ second-round playoff series doing the same thing he has done every game this season: Not playing. Beyond Game 1, though, Rose is not ruling out a return to the court. He has not played since tearing the anterior-cruciate ligament in his left knee in the first game of last year’s playoffs, but he told on Monday that “I might...

Derrick Rose: 'I Might Have A Chance' To Return Against Heat

Despite everyone around the NBA believing he will not return this season, Derrick Rose said on Monday that he still could return at some point in the Chicago Bulls' second round series against the Miami Heat. "Still up in the air. I might have a chance," Rose said. Rose has been scrimmaging 5-on-5 since Feb. 18 and has been medically cleared to play for two months...

Derrick Rose still not commenting on possible return for the playoffs

The question all season for the Chicago Bulls. Even throughout the first round of the playoffs has been will Derrick Rose return. Now comes word per Yahoo Sports that sources close to Rose say he won’t return this season, period. The Bulls fought through seven games against the Brooklyn Nets to make it to round two. Even with injuries, the Bulls came together. Whether it was Joakim...

Miami Heat Embarrass the Chicago Bulls in Game Two; Will This Encourage Derrick Rose to Come Back?

After Game One of the Eastern Conference semifinals match-up between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat there were some that were wondering if the Bulls actually had a shot at upsetting the defending world champs. In Game Two LeBron James and company answered that question with an emphatic NO! This game looked like what you would expect from a team as ridiculously talented...

Report: Derrick Rose May Play in Game 3

According to a report from, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose may make his long awaited return from his knee injury in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Miami Heat. Derrick Rose has faced scrutiny for sitting out during the playoffs despite being cleared by team doctors to resume basketball activities. The Bulls have been undermanned as of...

Should Derrick Rose Get a Ring?

...if the Bulls were to win the championship?

Why should Rose trust Bulls?

So the kid who survived the South Side of Chicago, one of America's harshest urban battlegrounds, is now a wimp. Yeah, the kid who learned the game getting bullied and beat up by three older, basketball-playing brothers has grown soft at the tender age of 24. Derrick Rose is a p---y. I ain't buying it. No way. Chicago's Englewood neighborhood swallows cowards for snacks...

The Derrick Rose Saga…One thing I know for sure

Guest Post By Alex Boris (@Bman86) Throughout this over the top suffocating coverage of Derrick Rose and his repaired ACL, comparisons have been made from Adrian Peterson to Greg Oden, to Bernard King, to Rob Gronkowski (yes seriously, because he came back too soon they’re saying!).  The immediate defenders of Rose are quick to recall how Chris Paul never was the same again ...

Derrick Rose: ‘I might have a chance’ to play vs. Heat

The Chicago Bulls won’t have Loul Deng, Derrick Rose and possibly Kirk Hinrich in the lineup for Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal against the Miami Heat on Monday, but Rose said his status is ”still up in the air. I might have a chance.” 

Joakim Noah tells critics of teammate Derrick Rose to ‘shut up’

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah came to the defense of guard Derrick Rose, who remains sidelined despite being medically cleared to play for months.

Chicago Bulls Stun Miami Heat In Game One, Can They Actually Win The Series?

Follow @D_Schmelzer on Twitter Game one between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat was in a word, shocking. Miami is the defending NBA champions who have rolled through the regular season and the first round of the playoffs. Chicago has been solid all season without superstar PG Derrick Rose, but they are now missing Luol Deng, who is probably their second best player, and Kirk Hinrich...
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