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I wouldn't be a good Celtics fan if I didn't take immense pleasure in the Heat losing or in the misery of their bandwagon fans.   It's interesting to see after all the "We got Ray" chants to begin the year they seem to be having some buyer's remorse.  Excuse me if I chuckle a bit.  And  I love how they end up trashing all their players.  It's one thing to be upset when players don't play well, but it's another to call them total garbage.   It's also hilarious to see Heat fans complaining about the officiating when they have gotten the benefit of the officiating more than any team in the league.   Also funny to see them call any player dirty when they have Dwyane Wade on their team.   Enough of my rant.... Enjoy today's comments ..... We played bad in the first game, to many turnovers, didn't make our ft, Battier and Ray missed to many wide-open 3p shots and ......and refs tried in all ways to help Idiana Pacers, but but we won! Think we blowout them out now.. If you guys think the officiating has been bad already, buckle your seatbelts because it will only get worse in Indiana. Indy was a terrible road team so lets hope that comes out tonight. Go Heat, beat this big mouthed, talkative team badly!!! I really get tired of seeing battier on the floor... Every possession David west makes you want to punch him Stop letting ray Allen f***ing shoot hes off with EVERYTHING Allen, straight up sucks Ray Allen needs to be benched. **** making Hibbert look like Kareem I'm already tired of Chalmers Can Chalmers just sit down please? He's a net negative at this point. Hasn't had a good game offensively or defensively in a long long time Chalmers and halsem do not deserve to start... I rather go without a pg, than have Rio out there Here comes Battier - Get ready for a run!!! Name another PF who gets more touch calls than David West Chalmers and Battier are complete SH#T right now Omg, lebron NEVER **** FOULS, HE'S GONE 2-3 game stretches without a foul, suddenly against the pacers, he's gonna average 4 fouls a game Man we suck. Mario, Ray, Shane, UD kills this team Did wade just trip over NOTHING? If I had a dollar for everytime Shane misses a shot AND falls on the floor Everything is a foul... Ft disparity? IND 18-21 MIA 13-20 We need a substitution/rotation coach. How about a substitution on coach Spo?!? Hibbert got 19 points We need more of Battier hitting Hubert’s “mid section” It seems like every player on the pacers is over 6'6" I want the ball in lebron's hands every time down Besides LeBron, team playing like a bunch of idiots. Wade gets fouled, no call... Hibbert gets touched foul.. Foul!?!??! Every time we gain momemtum its a foul!! I give the Pacers credit, they don't back down. Everytime Miami throws a punch they hit back. But eventually, the Pacers will regress to who they are. The quicker the better How in the world did we blew out this team on our last regular season meeting lol...? God I hate Ray Allen isos We basically need lebron to do everything. Everyone else sucks Remember when Shane Battier was an NBA player? **** you Ray Lebron totally trolled Shaw into that tech Ray Allen can't do anything right anymore. All right, get UD in there to punk Tyler. Let Andersen shoot free throws. Not Allen.. Atleast Battier isn't in... But Ray.... BIRDMAN CAN ATLEAST MAKE HIS FT'S Bench ray Allen He is done Ray Allen forgot how to play basketball Ray Allen is singlehandedly costing us this game Allen has money on the Pacers tonight Stephenson looks like a mix between bosh and westbrook... And we look like **** again. We don't deserve to win, because we have a clown running this team We play better with 4 players in line up then 5 if ray Allen is part of the 5. Get that **** off my team now What is the point on keepin Allen and Wade? If they cant score they're useless. Ray Allen is useless out there. I rather see James Jones or Mike Miller than Allen. Bench Allen for the rest of the game and put in Miller. ****. Wade's jumper needs to be worked on this summer like 1000 shots a day A forced jumper by Ray leads to an open corner three in transition by Hill. I hate how Ray tries to score 90% of the time he puts the ball on the floor. It kills any kind of ball movement we have offensively. If it's a good open shot or he's got it going I don't care, but the dude is ice cold and took a contested pullup j. Ray Allen is looking like 2011 post season Mile Bibby out there. Yeah I just said it. Now you see why Boston wanted to get rid of him? Sure he can hit an occasional 3, but who can't? People are in love with the "greatest three point shooter of all time narrarative, but fail to look at the present. I just wish that Spoelstra would adjust for once in his lifetime but I guess Spobot doesn't not compute. It's lebron or bust I'm convinced. Spo won't even play MM Oh wow you finally put miller in Miller time! OMG MIKE MILLER WTF I don't understand this team, they were so strong in the regular season, especially the 27 win streak, everybody was hot on the floor, and now all the magic seems lost Honestly we need a loss, or else guys will think that they just can turn it on at free will, which they weren't able to do for a long long time. Is Spo just throwing crap at the wall hoping that it sticks? Wow. "Lebron plzz carry us, pretty plzzzz" that should be the words of spo in the locker room, honestly They NEED to get Hibbert in foul trouble. And Ray Allen and Shane Battier need to go f--- off. 1) not gonna happen with these refs 2) not gonna happen with Allen or battier Ray Rio Shane all garbage!!!!! Where's the focus and sense of urgency??? Veteran-Team my a..!!! It's Miami Cleveland all over again! Chalmers and Haslem are wastes of space I still don't understand how Spo or if hes to much of a coward our godfather Pat publicly rips the refs. We can take the fine but force the issue. Wade is like a pinata out there getting wacked left and right yet no calls.... Lebron's D has been freaking awful Ray killing our d Chalmers u bumbling idiot God LeBron we are not worthy bro... LeBron playing like Superman right now. Chalmers gtfo please. I hate his face Bosh hits more 3's than Ray and Battier, amazing LOL Bosh is the best PF in the game. Is not even close. He's missued by Spoelstra and this team. #Boshface Ray can't shoot anymore Ray Allen sucks... What is Wade doing? We really have zero IQ Above all mario chalmers..and wade Lebron is god INB4 ANOTHER DWYANE WADE IS DIRTY THREAD. LeBron is the only one on our team who can get calls and you can bet your a** people will even complain about those. Refs seem to have a target on Wade Why is ray in? Wade is a cancer man His decision making is terrible ****. You. Allen. Wade and mario has been terrible Final minute and Wade didnt give the ball to LeBron? seriously? Why is Wade so selfish? He needs to realize he's done If he doesn't, Miami needs to trade his ass The Heat would be better in crunch time without Wade. Its time to start blaming Wade for not losing weight and working on go to moves. The knee is his stupid excuse for being lazy. The knee is also no excuse for the stupid plays he's made in the playoffs the past 3 seasons. LeBron are you serious? Epic choke Lebron is killing me Damnit Now we get to hear how lebron is a choker LeBron 2 TO's in a row, just wow He blew it. Barkley was right; Pacers in 6. win by the bron, lose by the bron If we lose this game with lebron having such a huge game.. I am seriously worried for this series Game over. And likely the series. I'm gonna go throw up. **** you lebron. Hate to say this, but Pacers are a better team with Bosh and Wade being super passive. Ray has been awful this series, he cant score and his defense sucks. Sorry, no superstar should be slapping hands with opponenets, especially ones that just dunked on your boy. MJ and Kobe never did that. LeBron didn’t have the mentality of a star. That’s why he’ll never be GOAT, not even close. [Discuss on CG Forums!]

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