Found January 12, 2013 on Celtics Green ...a boston celtics blog.:
Another good win for the Celtics.  I love opposing fans that admit that the refs are helping them.  Lots of love for Sully, and well deserved.   Respect for Avery as well, again, well deserved.   I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours?  Run, run, run and we should win. Boston prefers a slower pace. KG tries to start a fight with Toney. We win by 11. Greg Smith tells KG his wife smells like frankenberries.... Please...Rockets hounding of Garnet after the game  A trap games, Lin will be exposed. Nothing more to expose now: can't go left, no jumpshot, no defense, turnover prone, slow....but DECEPTIVE in all of the above Garnett will eat Lin alive and tell Parsons that Lin tastes like Rice Krispies. Snap! Crackle! Pop! Just rest em up for Saturday. Avery is gonna lock up Harden, nobody else will do anything. The defensive combo of Bradley and Rondo will shut/slow down this teams biggest strength. We need to run this slow team out of the building, and the win is ours. Lin will swim through the sweaty slimy screens set by the meat water fountain KG and Harden's beard becomes a sag bag of KG sweat. We will win this. Anyone know if any players are suspended from Boston? Seems like they have been causing some trouble as of late. This will be a tempo battle. The Celtics play slow, ugly, disgusting, putrid, shameful (feel free to add your own words here) Eastern Conference basketball. The Rockets do not. I hope Courtney Three has himself a good game(and smiles a lot) but goes home with a L. where's that 3pt shot Courtney? You left it in Houston, and morris picked it up I hate Jason Terry Felt like that needed to be stated. The Celts Have the Starters, We Have the Bench........ If we can play even with the Celts starters, our bench should be able to be the difference. Easier said than done. Celts bench has much improved over the last month. Please bump refs some more this game Rondo! Avery Bradly is really good Brandon Bass....potential Rocket after the Trade Deadline Bradley just having his way with Harden.. I have a feeling harden will have a hard time scoring tonight Only a matter of time before Harden makes Bradley look useless. Team looks those geezers off the court! That shot by Rondo as ugly as the Rockets playing Jason Collin Collin Twins will always have a job Bradley getting owned Harden gets so many and-1 I love it. Watch Avery Bradley's off ball defense He is one of the best at denying passes. He doesn’t steal a whole bunch, but he gets up right at the time of the ball stoppage Boston sucks This is like watching full court golf. Game is soooooo slow hnnnngggh Boston is such a miserable team to watch. Unlike last game, the refs are calling a lot tonight. Haha Harden got Bradley where he wants him. 2 fouls Rondo is so good at driving the lane. i hate it. he can shoot all day id leave him open but dont let him drive. 2 fouls on PP and AB is huge. Seriously asik wtf I know understand why mchale doesn't play him down the stretch sorry mchale for doubting u even Dwight and shaq never go 0/4 Wish we took Sullinger over Royce Man I totally forgot that Jason terry is on the Celtics MAN **** JASON TERRY Uh oh..Courtney lee warming up Courtney Lee finding his form against us...grrrrr Trade Tony Douglas before his value goes rock bottom again Passes up open shoot then travels I coulda sworn we were good... Rockets look flat tonight. Luckily the Celtics don't look great either Sulliger, the Rockets could have this guy instead of Royce White. Sullinger is a stud. Too bad he lights it up against us. Sullinger destroying us Best I've seen Jeff Green play in a while. Oh my God....Greensanity Harden has made some outside shots, but the Celts defend him as well as any team this season. But he has the beard! Celts bench is coming around. Damn you Courtney lee I LOVED YOU I still love you Courtney Lee Sullinger Only Fell To The Cs Because Of His Lack of Height and Athleticism However he can defnitely play This Celtics bench has a quite a different game from their starters More fluid, more outside shots They don't take Geritol or Viagra Maybe I Was Wrong About the Bench.......... I thought we had an advantage there, but the Celts bench gave them the lead. Can someone please punch Jason Terry in the face A lot. 32 first half bench points for Boston... What.. The... F***... They woke the crowd up I wish Houston's crowd could get as loud as Boston's. Every other arena has active crowds…I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts during the last run by the C’s…Houston fans have no heart… Sullinger reminds me of a lot of Charles Barkley...a fat ass that can ball. Celts Set Great Screens......... The ball is one ahead of the rotation. Great coaching. Hard to believe someone can be +22 in midway through the second quarter But Courtney Lee is… Four guys around Sullinger, and he shovels it in. Ridiculous Only the Rockets could make Sullinger look like a beast Geewhiz, getting outplayed by a rookie Because doc trusts rookies We have 2 good ones that never get any run at all Core Boston players are a collection of *****. Avery is great at defence and those double teams are vicious Rivers staple, and Avery is one of the best defenders in the league. Lin gets calls in Boston They're calling a lot this game we’re just getting outplayed We Drafted Royce White..........We could have drafted Jared Sullinger…………. I almost wish we had Juwan back. He would be a father figure to the team. Or maybe we could find Shawn Kemp – he might literally be someone’s father. Harden, why you keep passing off? Grrr Maybe because it's the Celtics Wall Sullinger's butt will keep DMo on the floor the whole time I can't even tell who is guarding Green, because he's always open. They are running around like a bunch of headless McChickens. Boston offense= Wonderful assortment of screens, picks, and movement to facilitate the offense. Houston offense= Grade A, one-one-one garbage. Can someone keep sullinger out of the paint pls? Didn't realize Sullinger was the next Moses Malone... Celtics arent stupid, they know harden is the only player ion this team worth a ****.. Why is sullinger rebounding like Kevin love? Sullinger is a beast. Rookie Sullinger is dominating every Rockets front court player. Pathetic. He's legit. He does this often. Sullinger out working everyone and the catalyst for all of this Their defense is killing us.. I have an idea, lets leave Paul Pierce open for 3, he isn't knon for his shooting. Rondo's game is so one-dimensional that anybody with bball IQ can shut him down pretty easily. It's Rondo's teammates killing us, in particular Sullinger on the offensive glass. The fact that we have to find a way to shut down Jared Sullinger is pretty sad... Boston bench is doing much better than ours. Jared Sullinger was incredible. One thing I like about a rookie like Sullinger is that he showed up to training camp. Always a plus. Nuthin like a bunch of Asian guys in Celtic green booing Jeremy Lin Boston games are often boring, that's the annoying thing about slow paced half court teams who focus on defense. 50% of KG's game is his jawing. Ignore him Asik. Then punch him after the W. Celtics picked now to get better. Most unlikable team in the league. Who said Pierce is due to get hot? I hate you now And Garnett has never committed a foul. In all these years. Refs are crap Nah its not the refs they’re pretty fair this game Yeah they are. They are clearly favoring Houston. You can't complain every call Boston Apparently you can actually I cant express how much I hate Boston sports Boston is a pretty slappy team, especially Garnett kg sets horrible screens they are all leg Someone should try to run through his leg really hard, then when his knee pops he'll stop The Celtics are getting away with a ton of fouls under the guise if it being “physical play” And this is what Boston was supposed to look like this year – old guys playing well, young guys bringing energy and D. Wish they’d picked another night. Great foul there by Lee. Always been a smart player like that I miss Lee Hate seeing an offensive foul But getting Rondo to crash to the floor is a good consolation prize KG making some ridiculous shots right now. Refs actually helping us Man thank god we aren’t playing a good team or we’d be getting blown out right now. We got this with Sullinger in foul trouble Pierce... Stop being clutch Rub that smug face off Rajon Reptile Rondo. These foul calls are terrible both ways. Paul Pierce can die in a car fire. Best Defense Against Us All Season.......... This is not the same Celts team we faced earlier this season. We should waste a few possessions and just fire balls at the refs like dodgeball I hate losing to teams we're better than I've never heard announcers complain about refs like this I thought you could get fined? Garnett just held smith down with one arm What a beast Maybe the team caught the "suck ass" bug from the Lakers Out rebounded by Boston of all teams. That's just disgraceful. Terrible officiating. Rigged. Well against all odds, the Celtics managed to beat the better team, maybe the Texans can as well. Maybe we can insult Tom Brady's wife Avery Bradley is pretty special on defense it’s one thing to know what he does, quite another to do what he does. He doesn’t use his anticipation for steals, he uses it to prevent you from getting the ball, and he really uses his body well [Discuss on CG Forums!]

Jared Sullinger: World Class Defender

Jared Sullinger is a BEAST. There is no doubt that this kid is playing out of his mind right now after grabbing 16 rebounds last night. During this four game winning streak Sullinger has averaged 9.3 points and 10 rebounds per game. His total rebound rate per 36 minutes of play is 10.8… HIGHEST ON THE TEAM. Oh and also he has the second best defensive rating on the Celtics at 102...

Your Morning Dump… Where Jared Sullinger bullied the Rockets

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. “He’s an old school kind of guy,” said Houston coach Kevin McHale (No. 32 peering down from the rafters) of Sullinger. “He doesn’t jump much, just pushes you under. Shocking as it is, it surprises people...

The more Jared Sullinger plays, the more the Celtics win

Whenever a team plays well, the easy solution is to point to one specific thing and say "That's it! That's the reason they've turned it around!" With the Celtics currently in a midst of a four game winning streak, the easiest factor to point to is the return of Avery Bradley. And that's extremely valid. Bradley has changed the team with his defensive effort...

Video: Full highlights of Sullinger's double double vs. the Rockets

Jared Sullinger finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds in the Celtics victory vs. the Rockets friday night. Video courtesy of OfficialCelticsHD.

Jared Sullinger: “Happy to hack” and the Kevin Garnett effect

Garnett has always been hesitant to impart his deep well of basketball knowledge on his teammates in fears that it will be used against him in the future.  This fits well into the ‘competitive at all costs’ character mold Garnett has so gracefully been placed in.When the Celtics signed Kevin Garnett to a new three-year deal, Danny Ainge and company were attempting to reload...

Jared Sullinger’s Got Back

It’s time to make that playoff push. This is the point in the season where owners can get lazy and try to coast. Now is the time to hit the waiver wire hard and cut ties with those players you’ve been waiting on to come around (Deandre Jordan, Gerald Wallace, Marcus Thorton, Javal McGee) and snag a player who is on the rise.  You will start to see some rookies step up and earn...

Jared Sullinger: The Future

As the 21st overall pick in the NBA, Jared Sullinger, is proving himself every single game to be worthy of playing on such a team as the Boston Celtics. Tonight against the Rockets, he had fourteen points and eleven rebounds. He was 7 for 8 shooting the ball, and he earned his second consecutive double double. He is doing very well compared to the other rookies. He is fourth in rebounds...

Video: Jared Sullinger and Jeff Green higlights vs Pheonix Suns

ESPN Boxscore CelticsLife Game Recap CelticsLife Player Grades Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger both contributed heavily to the 87-79 win over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. Jeff Green had a team-high 14 points off of the bench. Jared Sullinger had 12 points and a career-high 16 rebounds. Here are video highlights of their play, courtesy of OfficialCeltics. Jeff Green: Jared...

Green Envy: What Rockets fans said - 1/11

Houston fans were pretty confident coming into this game. They were even calling this match a trap game, although the Celtics had won four straight coming in. As the confidence started to die, the true colors started to come out as fans seemed to cannibalize the team, saying James Harden is there only good player and Jeremy Lin can't score. Top Three Greg Smith tells KG his...

Numbers led to Rockets' draft error

Somewhere in the muddle and mistakes and missed chances marking Royce White's growing schism between himself and the team that believed in him despite glaring red flags is a more common challenge facing NBA organizations. As White spews on his Twitter timeline his personal struggles and enmity toward the Rockets, who suspended him this week for failing to report to his D-League...

Celtics 103, Rockets 91

Paul Pierce scored 16 of his 23 points in the second half and Kevin Garnett added 17 points and four blocks Friday night as the Boston Celtics nearly blew a 17-point lead before pulling away late in a 103-91 victory over the Houston Rockets. The Celtics extended their season-high winning streak to five games, but only after surviving a 12-0 run that pulled the Rockets within two...

Video: Celtics/Rockets postgame interviews (Sully & Pierce)

Jared Sullinger and Paul Pierce talk after the Celtics fifth straigh win on Friday.

The NBA should look out as the sleeping Giant has been awoken in Boston, C’s have won 5 in a row

The 2012-13 season did not start the way the Boston Celtics wanted it to as they struggled all year.  They came into 2013 with a record 14-16 to start the season, and were badly in need of a spark to turn things around.  Well it arrived on January 2nd in the form of guard Avery Bradley.  Bradley, who has missed the entire regular season up to this point after surgery on both...

Cavaliers Film Room: The Recipe For Success

In last week’s film room, I was pretty hard on Coach Scott and Kyrie Irving as the team stumbled to the finish line in several games, the Sacramento game in particular. This week, we saw the Cavaliers play four games, win two of them, and compete in three of them (they got blown away in the second half by Chicago and the fourth quarter against Houston). In two of them in particular...

Celtics fend off Rockets, 103-91

Not sure why Russell and Olajuwon got paired up... Paul Pierce led the way with 23 points, and had two key hoops that held off a Houston 4th quarter rally and propelled the Celtics to a 103-91 victory. In Wednesday night's win over Phoenix the Celtics top 3 scorers all came off of the bench (Green 14, Terry 13, and Sullinger 12).  The subs continued that trend through the...
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