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PLAYERS: Kris Humphries
TEAMS: Brooklyn Nets

From Cosby Sweaters:

Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets has been the ire of a ridiculous number of jokes following his short-lived “relationship” with Kim Kardashian. It seems that one female Thunder fan thought that maybe she would check out what Kim thought was so great about Humphries, and reached out to touch him as he left the court following Wednesday's game. She immediately regretted the decision and was as grossed out as can be. Her reaction was priceless and there is a chance that this moment could live in infamy on a future Kanye track.

It wasn’t a completely horrible night for Kris as the Nets ended up beating the Thunder 110-93.

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  • I think the so called fan and who ever wrote this story have lost their minds. So called fan is over exagerating in order to draw attention to herself. And reporter is reaching for a story that isn't there.
  • AGREE!! Really stupid!!!
  • It's called sweat. & she clearly reached out to him.
    Lazy story.
  • The guy looks like he rides the short bus
  • Did you ever think that maybe the fan was not grossed out about Kris himself but maybe after touching him and all the sweat after playing that her hand was a bit wet from sweat?
  • Wow!! Someone on here who can think logically. Well said.
  • great point
  • What a bunch of nonsense -- Why are they trying to make something out of nothing. While I am no fan of of this guy, his ex-wife, Kimbo the over-priced bimbo or her current' no-talent "bedmate" -- I do not know wht this fat lady fan expected when she reaches out and touches a professional athlete as he is leaving the ball court. You touch a man who has been sweating -- you are going to touch sweat -- much like you would feel if you ever toued this cow after she has been chowing down on her multimeals of few chili dogs and cheese fries. Moving on --
  • Baby tummy and fat ass. And a sluty bimbo to boot.
  • I thought the same. What did she think. The man playing ball. Of course he going to be sweety...
    i think the report was an a.. for even writing this....
  • Totally Agree...And that fan had no business touching him in the first place...BTW, she was big enough to have her own zip code...what a pig...
  • Good for you, screenname77! That person was a jerk! OMG! It'a ALL about one's appearance! My daughter is a 2 year Leukemia survivor (27 years old) she's a beautiful girl, but also has scars & has gained weight because of the steroids. With regard to this story, this fan was "grossed out" because she touched a sweaty athlete, plain & simple. The writer is trying to make gossip, where none exists. Ridiculous!!
  • It's funny that you are commenting on someone else's intelligence when you misspelled judgmental.
  • That was my thoughs exactly when I saw this on the news last night. Who wants to touch a sweaty person? And you have to be nuts to not know that a ball player is sweaty coming off the court. GEESH. A nonsense "news" story.
  • Well she got what she deserved what gives her the right to paw a mans body. She thinks Kim treats him like a piece of meat so can she. He should have given her a big sweaty hug.
  • Totally agree! My first impression was - "Why the surprise, didn't she expect him to be sweaty?"
  • Some people are just idiots. What is she touching him for. She rather support and give her attention to a person that is only famous for making a sex tape and sleeping with anybody and everybody but touching him grosses her out, PLEASE!!!! People have their priorties in the wrong place.
  • I second that...
  • Right, evidently she wasn't taught to keep her hands to herself. What if she were famous(haha) and some guy groped her? She's the one at fault. She was just mad because he didn't even notice her, poor baby.
  • I'm sure the fat bee-atch grossed HIM out. I wouldn't want her 10,000 miles near me.
  • ha!!
  • I think it was the sweat. I cant stand to touch sweaty people either. Also, nobody's perfect. You need to look in the mirror and check out your imperfections.
  • Exactly!
  • Do fat people realize they are gross all by themselves??
  • I think she's freaken HOT.
    Seriously, that girl is H-O-T HOT!!!
  • your right on , i was grossed out without her touching me
  • Please, the only gross thing I see is Kanye and Kim ho's baby....
  • Kim and Kanye have their share of faults just like everyone else in this world. To be honest I don't much care for either on of them. But to pick on a baby, who hasn't even been born yet and pass judgment on the kid, makes you a pathetic piece of sh*t. At least wait and see if the kid grows up to be a loser like you before making those kind of comments.
  • Oh GIVE it rest idiot, you know that kid is gonna be screwed up with those idiot parents...

  • If there's really a child anyway. They are both so full of themselves, I'd seriously pity anyone with those idiots around.
  • @ Heresthedeal...

    Or perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension skills…

    Rasta wrote… “…Kanye and Kim ho’s baby… referring to KIM as a ho! Completely true!
    You interpreted as… “…Kanye and Kim’s ho baby… referring to the BABY as a ho! This is not what Rasta was writing!

    Our education system has failed yet another!
  • Rasta wrote that the only gross thing he saw was Kanye and Kim Ho's baby. Not referring to the baby as a ho but certainly referring to it as a gross thing. So Heresthedeal was right.
  • That sweathog was not reaching out to touch him, she was ridiculing him and hating on him. I would not want that sweathog touching me, it would gross me out. You guys need to hire sportswriters, jeez.
  • What a MORON! She touches an athlete as he is coming off the court and is grossed out! Does she realized that he is playing a physical sport? Does she realized that athletes sweating while play a sport? What does she expect him to smell and feel like? Does she realize that she is guilty of assult? MAYBE KRIS HUMPFRIES IS GROSSED BY HER.
  • That's what I thought, why touch him? He's not there for her to be touching? Maybe she's never moved around enough to know about things like sweat.
  • You are right!
  • Kardashian : famous for being a d##chebag
  • Seriously, the writer of this trash needs a slap. Obviously she has never touched an athlete after an event. She herself needs to sweat to lose some flab. What a joke.
  • Well Said !
  • I think that the chubster should never wash her hands again. Whether you like Kris Humphries or not, her fat ass will never get to get to touch a body like that again in life unless it's a freaking mannaquin. I mean seriously!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Other than a fat guy, an ugly guy or a blind guy, who'd ever wanna touch her lard ass????????
  • This is the biggest crap of reporting that I have come across in a long time. Clearly the media is out to get Chris for dumping a Hor-dashian. Leave Chris alone now and report more positive stuff.

    This is all Hor-Dashian related

    The fat bitch reacts like that because the ***** next her is her husband. She reached out to Chris

  • Different Story had He Touched Her JUNK!
  • That FAT B&*^& grossed out because she has never been to the gym, and/or have been involved in any physical activity, she doesn't know what sweat is. Go to the gym girl. Sweat that fat out.
  • there are some really stupid women out there HELLO to bad there arent more kris humpries out there those that have morals and self respect where having feelings are more important then having money n publicity kris should raise his head high and be thankful he;s rid of the self centered brat and everyone should pray for the baby shes having
  • WHO WAS THAT FAT HO ANY WAY...........
  • Yeah right. Big girl can only wish.
  • What right does this "fan" have to touch him any way?
  • If she looked in the mirror lately, she could only wish someone like Chris H. would want her fat @$$.
  • This is the most ridiculous thing. People are just picking on him because of that kim who married that ugly black ghetto thug, I can't believe these people who they are such big shots and haven't got a clue. They will breed with anything that has legs. Its obvious those 2 are racially motivated. Not everyone is as liberal as some in the world. That is the sicking part. I think kris is quite handsome and hot I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.
  • The only reason I could think of for kicking him out of because there is more room on the floor!!
  • You sound like an asinine racist scumbag. What a dummy. As adverse as you are to interracial co-mingling, you think Kris is handsome and wouldn't kick him out of bed (as if he'd ever want you). For your information Kris is part African American.
  • You sound like an asinine racist scum. What a dummy. As adverse as you are to interracial co-mingling, you think Kris is handsome and wouldn't kick him out of bed (as if he'd ever want you). For your information Kris is part African American.
  • She was one Fat Woman, who should be totally elated that a man would even look at her. Stop Eating Woman. Have a Salad... LOL
  • There's a lot going on in college bowl games and NFL playoffs right now and THIS is what a sports writer spends time on? This is a non-story. What a jerk. And the editor is a bigger jerk for allowing it to be published.
  • OMG...If Kris reached out and touched a woman he'd be in jail....and women complain about a double standard???? SHE needs to make a public apology to HIM!!!
  • Gee, an athlete busting his ass on the court was sweating?! The story here is how Kris and his team earned their win with that sweat, NOT the idiot who decided to feel up Humphries.
  • If that was a male reaching out to touch a female, he would be arrested and charge for some form of sexual contact. She should be arrested, that should be the story.
  • What do you expect when a player comes off the court all sweatie, yeah he is going to be grose... This lady needs to grow up and get a life..
  • Sweatie? grose? Have you EVER taken an English class?
  • Sweatie? Grose? Have you ever taken an English class in your life? ....'Merica!
  • She is grossed out by his sweat?!? You'd think with all of the lard she is carrying on her body that sweat is something she is used to. Oink!
  • Ewwww, sweat!! Anyone appearing in US, People, or any of the 50 gossip magazines out there, isn't supposed to sweat!
  • You the publisher suck at publishing this, really come on the guy is sweating of course and to try to make a story out of this, the stupid girl didn't know that he was going to be sweating....who cares what Kim or Kanye say they are both trash
  • Seriously, this is HEADLINE news on MSN???? You have stooped to an all-time low!
  • That's exactly what I WAS THINKING :)
  • It's called physical activity chickie who touched Kris Humphrey's. It's been known to increase the heartrate and break a sweat, you should try it.
  • How come she dared to touch him? She should have been arrested.
  • What a ditz! What did she think it would be like to touch someone who is sweaty? Yeah, she should be arrested, for being a bozo.
  • If that were a man grabbing a woman, it would be sexual assault. Are woman debasing themselves to the level of men for attention, now?
    People should leave this young idiot alone to play basketball.
  • Her reaction was based on the fact that her fat a$$ has never seen or experienced what it's like to sweat thus it disgusted her lol ; ) #porker
  • What was it that the fan touched, HE WAS WORKING AND HOT TIRED they need a life I sujust DO NOT GO TO GAMES THE MEN WORK AND SWEAT......................WHAT A DUMMY
  • Another wannabe
  • Did the pig that touched Kris really think that he would have anything to do with her, but then the pig that he got divorced from was no better.
  • Amazing. This guy is a magnet to chicks with huge a**es! Kim, Myla and not this one. And this relationship lasted just as long as his marriage:)
  • Someone with a behind like that has no right to talk about how gross someone else is
  • Maybe if the fat girl worked out she would find she sweats just like any normal person does. We should applaud Humpries for not acting the same way when some gross, lazy fat girl touched him. Way to respect the fans, even the nasty ones!
  • Funny , I think any kardashian would be even more Gross
  • Aww, why does it have to be about her size?
    I think she's freaken hot.
  • that's what she get's for touching a sweaty basketball player!! anyway...dumb story!!
  • "eat mor CHKIN. " Kris is not looking for a wide reciever
  • If anyone was grossed out it should be Chris! Cow!!
  • Kris is just lucky she didn't try to eat him!
  • Is this an intern writing this? What a way to start out the year with ridiculous news and I'm surprised it was actually posted. Really?
  • The only thing gross here, and something I hate that squeamish women do too often. Why is it that when you are grossed out by something your first reaction is to rub whatever you find gross on your man's clothes. Regardless of whether the man finds sweat disgusting or not, the fact that you thought something was too beneath you to be on your person should have given you pause before you rubbed it on someone else. I would have went upside this b!tches head for that
  • Wait...she reaches out to touch someone who is sweating after a BB game...and you write a story as if he was gross? That girl, and Kim K, are both pretty low I would think. You are too, for writing about it in this manner.
  • OH,PLEASE, GIVE ME A BREAK :) this fat pattie should be really happy she touch this HOT athlete. SHe should not wash her hands for days LOL I don't think she doesn't even know what the word "Exercise" means. This story is totally RIDICULOUS!!! Tell those writes to find something more interesting to DO!!! I would touch him any time of the DAY!! BTW am your FAN Kris and am 110 lbs :)
  • What would women say if I reached out and touched a female athlete after a game? This story is both idiotic (for being published at all) and infuriating (for the way it makes him seem like a culprit). Come on man!
  • Mr. H has that stinky smell from having sex with Kris K. It can't be good! Where did she touch him? That is the question. On the frount of his thys?
  • non story. Kardashian is the village bicycle, everyone gets a ride. hell, some get a video of the ride!
  • She was grossed out about him being so sweaty. This is a STUPID story... Can't get any better news than that? PLEASE!! Somebody is desperate!!!
  • why is this even news?
  • That fat B---h!
  • Seriously?? Touch any player after a they played a game....they are SWEATY! Dah!!
  • really....slow day in news if this is whats making headlines, most retarded thing i've heard all day
  • The reaction of a fat lady touched a sweating atletic vs the writer obsession with Kim, the #1 high class whoe, make this article equally grossed.
  • You got that right. What do you expect from a player NO SWEAT !!! The writer seems definately OBSESSED with the HO too !!!
  • Her girth....................are we sure she's not a kardashian-size of the butt fits! I'm sure 'Mother of the year' kardashian will cash in on this somehow.
  • who cares?! The guy is a tool anyway (as proven via his reality show) not to mention he looks like he rides the short bus.
  • See more comments >>

Thunder Fan Grossed Out After Touching Kris Humphries (Video)

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Female fan touches Kris Humphries, gets grossed out

Fans love to get up close and personal with sports stars but when one woman actually got to make physical contact with Kris Humphries, the Oklahoma City Thunder fan seemed to get a little grossed out by doing so. The Brooklyn Nets forward was making his way to the locker room — after turning his ankle in the final minutes of the Nets 110-93 victory over the Thunder at Chesapeake...

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Kris Humphries presumed father of Kim and Kanye’s baby

According to California law, since Kim Kardashian is still technically still married to NBA player Kris Humphries, he is the presumed father of Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West. If the Hump wanted stir the pot some more, he could force Kimmy and Kanye to come to court and prove the [...]

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Obese female Thunder fan disgusted by touching Nets Kris Humphires (video)

Maybe this obese OKC Thunder fan was worried about getting some Kim Kardashian germs from touching Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries? He did have that “marriage” to her which lasted shorter than the NFL lockout. Of course, it doesn’t stop Kanye West from touching her. Paul M. Banks is CEO of The Sports, a Google News site generating millions of unique visitors...

Phil Jackson Got Engaged

 Now we know why Phil Jackson didn't get hired by the Lakers and doesn't want to come back and coach the Brooklyn Nets.  He needed some time to himself to get engaged to long time girlfriend Jeanie Buss.  I'm guessing the honeymoon isn't going to be very cheap either, so maybe Phil will make his return to the NBA next season. Check out our Home Page for...

Nets streak to road win against Thunder

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Brooklyn was looking for a boost. After the turmoil it had inflicted upon itself in the early part of the season, it was looking for a spark. They might have found it Wednesday when the Nets ended Oklahoma City's 12-game home win streak with a 110-93 victory at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The win was the second for the Nets since P.J. Carlesimo was named interim...
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