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The NBA owners and NBA union are not serious about salvaging the 2011-2012 NBA regular season. Seriously.

Another announcement will come today from commissioner David Stern, saying that at least two more weeks will be cancelled. It will be the third announcement of cancellations, and most likely not the last.

The two sides met last week for three straight days to try for more than 30 hours and reach an agreement. Three days in one week is a sign of progress, but those meetings have been the pinnacle of cooperation between the owners and the union. The two sides met twice the week before and twice before that in much less time than what was shown this past week.

In comparison, the NFL and the player’s union didn’t meet as many times or for as many hours as the NBA during their respective lockout, but actually made progress and kept scheduling future meetings to get a deal done. After last Thursday’s meeting of NBA owners and players, nothing has been scheduled between the two sides. The other big difference? The NFL never missed a game, with the exception of the Hall of Fame game. The NBA has now lost the entire preseason and at least four weeks of the regular season.

So who is the real loser of the lockout? The fans. The NBA Finals drew in successful ratings and Game Six was the third most-watched game in NBA on ABC history. The NBA has been struggling with revenue, as 22 of the 30 NBA teams were losing money. But after the Finals, the future looked just a little brighter. Small-market teams were struggling, but the lockout was supposed to right those wrongs.

Instead, the owners and the union are at a standstill, and the upper echelon of superior teams in larger markets remains intact. Making a level playing field between competing markets would even out the vast differences between a contender and a cellar dweller, but revenue and money comes first for the representatives of the NBA. Why not make the regular season, not just the postseason, exciting for fans across the entire nation?

The union wants their players to keep their insane contracts intact. The owners, before the lockout began, said they would incur $400 million in losses and have been trying to take the bigger portion of the revenue.

The player’s actions have spoken louder than their words when it comes to their mindset of the lockout.  Deron Williams has jumped ship and will play overseas, and Kobe Bryant looks like he’ll be following in his footsteps. Rodney Stuckey looks to be headed to China, according to ESPN. NBA stars Kevin Durant and Chris Paul have been relegated to playing glorified pick up games.

Union Vice President Matt Bonner, in an interview with, said, “That’s the point of a lockout. Let the players miss paychecks and they’ll cave. But we’ve been preparing for over two years, ready for this moment, ready for right now.” The players may have been preparing for this moment, but the fans are now facing the reality of no basketball, even if the lockout doesn’t come as a surprise. On the day the regular season would have begun, fans are left wondering what hit them and when the pain will end.

When NBA teams win, players say it’s for their city, for their fans. When they lose, the players apologize to the fans for their performance. Lebron James used Twitter to apologize to fans about the cancellations, saying, “I wanna sincerely say sorry to all the fans! It’s a sad day for all of us, especially u guys! There’s no US w/o You.” 

But beyond Lebron, no other NBA stars have really voiced their opinion to save the season for the fans. It’s all about saving the season for themselves and making the owners look bad. Or the Stephen Curry way of expressing his feelings through twitter: “#thissucks.”

There’s still time to save some of the season, but the two sides are unwilling to budge. The owners created this monster by handing out lucrative contracts to players, and the players don’t want to right the ship by giving some of it back. Greed is a scary thing, and greed is the reason why the 2011-2012 season will be cancelled.

Andrew Koob is a contributor for Buzz on Broad. Follow him @AndrewKoob


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