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Tweet Now this is hilarious… “His Airness” Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player in NBA history, has been banned from a Miami Beach golf course for not adhering to the dress code. Here are details courtesy of the NY Post: “Michael was wearing cargo pants on the course,” said a spy. Jordan’s multipocketed pants [...]

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  • I'd like to know the name of the course so I can avoid it.
  • slow news day?
  • La Gorce Country Club
  • You probably couldn't go there anyway. MJ probably only goes to very ritzy private courses that are not available for use by most folks. If you're rich, you might could go for a price.
  • This course should be closed. Cargos look better than bermudas.
  • rules are rules, I quite frankly am impressed that they didn't bend the rules, just because he is who he is. That is the root of the substandard behavior athletes are demonstrating more and more these days. It amazes me that we have coaches and school systems who have bent rules, given special tests and even allowed student athletes to receive passing grades, sometimes to students with failing performances,just so the student can suit up for the game. Then as these kids grow there are often legal situations looked over by community law enforcement so as to not prevent the team from loosening the player for the big game. It was not uncommon for some of these young men to get away with sexual misconduct and crimes against women, simply to keep them eligible to play for the school. In extreme cases this special treatment starts at a very young age and the kids learn that they don't have to play by the same rules off the field, court and even drama and debate simply because of their ability in the sport. For some of these students this starts in little league, leads to junior high, high school, college and then even more so once they get some money in their pockets as professional athletes. It is simply the wrong lesson for us to be sending to the athlete themselves, but especially the millions of young admirers that look up to and mimic these "Role-model's". Some will say they didn't ask to be "Role-Model's" but they are and they did when they signed that million dollar contract. I didn't mean in any way to sound like I was lecturing you or to even suggest that the above point of view by teachers and such was your view. Just wanted to explain why I was refreshed by the club holding Jordan to the rules.
  • Your right,rules are rules no matter how rich you are.
  • He was invited, that means he has a host. The host is responsible for his guest. To approach the guest is below any golf course I visit. Theres rules yes but applying the rules seems here to be the problem.
    Its not like he was invited to play cricket on the course or maybe play in the sand traps on his quad.
  • You must be a coach, or you DO like to lecture. I'd hate to see you go off on something serious.
  • How did this become a crucifixation of athletes? The article clearly states that he had been there many times before and wore cargo shorts and was never made aware of this rule. He was then approach after the 12th hole. If they didn't inform him before he started, they should have made him aware of the rule after he finished playing. He wasn't defying a rule, he was unaware of a rule. There is also a code of ethics for customer service, that service companies seem to not follow anymore either.
  • I agree, it's probably one of those I couldn't afford to play anyway.
  • Don't worry , you have to be invited.
  • Kinda funny cuz cargos went out of style 2 years ago. Guess Jordans not much of a fashion icon. I know he's not much of a golfer.
  • And burmuda shorts are? Really dorky looking. Most geeks where these don't they?
  • The "Big Stars" always think the rules don't apply to them. If it had been me, I would have been escorted off the course. But watch, they will kiss his *** and invite him back.
  • You might have a point beachroamer, however, it sounds like he was never made aware of the dress code banning shorts just because they had pockets. More likely, it was a bunch of rich old white guys who didn't like that he was there on THEIR course. If I'm running the course, and the starter didn't make ANYONE, celebrity or not change at the beginning of the round, I'm going to let him finish 6 more holes then advise him to wear "bermudas",the next time. It's not like he was wearing something obscene, like the way Donald Trump wears that dead squirrel on his head when he plays golf.
  • Murph111 you have a good point with the starter not calling him on the problem from the start. I don't how ever believe even for a second that this had anything to do with race, and the whole problem with using the race card is the simple fact that it has been used so much it no longer holds any creditability. It is like the boy that cried wolf, when racialism is constantly used as a defense for breaking the rules and in situations that have nothing to do with race, then when it may be legitimate and should be addressed. In this case your original argument where he was allowed to start in the cargo's and therefore should have been allowed to finish sounds like a sensible remedy to the whole problem. if he had been told before and choose to do as he wished just because he is M J, then ban him from the club.
  • Whooooo Cares?! It's MICHAEL JORDAN!!! Love that man!
  • Oh the Humanity! Mission accomplished. Now if they can figure out how to get rid of those Jews. (sarcasm of course). Why wait until the 12th hole. He must have been whooping someone arse and the loser started whining to the staff. Any place that has such uptight dress codes are for the truley stuck up douches.
  • Golf clubs around the world have uptight dress codes. It's the tradition of golf. Adhere to it, or don't hang out on golf courses. It's quite simple. If you wanna look like a beach bum, go to the beach.
  • Amen!!!
  • Read the article. He had worn them before and nothing was said. Why wait until the 12th hole to ask him to change? I wouldn't have changed at that point either...give me a freakin break.
  • Just because you are an arrogant, over popularized, egotistical, a$$hole, doesn't mean you don't have to follow the rules...
  • are you kidding me,(over popularized), this is the greatest basketball player of all time and he deserves a lil respect. This man has put in a lot of work to get were he is and may be these arrogant poeple at this club are just being haters,some (people)see a strong black man with a lot of $$$,come into (there) club who's not white & all hell breaks lose< he's played there before with the same freakin shorts(drop that club) MJ.
  • He deserves nothing from me at all, he played basketball he was very good at it. My Doctor is a very good doctor, my algebra teacher may have been the best algebra teacher in the world. They deserve more respect than MJ. respect is given to people who earn it, not be how much money you make.
  • Well said!!!
  • HATER!!!!!
  • You make no sense at all. How does someone who mastered their craft to such a degree NOT earn your respect? Regardless if its basketball, medicine or math, if youre the best at what you do then thats pretty damn amazing. And then you bring money into it as if that somehow negates his talents. You certainly don't become as rich as Jordan is by not being the best.
  • Great point!
  • Really! I'm not much of a basketball fan, but you saying he did'nt earn it. He sweat his ass off for hrs. practicing. Then while traveling all over to entertain the fans, and some players not having a family live. What do you do?
  • Their club... but who really cares about education these days...
  • Not you, apparently. Where's the question mark, genius?
  • I am white, and I personally admire MJ, but golf clubs all over the world have always adhered to a dress code, it's a tradition in the golf world that you are expected to dress a certain way. Has nothing to do with him being black, white or purple. Just golf traditions which should be adhered to. Doesn't matter who he is. Even MJ is not God.
  • I agree with your statement, but why wait until the 12th hole? He had worn them before and why weren't those shorts addressed previously?
  • And I see you never played out here on the normal courses. If you come out in blue jeans and shirt you are welcome to play. Snobs.
  • In the basketball world, by all means. In my world, no way !!
  • He was a very good, very well paid for his achievement, he was great at his JOB. So the CEO of any fortune 500 companies, and they are compensated (paid) accordingly. By no means is he a war hero or a Disables American Vet. Those guys deserve a "lil" respect. They fought for this country and were compensated poorly, and none of witch went into the service to get rich.
  • I'll take that witch and see you two gnomes.
  • Airtime, you sound like a hater.
  • He doesn't deserve any respect on the golf course.
  • Sounds like your the one with the problem.
  • MJ thinks he's above the rules. A few years ago during a pro-am event MJ stuck a cigar in his mouth and Arnold Palmer pointed out the no smoking sign to him in the locker room. Michael just smiled and lit up like it didn't apply to him. What an arrogant jerk. Arnold Palmer could only shake his head.
  • This story tells alot about what kind of man MJ really is. He breaks the rules and laughs about it, because he feels entitled.
  • MJ can't read fool, if Arnold had told him what the sign said it would have been different. OK
  • Degree from University of North Carolina...Where is your degree from?
  • Typical old white men with stiff shirts & evidently, stiff bermudas as well(Thanks Viagra). Who in their right mind would kick MJ off the course or in the future for something so petty. Whoever the the GM/Board Members should be fired immediately the photo ops alone are golden.
  • Rules are rules, no matter how much money you have. If there is a dress code, then don't rock the boat. Cargo shorts are not a tradition on golf courses, but bermuda shorts are.
  • You sound like a racist.
  • Ban him. It is a club with rules. Just because you're famous or have a lot of money, you don't have the right to look like a slob when everyone else plays by the rules. There are lots of other golf courses that want to suck up to him. They should shakes hands and part ways.
  • I am more concerned about the fact that Michael Jordan frequently smokes cigars. I don't know how much he knows about history, but two very famous historical figures,former President Ulysses Grant and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud both smoked cigars often. And they both died of mouth/throat cancers. Of course, neither Grant nor Freud were paid huge amounts to endorse products. Have a great day.

    Carl Ivey,M.D.(retired physician)
  • And so did George Burns who passed away at what age was it? 102? So what's your point? Everyone dies. Granted its probably not a good way to finish out your years. But, if they enjoy it, why judge them on it?
  • Ignorance is not an excuse. He's history...
  • Good for him! These golf courses are way too uppity for my blood. I remember back in the 70s Dinah Shore had a Tournament in her name, yet even she was not allowed to join the club that sponsored it. All women were denied membership to ALL golf courses and to rely on a man's membership to play. I don't know if it's still that way, but wouldn't be surprised. (I believe it was the same for Blacks and Jews at the time.) As for Michael, if he's worn cargo shorts (a variation of the Bermuda shorts, in my opinion, which doesn't count) in the past with no complaints until now, could it be a disgruntled Republican who complained? Sorry to bring politics into this, especially since I dislike others who do so, but given the attitude of many people (Southern Republicans) why not?
  • because those are the rules !

    I speed everyday, its against the "rules". I only got caught once. Do i go to the judge and say, well i did it 1000 times before and didn't get caught, so screw you? of course not.
  • That would make perfect sense if each previous time he played he hadn't had to enter the clubhouse, register for his tee time, get his cart, etc. It's not like he snuck out there. They had all sorts of opportunities to NOTICE AND BRING up the infraction.
  • Southern Republican???? I am afended!!! The Race card may have been an issue here but HIGHLY doubtful. I do not know MJ nor will I ever know him but he is ranked right up there with Ali as living legends. But he is only human so he is capable of being a DUMBA** just like you. None of here know of the circumstances in to which he was asked to leave, So ASSuming it a race issue is stupid jerk.
  • Bermuda shorts have been around much longer than cargo shorts. It's just tradition. Does anyone care about tradition anymore?
  • Apparently only the people who are not famous sports figures with 200 people on their payroll to kiss there ass!
  • Not that one, it's archaic. Golf courses all over America are suffering from lack of business, and stupid dress codes are part of the problem.
  • For hating to bring up politics, witch I highly doubt is your true stance, you sure do it like an ole pro. I am sure Al Sharpton will be beating the drum right next to you. That is if you two can agree on who gets to walk on the left side. I bet Dinah Shore got over it a long time ago, but I bet she is proud of you, I can just imagine how much sleep you have lost... I won't even insult the Democratic Party with associating them with you, especially cause I hate to bring up politics too..........lmaorof. By the way what branch of the UCLA are you president of........
  • Is this Time's woman the year? Sandra Fluke? Or just an other brain dead racist,sexist, I have rights liberal cover it all talking points memo from brother Al and Jessie ?
  • Is this Time's woman the year? Sandra Fluke? Or just an other brain dead racist,sexist, I have rights liberal cover it all talking points memo from brother Al and Jessie ?
  • Rules are rules when it comes to private clubs like gold courses. Even the president would comply.
  • The president doesnt even put his hand over his heart when the pledge allegiance is being performed.
  • Are you kidding? I am a disabled vet and I don't put my hand over my heart. Does that really make that much of difference? It probably does to nitpicking fools like you. He shows his respect by standing at attention.
  • First TFBadd, let me thank you for your service. My father was a disabled Vet. and I am damn proud to hold my hand over my heart for the presentation of the flag, your claim that he shows his respect by standing at attention would hold water if he was in uniform, or were ever a member of a branch of the service, but you and I know he doesn't show the respect to the flag for his own reasons. His wife said it best when she said "for the first time in my life I am proud of our country" and that was just because Obama won. I also don't see any reason President Obama was brought up at all. As a country we need to get back to being United the election is over now lets do what we can to make the Country great again.
  • Yes it does make that much difference too disabled vet's like myself. You are probably an old draftee that didn't really want to serve his country anyway. The veterans I served with proudly place their hand over their heart, because it does make that much difference to us.
  • The pledge allegience? Lol. I just watched several clips of him doing exactly what you say he doesn't do. Do you know how to use the Internet to find things out for yourself?
  • Some of Life's Rules: Rule #1- the punishment should befit the crime; Rule #2- there are exceptions to every rule; Rule #3- rules need to be applied consistently; Rule #4- the rules that 'one percenters' take the time to write are so so often out of touch with what really matters in the game of life.
  • dumb, wait until the round is over and then state members complained and he will have to wear bermudas minus cargo pockets next time
  • Actually this is what should have happened. Although he could have just changed, he has a zillion dollars. They could have brought him shorts to change into in the bathroom or something.
  • The rules are the rules and it is a private country club. People pay a ton of money to belong to these places and I am willing to bet that none of the clowns here that say they wouldn't play there because of this wouldn't be allowed there in the first place. They have the right to state what the dress code is and if you want to play there you have to conform to those rules or not play. Maybe it's time for all the "entitled" jackasses to realize that the rules apply to them too.
  • I am a frequent golfer, and am always troubled by dress codes. It's as if the club members want to claim themselves superior and keep out the scum; it is a very snobby, condescending attitude. This case is particularly disturbing; the only difference between cargo pants and Bermuda shorts is the number of pockets. I hope this club goes under; I certainly would not play there.
  • You are somewhat right in my opinion. Really just more pockets? the problem is, there is a saying give and inch and they take a mile. and this is true. You start letting cargo shorts, then someone shows up in cutoff jean shorts and a wife beater. If people just ha some sort of self respect and sense of decency, they wouldn't have to do this.
  • The only difference between black and white is the color; the only difference between a 9 iron and a 3 iron is the length, lie and loft... what kind of logic is that? Its a matter of rules and not conforming to the rules. If you dont like the rules then dont go back. or in this case your invitation has been renvoked.
  • I have to agree with you, the dress code should read, appropriate casual attire. No bikini's and no balls hanging out the side of gym shorts.
  • That is your choice, now go back to your golf course wear your muscle shirts and enjoy your six pack of beer.
  • Wow, wonder how many blancos have been asked to leave for the same thing
  • Lots of blancos -- including me. Sometimes the rules are a pain, but they are what they are. BFD. It's only a story because he is famous and he snubbed the rule. So now he doesn't get to come back. End of story.
  • The clothes he has on are perfectly proper for a day on the golf course and probably cost more than a Wal-Mart employee makes in a month. When I have to wear clothes that are stiff and not really made for golf then I will quite the club I belong to and go elsewhere. Give em hell MJ !
  • If you really do belong to a club, and not simply attend a public club (witch also have dress codes) I will bet you a years membership fees that they have a dress code as well.
  • Great. Those of you that don't agree, don't golf there. Works for me. Cargo pants make you look like a punk. I don't care. But, this PRIVATE course apparently does, it is their place, if MJ doesn't like the rules, he can go golf at a PUBLIC place that doesn't have a dress code. I would bet any amount of money that he has been warned prior and just ignored. They finally had enough. MJ or not, he isn't above their rules.
  • I am willing to bet that your attire is far more ridiculous than cargo shorts. Maybe you don't look like a punk. Just a phthetic virgin.
  • who's the chick?
  • I have caddied Jordan and worked for a few course Jordan he has attended. He is always breaking the rules and yes he is aware of them. Always wants to play in a 5-some and could care less if you sit behind him for hours. He is a ego maniac and I am proud of this course for banning this jerk.
  • MJ should buy the country club.
  • He was on the 12th hole when they notified him...I would have done the same thing...Why wasn't he told in the Clubhouse....???
  • Going to have to agree with you on this one. Everyone is being so quick to jump on the sides. Do we know that he was actually informed of the dress code? In what way was this information delivered? If in fact he did know of the dress code, why didn't the course staff notify him at check in or the attendant say something when he went to check out the golf cart? If I were to guess at all the possible scenarios from what small bit of information was provided, I would say that it was the course that allowed for the rule breakage and were forced to step in when money vs. money came in to play. My guess would be that the course was fine with letting the rules slip and another wealthy long-standing club patron put the pressure on as it overshadowed his standing.
  • folks: the picture is not from this golf outing (by the bib on the caddie I would think it's a pro-am.....the course I have to believe is Indian Creek, one of the most exclusive in the country...his member will be the one to catch the heat and I'm sure will be written up but the pro shop should not have let him out though.
  • Arguably. Lol.
  • Jordan IS an a**hole, but anyone who complains that someone is wearing cargo pants need to be forced to work a minimum wage job for a week just so they realize how good they have it...even having to see someone else wearing cargo shorts while they play a round of gold in their perfectly manicured course.

    But yet...sentence them to a full month of playing on $10 per round 18 hole municipal courses with the golfers that they will find there.
  • Michael Jordan is not the greatest player who ever lived. He is however the biggest ball hog who ever lived.
  • sounds like it's time to update the dress code,arcadic rules are just that.
  • If he broke the rules he should not be invited back. Period. Egotistical jerk.
  • There are two universal laws that everyone needs to remember.
    1- its against state law to wear a ball cap in reverse after the age of 25 (unless your nickname is "D Bag").
    2- (this is the one Jordan disobeyed) Its against the law to wear cargo shorts once you are over 40 years old (again, unless your nickname is "D Bag")
  • Sorry I am 50 and wear cargos because of the number of pockets - cell phone, money, wallet, cigars, lighter, program for race track, pencil, golf ball, tees, etc. I also wear a belt to keep them from falling so I look like a G Bag.
    If that makes me a D Bag well you can suck my tea bag.
  • To all of you who want to ban someone for a violation - I would normally agree with you BUT if an exception is made then the rules are just that - MJ has played that course several times before, in cargo shorts, and nothing was mentioned before or in this particular instance (especially the pro shop)so why should he be singled out this time. I work at a Golf Course and we have a dress code BUT if the staff's (myself) doesn't say anything then its the course's responsibility not to interrupt the player until after the round and go to the MEMBER and explain the rules and and not tto bring him out unless he complies, be he a "star"or ordinary guy. Simple
  • It's not Jordans fault if he's played in cargos before. It's the idiot ProShop Staff for allowing him out in the first place. His host isn't to bright either, he needs to be a responsible member to his club and the other members.
  • I lived in the Chicagoland area during the late 90s when MJ was still big. I went to his driving range a lot and golfed at one of the PGA golf courses he frequented. I never met the man but everyone knew that he wasn't exactly a warm and fuzzy type of guy and accepted that. You can complain about his attitude but the fact is that I don't give a crap attitude won 6 NBA Championships. As far as I'm concerned the club was well within their rights to kick him out and he is well within his rights not to give a damn.
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