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Originally written on No Guts, No Glory  |  Last updated 4/24/12
What do you get when you mix the joys of Twitter with the joys of a bored NBA player (especially Gilbert Arenas) in the middle of the offseason? A live tweeting of a blind date of course. Follow along as Arenas pulls back the curtains on just how he goes about trying to “get the goods” from a young lady that is somehow “looking like a thundercat”. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. And wouldn’t you know it, ole “Agent Zero” just got fined. I wonder why? It’s Thursday. Let’s see if we get the goods today.
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  • Hey Gilbert...I'm just impressed that a brother in the NBA would even go on a date with sista. I'm gonna vote for you next year to go to the All-Star game on that **** alone.
  • I vote him in as the biggest ******* in the NBA. A real Arenass.
  • Oh. My. Word! this is the funniest thing i've heard all week!! im sitting at my desk crying!!! "queen of zamunda...simba..thundercats..." i cant take it...i think i love gilbert arenas. if somebody want to send me on a blind date with him, i promise to wear all black :-)
  • Girlfriend, you have no self-respect; wanting to date a man that doesn't respect women. His comments should have been reserved for the privacy of his friends, not public. He has no idea of respect for women. I hope you never suffer such public humiliation. May God bless you always.
  • Lighten up. Don't attempt to take every spoken word literally. I also thought his comments were extremely funny.

    You seem to be a little sensitive. Wonder why?
  • Cuz women never tweet and facebook their experiences of bad dates and the dorks they bombed out with.
  • Because "AGENT ZERO" is like denzel or something.. Maybe the "zero" in his moniker means: zero chance of ever being a winner, zero chance of him being superstar again, zero point in the playoffs, his bank account will be zero in about 10 years.

    I could go all day but jerks like this will ALWAYS have karma come back on him.

    Enjoy it now Gil because your days of being relevant are LOOONG gone...

    Anyone think he looks like Gonzo from sesame street? Damn dude want some face to go with that nose?!?!

    what a moron!!
  • and you a sucker dude. you probably still paid the bill like a simp.. ol punk ass
  • oh and gil wasnt that the same shirt David Stern had you wear when you got rug burn on your knees in his office. Your mouth is still chapped from kissing so much ass to get back into the NBA.
  • Gilbert you are a loser that no amount of money can give any class. A grown man that would take guns to work and play with them like a kid has some serious problems. A real man would not speak this way about a woman after he had dated her. Grow up fellow. Your days in the NBA are slowly coming to an end.
  • Arenas 9 years in the NBA 8 points per game 3 rebounds per game

    I wonder why he is still playing?
  • Now I thought this was funny, come people how times have you gone on a bad date and talked bad about it.. I give him props for not showing her face or giving her name.. LMBO!!
  • Talking about a date and telling funny stories about it should be done in private (no names used). We should never ridicule anyone in public. A real man knows when to speak out and when not to. I expect that kind of behavior from an adolescent that doesn't know any better.
  • Wow. Where has our society gone when one can't tell jokes anymore.

    I think you're taking this a little bit too seriously.
  • In some countries they eat monkey brains, they'd starve with this one. Toss it a banana and watch it peel it with its feet.
  • Classic idiot racist comment. At least come up with some new material. The whole monkey thing is a bit tired.
  • WOW seriously? if anything why the hell did she stay on the date, with u obviously on your phone most the time... and so TRUE, just because you got money dont mean you have class.... if you werent in the NBA you wouldnt have so many females after you, if you want to believe it or not, your not eye candy and you sure dont have a great personality...I hope you never get hurt and dont you dare get to old to where you cant play no more.... because once your done so will the females who chace you... You are the PRIME example of a childish young minded BOY trying to play a BIG boy game... lol This right here is why grown respectable LADIES dont play with kids, there all dumb, no matter the age!!!!
  • Spot on !
  • Wow...how classy of Mr. NBA to tweet like a jerk about this girl. Really?
  • MR NBA ????? 8 points and 3 rebounds per game over nine years

    He is a MR trash time player.
  • That was a funny tweet, I mean really FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! I shouldn't be laughing because we as women should stick together but he was right that is an ugly shirt. LOL
  • Her shirt is ugly so she must be a jerk? You're almost as supid as he is. Almost.
  • What would you expect her to wear to a cheap all you can eat cafeteria? Arenass is a jerk as he expects to get laid after taking her to an all you can eat cafeheria?
  • I kind of like her shirt. It's expressive. Very ethnic, with the shells and all. I've definitely seen worse.

    Maybe Gilbert, because of his income bracket, is use to interacting with women who wear Polo and Coach.
  • Ok maybe all of that wasn't called for. He should of just dont ever call her, and she would get the picture that he's not interested. The blouse really ain't ready to go out on a first date though! And I think he's a nice lookin guy.
  • Hoodrat Arenas is no more than a thug with money. Go Gilbert, make us proud!
  • I'm a little disappointed in him for tweeting his date. It's a bit classless. That being said, it was pretty funny stuff that he was writing.

    I think we all can relate to being on a really bad date and just purposely turning it into a worse date just to entertain ourselves. However, I pretty much kept those details to myself and a couple of close friends.
  • Arena's is a low as any man can get. He doesn't deserve a date. Is it a wonder Shaq was banging his wife?
  • Never heard that rumor before. Please be able to justify your statements before placing them out in public.

    Otherwise, your viewed as nothing more than a gossiper.
  • No class, no action, and after the fine no money!! Stupid is as stupid does. Why would you want to publicly redicule a lady, when you saw she is not what you wanted just creat an out!!!!!!
  • To tweet nine times about a woman and take a picture of her, you have to be in love or just lonely.
  • Just horrible! Arenas is really showing his lack of class on this one. Instead of making fun of the girl, he should've just ended the so-called date and been a gentleman. But I guess that's just too much to ask of someone who obviously doesn't know what a gentle-man is...poor class Arenas! I can't wait until you're all traded up and out of the NBA.
  • Gilbert is just an Ass****
  • Gilbert, what if u were not a NBA player, what would u be doing? U just happen to be a ball player with $, everyone has right to express their opinion, but to humiliate someone, not cool Gilbert , u still have not learned ur lesson from ur gun incident few yrs ago, grow up man!!!! The day fans get tired of u and all u highly paid athletes, u be washing dishes at the same restaurant.....
  • His name is Arenass, what would you expect.
  • Like your comment, but you do sound like a bitter woman.

    They hang in crowds.
  • The blouse is pretty cool. I'd like to see her tweets about Arenass:

    This man is a total dolt.

    Why am I here with this cretin, good I hope he eats fast.

    I wonder if all NBA basketball players are such stiffs.
  • Seriously, has anyone wondered WHY an NBA player would have to go on a blind date to meet someone. Wonder no more. This guy has a lot of b****. Beware all women. It is obvious he has no class and probably got a head injury along the way. She deserves better than his sorry a**.
  • His tweets were pretty damned funny...And for all y'all talkin' sh*t about him live-tweeting his horrible date, how many of YOU have told your friends/associates about how crappy a blind date was? Or gotten that "emergency phone call" from your girl to end a date early? Or simply had a date that, to you, was funny - in that horribly bad kinda way?

    Sounds like a great many bitter women here have forgotten that sometimes life, and in particular the things humans go through to find companionship, is plain funny.

    Arenas just happened to find that brand of comedy in this woman's outfit on this particular date. And for the record, it *is* a pretty craptastic blouse.
  • Yeah its truely funny that Arenass would take a blind date to a cheap all you can eat cafeteria and expect to get laid. What did he expect her to wear to a cafeteira. Furthermore the blouse isn't that bad. The boy has really some problems with women. He got fined by the NBA over some of his twitter tweets when he denigrated woman. What ever happened to his fiance? Thanks for the public tweets Arenass funny to watch you almostmadeits make fools of your self..
  • Really??? Something I would expect from a boy in middle school!! Grow the hell up!!!
  • G-Arenas doesn't know how to be a gentleman because, like many Black boys in the US, he didn't have a father to teach him. He's stuck in adolescence. Don't be angry at him, he doesn't know any better; be angry at his absentee coward "father".

  • Your racist comments are actually no more intelligent or insightful than this actions.

    Your absolute "hate" towards another race unlike your own, just because the skin-tone is different, is the "epitome" of ignorance.
  • I kinda feel sad for Arenas. I think a lot of people will be glad when he disappears from public life and we won't have to worry about his influence on young people.
  • Cannon, what are you, the Great Arenas Protectorate? Arenas is man trapped in a boy's mind...he's classless, clueless, and, judging from his attitude, he probably has more of an affinity for men than women...which means he should stop the sham. You certainly could find someone more worthy to defend...so why not trade up and do so?

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