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The tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last week has had a ripple effect through the entire sports world. We’ve seen numerous examples of athletes doing what they can to pay tribute to the victims, and Joakim Noah continued that recently in a different kind of way.

While players like Victor Cruz paid tribute to a particular young boy and Chris Johnson wrote the names of all 26 victims on his cleats before Monday Night Football, Noah has decided to drop the six-shooter routine he does after hitting a jump shot.

“You can’t joke around with things like that,” Noah said after posting a triple-double in a win over the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, via NBA.com’s Steve Aschburner. “Too many people are dying because of guns. We have a problem here with guns. So just trying to be a little bit compassionate about what’s going on.

“It’s what happened in Connecticut. That was shocking to a lot of people. But things like this have been going on. We have a serious problem with that in Chicago. It’s crazy, man. You just hear about this summer, a movie theater. It’s just happening all the time. It’s horrible. … This gun thing in this country is no joke.”

In the same way we did with Jim Boeheim when he advocated for stricter gun laws after notching the 900th victory of his career, we applaud Noah for his awareness. On the surface, his little celebration routine may seem harmless. But anything a star athlete can do — or stop doing — to help call attention to an important issue needs to be done at a time like this. Good for Noah for knowing when to show some sensitivity, even if it means losing a trademark.

  • Way to go Noah....i love you for that...illustrates great character... which we dont get a chance to see much in the NBA...
  • I could not agree more. Noah, great class as a person and athelete that you are... GO BULLS.
  • Its NOt that great character isn't in the NBA..."character" is no longer marketable so for rating show the nonsense. like most media... they highlight and publicize a select few whom are over arrogant, loose, morally currupt in values and the public will attribute that across the board. Do you and your neighbor act/talk/walk or are perceived the same just because you hmay have same profession???
  • While I think the "gun routines" are effeminate and silly, show some professionalism, act like you belong in the NBA, it is rediculous to give it up for this reason. He never considered it as a joke before, now because some loser killed a bunch of wonderful kids and educators all of a sudden it is? What nonsense. He is justplaying political correct games. Be a man Noah and admit your a leftist and you are using these kids as a political tool.
  • You're a dick
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  • You know what happened at Sandy Hook was horrible, but we cannot completely change the way we live or live in fear because of a tragic event. Look at what's happened to us since 9/11! We have willingly given the government the right to randomly strip search us, take body scans of us outlining every nook and cranny of our bodies, etc., even without probable cause. We keep letting the government use fear as a a weapon against us and using it to take away more and more of our freedoms. If Noah wants to stop doing this a sign of respect great for him. But don't expect Americans to stop living their lives or alter the way we live becuase of a tragedy.
  • yes, we can change!!! i get sick and tired of idiots like you who blame the government.....nobody is strip searching your fat ass!! get a grip and start caring about the little boys and girls who were tragically left behind and not of a overzealous government......it amazes me how many americans like you who need to go back to school and get an edumacation.....IDIOT
  • Hey, hypocrite...absolutely nothing in what huffnstuff said was "blaming" the government. And YES, they are strip searching people, just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it isn't happening. Furthermore, you sit there and de-facto accuse this poster of "not caring" about the little ones, when all he is doing is warning people about giving up their rights because of tragedy and fear. THEN, you incessantly call him an idiot, with the use of all-caps, as if calling him an idiot wasn't enough for you, because of your un-called for assumptions based on your complete misunderstanding of what he was actually saying. so, in this case, YOU ARE THE IDIOT.

    Now, to his ACTUAL comments...he is talking about the government using tragedy and fear to take our freedoms. of particular importance in this debate is the right to keep and bear arms, provided to us by the 2nd ammendment to the US CONSTITUTION (a nice little piece of our foundation called the bill of rights). With RESPECT to those lost, the left and their media conglomerates were grilling this very agenda of theirs within 12 hours of this incident, only mentioning those little ones that we, as a society, lost as a resourcefull justifcation FOR THAT AGENDA. in several newscasts, i heard politicians and media personnel talk about NOTHING BUT THE NEED FOR GUN CONTROL.

    as you say, you need to go back to school and get an "edumacation" because both your premises for response were completely FALSE and you lack a little context. if we let the government (this isn't taking away from the lives lost by mentioning it) take away the collective rights of the nation because of the acts of a VERY FEW instead of focusing on the real issues (which, by the way, are NOT ABOUT GUNS), to include security at schools, union squeezing money lobbyists contributing to political parties instead of paying for things like security at schools and TEACHERS' SALARIES, psychological and psychiatric initiatives within EXISTING GUN CONTROL LAWS, and enforcing those laws that already exist without prejudice, then we are going to continue to relinquish CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT to the politicians and authorities.

    OH, and part of your education, harry, might be to do a little research into the very reason the second ammendment is as important as it is to BE THE SECOND AMMENDMENT, because apparently, you and A LOT of IDIOTS like you in this country actually think we gun owners are against giving up our individual rights because we just want to keep them. in reality, idiot, its because if the populace does not maintain that right, the government will have very little barrier to total control, and, not to mention, no way to call on militias (a tactic used in the revolutionary war and one HELL OF AN IMPORTANT necessity if, and when, we are invaded).

    by the way, I'm an 11 year veteran of the US Army, Airborne Infantry, very well trained in the use of firearms and very well educated in the need to keep them in the hands of a civilian populace that exists in part because of the founding fathers' committment to ensure that we, as the future generations of Americans they were speaking of when they wrote the bill of rights, continue to hold the government accountable seeing as we are responsible for the path our great country takes. I hold a masters of science in information technology management and digital forensics and I am still educating myself every day. and, finally, those of us with opinions about the very nature of our rights regardless of the tragedies that have befallen us are not idiots or cold hearted, uncaring scoundrel...we are simply not deterred in those beliefs because of them. you are making the outrageous assumption that we, as gun owners and opinion holders, should be held as responsible as those that pull the trigger in these horrific tragedies.

    by all of YOUR sector of society's logic, we should ban all use of alcohol, motor vehicles of any type, and anything else that leads to tragedy because if we didn't allow driving cars or drinking alcohol, we would eliminate tragedies. while you are absolutely correct, you would invite other such disaster and tragedy in their void, and create scenarios for their societal envelopment. Trust me, you have a very LONG WAY TO GO before being very "edumacated." Guns aren't the problem, idiot....the problem is that there are a few people that choose to use them for purposes that are deplorable and tragically undesirable. but in almost EVERY CASE, the shooters were mentally unstable and had access to weapons because those close to them weren't careful or the existing laws were not enforced, or the laws that we have been calling for all along don't pass because dumb-ass democrats think its ok to boycott such laws because of their undying devotion to remove the second ammendment from the constitution. trust me, idiot, the only people that will follow gun laws, existing or other, will be law abiding citizens. people who want to do this kind of stuff, will find a way. the difference between you and me is not that I don't care, its that my opinion on how to stop stuff like this is different than yours, based on our education of what the actual issues are and how they affect us as a country, not as individuals.

    but continue to respond to fellow Americans that are just as saddened and destroyed by this tragedy as you are like you're the only one who understands the gravity of the situation and you're the only one who knows how to fix all of our societal problems and THEN JUST CALL THEM UNEDUCATED AND IDIOTS. smart AND kind. lol
  • Thank you for your service to keep us free and even provide people such as harryssshole the right to have uniformed and disheartening opinions. He is entitled to them because of people like you that sacrifice yourselves each day.
  • Get real. Service in the military-industrial complex does not keep us free; in fact it makes us less free. There's nothing really brave about using the greatest weaponry ever devised to slaughter bands of resistance with obsolete equipment. 10,000 people a year get murdered by guns in the US; you have about a 20X greater chance of dying by gun-inflicted wounds here as you do in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are there slaughtering, some say ethnic cleansing, people over there for profit and strategic military sites - we are doing nothing noble, nothing to ensure those people can become free, nothing to protect our freedoms, because our freedoms are not at stake in this battle. Our freedoms are jeopardized by corporate power and the oligarchy that is swallowing our country and the global economy. As Americans we need to stop swooning over the damn flag and anyone with a uniform on and wake up to reality. Nearly every elected official, every appointed judge and cabinet member is a puppet of the corporate oligarchy that runs the show. Just as O'bomber is a puppet of the military-industrial complex, the health care industry, the banks, big oil, etc. the military personnel are pawns used for grist in the giant killing machine aka Uncle Sam.
  • You are an idiot. How many brave men and women have died over the last few years in war.
  • Tommygb21 .. I too am a veteran. I agree, the right to bear arms is and always will be a protection, a right for Americans. My problem is average john doe citizen thinking that gives Him/Her the right to obtain and possess automatic or semi-automatic weaponry with extended magazines. What sport would that be for? Whom would that be in defense of? The fact that people are NOT required to undergo training to properly handle, maintain & respect a weapon is the issue. In the military, WE are TRAINED to use all weaponry. A Police Officer is trained to use his/her weapon. Even have to undergo psychological screeening. Qualification to maintain standards are also imposed. Citizen John Doe just can walk in any shop and purchase, no training, no evaluation, no nothing. Just background check and you are good to go... This Black ops & call to duty generation has no respect for the weapon and obviously no respect for life... YES, let any capable true American have the right to bear arms as stated by our founding fathers... Only caveat is ensure they are trained, taught, instructed 1st!! I mean you have to pass testing for any other passtime be it driving a vehicle or cutting hair... IJS
  • Tommygb21, I actually love to shoot. I put thousands of rounds down range, sadly I can't afford to shoot as much as I like. I am an avid hunter, my favorite game is deer. I have taken deer with civilian Aks, AR 15s, SKSes, CZ52s, MAS 49/56s, and many other military type guns (used as far back as 1700s) and I enjoy using them more than my other guns (except at distance many of these semi's are far less accurate). I have also taken deer with bows and crossbows and a few pistols. I actually enjoy them all. Furthermore, if some thug breaks into my house I love the dea that I have a high capacity mag.
    Actually citizen Joe should have every right that Military joe does, and all of us who walk into shops must submit to a background check. In this particular tradgedy the firearms were legally purchased and did not belong to the scum who commited the crimes. He stole his momma's guns.
    Furthermore during the period of time in which we did go through an assualt weapons ban, these types of events did not decrease and most agree the opposite happened, more violence occured. I have (actually had, because he is no longer any part of my family) a close family member who recently beat his baby to death. No one has demanded we do something to control the hands of everyone else.
  • People in the south grow up with guns. I have been shooting since I was 5 (maybe earliar). I know kids that carry pistols on their hips at 8. There is no way to regulate if a person is "smart " enough. It can't be done. As long as there are people there will be evil events like this. As long as there are free people there will be horrible people who take advantage of freedom.
  • Tommy,
    You may want to take a look at the 2nd amind. it does not say "HUNTING" or "SPORTING"

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary TO THE SECRITY OF A FREE STATE, the right of the people (average john doe citizen) to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
    If you don't think our rights are worth keeping then you should start with removing the 1st. and shut the hell up! You don't seem to mind the free speach part.
  • Who the f cares what yur opinion about what you consider the average Citizen john doe? The right to keep and bear arms pertains to every US citizen, not just you,"I was trained by the military" douches. 20 year USMC here. I can tell you that I can put up a 12 year old, right now that could out shoot your pompous arse.
  • Well here we go, another moron(allbeit, an educated one, at least according to his bio, which no one can verify)tries to blame the democrats for everything. Since you are SO educated, even you must realize it was the republicans who used fear-mongering to take away our rights. Remember 9-11. It was Bush and Cheney who came up with the patriot act. Apparently you believe all of the lies they told us so they could trample all over our God(myth)given rights. So get out your weapons and get yourself off, I'm sure that will help you feel all warm and mushy on the inside.
  • I have not seen anyone blame Obama or Dems for this act. I do not have a doubt that these acts are used by the left to further theit agenda. I also know there was slight over reaction after 9/11. But it was both sides oof the political aisle. But since you have described God has a myth it is obvious you have no common sense so talking to you may be futile.
  • We appreciate your service to the country but I have to disagree. Everyone here quotes the constitution and not one of us was alive in those times. It was a different time. So do you guys believe we should still have slavery? It was legal back in those times you know. Just because something is written doesn't make it right all the time.

    Lastly people are emotional people, all criminals are not always mentally ill. Sometimes people react badly when they are angry or sad and that is why we should not all be running around with guns. If someone slapped you in the face and you're carrying a gun, you're more likely to pull out the gun and use it and cry self defense.
  • Slavery in and of itself has been going on since the begining of time, and is still going on now in our country as well. However, our forefathers did infact give us an out for things via amendmending the constitution. Somethings however should never be considered. Our inalienable rights should never be infringed upon, and it was an overlook of some peoples inalienable rights to all the form of slavery that you speak of. If someone slapped me I would be within my rights to defend myself, since my illness is what it is I would have to make a snap decision as to whether or not the situation demanded that form of protection. I can't take much physical contact and continue to live. So I might very well be forced to remove the problem. Our Constitution is the best thing going.
  • Very well said !
  • We need more people in this world like you Tom, I salute you and I absolutely agree with you. I just want to say I work in a school for the IT department before I start. As for the OP from Harrysshole9 his handle is where his brain resides. Anyhow that is my opinion I won't waste any more time on the IGNORANT (how’s that for caps). As for our government, they need to look in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. If there were any blaming, finger pointing and reviewing it should be in that direction. Around some 65 million Americans are on some sort of anti-depressant medication and that is just shy of 1/5th of our nation’s population. The pharmaceutical lobbyists spend in the hundreds of millions of dollars to sway our government for these drugs. Antidepressant drug sales alone have become a $21 billion dollar a year industry. I believe this is where they should start, instead of trying to chip away at our second amendment right. Examples of these shooting sprees where people were taking these zombie drugs are columbine, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University and the recent Sandy Hook School and these are only mentioning school shootings. Do your research, the obvious should remind people that guns don't shoot by themselves and that it takes a human being to pick one up, point, and pull the trigger.

    Eyes open, no fear, be safe folks.
  • Name calling always has a nice way of shining the light on ignorant people. We do care but Huff is right. All these liberals keep crying about how horrific this occurance. Hundreds of children die each day from hunger, parental neglegence and abuse. Thousands die each day from abortion and you guys see fit to overlook those murders. Although this shooting was an evil act that weighs heavy on everyone's heart it is no different than the countless other deaths that happen each day because the states and government do not uphold the laws already in place. Take all the gun related deaths in US history as well as every casulty in US war history (both sides) and it numbers do not even compare to the 55 million aborted babies since 1973. You allow women to kill her daughter because she would rather have a son and then have the nerve to say a word about this shooting. It is sad this administration is in power and even more sad and upsetting that our american citizens actually support them. I will pray for each of you as well as the USA (whether you like it, agree with it, or even beleive in it)
  • Hey joho, abortions are legal just like your right to own guns. Get over it.
  • It is still murdering the unborn and still valid that ther is not an uproar over those murders.
  • Correct joho. Just by calling a name caller ignorant points out how ignorant you are and now I guess me too. But I don't really care what you think anyway. AND Your comment is pretty dumb BTW. Pedal your abortion crap elswhere.
  • Harry your just a sheep following the leftist propaganda. Have some original thoughts. This was a terrible event. We should not change America because of terrible events. If we did more terrible events cold very well occur. If left leaning loser types thought it would lead to their political goals or if right leaning loser types did. If we change because of this it becomes a political tool.
  • America, Love it or leave it.
  • dumb redneck saying, has nothing to do with being a member of a democratic society. What you advocate is totalitarianism; perhaps you'd be happier in Saudi Arabia? They are even our "ally."
  • No America is the greatest nation on earth and if you don't love this nation, there are several other nations you should try. If America Love it or Leave it is a dumb Redneck saying then I am a proud dumb Redneck. However when people resort to the tactic you have it is because you have nothing of real value to add to the topic.
  • And nobody has blown your ass up since then, so maybe it is something that is necessary. Get over it....
  • Not for lack of trying. Underwear bomb anyone? That wasn't thwarted by the TSA. And the lady who forgot and flew from Florida to New York with a loaded gun in her carry on? It wasn't malicious, but they missed that. Whew. I feel better knowing that they pulled my blonde haired, blue eyed, 4 year old daughter aside for 20 minutes and pretty much molested her because she was upset and crying that she couldn't keep her bottle of soda. But it was only because she was acting "suspicious". But they let me, the adult who had the bags in his hands, get on without batting an eye. That's top quality work right there. What if I had a bottle of water that was bigger than 16 oz. in there?
    It's amazing the amount of control that is acquired when fear is used as a tool. The left is, again, blaming guns for this tragedy and not the person. You can put two guns in a room and lock the door and when you open it, nothing will have changed. Put two people in a room and lock it and they can do all sorts of f****ed up things to each other. Better than gun control, let’s work on fixing people and society first. Then all the gun regulation and all the other crap will work itself out. Let’s start by treating each other with some respect, empathy, courtesy and such. That would be a great start. After being that example, we can teach our children these same things. Parenting is an awfully powerful tool too. That way, when something tragic like this happens, we will be brought together as a society instead of pointing fingers and calling names because “everyone who doesn’t agree with me is wrong”. Then our country may get back on track to being the great country it once was.
  • Actually there have been several acts of terror since 9/11 but Obama has covered them up.
  • The government didn't make this tragedy up. Morons like you make it worse. Go back to the woods, you hillbilly
  • BTW no one that I have seen here has said the government made this tradgedy. But they are sure trying to use these kids foe their agenda.
  • Arrogant people like you is what's making this country the hell it is. Wait until one of your own gets mowed down by and assault weapon and talk to us then you moron.People talk about their freedoms. Those kids didn't have that choice because of people like you.
  • Sometimes in a free society you have to face the fact that people can and will do horrible things. You cannot allow these horrible things to destroy freedom.
  • Give me a Break! It never fails, there's always some bozo that over reacts. Finger Guns are for fun, they don't represent real weapons or shooting a person. I went to Texas Tech University where "Guns Up" is our hand signal like goal post fingers for Texas and fist and thumb for "Gig em Aggies". It's all in jest to show team spirit.
  • GO F your team spirit ya dooosh.....remember the little boys and girls who perished not your stupid team....does that really matter??? really?? get a life outside of killing someone.....what a tool
  • Can you say what a moron?
  • Kids were killed you dope. This is your comment?
  • I commend him for what he is doing, seems like a good guy. I don't want to turn this into a gun forum but, We don't have a gun problem. We have an idiot problem. There's a big difference.
  • I agree with you, let's not make this into a gun forum or gun control forum if I may add, because what we need is idiot control!
  • And we have a problem with idiots who don't see there's a gun problem.
  • Well that should solve the gun violence problem! Of course he also plays in Chicago with one of the toughest gun control laws AND one of the worst gun murder rates in the country. Guns are not the problem, people are the problem.
  • Give it a rest. The same cliches over and over. Kids were killed and all you want to do is push YOUR platform. Shut up already.
  • Even if it is cliche it is still the truth.
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  • Texas hand signals do not represent goalposts. They represent horns as in Longhorns. Just FYI.
  • Texas does not represent higher education or level of understanding either. Gov. Dick Perry wants to arm the teachers with rifles to combat mass shootings. Brilliant! Who is going to guard the guns while the teachers are busy teaching? Perhaps another armed guard? So then, what's the purpose of arming teachers or putting more weapons in the school? To have it on display where some mentally unbalanced kid can access it and conduct another bloodbath? When the gunman bursts into the classroom, what will the teacher do? Ask the gunman to wait while he/she retrieves the weapon locked away for safe keeping, loads it and chases the gunman away? Any answers for that, mr. perry?
    Perry: "well, I have an answer, I just can't think of it ... oh, yeah, I want to abolish the department of education, since we don't use it in texass." First you silly cowpokes elect bush, then it's perry. How f'n dumb are you people?
    Q: How many Texans does it take to vote?
    A: They don't do education, so nobody can keep score.
  • Let me ask you a simple question. If one of these teachers had had a concealed weapon and shot the scum in the face, how many of these children would still be alive?
  • One thing occurred to me in this debate on the subject of our right to bear arms being needed to defend the citizens against the government. You do not need guns for that. You can vote. If that fails, you can protest...peacefully. Think Gandhi here instead of these armed militias that are out there who I consider to be a greater threat to freedom although they say they are defending THEIR rights. I don't agree with much of what the people have allowed the govt to do e.g. the massive amounts of security which makes it seem like 1984 as cameras watch you as you walk down city streets. We are letting fear be the major motivation in too many things. I do like the motto, "Live Free or Die". I want to live free of fear until, not before, it gets to a point where we really think it is warranted. These isolated incidents of horrible violence are not enough for me to want to change how I live. Live Free.
  • Again the difference between free citizens and loyal subjects is our right to bear arms. Armed militias can be a threat and can also not be a threat depending on what kind of militia it is. I have no problem with some and actually think they do good while I dislike others. But in our country, where freedom rings, we have rights. We even have rights to be bigots and drunks, we have rights to worship in our own way, we are free. As long as freedom rings. Loser will commit unthinkable acts. I am not willing to give up my freedom because of those evil acts.
  • Wake up, sheepman. You can vote from the pre-selected batch of tools put forth by the corporate powers that control the electoral process, which means you don't have a choice. Bush=Obama=clinton=cheney=mccain=gingrich=perry=the collection of tools we will have on the ballot in 2016. Just keep wrapping your head in the flag, yankee doodle dandy and pretend you're free. Cuz obviously you can't tell the difference.
  • With the Murder rate in Chicago being so high what took so long for him get sensitized.
    Any tool in the wrong hands is bad however if you want to trust ANY government to disarm it's citizens you need to catch up on world history.My semi-auto are insurance for my freedom.If you don't want to go that way it's ok ,but I choose to exercise my right to do so.
  • This issue should be about the lack of mental illness treatment facilities and availability of such. Ther must be places to put people that are not playing with a full deck and respected to be productive yet safe to society when they don't take their meds or just go off.
    The gun control folks, who want all of the citizenry under control of the government are again pointing this issue away from the real problem.
    American citizens must be watchful of their efforts to the erode our civil liberties and freedom by the Socialist left who do not understand or believe in "utopia and never never land."
  • Before I get blasted for my statement let me say I don't and never have owned a gun.
    Look...Nobody is going to be able to prevent any insane person from doing things like what happened in CT. Stronger gun control laws just mean criminals with have guns. I don't understand why anyone would want an assault rifle either but if they were outlawed the person would just use a shot gun or find one on the black market or something. You can't prevent people like that from doing what they're going to do.
    I understand everyone is sensative to the situation and having lost a child myself I can understand the pain the families are going through. But lets not get all crazy and make things worse by bringing more government in limiting more of what we can and can't do.
    And if a basketball player pulling out his fingers acting like he has a 6 shooter whens he's shooting a basketball well offends you...You're an idiot.
  • I am glad Noah stopped doing this. Not out of respect, but because Noah you are a douche for doing it in the first place. You suck, and again very happy to stop seeing you do such douchy things on TV. Unfortunatley for you, you still suck and are still a complete douche.
  • clever.
  • Thank you. Love your name.
  • We should be focusing on the victims at this time, not politcal games. Not even mental health. it should be all about the victims and their families. This event could not have been avoided, unless some of the adults had carried concealed weapons. Most people are agaist that.

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Heyward-Bey buys stadium lights for high school

Darrius Heyward-Bey’s journey to the NFL began at McDonogh, a private high school in Owings Mills, Md., that’s long played its football games sans stadium lights. Until now. According to the school’s website, Heyward-Bey recently purchased lights for John McDonogh Stadium, fulfilling a promise he made to Athletic Director Mickey Deegan in 2005, his senior year at the school...
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Report: Bucs 'prepared' to draft quarterback at No. 7

The NFL Draft season is busy for analysts and reporters. Many people have feelings on what a team will do while others claim to have sources that also feel what a team will do. Nothing is ever a “for sure” bet.  But several media members go around asking questions or are given information in which they piece together like a puzzle. NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport is one that does that...
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