Originally written on The Last Angry Fan  |  Last updated 5/16/12

The bond between gingers is an unbreakable, everlasting bond that transcends space and time, so it comes as no surprise that when middle schooler Patrick Gonzalez wanted to show off his love for his hometown San Antonio Spurs, he chose to honor the player he admires most—fellow ginger Matt Bonner, aka the Red Rocket.

The San Antonio superfan had the image of the Spurs center preparing to launch a 3-pointer shaved into the back of his head, an act that while noble and unique may land him in trouble with school officials because Gonzalez’s “Bonner Cut” has been deemed a distraction. Officials for Judson I.S.D. have said on record that if Gonzalez comes to school on Thursday with his awesome haircut in tact he may be in line for an in-school suspension.

That haircut is distracting though…and by distracting I mean totally boss. Look, it’s on the back of his head, so the only people that are going to see it are those lucky kids seated behind Gonzalez, and answer me this—when given the option of learning fractions or Shakespeare or something educational versus gazing longingly at a hair masterpiece of Spurs forward Matt Bonner, which option do you think most middle school kids would choose?

From Fox San Antonio…

Gonzalez (Patrick’s mother) says she came to the front office to ask permission. School leaders say she mentioned the haircut, but they never gave her the OK. “There was no permission that was given if the parent thought that then it was a miscommunication,” said Aubrey Chancellor, Judson I.S.D. District officials say the haircut is a distraction. “Whether it’s the spurs or whether it’s the cowboys anything people obviously support, it doesn’t matter.”

Give ‘em hell Aubrey Chancellor! This blatant disregard for the rules regarding distracting haircuts that support professional teams currently in the playoffs must come to an end! Or, and hear me out school officials at Judson I.S.D., maybe, just maybe you could let the kid’s haircut slide because the Spurs are rolling in the NBA playoffs and really, how offensive or distracting could a Matt Bonner haircut be?

About as offensive or distracting as Matt Bonner in real life, and that ain’t squat.

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  • I'm not a basketball fan, but that is cool. One of the best "artistic cuts" I've ever seen. The school needs to lighten up. Too many school officials are on power trips anymore. There's no harm in this kid showing up at school with the haircut. It's not like it's going to be making noise in the classroom or anything. Sheesh.
  • the problem with "lightening up" is that, if they did let the kid ride, some idiot parent would sue the district for disciplining their kid for selling drugs at school but "lightening up" on the rules for a different kid. Gotta love American Society!
  • I myself think its cool, and by going by this statement "Look, it’s on the back of his head, so the only people that are going to see it are those lucky kids seated behind Gonzalez, and answer me this—when given the option of learning fractions or Shakespeare or something educational versus gazing longingly at a hair masterpiece of Spurs forward Matt Bonner, which option do you think most middle-school kids would choose?" then what are they going to do to other students who dye thier hair, or put it into spikes?
  • Worry about the dye jobs and the spikes if you must, but let these young men and women express themselves in a positive way.

  • They should suspend him. It is stuff like that which gives fuel to bullies. He just did it to get attention and now he is, from the administrators. Bravo to the school, more kids should be suspended for their foolish acts, then maybe we won't have so many foolish adults.
  • Its people like you who would rather have every kid look alike and act alike. It is a haircut for heavens sake! Grow up a little! Noone should be criticized by how they want to look. Every person is different. And if he does get bullied over his hair cut, I seriously hope that this kid beats the bullies @ss. We live in a society now where younger kids are doing what they would like with their bodies. You should be ashamed of yourself. They should be worried about the drug trafficing in school instead of a pointless hair job.
  • Dude... it is just a haircut. It's not like it won't grow back and it's not like he's offending anyone by plastering the face of his favorite basketball player on the back of his head. And really who the heck is going to bully him? Don't you think it's possible, and think about this... that he could be bullied for other reasons entirely? Like the fact that he is just a red head (something he can't control). People find ways to bully others without the help of an expressive haircut. So you my friend need to calm down because maybe you're one of those foolish adults that you so desperately want to rid the world of.
  • YES!!!!
  • Suspend him..you got to be kidding. This school administration should be suspended. Kids will take a look when they first see and then it would be back to business as usual. You have to really question the rational decision making ability of this administration and their level of intelligence. Parents help out the administration and communicate your opinion. My bet its 10 to 1 in favor of not suspending.
  • I am much older than this young man, however, I think there's more important things to worry about. The haircut is really neat and if he chooses to show his admiration this way I think it's fine. He'll have his whole life to think of the more serious things. Let this enterprising guy enjoy his youth. His hair looks wonderful.
  • I question the wisdom of the administration getting their collective tails in a twistie over this young man's haircut when there are MUCH more important things for them to be focusing on - keeping the kids safe, making sure they can read, do math, understand science, helping them to become productive citizens. Middle school is the time when it should be EXPECTED that kids want to explore their individuality. If he's not smuggling drugs into the school or trying to come to class with a bomb in his underwear, give the kid a break and let him be a kid!
  • I completely agree! You only have one life to live and experience. He has to grow up and have responsibilites, so let him do as he wishes with his hair now.
  • Especially in Judson ISD....much more important things to think about than a kids hair!
  • It is STUPID journalist like the ass that wrote this article that have paved the way for a couple of generations of rather, and I put this nicely, stupid, uneducated and otherwise fairly useless drags on society. Kids go to school to LEARN what is being taught....not be a distraction to your fellow students. You want to be noticed at school, do something constructive. Participate in sports, debate, chess club, or god forbid, civic activities. Guess what "me generations"...no one thinks you are cute, funny or important, except, for the same uneducated slugs that you hang with.
  • The journalist is just reporting the story, what's wrong with that. Its action by a public institution that is punitive. It should be up for discussion. And, what part of being a kid don't you get? This is harmless conduct.
  • Who do you think you are saying a child is not funny or important? You are the kind of person who would rather destroy a childs dreams and keep a child from using their imagination. How do you know this child is not participating is sports, debate, chess or civic activities. Just becuase he has a cool haircut does not make him a slug.
  • I concur. This person is obviously old and bitter. This is a really cool haircut and isnt any worse then the other weird haircuts or all the piercings. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. This person just happens to be an idiot.
  • All this kid did was get a unique haircut. He is not online calling others stupid, uneducated, useless drags on society, or uneducated slugs. Is this your way of paving the way for younger generations?
  • I suppose I would be labeled a liberal. But, I think the school's reaction is assinine. Its like the kid who wasn't going to get to graduate with his class because he took his mother to cancer treatments and missed some class time.

    If I knew how I would start a petition with that online petition sight who helped the kid who helped his mother get the privilege of walking across the stage with the rest of his class.
  • Schools have rules. Most schools have dress codes and the kids must abide by them. Whether you like it or not, they have to stand by their rules otherwise all the kids will start doing things to distract from learning with hair cuts, the way they dress and other things. LOOK at the DISTRACTION it is making here......do you really think it isn't being a distraction at school???
  • So should the ugly kid with the fat roll hanging over his belt get sent home because that is distracting and gross. Lil dudes haircut shows creativity something that schools are lacking in their educational process these days...
  • It's only a small distraction... He'll have his 15 min. of fame at school and then everyone will go on with their lives. Have you ever been a kid in school before, I'm pretty sure you have... And answer me this:

    Have you ever seen one of your classmates walk into class sporting something 'attention grabbing' and everyone making a big hoopla with their 'ooos' and 'ahhs' only to have the 'uproar' die ten seconds later? After that point, no one freaking cares about what that kid has on and they won't care if he wears it again later on down the future. I agree, schools have rules and kids should abide by them, but if the whole world stops everytime something so trivial as a haircut upsets a tightwad, then who's really being a distraction?

    The kid who you didn't even know existed with this haircut?
    Or the administration who made such big deal about this haircut that it made 'public' news.
  • Hey Surnuf how about you take another sip of your whine-cooler (see what I did there?) and settle down. Self respect and drive aren't taught at school, that comes from home. The kid obviously just wanted a cool haircut and that's what he got out of it, delving any more into the mind of a middle-schooler requires far more effort than I'm willing to put forth. But hey if that's what you want to spend your 'twilight' years on mister man, then you go buddy.
  • are you kidding me. if it's that much of a distraction, then just let the kid put on a hat. what's the big deal. if it was something the school was sponsering you better believe they would have all kinds of advertising perafanalia thru out the school. its not like he's getting paid to do this. there are alot more serious issues when it comes to education then this. by the way I am a parent too and i believe that rules should be followed. but don't you think this a little rediculous, now the little boy has become a sensation, because of the school system. so who's getting the publicity now?
  • The kid looks up to the ball player! Let him be. It's not a swastika or a likeness of Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan, for goodness sakes!
    I do wonder what the principle would have done if it was a likeness of Obama.....
  • Principal..sorry for the error.
  • This school has crossed the line. It is a haircut! most schools would love it if students came to school with a well groomed cut like this kid has, it does not touch his collar and his ears are exposed. I am the parent of three, all Honor Roll students, and I believe that they should have the fredom to express themselves at times like this. Does the school have a Uniform that the students have to wear to school? if they do not then they should not be able to tell the student body how to cut their hair.

    If the school feels the haircut is a distraction move the kid to the back of the class so that non of the other students get distracted by looking at the back of his head, oh wait that would be to easy of a solution. Someone at the school will end up getting sued and probably fired over this!
  • Two points! I agree with the haircut being of an acceptable length as opposed to spikes and bright pink, green or blue hair. Are the students at JISD not allowed to wear Spurs tshirts to school? isn't that the same distraction? The districts need to worry about the problems they have with student behavior and failing grades.
  • Maybe if teachers tried a little harder to engage students a haircut would not be consider a distraction. There are so many educators doing as little as possible to just to collect a paycheck. I am not implying all teachers. I have had some wonderful teachers. However, out of every school I went to there may have been two student focused teachers (these are the teachers we never forget) in the entire school.
  • Really? I think that the fact that this young man is in school and not being a delquient is what should be celebrated. His haircut should not be an issue. If it is distracting to some then maybe it's not the haircut that is the issue, but the students lack of concentration. Leave the kid and his hair cut alone!!!
  • wow really? Might as well keep all the hot girls home they can be distracting. Maybe even all the ugly kids and even the fat kids for that matter. Just think, we think of ourselves as a whole as the most intelligent species hah Id say 1 out of 1000 is smarter than a goldfish
  • FRICKEN Really! Is this what we have become. Telling our kids they can't come to school because of a hair cut. I think we need to concern ourselves with things like, are our kids coming to school, are we teaching our kids, or things like, are they actually learning what we teach.
  • Wear that haircut to school! If the F'n school district tries to dictate how you should cut your hair then leave and start a discrimination lawsuit!
  • It continues to amaze me at the crazy things schools get in a snit about. The administrators preach about preparing students for college but yet this would NEVER be an issue on a college campus. The focus needs to be put back on education and not how the students dress or wear their hair. Do any of you remember the crazy 70's? I don't think there was so much controversy during that hippie decade. All that is happening is that the students personalities and creative sides are being stifled. Just because he shows his artsy side does not make him an uneducated slug as someone above mentioned. With that mentality, I suppose you might think the quirky Albert Einstein was a thug.
  • whyis it an issue. these schools should focus on teaching the students not be the hair, cloths police. the only reason they think it is a distraction is so they can say NO you cant do that. it is stupid. kids are kids and if you dont let them be kids we get murderers, rapists, etc.they will come out school not knowing how to think for themselves. let the kids be kids and be their own person. rules are fine but let the kids be themselves.
  • The schools phone number is 210-661-1110 in case anyone wants to give them some feedback on the current policy regarding haircuts...lol
  • Yea, give em a call. I'm sure they'd love to hear from some idiot who has nothing better to do with their time (or life) than to complain about some school policy that has no impact on the caller and was approved by school board members, voted into position by community members. Go ahead - show the school what a genius you are!
  • lol Im sure your the type to sit at home on your ass and let things just happen. When I see injustice ill fight it. The point at hand is the child not the policy, this whole ordeal is teaching the child the wrong thing...hey kids dont be yourself and fall back in line with the rest of the soul-less 9 to 5ers the world has become...go sit on your ass and question nothing be another texanma. I did call the school and actually spoke with someone and ya know what 100's of other poeple had voiced their opinion as well and that it makes a difference...go change your tampon and get a clue
  • Nothing better to do? Wow shows who the real genius is. Some poor kids is in trouble for a haircut?? I dont know the kid but ill fight for whats right. The message the kid is being sent is fall back in line, be a square, be like everyone else and dont question the wrong just sit at home and be another texanma. Turns out 100's of other idiots have called and voiced their thoughts as well. Have you ever heard the phrase one person can make a difference? This child needs an apology and kudos for his creativity. Your missing the point I guess thats just because your a simple thinker, cant really blame you.
  • Mommymaddness- why is it whenever any school makes a decision, right or wrong, some have to hop on their soapbox and talk smack about how teachers don't work. I am a teacher and I work constantly to teach the next generation. I get paid about $20,000 year less than what I could make outside of the school system with my degree. I choose to do so because I want to make a difference. If you don't like how involved your teachers are, maybe show up at school and volunteer your time! Imagine that! You could create some "Mommy Madness" in your home town. I bet you will change your opinion once you work alittle on the other side. It is not as easy as it looks, (and you going to school does not count as experience. I had knee surgery but I am not qualified to operate on your kneew. You attended school but have no learning about how to education, create a lesson, assess learning.. etc.) You might even work a little of you ass off...because the hours are long and as you have proven, the appreciation is hard to find.
  • Teachers like you are far and few in between. As a mother with children in school I thank you but the reality of the matter is a lot of teachers are frustrated with the little pay and lack of appreciation and take that out on the kids. There are more teachers that dont care then do and current news will only support that. Special ed teachers tie kids up and let them crap all over themselves, and smack a kid when he farts...too many to list like there are not enough great teachers to list who really do care. For every great teacher I had in my 20 plus years in school there were 20 bad ones...
  • If all these so called distractions were not so over EMPHASIZED no one would really care. Let them ooh and ahh a day or two and it would be forgotten. Worry about the more important issues at hand. Our children can't wear hats or even carry a backpack from class to class!
  • schools should focus on teaching,not harrassing students about hair style,that school is a redneck school that cant teach so they try to blame it on a haircut really lame.it,s no different than a flag on a wall or a picture on a book.come on if they were not so borring maybe they would pay attention.control freaks let them express there own style.whats wrong with anything different.he,s being artistic .he shouldn,t be punished for that!
  • OMGoosh, I had to sign up for this site just so I could comment. This garbage got to me tonight!!!!!!!
    Only someone with a comb over or who is bald and unhappy about being bald, could have gone to these lengths over making such an issue out of this haircut!!!!!! I was just thinking, IF they made a federal case out of this, by the time they got to court, THE EVIDENCE WOULD HAVE GROWN OUT!!!!!! Watch out young man, YOU have Copper, Red Hair, you are a walking hair distraction already.. I imagine you've heard every hair joke there is by now. MATT BONNER if you are reading this, or if you know Matt Bonner personally, I think Matt owes this young man a season pass, an autographed basketball, a jersey, and more for all this free publicity he's receving. I do not know this child, and until tonight hadnt heard the name Matt Bonner, so I'm not a realtive or a friend posting on his behalf. I'm a mom and a grandmother that was happy to see his picture wasnt on my home page because he was a young, unsupervised, drug dealing, pistol packing thug on his way to school!! And how come the person who did the art work hasnt been given any credit or recognition, or did I just miss it with these old eyes? It reminds me of a saying "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same"...
  • Geez....seriously? If it's that much of a distraction in class. Sit him in the last row so no one is sitting behind him until his hair grows back. Principals who are supposed to be educated, end up being stupid. Use common sense, why suspend a kid over a darn haircut. There are more important things to worry about. No one has to sit behind him! Put him in the last row! Issue solved.

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