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Via Larry Brown Sports:

In addition to giving the Lakers a better chance to win an NBA championship, the acquisitions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash may actually help Kobe Bryant’s marriage. But how? As you probably know, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have been trying to reconcile their marriage since earlier in the summer. As far as we know, they have not gotten all the way there yet. Judging by what Vanessa said she looks for in a partner, winning another ring this season could work in Kobe’s favor.

According to Nicki Jhabvala of Sports on Earth (via The Basketball Jones), Vanessa had the following to say during an interview with New York Magazine that has yet to be published.

“I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships,” she said. “If you’re sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year.”

If she said this a few months ago we could have made a solid LeBron James joke, but now it wouldn’t really be appropriate. Assuming the quote is accurate, it’s pretty obvious Vanessa is only interesting in being with a winner. Kobe has five championship rings, but perhaps a sixth could go a long way toward making his wife forget about these pictures from London. Forget tying M.J. — Kobe needs to win his wife back.


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  • Very strange criteria for a happy marriage.

    BTW, Vanessa, basketball is a team game -- Kobe isn't out there playing by himself.
  • For the "gold diggers" of the world, it doesn't seem strange at all. Expecting a team to win championships every year is just as unrealistic as the world these types live in.
  • Seen in context, (what V. said,) I don't get the ire, frankly. If a marriage partner spends a considerable amount of time outside the family experience working toward a goal - who wouldn't expect that the goal itself be fulfilled? So not news. Meh.
  • agreed.
  • Maybe if she had a life of her own she wouldnt make "HIS" life all that matters. Thats whats wrong with woman, its always the ones who dont know anything about hard work that demand the most. Get a LIFE!
  • Read it again, she's not a gold-digger lol She wants his time away from the family to count. He needs to keep his family together and focus on his career not screwing around...
  • Exactly -- he's been "playing around" for a long time and she's tired of it. She wants his time to count -- making his family and his career priorities. Easy to see this...
  • Its common sense what your getting yourself into when you marry an athlete or celebrity. And, if she took him back than she's the idiot and needs to stop putting such high expectations on people and accept reality and roll with it. She can always leave him, but than she'll be a nobody.
  • Wauw marrying an athlete or celebrity makes it totally ok for them to cheat? And it is easy for you to stand on the side line and tell someone how to live his/ her life.....never know how you would react when you have to deal with this, huh? Lucky for have your own shoes to fit, because Vanessa has some pretty big shoes I am sure you cannot fit...and no need to try, 'cause it is her life, not yours!
  • In the words of Kanye West : " Now I aint saying she a Gold Digger, but she aint messing with no broke N#@@AS" :)
  • Is anybody surprised? I'm certainly not, she'just another shallow gold-digger, which is why nobody paid any attention to her threat of divorce. If she divorces him, then all she gets is half of everything he has; if she stays married to him, she gets 100% of everything, it's a no-brainer!But if Kobe wanted morals and true love he wouldn't have married a basketball groupie, so I guess you get what you pay for, huh?!
  • Keep your head in the sand much?
  • I don't think she meant it that way. I think she meant that he's away from home a lot trying to succeed, so he better succeed. And also, I don't think she was a "basketball groupie." I think she was his high school sweetheart, but I could be wrong.
  • I agree. She did not mean it the way most are taking it -- read it for what it says. She meant that since he's away from the family so much, he'd BETTER be making championships! And I agree! She won't get that time back, so he'd better be making it count.
  • How many people can say they made it to the NBA? Last I checked, he HAS reached success regardless of continuous championship wins--- not to mention he has a few of those under his belt already. And according to some research, she was in high school and he was already a basketball superstar. That's besides the point of this article and commentary, nonetheless.
  • Totally agree with Joritz.That is exactly the way I read the article: If you are away from home that much, you better come home as a winner.
    And let us not forget grouppie or no grouppie... who cheated on who several times? please do not let me go there, talking about morals and true love! Because he brings in the money does not mean he can go sleep around with whoever he wants whenever he wants...then he should not have got married!!!!
  • agreed 100%
  • Dump that Gold digging, mercenary bitch.
  • this is so dumb. find something more interesting to write about. keep reality tv out of the NBA.
  • Hmmmmm....a word comes to mind for any woman that is married to any major sports MVP and multiple champion and says something stupid like “If you’re sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year.”
    Hmmmmm...Let me see. I know it starts with a C and I believe is ends with "unt".
  • Yes, she is no groupie, just dopey!
  • Shes now all about the money as much as she can get. Then shes gonna leave him. Just likes Tiger's wife. Thats not true marriage talk anymore. Kobe, boy its over! Take it from this woman. She is still gonna leave you.
  • Just like Tiger's wife? Are you from another planet? Tiger is a 1000% slut -- THAT'S why she left him. IF Kobe can keep it in his pants and do his job, then he can keep his marriage intact. Geez, wake up!
  • She's married to an all around winner because he can win on the court and off the court, by having his cake and eating it too. If being married to someone who wins championships is most important to her than she is the loser!!
  • Try reading the article again. She never said that.
  • Kobe gets what he deserves, they are a perfect match!
  • Kobe you should have listened to your parents and gotten a
    pre-nup. She's just in it until you stop winning Championships!What does love have to do with it, Championships have everything to do with it according to Mrs. Bryant!!
  • Why is no one surprised? Plus, she's not very attractive, chunky. I wonder why he cheated on her. Both have equally poor morals. In fact, at least lust is a natural human trait, greed is not. Gold digger,period.
  • She isn't unattractive because she's "chunky". That just starts a whole new topic about beauty. Being "not very attractive" shouldn't justify why a person cheats, since cheating is a very hurtful thing to endure. But, with all that said: Gold digger--- I agree.
  • LOL! Obviously the guys don't get it but the women do. She meant, for all the time it's taking him away from the family, he had better win or it means it was all for nothing! Not in the way you think, he better win or I'm leaving. That's just dumb! LOL!! She would gain more $$$$ if she divorced him. LOL! Think about it, if he had spend most of his time with the family, the family dynamics would "win" and be healthy. But since he is investing all his time the NBA, the NBA "family" should gail while the one at home suffers. ;))
  • Agreed -- some folks are definitely talking right out of their asses -- she never meant that she would leave him if he didn't win a championship. Holy moly! He needs a win-win situation here -- family AND success in his career, NOT one or the other :)
  • what is wrong with some of these players wives who think that people like Kobe, chad, and other players who work hard for their money should give it all away to them because they are gold digger.
  • You people make me sick. Kobe rapes a woman and SHE'S the bad guy? Drink bleach, you troglodytes.
  • I am a Laker/Kobe Bryant fan. I could care less what goes on in his personal life cause its none of my business. I only care about what he does on the court. People need to stop thinking they have the right to criticize what goes on in an person's life just because they are celebrities. They are human just like we are and they are jacked up just like we are.
  • what the other 5 were not enough? many players have never won one. I say woman who have never done and ounce of work and has had access to millions since she was a teenager to put this lind of presure on your bread winner is stupid. as to Firida comment, well cheating ? hmm well coming back from a long day shopping on rodeo drive with money you don't have, when he asks for some you better not say YOU have a headache. or when he does stay home rather than try to win championships, don't say oh great watch the kids I'm going out with my friends..As soft as i can say it she doesn't know how to inspire, motivate, or be thankful & if you think she hasn't flirted or got someone one the side herself (man or woman)i dont want your kool-aid. No jaywatts i'm saying money has corrupted them both, no bleach for me.
  • Sounds like Kobe is good for one thing and one thing only, MONEY...I guess he's gotta be good for something! Go Vanessa, take it all baby!!!
  • Perhaps she should be reminded... she'd probabley be working at Taco Bell if she hadn't hooked up with Kobe!!!!!
  • It shouldn't have to take a championship to want someone to stay with there husband. people take marriage the wrong way. either u love him or not. when u make those vowels its through the thick n thin through sickness in health and etc. As responsible adults we should always make the right decisions on the road or off the road. I dont fought Vanessa but what kills me about some of these celebrities wives are some of them came from nothing and as soon as they get someone with money they want to take them down and reap the benefits off of there hard work. If you want something in life its best to get a damn job yo self and then maybe he would see a woman that is tryin to do somethin for herself. Also she is not tryin to say what half of yall sayin she tryin to say she sayin it just the way it was put out. Remind you she was suppose to leave him las year what happened no championship less money. Win championship this year more money to walk away with. You actually think she worried about family. Just imagine how much of a family they are going to be when she leave. A happy segregated family. Kobe should have not got the nanny should of got you a strong black sister.
  • I think they already made a movie about this woman. I believe her husband's name was Ricky Bobby!!!
  • How many nba players win titles?some play their whole career and never win one.Kobe won five...just wondering...for all the wives whose husbands sacrifice time away from their families and never won a title,are you heading to the divorce court?
  • If it was a man saying this about a female pro athlete everyone would be pissed off. So all you ladies out there agreeing with Vannessa on this really need to get a career or a life of their own and not revolve it around a man.
  • If she dont get her own damn life. She already knew what it was when they first got together. It comes with the sport you cant handle the life style then do what you have to do.
  • Thank God this is one problem I don't have to solve.

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