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Here is the flagrant foul by Miami Heat's Dexter Pittman on Lance Stephenson during the closing seconds of Game 5 in Miami. This is probably revenge by the Heat and Pittman on Stephenson for Stephenson's choke gesture at LeBron James in Game 3.


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  • He should have been immediately ejected and suspended the rest of the playoffs at least. That really looks like assault, when your going for someones neck instead of the ball and their head bounces off the floor. Really, it's a bit much.
  • Stop with website Plugs.
  • If LeBron and his SKILS that he took down to South Beach can't win with clean play. He'll just send his thugs out to kill other players.
  • The Heat remind me of the old Pistons, and I can't believe that the league is allowing this type of play. What a great example they're setting for our youth. It's disgusting! As for LeBron, even if he wins, he's a loser!
  • And you, too sir are a complete guess is you and peltmonster share the same cell.
  • Sir, you are a complete friggin' moron....
  • Had a Pacer fouled a Heat player as Haslem an Pittmen fouled Hansbrough and Stevens, with obvious malicious intent, going after the player, rather than the ball, two Pacers would be sitting for the rest of the game and possibly the series. Artest was allowed to intentionally knee Westbrook too. The large rating market bias is ruining the game.
  • @dantix, what game, or series for that matter, have you been watching??? Have you witnessed the Pacers action throughout??? The 'goating' Granger has been attempting? the hard fouls on James going to the basket? You act as if this is isolated to the Heat when this started with the pacers...and watch Hansborough's initial foul on Wade; I guess he was going for the ball when he finished the play by raking Wade's face with his nails?? His initial physical action was very much what Haslem was trying to duplicate-both arms coming down across the arms, then the head...but THAT's OK?? That was a 'professional' attempt at the ball...moron...
  • Absolutely agree.
  • will i dont know if it was flagrant it think he was trying to box him out. and drone3263 the guy that got fouled never hit the ground pittman hit the ground and hit his head watch the video again
  • Baller, you are an idiot. Or blind. How can you defend this piece of crap for contact in a non contact sport? Our kids mimic these actions, and we wonder why the percent of personal fouls is increasing at our middle and high schools?
  • schutch YOU'RE the one that must be an idiot if you think B-Ball is a NON-contact sport? Oh, and BTW; if your 'kids' are mimicing these kind of actions, it's because their coach at that level isn't send ing thr right message.
  • Maybe so, but still, it was clearly a violent attack.

    Since I'm not really a fan of any particular team, my common sense is not blinded by any kind of loyalty I might feel.

    All of the people who have no problem with this hit... I'd like to see their take on it, if it was a film from an altercation in a bar and their best friend got dropped like that....

    Some sports involve contact, that is not grounds or justification for purposely tying to injure someone.
  • I don't usually subscribe to the 'conspiracy theory' but there's way too much coincidence in the NBA one-sided refereeing! It seems it is way too important that the Thunder and the Heat HAVE to make the NBA finals ... within mere seconds, one team will not get the very same call the other gets the other way - clear, easy-to-call blatant fouls all - way too often and therefore way too obvious! = "pro wrestling" of the 60's (and always). Clear out the league's head office - no wonder college hoops is growing and growing and growing !!!
  • you are 100% correct!
  • This game is out of control, and I blame the coaches and refs. The players are nothing but hood trash who are overpaid to go play on a court instead of a weedy lot some place. If there were immediate ejections, combined with hefty fines, and loss of playing privlidges, then these blatant assaults would diminish. Never go away, however, because it is in their DNA.
  • LaBron isn't man enough to get his own revenge!!
  • Come on Stern your letting money be the NBA. What about the calls on one end but minutes later at the other end the same thing draws no call. What about the flops. LaBron is one of the best floppers. I understand you don't want any NBA play offs in Indy. I can still remember how Scotty Pippen mauled Mark Jackson as he was dribbling the ball up court. Like about two time in a row. No call!! Chicago was about to loose to the lowly Pacers and their small arena and venue but thanks to calls no calls the Bulls finally won.
  • I read the comments here, and commented specifically to a couple, and wonder if they aren't all homework assignments from 6th graders, posted just to get a 'kids' point of view??? Most of you can't let go of the 'hate' you have for Lebron James, when each and every one of you malignant's would've given a testicle to have him on your respective teams. LET IT GOOOOOO..take a deep breath, and move the f--- on!! He plays for the Heat, he's the best player in the world, and is smart NOT to retaliate to Granger's BS...idiots. Does he miss crucial FT's sometimes? Obv..Does it appear SOMETIMES like he shy's away from the moment? def...but he gets no more deferential treatment than Jordan, Bryant, or any of the others did. As for the fouls? Pittman's was out of order, but at least this time Stevenson had a good reason for grabbing his throat--or maybe some of you children here think a benchwarmer flashing a choke sign after a James missed FT is good pool? They all flop, hack, and spit you idiots. BTW, if Haslem gets suspended, then Hansborough shouyld be, too!! Look at Hans clobbering of Wade a few times before commenting, children; what Haslem did was equivalent to a pitcher plunking a team for hitting one of his guys with a pitch...and I applaud it. Hansborough's foul was just as much about sending a message as any other....Yep, I'm a Heat fan, and what Pittman did was wrong. I still dont think he was smart enough to know where stevenson was coming from, and was looking for someone to box out. Going to his head was wrong, but the guy's head DID NOT hit the court, in fact, he kept his balance and Pittman went down...I'll call it like it is--I've never seen a bigger assortment of dimly lit bulbs comment in one place than the first 'ten' here....
  • The nba has been a crooked game for years and years. Look at the incompetent and just plain obvious favoritism by referees. I have long thought that the NBA gets most of it's referees from the pool of guys that are too crooked to work for Vince at the WWE. College ball is the only real basketball played any more.

NBA Playoffs: Who in the hell are you, Dexter Pittman?

I am not a very happy man right now. I’m just not. I am not sour because the Indiana Pacers were blown off the floor by the Miami Heat tonight. Did you see Indiana’s offense? I watched about five minutes of the game and couldn’t take it. Miami is the better team, and it’s obvious. But I’m still upset and here’s why. This series has had a lot of fireworks. Lance Stephenson...

Dexter Pittman clotheslines Lance Stephenson with flagrant foul (Video)

Miami Heat center Dexter Pittman committed a flagrant foul by clotheslining Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson with under 20 seconds left in Tuesday night's Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series. Pittman nailed Stephenson in the throat, and with the Heat holding a 35 point lead at the time, the play was completely uncalled for. Hopefully Pittman...

Dexter Pittman Stuns Lance Stephenson With Vicious Forearm Shiver (Video)

If you disrespect LeBron James, you get a forearm to the dome. That's a rule Dexter Pittman apparently lives by. In the closing minutes of the Heat-Pacers game, Pittman landed a forearm shiver on Lance Stephenson as the Pacer approached the basket. It was Stephenson who made a "choking" gesture toward James after the Heat star missed a foul shot earlier this series...

Heat's Haslem suspended for 1 game, Pittman for 3

The NBA has suspended Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem for one game and Heat forward Dexter Pittman for three games for their retaliatory flagrant fouls in Tuesday's Game 5 of their series against the Indiana Pacers. As a result, Haslem, who has been a key component of the Miami team with Chris Bosh out with an abdominal injury, will miss Game 6 against the Pacers on Thursday...

DEVELOPING: Haslem and Pittman Suspended

From Stu Jackson his own self... Miami Heat center Dexter Pittman has been suspended three games without pay for striking the neck and shoulders of Indiana guard Lance Stephenson, and Miami forward Udonis Haslem has been suspended one game without pay for striking the head and shoulders of Indiana’s Tyler Hansbrough, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice...

Udonis Haslem & Dexter Pittman flagrant fouls on Tyler Hansborough & Lance Stephenson

The second round of the playoffs are almost complete. The west is all wrapped up with the Spurs and the Thunder waiting to face off. The east are having a little tougher time wrapping their series up. Tuesday night in Miami, in game 5 between the Heat and the Indiana Pacers got a little physical. [...]

NBA suspends Haslem for 1 game and Pittman for 3 games

The Miami Heat will be without two of their players when they meet the Indiana Pacers for game 6. NBA executive vice president Stu Jackson announced that Udonis Haslem will be suspended for 1 game and Dexter Pittman will be suspended for 3 games. The league also announced that Tyler Hansbrough’s foul on Dwayane Wade was upgraded to a flagrant 2 foul from a flagrant...

Udonis Haslem's Suspension Could Have Major Impact on Heat's Chances to Close Out Pacers

The Miami Heat was handed down two suspensions for their rough play against the Pacers in Game 5. Udonis Haslem will miss one game while Dexter Pittman will miss three With the Heat ready to close out the series, how will the suspensions affect Miami? Dexter Pittman very much deserved his suspension after a clothesline to the neck in the last match. Fortunately for the Heat, Pittman...

Pacers pounded by Heat, dirty plays

To be honest, today's embarrassing 115-83 score line was more of what I had expected from this Pacers-Heat series, which now has 2-3 Indiana on the brink of elimination. What I didn't expect, however, was the dirty plays from the Heat players.Yes, the Indiana Pacers play hard. Yes, they foul hard when they have to. Yes, they like to talk tough. But everything they do is within...

Injuries, violent play the deciding factors in the Heat vs. Pacers series

Watching the game last night was as comforting as anything for a Miami Heat fan. The swinging monster of an arm by Miami Heat C Dexter Pittman to the throat of Lance Stephenson made me laugh for a  number of reasons. Firstly though, I thought it was an ugly foul. Then I remembered that earlier in the series Stephenson, an end of the bench player, made a choke sign at...
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