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Via Los That Sports Blog:

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder met Sunday at Staples Center in a match up against two of the Western Conference top teams.

Late in the second quarter, Lakers forward Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) was pumped after a fast break dunk, and subsequently elbowed Thunder player James Harden in the side of the head.

MWP was assessed a flagrant two foul for the play and ejected from the game. Replays show that the elbow connecting with Harden after MWP celebrated his dunk may have been intentional, but only MWP knows for sure. Harden did not return to the game.

After the game, The Oklahoman reported that Harden suffered a concussion as a result of the elbow and that his status for the final two games of the season is uncertain.

Given Metta’s past and the NBA’s stern stance on violent plays (pun intended) MWP can almost certainly expect a fine and a possible suspension.


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  • Harden came up to MWP on an aggressive stance. He deserved it. Go Lakers. Don't block the man after his dunk. He deserved it very much!
  • Sounds like the kind of comment from an idiot Raider fan. World Peace my ass.
  • Looks like you're a stand-up individual. Hope you don't procreate so we can help clean up the gene pool.
  • funny stuff, treyvon martin got it the same way by your dumb logic.
  • raider fans...
  • dumb ass he was not even looking at the goon
  • It's called defense, I know you've never seen much of it considering you're a Raiders fan but Harden did nothing out of line regardless of what you think
  • Harden was on offense when he got hit by Artest. Artest had just dunked it and the ball was being thrown in, therefore Harden had no business near Artest. Obviously you weren't watching the game because Harden actually came over and bumped Artest so he got what he deserved!
  • i wish george zimmerman was there, then he would have murdered his arse for being a unprofessional dumb N!
  • He deserved what he got but should have gotten a lot more for his chickenshat move! Sorry arse should be suspended for the rest of the season. There no place in any sport where it permissable to injury a player on purpose. Just the fact that Ron Artest legally changed his name to World Meta Peace speaks volumes about his mental state of mind. The guy is a moron!
  • both guys are thugs and neither should be a part of basketball. neither has the guts to put on pads and square up like a man.
  • I'm not a Raiders fan but I agree with you. The Thunder had been fouling the Lakers the whole game up to that point. Harden shouldn't have been up on Artest at that time. Harden bullied someone who doesn't take to bullying very well.
  • yeah cause god knows you dont have to act like a professional in th NBA you Dumb twit.
  • You are calling people dumb but nothing you have said in any of your comments make sense. God knows everything including that you don't have a brain. God will judge Artest/MWP when his time comes, judgement is not for you or anyone else to place on someone. If you don't understand what a true athlete goes through don't watch sports that real men play anymore. Watch chess or something... Oh I'm sorry chess and sports included all require thinking and you clearly can't do that. To top it off The Martin case has nothing to do with a basketball game or the situation that occured. Were you calling people dumb and going off like this when Kobe got hit in the nose (which could kill someone) by Wade. I'm a huge Kobe fan and I didn't act like all of you people and freak out and say that Wade should be banned from the league. Be fair if you're gonna judge. Because if the elbow was so horrible that you need to ban someone then you need to get rid of Wade, Durant, James, and tons of other athletes who foul everyday! It's part of the game. I'm sorry if you can't understand everything I wrote FUdude, it's understandable to the rest of us.
  • barsan, ur retarted. When James, Wade etc build a history like bozo's (including smashin cameras,starting riots etc etc, then it'll be time to consider tossin them 2. In the meantime if u make the well-overdue move and toss Artest you won't need to toss the rest, they'll learn. He cannot play at this level AND control himself. Enuf chances!
  • Typical A-Hole Raider fan! Guess it's time for Artest/World Peace to come up with another phony-ass name change. What an idiot cheap-shot COWARD. The only peace there is a peace-of-crap! Toss him out of the league. Like to see him in a cage fight.
  • Should-a drug him outa there in handcuffs! I don't understand why LAPD DIDN'T!!
  • Harden was there to catch the inbound ball, moron!!!
  • Why'd he change his position from the center of the paint to where MWP is then? He intentionally moved into MWP's path pretending to catch the inbound pass. He clearly wanted to disrupt MWP's celebration. Harden had no business getting in MWP's grill.
  • i know seriously
  • finally someone has seen this as I do!!you do NOT run up on a man(especially a brother from queens bridge nyc) with that much emotional charge and past history of not taking bull from anyone and expect a kiss!.
  • And with gasol being sooooo soft, letting redbone dunk on his ass over and over. we need a hit man.....and world peace is the man. Now Miami come and push us to the ground( diane wade).
  • what he was getting the inbound and world ass ran into him.THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THAT ELBOW
  • Seriously? I cna't even bring myself to repeat Artests ridiculously stupid name. Its Ron Artest and always will be.
  • Metta World Peace is still the same old Ron Artest. He can't control his emotions towards players or fans. There was nothing accidental about this incident. He intentionaly elbowed James Harden with the intent to hurt him. There is no place in athletics for this behavior. With his past indiscretions, I would hope they would ban him from the league. He shouldn't be paid to act like a thug.
  • I agree with you, he should be banned so he can begin his new career as a brain surgeon...
  • Why did Harding have to run into MWP. There is a whole court and he has to go and bump into him to make the whole incident look like it was on purpose. Harding wanted to draw the contact he got what he deserved. A simple celebration and Harding is a sore loser trying to aggitate MWP with contact. He got what he deserved.
  • DEFENSE. They do contact each other..and his name is Harden you ignorant fool.
  • Harden wasn't on defense, he was on offense. He should have been paying attention to the guy on his team who was about to throw the ball in not Artest celebrating. Harden was upset that they got dunked on and bumped Artest, wouldn't have happened if Harden would have just played the in bound like every other player in the NBA does. Nobody ever plays defense on an in bound pass unless there is pressure on that end of the court and that wasn't the case.
  • if MWP would act professional for once in his life like every other player in the NBA does. Dude are u just stupid?
  • Thats exactly what Harden was tryin to do, catch the inbound pass and continue doin what he's paid to do PLAY BASKETBALL! barsan, your outa there!
  • SO did treyvon martin.
  • Harden ran into the idiot because he was there to catch the inbound ball
  • agree
  • Wonder if there was a "bounty" on him?!!!!!!!! Maybe money was involved. The NBA needs to investigate.
  • lol
  • Really? Is anyone out there surprised??? This is Ron The Idiot Artest.
  • WHAT A DOUCHEBAG MOVE!! That is just a pure lack of sportsmanship. Suspend and fine him. There is absolutely no need for that kind of douchebaggery in any game. Metta World What? Violence?
  • He needs to change his name again!!!
  • Rona Artest can change his name -- but he still is a dirty player. He hasn't changed since he went after a fan in the stands in Indiana. You can take the kid out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the kid. Horrible, disgraceful play. I hope he gets his comeuppance next time they play.. Ibaka or Perkins will make sure.
  • Change your name to Metta Moron, or Metta Peace of Shiite. What a classless waste of skin. Rest of season suspension or Commish doesn't have any balls.
  • I agree -- if he doesn't get at least rest of season suspension then might as well start billing the NBA as "Nothing but Anarchy"!
  • Metta Dumbazz, Metta Punkazz *****, Metta Cheap Shot Artist, Metta GD Loser, Metta *****. Metta anything but a playa.
  • MotherGrimm, check the meaning of "Mette" This peice of crap shouldn't be using Mette either.

    Update: April 23, 2012
    Metta- not Mette
  • MWP = Moron Wimpazz *****. Mega Washout Piece-o-crap.
  • He is such a jack ass!!! He always play dirty...they need to suspend him for the season and plus games next season!! That was a very dirty play..and he knew exactly what he was doing!! His apology he sent to Harden and OKC he could have keep it!!! OLD DIRTY BASTARD!!!
  • If you people actually viewed the video closely, you would notice that MWP was not even looking at anyone after the dunk, so he did not target Harden. He dunked, he got excited, and swung his elbow. He did not know Harden was there. He was already reacting to the dunk, and inadvertently elbowed Harden, who happened to be there. Don't be bias and judge him without giving him a fair trial.
  • Its called perifiral vision...ask Katt Williams! You dont have to be looking directly at some1 to see who they are/where they are. I'm a DIE HARD Laker fan but fandom doesnt get in the way of being REAL. It was intentional, even though he now really prob regrets it. He really does mean well, but he has serious mental health issues, I honestly feel bad for him. Doesnt matter how much he makes or what he does, I care about ALL people.
  • was that before or after you gave him a BJ?
  • Thats not even close to rational. They were rubbing against eachother (So Artest KNEW he was there) when asshole drew his left arm all way across his body and visiously bowed him the back of the head (behind the ear) the lie that he was just "chest-pounding" is crap! Try to pound your chest with your elbow over your head. I have no respect for artest but instead of lie-n-deny he shoulda just said "im sorry it happened,I've worked hard at contolling myself and will continue to do so, I hope Hardin is alright, I regret letting my teamates and fans down." That would have been the manly thing to do.
  • If I was wildly swinging my elbow (at head highth) and felt it crash into something solid I would NOT just walk away without even looking back to see what I'd hit!! Thats just completely and totally excuse makin lies.
  • It doesn't matter that he wasn't looking at Harden. They were touching each other when he threw the elbow. Did he think that he was elbowing a punching bag in the middle of the court?
  • Artest is just a classless PoS always has been always will be, even with the stupid name change. Im a celtics fan but have respect for the lakers but Artest is a disgrace to the laker uniform and the game of basketball (and music).
  • I agree Bbruins he is a disgrace to the Laker franchise...but I hope people don't lump in the Lakers because of one unstabble person. I can guarantee you NOBODY in the Laker front office is happy with Ron or condones this.
  • Then why did so many of them LIE about it? "oh I didn't see it" B.S.!!!
  • the laker front office can't distance themselves from his actions, they knew who/what he was when the hired him.
  • These people get millions and get away with acts that, in real life out there would land them in prison. But we all pay to see!
  • On top of his ridiculous elbow to the head of another player, what is with the crotch grab at around 0:13 in the video? I guess he wanted to fully follow through on the fact that he is trash regardless of what name he goes by, not to mention the lack of professionalism.
  • yea, what the hell was about?
  • When Ibaka tried to relocate mettas nose...earlier in the game that wasn't no accident!!! now i don't condone violence...but if Ibaka would've been teed up for trying to break Mattas face, maybe harden wouldn't have a headache going home tonight pay back is a witch with a B!!!!
  • So your complaint is on an official for missing a call you are the only one who saw?
    Should I guess that you are not a mindless "Lakers rule the world" fan that backs actions not okay anywhere?
    Sorry I had to dip in the shallow end of the gene pool "But you drug me so pay back is fair"!!!
  • I saw more than one foul in the game so Redbit wasn't the only one. The Thunder continued to foul the Lakers into the double overtime. You really shouldn't watch anymore basketball if you can't follow the game. I actually like the Thunder but I thought they played extremely dirty today. Not only did they foul Artest but they constantly fouled Gasol, Sessions, and Bryant! Maybe Harden will think before he walks up and tries to bully someone again
  • point well taken
  • Soooooo, because the official didn't call a foul on Ibaka (if he had it wouln't have been a tech., i saw it) that makes it OK for artest to blast HARDEN in the back of the head with an elbow? Your a real brainiac!
  • Let's not forget but professional atheletes still have to obey the law... getting banned from the league (which should be a just punishment) is the least of his worries. This is what you call assault and battery: if Harden has a concuscion = up to 1 year in jail and if he does up to 4 years in prison.
  • Harden will be fine. Lets play ball
  • Let's cut the ******** u get a bunch of ******* and this is the result does anyone 4 get our children our future what kind of example do us minorities (mwp) metta world a whole lot of **** and the $they make contribution time let them know that anger is the key 4 setting up and fixing the ghetto fine them all we would have more safer parks 4 OUR CHILDREN!!!!!
  • Completely bogus. This is only a part of why NBA popularity has plummeted over the last few years.
    Thugs will be thugs (same for NFL headhunters and NHL goons). No wonder that rational folks lose touch with these sports and couldn't care less. Artest, aside from his self-serving name change, only points up the hyprocicy of these sports. They'll do what they think is appropriate to win, and it's ********.
    Give me clean, Olypmpic-style sports, played honorably, and I'll watch. Otherwise, not interested. (Thx to the NBA and NHL playoff teams for bringing this to my attention, once again).
  • the only reason people are making a big deal about this, is because its the lakers.Matta did nothing wrong. he was just minding his own business celebrating after he made his dunk. Harden had no business going up 2 matta world peace like that right after his dunk.and all this talk about Suspend and fine him is STUPID,but because he is on the lakers and people are haters every1 is making it a big deal.when its not.lets not 4get the all-star game and what wade did to kobe.at the all-star game, come on.and nothing happend to wade.they barley called a foul 4that..but if it would have been the other way around and kobe did the same to wade, every1 would have made a big deal about it,kobe would have been Suspend and fine and who knows what else. LAKERS ARE #1. laker haters the sooner u realize this, will make ur life a whole lot happier.
  • please go back to school you idiot.
  • yea, I realized it (Lakers ARE NOT #1, Mav's are)when my Boy Dirk and company swept that trash outa the play-offs last year when artest did the same crap
  • meaty whirled peas, still just as big a Dbag as when he was ron artest. I don't like Harden either but if you look at the video closely, whirled peas was the one who ran into Harden because he was too busy beating his monkey chest to watch where he was going and Harden was simply taking position on the floor that he had a right to, preparing for the in-bounds pass. Whirled peas should be fined this last years salary and tossed out of the league for life.
  • That was 1 cheap shot if u ask me.Very uncalled for.
  • NICE ELBOW! This man should bein the UFC!
  • Ok! It was definitely wrong for MWP to throw an elbow. Fine him; suspend him whatever it takes to send a message. But for all you Yahoo's that are call BB players thugs and whatever else craziness you can think of.. You might want to rethink a few things. Throw a punch in Basketball or Football it’s a crime.. If there is a all out fight in Hockey it’s all good.. The more the better..
    Seem to be a bit biased if you ask me.. Why is that? Oh no needs to answer, I already know why!!!
  • Ok! It was definitely wrong for MWP to throw an elbow. Fine him; suspend him whatever it takes to send a message. But for all you Yahoo's that are call BB players thugs and whatever else craziness you can think of.. You might want to rethink a few things. Throw a punch in Basketball or Football it’s a crime.. If there is a all out fight in Hockey it’s all good.. The more the better..
    Seem to be a bit biased if you ask me.. Why is that? Oh no need to answer, I already know why!!!
  • yeah lets make it a race thing you dumb FK. Maybe george zimmerman needs to go to california and do some cleaning up.
  • FUdude, you're a ******* idiot. Stay with the KKKs and keep your mouth shut.
  • FUdude, you're a ******* idiot. Stay with the KKKs and keep your mouth shut.
  • World Piss

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