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Coach Payton? I have Coach Brees Juan…

2012 PPR RB Rankings Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 1 Ray Rice (BAL, 8) 2 2

Gifted player that plays on an offense that can’t figure out it’s identity. Cam Cameron just needs to feed Rice the rock.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 2 Arian Foster (HOU, 8) 1 1

Multitalented RB with all the goods including a dominant O-Line. Only annoying thing is having to draft Ben Tate in the 7th or 8th round.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 3 LeSean McCoy (PHI, 7) 3 3

Maybe the closest thing we have seen to Barry Sanders since he retired. Shady runs smoove and although he may dip in TDs, his receiving numbers should go up.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 4 Chris Johnson (TEN, 11) 4 4

CJ played “out of shape” last season as he held out for big money. He went down at first sign of contact and if there wasn’t a hole, he quit. The O-Line has been upgraded, Kendall Wright added, and CJ has himself back in shape and ready to roll again.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 5 Darren McFadden (OAK, 5) 5 5

A violent runner that has a ton of juice, but his body just hasn’t held up. If you roll the dice with Run DMC, you better make sure to grab the winner of the backup job..Goodson/Jones.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 6 DeMarco Murray (DAL, 5) 9 7

Murray has a ton of talent and plays on explosive offense with only Fragile Felix there to take away touches. Murray’s upright running may get him hurt again, but he is a dual threat back that will be the workhorse in 2012.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 7 Ryan Mathews (SD, 7) 8 14

Mr Glass had an injury to every part of his body last season, but we all know that Norv has produced big time fantasy RBs in the past and Tolbert is gonesky.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 8 Matt Forte (CHI, 6) 6 6

Talk about red flags. Forte is holding out, Michael Bush is in the mix, and the offensive line is a mess. Forte has a ton of talent, but his failures at the goaline are legendary and Bush will get a ton of work.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 9 Steven Jackson (STL, 9) 13 13

Action Jackson has lost of ton of tread on his tires and has been plagued by being a part of crappy teams. He should see of ton of work in Jeff Fishers scheme, but it remains to be seen if the offense with click and S-Jax will flourish.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 10 Jamaal Charles (KC, 7) 11 11

Unlike Mendy or AP, Charles injured his ACL in week two and will have almost a full year of recovery before the start of the season. It will be important to track JC in preseason to see him cut and run at full speed.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 11 Marshawn Lynch (SEA, 11) 14 12

Beast mode got nasty in 2011 while playing with inferior QBs and 80% of his O-Line on the shelf. Matt Flynn brings stability to the passing game and if the line can come back strong, we should see plenty of Skittles showers. *possible suspension looming*

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 12 Darren Sproles (NO, 6) 10 15

Will never be workhorse, but will gut a ton of receptions in this offense. Payton not calling the shots is slightly worrisome.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 13 Trent Richardson (CLE, 10) 12 10

The most talented RB to come out of the draft since All Day has the skill set, opportunity, and strong O-Line. Will be a workhorse in an offense that needs playmakers desperately.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 14 Fred Jackson (BUF, 8) 16 16

The Rodney Dangerfield of fantasy football with have more competition for touches this season with Spiller proving his worth at the end of 2011.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 15 Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG, 11) 17 17

The Giants let overrated Brandon Jacobs walk , but brought in explosive runner David Wilson. Bradshaw has had foot and fumbling issues over the years and may be overdrafted in 2012 fantasy drafts.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 16 Adrian Peterson (MIN, 11) 15 9

Peterson is coming into the season off a torn ACL and MCL, which occurred so late in the season that he may not be ready for the start of the season. If you grab him in the second round, you may want to ensure you get Gerhart as well.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 17 Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC, 6) 7 8

No one has carried the ball more than MJD over the past 3 seasons and his current hold out is troublesome. If that can get resolved sooner, rather than later than MJD will still be a safe pick. If it lingers we could be looking at a CJ situation.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 18 Kevin Smith (DET, 5) 36 35

Kevin Smith is still only 25 years old and a guy I like as a deep sleeper this season. We have seen the Lions RBs bring in fantasy value and Best/Leshoure are no guarantees.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 19 Peyton Hillis (KC, 7) 32 30

Hill was a beast in 2011 and a bust in 2011. The Chiefs O-Line is one of the best in the NFL and Charles may be eased back into the mix. Hillis has a ton of value this season. A bigger, better, younger version of Thomas Jones.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 20 Willis McGahee (DEN, 7) 25 25

McGahee has the inside track to getting muchos fake points as he can pass protect Mr Manning. Peyton will get this offense going and McGahee should reap the rewards of plenty of close shots at the endzone.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 21 Doug Martin (TB, 5) 18 19

Should have the inside track to get the majority of the touches, as Blount can’t pass protect. Martin is superior in every aspect and the Bucs offense should be a lot better in 2012.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 22 C.J. Spiller (BUF, 8) 24 28

Came on strong when F-Jax went down last season and proved himself to the coaching staff. Spiller is younger and more explosive than Jackson, but will be in something like a 60/40 split to start the season.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 23 BenJarvus Green-Ellis (CIN, 8) 26 24

Not a special player, but a guy who should get a ton of work and all the goaline carries. I have been waiting for Bernard Scott to break out for 3 years, I’m not holding my breath. The Law Firm will be a solid, yet unspectacular pick this season.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 24 Jonathan Stewart (CAR, 6) 23 27

2013. The year that Jonathan Stewart will finally be free. Stewart is the most talented RB on the team, but D-WIlly and Fat Tolbert will take too many opportunities away to trust any of them.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 25 Michael Turner (ATL, 7) 21 18

No longer the Burner or a guy who can handle the 350 plus carries a season. Should still be a lock for 10 TDs and you can’t ask for mush more from your RB2.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 26 Frank Gore (SF, 9) 20 20

Gore wore down at the end of 2011 and will have a ton of competition for touches this season.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 27 Donald Brown (IND, 4) 27 29

Brown finally made some strides at the end of 2011 and is getting the backing of the coaching staff early on. Not sure he can hold up.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 28 Evan Royster (WAS, 10) 51 51

THT is back and Helu showed he can be the guy, but this is Shanny and Son we are talking about. Rumor is he could win the job outright. Somebody to keep an eye on.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 29 Rashad Jennings (JAC, 6) 49 46

MJD’s holdout getting ugly

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 30 Ryan Williams (ARI, 10) 42 39

Like Leshoure, if Williams is healed he will push Beanie for playing time this season.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 31 Stevan Ridley (NE, 9) 33 34

Belichick hates fantasy football and will not allow one guy to be the main runner. Hell, he changes he mind week to week without notice. Ridley has the best chance to be their BJGE this season.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 32 Reggie Bush (MIA, 7) 19 21

Bush waited until 2011 to break out when no one thought he would. Daniel Thomas is healthy, Lamar Miller was added, and the offense looks anemic.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 33 Kendall Hunter (SF, 9) 58 59

Gore is getting old and couldn’t hold up to the workload in 2011. The 49ers brought in other runners, but neither is more complete than Hunter. The sleeper in this backfield.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 34 Ben Tate (HOU, 8) 39 32

Tate is most important handcuff in fantasy. Will be a flex play on most weeks and if Foster were to get hurt, he would be a top 10 guy.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 35 DeAngelo Williams (CAR, 6) 31 36

D-Will still has some juice left in the tank, but he has to share carries with J-Stew, Fat Tolbert, and Cameron Newton.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 36 Mark Ingram (NO, 6) 34 31

Ingram is a hard nosed runner and the Saints would love to make him their bell cow, but his knee hasn’t been able to hold up.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 37 Shonn Greene (NYJ, 9) 22 22

Raise you hand if this guy has burned you over the last 3 years. Greene will be the “guy” this season, right? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 38 Michael Bush (CHI, 6) 35 37

Bush wasn’t brought to Chi-Town to chill on the sidelines. He will immediately be their goaline/short yardage back and if Forte is out for any reason, he has shown the ability to be a feature back.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 39 Pierre Thomas (NO, 6) 37 49

Pierre is good at everything and is undervalued in fantasy circles coming into 2012. If Ingram misses any time than Thomas will have great value and can be had for a ham sandwich.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 40 Shane Vereen (NE, 9) 50 58

The faster RB on the team will have be part of a crowded backfield and Belichick never tips his hand.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 41 Jacquizz Rodgers (ATL, 7) 41 45

Should see more time on the field as a solid complimentary RB to Turner. I would be higher on him is Snelling didn’t come back.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 42 David Wilson (NYG, 11) 43 38

Already getting rave reviews from the coaching staff, Wilson brings an element to the Giants backfield they haven’t had since Tiki went to be a weatherman.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 43 Chris “Beanie” Wells (ARI, 10) 30 23

Beanie is not a special player and will be pushed for playing time by Ryan Williams. Knee is till an issue.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 44 LeGarrette Blount (TB, 5) 53 48

Has limited skills and Martin looks legit, too legit too quit.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 45 Rashard Mendenhall (PIT, 4) 57 50

Will probably miss the first 3 games for sure and wasn’t impressive last season anyway. Off the PUP early enough that the Steelers think he will contribute.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 46 Alex Green (GB, 10) 61 63

Faster and better than Starks, which may give him a chance to be the guy if he can prove himself healthy enough.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 47 Mikel Leshoure (DET, 5) 45 47

The Jersey Leshoure needs to get his act together and if he is fully healed from his injury than he has the inside track to be 1st and 2nd down RB. Will miss the first 2 games of the season.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 48 Mike Goodson (OAK, 5) 65 54

If he is named the backup to DMC, then he is a must own.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 49 Toby Gerhart (MIN, 11) 44 42

If you draft AP, than Gerhart better be on your radar later in your draft. He showed he could be a good fantasy option when AP went down and may have a big role early in the year.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 50 Daniel Thomas (MIA, 7) 55 52

Thomas looked solid prior to his hamstring issues, but role in new offense is still cloudy.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 51 Isaac Redman (PIT, 4) 28 26

Redman is a solid RB2, but has limited upside outside of the fact that he will get a ton of work until Mendy comes back.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 52 Ronnie Hillman (DEN, 7) 46 43

Someone to watch this Summer as he should be a nice complimentary RB to McGahee.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 53 Cedric Benson (GB, 10) 48 40

Should be the starter for GB this season.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 54 Felix Jones (DAL, 5) 47 57

Jones has explosiveness, but he can’t stay healthy. Will provide little unless Murray goes down again.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 55 Alfred Morris (WAS, 10) 82

Could be the week one starter. Get ready to pull your hair out.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 56 Bernard Scott (CIN, 8) 56 65

Scott has done little behind Benson and will still be #2 on the depth chart behind BJGE.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 57 Marcel Reece (OAK, 5) 72

Wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Reece becomes the desired handcuff of DMC.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 58 Delone Carter (IND, 4) 64 71

Donald Brown doesn’t really fit the power RB mold the Colts are looking for. Carter has the frame to hold up if given the chance.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 59 Isaiah Pead (STL, 9) 59 55

Jackson needs someone to take some of the workload and Pead should be excellent in that role.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 60 Tim Hightower (WAS, 10) 54 53

Wasn’t special before the injury, but in bizarro world he could the starter in 2012.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 61 Bilal Powell (NYJ, 9) 71 76

Shonn Grenne stinks.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 62 James Starks (GB, 10) 40 41

The Packers really want Starks to be ‘the guy’, he just won’t do it. Any RB on this offense should be in line for fantasy goodness, but the Pack offense is all about the pass. Alex Green could be ‘the guy’ if he comes back strong from his ACL injury.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 63 Ronnie Brown (SD, 7) 63 56

May get more work as Mathews heals up.

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 64 Robert Turbin (SEA, 11) 75 67

A guy to watch this preseason, especially if Lynch gets suspended

Rank Player (team, bye) ECR™ ADP 65 Roy Helu (WAS, 10) 29 33

Tim Hightower will start if healthy. Evan Royster has a strong chance to be the day 1 starter. It’s only July and the Shanahanigans have already begun.

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