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Earlier in the day, the Jets wrapped up their full-squad OTA practice, with all eyes glued to the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow “battle,” still in its infancy stage. I say infancy because it’s not too compelling when it’s still May and the players are in shorts, but the media — and thus the world — got its first look at both quarterbacks in action, so we’ll take what we can get. Anywho, Sanchez ended up faring much better, according to the beat writers, completing more passes than his much-discussed counterpart, who tossed two picks. To no one’s surprise, there were a blitzkrieg of reporters surrounding Jets HQ, hyping up the competition with much hyperbole and fervor. Things were relatively calm until Sanchez’s agent, Brian Murphy, chimed in, primping up his client while simultaneously setting the Twitter-verse ablaze. No offense media, but of course Sanchez is going to out perform Tim T. Mark is a franchise quarterback and Tim is a great athlete. — Brian Murphy (@A1Murph) May 24, ...
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  • for a low class player!
  • Sanchez is a good QB, but just doesn't do well under pressure. Tebow thrives on pressure and will get the starting job when, not if, Sanchez does his usual choke.
  • Tebow will be starter by game eight no doubt . I dont care about a couple of INT's during practice. Sanchez is horrible and afraid to take a hit and cracks under pressure. I would bet money on this one here. Tebow will get starting job by mid-season. Then let the writers have there field day. Until then, they are reaching.
  • Okay it's a bet.
  • mid-season or sooner. then he can win a streak of games playing chump teams and then fail to win against quality teams, all while throwing under 50%. sound familiar? im pretty certain marks starting job is quite secure. which isnt much better for the jets
  • Yah, he'll most likely "chump" them all the way into the playoffs...
  • You mean the same chump teams that gave the Broncos a 5-23 record in their Last 28 games before Tebow became the starter. What's wrong with beating teams you're supposed to beat?
  • Look at Marks post season stats.. end of story. odds are, mark will be starter for the whole season. thou his agent is low class, sanchez is the better QB and jets brass kno it
  • The agent can shoot his mouth off as much as he wants, however, his boy Sanchez kepts the Jets out of the playoffs with his 3 interceptions against the Dolphins. Both agent and player have not class.
  • Sanchez is a franchise quarterback? Give me a break.
  • Sanchez is a franchise QB. Of course that franchise isssssssss the Jets. lol The agent is an a-hole though. Both Sanchez and TT have handled the situation with more class than any agent or anyone in the media.
  • the moments sanchez chokes teabow will save the jets!
  • Of course Sanchez is going to do better than Tebow, Sanchez had 3 years to play and get used to his team and Tebow been there what a few months and OTA just now starting.
  • This situation should make both QB's better. Sanchez needs healthy pressure and TT needed to get away from the jerks in Denver who hoped every day he would fail. Elway was a good QB, but always an a-hole as a person. Most folks do not remember his refusal to play for the Colts.
  • True that happycynic....the Broncos had better be in the AFC Championship game this year (doubtful though) or "Sir Elway" will be forced to clean the egg off face. Personally, I hope the Jets with TT or Sanchez as QB show Denver what a mistake they made.
  • As a Bronco fan I am laughing my *ss off watching the chaos the Tebowmaniacs are causing the Jets. Tebow is a good man but his obsessive followers are bad baggage.
  • elway was and still is a huge richard
  • you are proof of everything good about Tebow. Keep opening your mouth like the loser you are.
  • The thing here is really that TT has been in competition for a starting spot since he started in the NFL. No to mention he left school early for it and he is therefore less mature. I am not saying he is a kid I am just saying TT finished school (and won all the way not to mention I think Sanchez and TT were both up for the Heismann if I am not mistaken at one time, We all know who won right)! Anyway I do not sound like I am arguing for TT either as that is not my point. I love the game of football. TT is not a traditional player but neither was Michael Vick right. He plays his style of QB, he is an exceptionally hard worker, and Mister Sanchez is and always has been a pretty boy QB, not a hard working continually learning QB. If I was betting on this and the Jets were my team my bet would be on the solid continually progressive and working one between them. As far as the agent goes Mark Sanchez pays him to promote Mark Sanchez doesn't he. So I imagine he could very well loose a pay check if he did not tweat and profess belief in his CLIENTS abilities over his CLIENTS competition right!
  • I'm a Tebow fan, but Time will tell. As for Joe Namath and his remarks: He was more famous for his pantyhose than being a decent player, so I disregard anything he has to say!
  • Namath was a very good player. You can't take that away from him because he has a low opinion of Tebow.
  • Namath was an absolutely average player.
  • Namath was an average QB physically, but he brought a swagger and winning attitude to the Jets.
  • Namath an average player? Oh, okay, you area obviously under the age of 25.
    Grin if you want, but do the research, Namath was one of first "freakshow" athletes in the modern day NFL. He played on battered and poorly repaired knees and never had a day in the NFL where he wasn't in extreme pain. He also admits that he did not take care of his body.

    Watch the biography that (was it HBO or ESPN) did of him that shows his athleticism. He was easily the best QB in college football for three years in a row, missed the Heisman because of terminal mischief.

    Best release in the NFL, TO DATE! Marino modeled his throwing motion after Namath. I realize this post is only going to get a smart aleck response, but maybe someone who knows will chime in and verify what I'm saying.

    We will never know, but if Joe Namath came along right now, today, in the NFL, with today's emphasis on health, training, and healing the body, he would be the #1 QB in the league. He actually had Tebow's athleticism (not Vick's), Manning's arm, and Bree's football awareness. His career was cut very short due to injury and his name isn't in the record books simply because of what his injuries cost him.

    Average player, right! I would say one of the QBs with the most God given talent to ever play the game, Joe just didn't always make the most of his opportunities.

    Idiotdetector signing out.
  • ill confirm your account of broadway joe........headley head probally never saw namath play. if you saw him in uniform that would confirm his knee problems with all the braces and tape he had to wear on both legs . he was one of the first outspoken players to ever come out and being joe and who joe was he didnt hide anything what you saw was what you got
  • namath was the best qb in pro ball when he played. i remember when the jets played baltimore colts namath said the jets would win and they did. at that time the colts were undefeated and was said to be the best pro team of all time. as it turned out they were not. because of namath's play the jet won that game.
  • Nammath, Joe Nammath. Yes freakshow. Yes pantyhose. Yes knees. Yes, pain. Yes, ladies man. Average? NO WAY. No one gets the attention Joe Nammath got by being average. Think of it this way little girls: Joe N was able to play Super Bowl football in the middle of one of the first media circus' surrounding the modern NFL. You can't call that average! You have to figure in the degree of difficulty. Like when you look at Tebow - playoff football is not everyday football. But we've got all summer to talk about this, don't we?
  • Detector: Much of what you write regarding Namath (release, knees, playing in pain, etc.) is accurate. As for the rest, not so sure. Decision making ability (on and off the field) was questionable, and game day performance was incredibly inconsistent from week to week throughout his career. Looking at his career statistics, one must question his election to the HOF. If he played the majority of his career anywhere other than New York, he'd be labeled a step or two above average, largely for his willingness to play in pain. His prediction of a Super Bowl victory was entertaining and brash at the time. The same comment nowawdays would produce a day or two of internet chatter followed by a collective yawn.
  • Personally I really don't see what all the yelling is about. I don't think that he said anything wrong. At this point Sanchez is the franchise (jets) and Tebow has to catch up. The press and a lot of other idiots have to make a big thing out of it just to get some press. Yea fifteen minutes of fame is so fun.By the way the jets will finish 7-9 and will begin rebuilding from GM and Coach down.
  • I'm saying 9-7 and in the play-offs
  • Sanchez's agebt does not understand Tebowmania. Every mistake Sanchez makes the groundswell just gets louder. Tebow finds a way to win.
  • Why is this a Sanchez vs Tebow thing? I think it's more likely a Sanchez and Tebow team effort thing. Each has strengths that can contribute to the success of the team. But that marriage might end up in divorce because that angle doesn't interest a controversy-hungry media.
  • I can't figure out why this story about two terrible quarterbacks is newsworthy. I doubt most teams would want either of these guys, at least they're in NY and not on my team.
  • No offense media, but a quality attorney would say "no comment", a self-absorbed scumbag sports agent would say exactly what Brian Murphy said. Mark Sanchez, if you have any respect for yourself and your image, tell Brian thanks for the $20M contract, then run away as far from this piece of garbage as you can.
  • Sancheezzzy will be replaced After Sept 23rd game with the Dolphins a 1pm game in S. Florida, in the heat. Jets will wilt. Tebow will come in a play some of his usual great football but Dolphins will be winner by 14.
  • Which usual great football is that? Where he lets the running game and defense win games?
  • I saw Mark Sanchez at U.S.C. and I had the opportunity to see Tim Tebow at the Florida Gators. Night and Day. Sanchez learned "pro offense, West coast offense" and Tim Tebow ran the "option" : shovel it to T.E. Hernandez, pitch it to wide out Harvin, fake it and keep it himself. Tebow has AN ARM and throws on the run accurately. Just give Tim time to settle in to the demands of the pro set AND the speed of the pro defensive backs.
    Tim Tebow is a WINNER. (Picture Doug Flutie on steroids!) Believers and critics alike--please donate to www.timtebowfoundation.org & help build a hospital in the Philippines. Amen.
  • Seems like an artificial controversy created by a blogger with nothing better to do.
    Of course Sanchez' agent believes that Sanchez is the better QB. He didn't say much of anything new. Tebow is a guy who hasn't hit his potential yet. I believe he has lots of better seasons ahead, but he won't be the starter unless Sanchez goes down with injury or plays himself out of the role.
    This isn't an attack on Tebow. It's how the NFL works. Fact is, Tim Tebow is a rising star. He'll continue to start at some point and for some team. You just can't hand him the job just yet.

    I'm sure Tebow would rather earn the job anyway.
  • I hate the Jets, and I hated Tebow in College, but I sincerely hope the Jets win with Tebow simply to prove so many people wrong.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I think the Jets got TT to take over in the 2nd half of the season, as we know that this is when the great Sanchez falls apart, and as last year showed TT can get his team to the playoffs, and WIN a game there...So far TT has been to playoffs with a win...has MS even gotten the Jets in the playoffs yet?? Agents should concentrate on what they have and leave the rest to the media...:)
  • TT a "good" quarterback? Is that why Denver dumped him so quickly?
  • Denver got Payton Manning you idiot, that is not really dumping Tim Tebow. How many QB's have taken an 1-4 NFL team to the 2nd round?
  • If Elway is willing to pay Peyton $18M, I would say that they did not dump TT...they saw an opportunity to get one of the top three QBs in the league and they jumped on it, just like any GM would have done.
  • Amazing how many agents "think" they know talent. They are like attorneys--bottom feeders.
  • Typical scumbag agent. What are the similarities between francise player Namath and Sanchez?
  • uniform.
  • Not a Jets fan, but I have to say I hope Tim Tebow does great just to show that classless ass clown of an agent up. Even he knew he made a mistake because he did a complete 180 once he realized what a stir he had caused. Some people just don't know when to shut up and see how things play out. He also put Mark Sanchez in a difficult position with his words. Wonder what Sanchez has to say about it.
  • Remember Mark's first workouts with the Jets out of college, not so good...maybe having TT breathing down his neck will give him some courage to stand and make the throws.
    "No offense media, but of course Sanchez is going to out perform Tim T. Mark is a franchise quarterback and Tim is a great athlete."
  • I agree. I don't see it as a big deal. It's partly true. Tebow is a great athlete playing QB. But Sanchez is no franchise QB. Some peolpe have to twist things around to start a controversy. That's all this is.
  • Amen to both of you. Not sure what's worse, fact this is a story, or that I wasted time reading about it and then commenting. No apology should be necessary.
  • Because the off season is so long
  • HMMMMMMMMMM i wonder if good old sanchez is looking at all of these comments, makes you wonder now that everyone knows hes not a clutch player and chokes under pressure.iam not saying tebows the complete answer, but i will bet you dollars to donutes, the boy will take a hit or do whatever it takes to gain the yardage which sanchez folds. give tebow the time that sanchez has had and i believe tebow will out perform him. what i dont belive is when he was with the broncos elway didnt take the time to help mold this young man into a great quarterback, anyone remember when elway first started, had a rocket for a arm but couldnt hit anyone he threw to untill they molded him.dont really care for sanchez, or the jets but do hope the best for tebow, nice to see a clean cut athelete that dosent have tatoos all over their bodies that they end up looking like a pattern on a couch or drapes.
  • Gee.
    This agent CLEARLY seems threatened by Tebow.
    Let's put the pieces together.
    Sanchez has been "the man" (meaning no back-up on the bench) for 3 years now.
    Now, 2012 upon us, Mr. Mark is being CHALLEGED....just like his agent's paycheck will be.
    Mr. Agent doesn't like the prospect of Mr. Mark getting benched or traded.
    Hee Hee. Just wait and see.
    Mr. Mark will pull a season-long vanishing act (like the last game vs Miami), and the fans will scream......
    PUT TEBOW IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Mr. Agent's worst nightmare, huh?
  • Feel sorry for Denver Broncos--we think they made a big mistake. We'll be watching the Jets this year instead of the Broncos this year! Go Jets and good luck to both Tebow and Sanchez!!!
  • Namath had the highest signing bonus of his time. He also played in an era where the defense could cloths-line your head and low-hits at the knees and Helmet to Helmet Hits! In the 60's & 70's Football Was Played. Look at the old films and you will see the difference between the defensive back play of back then and now. The receivers were mauled at the line and Namath still got them the ball. Much tougher to complete a pass back then. As for Denver, Sorry John, But Peyton will not make it thru the season which leaves you with Who to take over? Tebow? No, Because You Got Rid Of Him!! Elway Sucked his first 2 years if I remember correctly, but Denver knew they had something special with him and Stuck with him. They fired Dan Reeves because Elway complained about him. Wah, Wah, Wah. I hope Denver Falls Flat On Their Butts this year!! Serves Them Right. You Just Do Not Give Up On A Proven Younger Winner and bring in a 10+ year older 1 super bowl - injured - has been winner. Just my thoughts!!
  • i think everybody has to wait til the season starts before making any judgement calls tb might surprise everyone you dont know yet how anyone is going to react under pressure that is the final test i played football and this is light no contact you hold back so lets just wait and see what happens i think it should help sanchez to keep focus because if one knows there is someone behind him who might gtet his job but lets just wait
  • you people are redicuouse,what do peyton m,tom b and sancez have in common?They ALL make bad decisions when thier O line is getting them killed.Sancez got sacked 36 times last year and hit a whole lot more and he still never gave up.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • tebow/sanchez thing will be interesting to watch, but make no mistake, the next we will be lectured about will be the process.
    I really need to weigh in on the nameth thing. He was exciting to watch, to listen to although there was a fair share of laughing too. When he was good, he was very good, and when he was bad he was just being joe. trust me, a beautiful thing to watch if you didn't have $ on the game...
  • This agent could really turn the most vicious media in America on Sanchez. I would love it. Not a big fan of any of the QBs USC has produced. They may start but never live up to their hype. Tebow is still the story. We should stay on the positive. Lolo Jones. Now that is a story. Have you seen those abs? We need a story just on the abs.
  • Of course Sanchez had more completions, most of these guys have been playing with him. They are both GREAT quarterbacks and I look forward to watching them both play this season.
  • What some are still failing to accept. Is Tim Tebow is an extradinary athlete, an incredible "football" player, has a humungus heart and serves an miracle working God. You can down him, dis him, clown him, disrepect him but NEVER Count Him Out!

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