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Whether it was the decision of ESPN or Hank Williams Jr., the song that has been the staple of ESPN's Monday Night Football intro for 20 years is no more. With that, NFL fans across the country immediately began to speculate as to what would be the next song to lead into everyone's favorite Monday night programming. It turns out there may not be a song at all, at least for the time being. Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders announced via Twitter that he will do the intro for this week's matchup between the Lions and the Bears....

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  • With the steep declining of the quality of football teams playing on Monday night football, Hank Williams Jr. was the only decent attraction. As Hank goes so go I
  • wow. If you were watching MNF just for Hank Williams, Jr., you're not a real football fan, and I'm glad you're not being pandered to.
  • Football should only be concerned with football, it is about the only escape fans have to leave the B/S that is going on in their world, and personally I don't care what Hank Jr. said, I can and do have my own opinion and I am sick and tired of what I see everyday that is happening to Americans of all walks of life because of 1. religious preference, 2. political views, 3. ethics, We are all FREE people here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA,What I care about is what the United Nations are doing right now in trying to OUTLAW Americans from having guns, This is the United States of America and we have our4 own Constitution and Bill of Rights, don't go trying to take my gun, you won't like the outcome. Believe it or not, our President is backing the U.N., send the U.N a message, go back to your own countries and don't come back till you can follow the LAWS of our country.
  • coo coo
  • Man, I agree with you 100% and yes we hve a right to bear arms, as well, as freedom of speech. As we can see that those who are trying to do that,doesn't mind when we send our big guns and the lives of our men and women to protect their country. How dare the UN.All I can say to the UN is "Draw Down" and see who will come up to the top.
  • You know what....? You can sit there w/your thumb up your butt and keep bitching at the UN for simply INFLUENCING our country to stray away from the one thing that makes it hardest for me to be patriotic - the fact that any idiot citizen can get a permit for a gun (long as no criminal history, I figure) and then go beserk w/it and shoot whoever they feel like... Are you gonna tell me there's been more situations where a citizen with a gun used it to their advantage than not? Not even close. I haven't heard one legit point why random ppl with no training should be given guns... But yeah, go on and attack the UN for influencing the US...
    About Hank Williams, I think ESPN is damn-near insane. He's a good singer, and who the hell cares what he said? Doesn't everyone have a moment or two when they're outspoken? Why should millions of NFL fans be deprived of his music they've gotten so accustomed to simply 'cause his values don't coincide with certain ESPN officials? Pft...
  • So, people that want to protect the second ammenment are "bitching with their thumbs up their asses'? Yes, guns do save lives. And you know what? CRIMANALS WON'T TURN THEIR GUNS IN. They already have them ilegally. The only ones that turn them in (if it came to that) would be law abiding citizens that will then be vulnerable to criminals in a whole new dinamic. They could break into anyone's house with their ILLEGAL gun, and do whatever the hell they want. You need to wake up and realize that people have a 2nd amendment right that another counrty or even group of countries has/have no, zero, nada, right to infringe upon. If you don't like our current constitution, do us a favor and leave instead of leaving degrading remarks to whoever defends these RIGHTS. This is America, we have the right to protect our selves. Want to ilegalize hammers too? Maybe knives? They can both kill defenseless people. Out law baseball, a bat can be used as a weapon. The PERSON kills, not the hammer, bat, knife or GUN. Not everybody has a thumb up their ass, maybe you do, but speak for yourself. CitizenUS. Hear the voice of the people and learn something. We need to protect America.
  • I have no problem with the second amendment, but you're talking out your ass.
    1) Guns save lives? Yes, but they take them too. In fact 80% of homicides are committed with firearms (stabbing is second with about 8%). We have a higher homicide rate than some Middle Eastern and African countries. Guns are doing a pretty piss poor job at saving lives.
    2) If guns were illegal, where would the criminals be buying their guns? Surely, gun manufactures would have little incentive to build them if their only income is from the underground market. The number of guns available to criminals to obtain would gradually decline to miniscule. Would criminals be more likely to have guns (by definition, wouldn't everyone with a gun be a criminal?)? Of course, just as they are in other countries with their low murder rates. Every country has guns.
    3) Do you really think having more guns make the public safer? Are you a complete idiot? Yes, the wild west was great, wasn't it. Contrary to popular belief, most of those people were shot in the back. What's better than arming drunks in a bar so they can settle their differences like real men? Surely we need trigger happy city folk in shooting at shadows in our parks because they swore they heard a bear.
    4) yes, this is America, and we have rights. Of course swearing isn't allowed on TV, you can have your mosque permit denied, they can wiretap your phone, you can be racially profiled, put you jail without trial, made financially responsible for a crime after being acquitted, and be executed. But I'm sure you are only referring to the 2nd and 10th amendments. The rest are just filler, right? Just so long as people still need licenses to drive cars; an inexperienced driver might kill someone.

    Don't worry, I don't think you have your thumb up your ass, but only because I'm sure you're probably for restricting people's rights to sodomy. But, statistically, the people America needs to be protected from is you. Oh, by the way, NO ONE IS TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR F***ING GUNS! I have two myself. They're perfectly safe.
  • Make sure your brain is engaged before starting mouth. Get your facts FIRST!!!
    Your last thought "noone is trying to take away your guns" is insane, for example. READ.
    You sound like you listen only to moveon.org and MSNBC.
  • Make sure your brain is engaged before starting mouth. Get your facts FIRST!!!
    Your last thought "noone is trying to take away your guns" is insane, for example. READ.
    You sound like you listen only to moveon.org and MSNBC.
  • Read material (books) by John Lott. It is estimated that a gun is used over 2 million times a year to prevent problems. Mostly without nothing more than the evidence of the gun stops the pending aggression!!
  • Haven't you heard about God and Church as a Person and a place to escape from the world and find solace?
  • If you lost your job for using your constitutional right to speak you mind would you still think that you were being pandered to? I'm a big football fan and in my neck of the woods every football fan I have talked to say they are done with MNF and hope their ratings fall to a low that their sponsors will drop them.
  • yeah, not gonna work. Boycott all you want. There is no way Bears-Lions is going to get a lower rating that Colts-Bucs.

    Umm...You do realize that your Constitutional right to speak your mind does not limit your employer's equal right to fire your ass for doing so. Just ask Charlie Sheen.
  • no gaydar needed here.
  • Sorry your team sucks baileyo. Go on Youtube, where you can listen to ole Hank say "Are you ready for some football" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and ........................................................
  • I can see it now...ESPN replaces "Are you ready for some football" with "Yo, Yo, Homey don't go deir no mo", LOL! ESPN, you can take a phucking hike as far as I'm concerned.
  • Hey that's the song you'll be singing when I Butt Rape your a$$... "Yo Yo Homey STOP! I mean Really, STOP! I'm bleeding!"

    No Work for Americans B.S.

    Just a bunch of Corporate Foreign Car Driving ( Ass Ho's ) shutting Detroit & America down to be political correct.
    Screw the NFL and Screw them.
    I Gave six years of my and my family’s life to protect this Country from scum like this

    At Least Barry Sanders is from Detroit and a great guy,

    But for the IDIOTS of the NFL to Cancel Hank Jr. over this lame brain excuse is Bull **** and they did not have the money or guts to deal with Hank!!!!!!

    And There is not one Damn thing Racist about Hank Jr. he has more African American friends than President Obama does.

    He was telling it like it is and the major differances between Mr. Obama and Mr. Boehner and how stupid it is for the two of them to be playing golf together when we have millions of American Familys out of work and starving to death in the greatest nation on earth with the greatest minds.

    NFL Football can go to Hell along with Bin Laden.

    ( Hank Jr. President, Trace Adkins Vice President, Kid Rock Sect of Defense & John Rich Secretary of the Treasury )

    Now by God this is an Admin that will fix some **** and get some things done and get this Country GREAT AGAIN

    From One Hell of A PATRIOT

  • You're right! baileyo, you can find a good Monday night "Red Neck" show to watch while you put a pinch between your cheek and gum....Welcome back Barry1
  • Well I am not a Redneck I am Hispanic. Latino or whatever it is this week. You guys use that word pretty freely. "REDNECK"
    what would happen if people on here started to use the word "******". That would sure bring out the dogs. Racism is racism. It seems these days you can call white people anything you want with no repercussions, but it does not go the other way. Think about it.
  • and my comment proves this. "Redneck" came through loud and clear. THE N word was marked out. that is funny and sad at the same time.
  • wow. now they removed the whole comment? that is censorship deluxe.
  • As a CPA working with real people, I can't stand to see what some of these players are making (not so much football) but, WTF, professional sports needs a reality check... How can you take the family "out to the ol ball game" anymore...
  • Answer: Become a real CPA making real money... and stop crying, you embarrass yourself.
  • Hank Williams is a good opening song and I don't believe they are allowing him freedom to give an analogy.
  • Hank is an opening song?He's a talentless doink who sings a stupid song.
  • Yeah fool, and whats your deffinition of rap music? Talentless drug addicts and weapons violators who spew stupid vioulent lyrics. How many gold teeth do you have EZE.
  • Amen and amen
  • Rap aint about bustin caps and f***in b&tches
    It's about fluency and rhyhming ingenuity
    -Del tha Funkee Homosapien
  • Yeah, I'm with Yomtvrap. Whether you like Hank or not, which is your right - his song and voice has been the start of NFL all this time; we're used to it, and I'm sure a lot of ppl will be pissed off of being forced to getting used to a new intro all the sudden. I would simply fire the ESPN officials who replaced Hank's song, since they obviously can't put personal feelings aside from business matters.
  • For sure-it won't be the same - I am NOT a country fan, but he is so good for it. RAP music is the WORST thing that has come along in this world's existance, and embraces everything bad - sung by mostly the lowest life people around. And, afterall, he was just telling the truth
  • what do you mean ?have you heard any music that Hank JR. put out if you did not that makes you a Big loser.
  • Amen!
  • alogy? Hank definitely should be allowed to give an alogy. Hell, you can give his eulogy when he kicks the bucket, you eloquent son of a gun.
  • ESPN should review the whole interview...... before they pass judgement.
  • Most of the media is gun shy they don't want the heat from the black community.
  • Black Community? Oh! You mean me? Speak for yourself, Bud.
  • It is becomming clear day after day that we do not have freedom of speech.
  • we certainly do have freedom of speech and he is welcome to make his racist comments, but there are consequences for what you say, good, bad or ugly!!!
  • Your a Racist! Go join the socialist party commie. I wish herman cain wins the election and tells all you racist blacks to shut up and get a job! and stop calling every white guy who disagrees with your socialist views a racist.
  • Oh, you are so telling it like it is Thank you very much for your statement
  • yom, go get yourself a life and an education, and quit calling everybody who disagrees with you a commie, a socialist, or a racist. You have no idea what race any poster on this site is. Packerfan2, you are correct. Everyone in this country has free speech, just like this idiot. Note how he squeals about no rights, even as he posts his venom. And might I add, GO PACKERS! (Cheesehead by birth!)
  • even if Obama's conituations of major bailouts and social welfare progams are a tad towards the socialist end of the capitalist/communist spectrum I don't think that it is exactly the same as murdering 6 million people because of their race/religion. I think Hank's comments are totally out of line because the analogy is just bonkers. You know who is like Hitler, maybe someone like Pol Pot. Williams is insane if hey thinks Obama is going to ravage his own country with an actual genocide... just my two cents
  • You used pre-conceived ideas to condemn the use of pre-conceived ideas. Check your zipper--you are exposed!
  • We do have freedom of speech,but you have to live with the consequences of what you say. Hank Williams said something that piss off ESPN and now he has to pay.
  • Hey, "American", check THIS out:

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    Sound familiar? Of course it does! It's the First Amendment to the Constitution!

    What I find notable about this visionary piece of legislation is that the initials "ABC", "ESPN" or "NFL" do not appear ANYWHERE! Could this possibly mean that PRIVATE companies can set standards about what they deem acceptable? YES?!? OMG!!

    Get your head out of the flag. Just because the government has no right to restrict free speech doesn't mean that such individual protections aren't extended to the (wait for it) PRIVATE SECTOR.

    Disney and/or whomever, was entirely within their rights to pull Hank Williams' "theme song", especially if they feel that whatever he said was denigrating to the presidency. (btw, interesting that Williams apologized for the "Hitler" comparison, but not for calling President Obama "the enemy". Can you say "sedition" boys and girls?)

    Here's a word of advice: READ.

    Though some may consider the lines to be severely blurred, private companies, no matter how big they are, are NOT the government. They can do as they please.

  • as if the NFL will care
  • I am sure ESPN will be losing sleep tonight to hear of your departure. Gone are they days of not being responsible for verbal assault so get used to it Chucky. I being a conservative thanks it is a crock too but when you consider it directed at children that causes them to end their own lives you have to ponder whether it would be correct to take action as ESPN did even when it is not kids being bullied etc. It has to start somewhere. Hank William Jr used a persons name that hurts so many inside to describe our commander in chief-- just consider that a few years back in a Monarchy he would have been beheaded for doing so. It was time for him to go and I will gladly still tune my station ESPN and not miss Hank that much at all.
  • ESPN buckled under pressure! Whatever happened to freedom of speech!
  • Ask Charlie Sheen what happens when you piss off the boss.
  • you won't be missed....
  • Yes he will he will alway,s be number One in monday night football song,s have you ever watched a game.
  • bye...bye!
  • LOL @ all the idiots asking what happened to free speech! Free speech is not the same as Speech with out Consequences. He made some stupid comments, and these are the consequences. In almost any other time and place, his government would have executed him for statements like that, here, he gets to stop embarrassing himself on national television, we all win.
  • Nope, we all lose when media and television have the say so for what is said. Stupid comments? Hank was only telling the truth! Obama has not a heart for truth and what is right. If he had told the American people what he wanted to do as President he would have not been voted in. He wants to be a leader as Hitler. He does not want to "run" things through congress. He is an enemy to a constitutional republic as is what the USA is all about! Hats off the Hank and ESPN and liberal media is just as much an enemy to our constitution and they can be likened to Hitler as well!
  • You are an enemy to my body's constitution; I blew five pounds of liquid out my ass after reading your tripe. But hey, God Bless you, and God Bless America!
  • We all win? You mean every team goes to the big one (Superbowl) and wins? That is BAD ASS! THANK YOU!! God Bless America!
  • It isn't the game. It is ESPN itself. They are ultra-liberal and PC up the ying yang. No more ESPN (read Disney) for me.
  • I agree. I find it amazing that they removed Hank Williams Jr. and replaced him with Barry Sanders. Can you say who is playing the race card? Maybe Obama is happy now.
  • You got a point, Baileyo. I never realized it was Hank, honestly - not a country fan, per se,' but I appreciate his voice and all. I won't speak against football, or try to stop watching it in protest (I only got into it this year), but it's total and utter BS to deprive football fans of an obviously talented singer and songwriter simply 'cause he had a bad day on TV and said a few things he may, may not have regretted. Like all of us haven't had those moments!
  • well said
  • I don't know about you, but I do not watch MNF to hear Hank sing. If I want to hear him sing (as good as he may be)I will buy his records, which I have not. If I want political opinions I will listen to a politician or commentator. He should make his political comments off-the-record to avoid those "bad days," bad days which have caused some people prolonged visits behind bars, or other difficulties. Hank, Jr. should recognize who our real enemies are, and remember that our President recently arranged for one such enemy, a one-way ticket to....
  • Thats right Baileyo bail on out because nobody needs you and Hank who cant sing worth a dam! it was time for a change!Maybe you ought to switch to golf or something!
  • Well sad (sic).
  • Kanye West got away with saying --->“George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” What kind of BS is That! Come on that's a Double Standard!!Does anyone know if Kanye West ever Apologize For That?? Cause he was out of Place! Soulja Boy is A Another Talking About Our Troops!!!
  • dont' let the door hit you in the a##
  • We do not need his demented racist kind connected with any sport.
  • You are an idiot. You did not even listen to what he said.
  • How do you get racism out of the interview? Did you watch it? ESPN Sucks.
  • Well, he did write a song called, " If the South Woulda Won?"
  • Yep.. and if the south would have won we'd a had it made too! We wouldn't be living under yankee ignorance! I wouldn't be having to listen to ungrateful black folk whine and complain because their ancestors were slaves! Well if my white ancestors wouldn't have brought your black ancestors to the USA to pick cotton... you would have been born in the hostile tribes of AFRICA! Now... don't hate... appreciate. Racism goes both ways and I know a WHOLE lot of racist black people.
  • Yes, and if the South would have won there would be a fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner......
  • Yeah...the south didn't win amigo. Though it sure sounds like you're keeping that hate alive.
  • not only did the South lose. but the North graciously sent them home, letting them keep a horse and some weapons. The South surrendered. gave up. quit. Only time in US history any major military force did that. And now the South enjoys all the rights and privledges that anyone, anywhere, enjoys. Um minus the black slave women and children they used to screw and beat so happily. So get over it. Pull down the stupid, shameful confederate crap and move on with your life and freedom. Which as I think I have pointed out, the South did not earn or necessarily deserve.
  • The blacks didn't earn their freedom either it was given to them.
  • They earned it but it just wasn't given to them.You probably didn't know this but Perrys great racist state never told the slaves about their freedom until two years later.
  • okay if they did earn it, they sure didn't know how to use it to their benefit. They keep throwing the race card when it suits them. They should never have told them at all. just but them on a boat back.
  • Hey you dipsh*t, Confederate miscreant... Black people are HUMAN BEINGS who are BORN with the inalienable right to freedom. They didn't need to earn sh*t, just needed to have the yoke lifted off them by assholes like yourself. You TOOK their freedom, and the North returned it to them. We should have burnt the South to the ground and started from scratch.
  • Hey you dipsh*t, Confederate miscreant... Black people are HUMAN BEINGS who are BORN with the inalienable right to freedom. They didn't need to earn sh*t, just needed to have the yoke lifted off them by assholes like yourself. You TOOK their freedom, and the North returned it to them. We should have burnt the South to the ground and started from scratch.
  • I think John Locke (and the founders who were clearly influenced by his work) would argue that freedom is never something that you earn through any action. You have some very basic rights because you were made by the same creator as those who would deny you your right. They can assert a right is not yours, they can say you don't deserve that right, but at the end of the day basic 'natural rights' are give to you just by the virtue of you existing.
  • Yoyoyo, nicely-put!!! *bows
  • You wouldn't have to listen to ungrateful black folks if your lazy ancestors would have picked there own cotton, but as usual when greed get the better of you then here come the racist remarks. I'm sure the Indians would have appreciated their land not being stolen from them then where would you be.
  • I am a native American and I agree. I blame the white man for all atrocities of the world.
  • It,s not who you are or where you come from It,s football why can,t we all get along.
  • Dude, the south was never going to win in the first place and then the fact that they were realizing slavery was a dying institution around the world would have completely screwed the CSA which would have been it's own country, the North still would have been the USA and the south would have been the CSA. Your really ignorant you know that? The South couldn't get any support from the British because they didn't like slavery and didn't want to support or recognize a nation that had it. Get your facts straight before you think it would've been better if the South won. Oh and umm there were free black men in the first colonies that owned white slaves, the way the South ran it was not the way it was all over the world. Your wrong dude and history has the facts to back me up.
  • You're the biggest idiot on this fourm...What! you backward a**. Whinning about ancestors being slaves thats a problem for the one's who benifited the most, from someone who didn't have a choice in where they were going. Talking about a hostile enviornment you jacka** or ungreatful for what should the Indian's who were native to the land also be greatful that someone came trick them into the life they live today because they had all this land and didn't know what to do with it. Please stop ya yaping! Your ancestor did no one any favors they plagerize others to make themselves feel better... but remember the ole saying the chicken's will come to rouse.
  • Hey iseethruit..It's "chickens come home to ROOST." Not "ROUSE" If you're going to use a quote, get it right!
  • If the South woulda won we'd have slavery.
  • Im surprised someone this stupid can work the internet machine..
  • I have learned and experienced such racism , and it is ALL BLACK people that are racist. I am an old person, who hated racism when I was younger. Now it is the black people who are the racist - get so tired of it. They are partial to blacks, NO MATTER what they do, say, or present.
  • AMEN
  • Did you have to watch it? How many people from other coutries compare any of their leadership to "Hitler?" We have seen some pretty peculiar people flow across our news watch but, not many have won that distinction. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Lincoln, or Washington it doesn't matter what you like none of them deserve that. Sports is where we get rid of all that nonsense. Get Hank out of here! He's not worthy of "some football!"
  • Right on!!!!
  • Apparently YOU didn't watch the dan interview either, or "get" the analogy being made. It wasn't "mean spirited" or a "literal" comparison of the two...It was an attempt to show what getting those "two" together reflects, however bad the analogy. But people got to be all "tree hugger" over it and crucify someone for making a bad comment...Geeeez. I am sure "NOTHING" has EVER come out of YOUR mouth like that , huh? No matter how big or small, hurtful or not, you are above reproach???......BULLCRAP. and THAT'S from another "country boy"
  • You lefty's are something. Hank did not compare Obama to Hitler although as a committed Socialist he does share common ground. He said Obama playing golf with the Republican Speaker of the House would be like Hitler playing golf with the current PM of Isreal. Can't you see the distinction?
  • My grandma always said that those that call names instead of presenting a logical argument, couldn't make change in a penny arcade.
  • Hitler was a Fascists, he even begun to model himself and the Nazi Party after Italian Fascism.
  • Too bad you can't write a coherent sentence. Must have been written by a 6 year old.
  • rmcclellan, you are so right about the common ground thing! It was metaphorically speaking
  • See more comments >>

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49 Stops to Super Bowl XLIX

Chris Berman isn't happy at the Pro Bowl

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