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By SteelCityHobbies

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has made it clear that he’s willing to miss a game this season if it conflicts with the birth of his baby.

“I’m not missing the birth of my child,” Roethlisberger said emphatically, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “There’s no chance. I know some fans probably don’t want to hear that, but there’s no chance.”

Roethlisberger says they’ll do what they can to not miss a game. I have no idea what he’ll do. It’s hard to control when a baby is ready to be delivered.

“We’ll do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen,” Roethlisberger said of trying to avoid a game-day birth.

It’s great to see how excited Roethlisberger is.

“It’s exciting,” Roethlisberger said of impending fatherhood. “There’s a lot of things you don’t think about. It’s kind of like when you’re younger and you want to play quarterback in the NFL, all you think about is playing quarterback, you don’t think about the interviews and the little things you have to do. It’s kind of the same thing.

“When you’re going to be a father, all you think about is having this little baby, you don’t think about the registry, the room, the diapers, all the little things that go along with it. It’s exciting and it is a little bit scary, too. It is. Before long, you’re going to have this little life that you’re taking care of. But I’ve heard nothing but great things from people [about] just how it will change your life. I’m just so excited for that challenge.”

As a father of two children, I wouldn’t have missed them being born for anything.

  • Roethlisberger has his priorities straight.
  • And your reason for being on this site is what uwienb? Were you looking for a Sugar Daddy?
  • Yay Big Ben--he's a stand-up guy. A great part of a great team while taking up for his wife and baby .Born and raised in Bethel Park, PA I love my Steelers and how they dothe right thing! Sincerely, Kimmy T.(now a Myrtle Beach transplant...).
  • Is Roethlisberger married?? Or, is this one of his 16 year old LOVERS?? The way this bum was casting his oats he may have to miss every game in a season to "not miss the birth of my child".
  • you need to get your facts!
  • Yeah wtf,you need to get your facts straight,the women he assaulted were over 18. So stop spreading your lies!lol
  • It's hard to get your facts straight when there are NO CHARGES ever brought against him... Kinda hard to find an age of a victim when there is no victim.
  • The chicks names and ages were ALL OVER the 'net! You OBVIOUSLY have a computer and go on the internet, so, I'm kinda shocked you said it's hard to find their ages. Additionally, the chicks (YES, more than 1) were bought off...which is the ONLY reason why formal charges were never pressed! Derrr...isn't that fact COMPLETELY OBVIOUS?!?!
  • LOVE IT! :)
  • why botch up a comment with the facts, eh? and where are you getting your allegations from?
  • you are an idiot.
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  • Can't let it go can you? Ben made those mistakes, what, three years ago, owned up to it and served his time. HE has been the model teammate after that and YOU need to let it go and move on; freakin Raven fan.
  • That's rich. It's time to move on after three years? Considering your franchise fans have been harping about how Ray Lewis should be in jail for over ten now, your statement is a bit hypocritical. Just stating the facts.
  • Ray Lewis should be in jail.
  • Why should Ray be in jail? Its not like he killed a man and his girlfriend outside a bar after a fight and then he and his posse jumped into his limo and sped away.
    Just because Ray went to jail for being at least an accessory to murder until he finally plea bargained doesn't mean he should STILL be there.... besides... he'll probably be a Hall of Fame candidate soon. -.-
  • so should you and Ben. Jerk off squealer fan.
  • WTF? I cannot tell what you are trying to say no matter how hard I try. You can't even utilize proper sentence structure and OBVIOUSLY can't spell. It's STEELER fan. ;) Just thought I'd help you out with the PROPER spellng! :::giggle::: Oh! One MORE thing...never say jerk off, it's SO 2009. Try JAG OFF, the epitome of name calling.
  • Ray WAS CHARGED and isn't in trouble because one of his buddies took the fall.
  • Perhaps you should tell that to the women he assaulted and see if they agree with you.
  • Really? He owned up to it? I don't remember him admitting to raping anyone? Must have missed that headline. Last I heard that girl was bullied into dropping her case. I hope he has a GIRL so he can see how it feels when someone takes advantage of someone he loves. I hope he wrecks his bike on the way to the hospital. Dirt BAG.
  • Oh Tunafisher,what a piece of **** you are-hoping that something happens to an innocent baby!Or even if she was older-karma is a bitch! That girl wasnt bullied, her parents probley explained to her how much she was embaressing herslf by lying. He never admitted to raping her because he didn't-you should do some research before accussing anyone of anything.
  • I disagree completely. I never once thought she embarrassed herself. What facts do you have to support your theory that she was lying? BEN saying that she's lying. LMAO...that's rich! Also, my dear mlgra77...how do YOU know she was lying? NONE of the girls, to MY knowledge, ever came out and announced that they had lied (if I am incorrect, please let me know!). The NUMEROUS females that accused him simply recanted, took their $, and ran! ;) One more thing...how DARE you accuse Tinafisher of "accussing!" He/she never ONCE used a cuss word! Hahahaha..."accussing." The little red line under the word "accussing" means it's SPELLED INCORRECTLY. Try this, it will help, I promise. Place your cursor after your fictional word "accussing." THEN, using your mouse, RIGHT CLICK. See the FIRST WORD that appears at the top of the list? THAT'S what your lookin' for you naive fool!
  • Oops... *Tunafisher*
  • @Tinsafisher...couldn't have said it better myself. He def did NOT own up to it and, back in reality, repeatedly DENIED IT! Of course she was bullied...can't let the Steelers' million-dollar BABY and team CAPTAIN spend even a SECOND in jail...gotta save face SOMEHOW! She was bullied then paid off. MULTIPLE women, seemingly out of nowhere, drop the charges and semi-recant their stories. Smells like 5-day old TUNA to me! (Bada-BING! Drum-roll PLEASE! Hahaha.)
  • F u . Squealer fan. Ben is a rapist and he knows it. He forced himself on her . she was just stupid to not press charges. He is a loser and I hope the hell he gets hurt for the ret of the season and then he can spend all the time he wants with is new so=called baby and bimbo wife.
  • If he was a rapist, he would of went to jail! Its not like he is beyond justice, he is just a football player. She did not persue the case because she was the one who was the bimbo, and just after his money.She just got put in her place when her lie was exposed. And wishing pain on someone else? Have you ever heard of karma ArizonaMomma? Its coming your way.
  • Uh, hello McFly? You musnt be very smart. Do you honestly think ALL rapists go to jail? Seriously? You must think our legal system is perfect. You must also think there are no such things as lawyers whom, work their magic and get all KINDS of guilty people released from jail/prison! Rapists and murderers get off daily! Guilty people are freed and innocent people are put behind bars (again) DAILY! Are you really that naive?! Look at OJ Simpson. And she DID get his money you fool! Just because Ben can BUY his way out of a situation doesn't make him any LESS of a RAPIST!! (how do YOU KNOW he DIDN'T rape her? Because the charges were dropped after he and his camp bullied then paid her off? Please!)
    How can you even possibly think that she didn't pursue the case because she was a bimbo and after his money. WHAT?? How old are you, 10? She dropped the charges BECAUSE she GOT HIS MONEY. And please inform me just HOW her lie was exposed? What specific piece of evidence did he have that proved she was lying?? And why has NO ONE but YOU heard about her "LIE BEING EXPOSED?" For Godsake kid, get off of mommy and daddy's computer and go jump rope...no adult is as dumb as how you are making yourself look. And one more point just to prove you're a kid...you think high-paid athletes AREN'T beyond justice. Wake the hell up! You just made yourself look like the biggest moron.
  • All these losers on here that want to make stupid comments about Big Ben should find something better to do with their boring lifes! Its ridiculous that they feel the need to make obsurd comments about false allegations. And YES IM A BROWNS FAN!
  • All these losers on here that want to make stupid comments about Big Ben should find something better to do with their boring lifes! Its ridiculous that they feel the need to make obsurd comments about false allegations. And YES IM A BROWNS FAN!
  • Wait just a minute. Are you REALLY calling OUR comments stupid and saying we should find something better to do w/ our boring lives? LMAO! Pot, meet kettle!!
    Oh, and no need to TELL US you're a Brownie lover (and YOU'RE calling *US* losers? The irony!! LMAO) as we ALL can tell by your atrocious spelling and grammar (but hell...WHY would you ADMIT that on an open comment board anyway? Oh, the HORROR! Oh, the embarrassment!) ABSURD is a pretty EASY word to spell, yanno? (obsurd...lmao!!!)
  • He ABSOLUTELY DID NOT OWN UP TO IT. He denied, denied, denied, then paid off those girls. And how on Gods' Green Earth did he "do his time" when formal charges were NEVER pressed, let alone did he stand trial OR get convicted. Geesh! Do you live under a rock or just like to use completely irrelevant catch phrases!?!?!? And I live in Pittsburgh and LOVE my Steelers. So don't try the "Raven fan" bit with me. I just can't stand Ben Roethlisberger.
  • Yeah Floyd. Big Ben is a bum. Youngest QB to win a SuperBowl. Are you even employed? And BTW, you are probably jealous because you can't get laid or capable of producing a child. There is no experience in the world as the Birth of ones child. Good for you Big Ben. I am a die hard Steeler fan but there will be many more games and possibly only one child. Be there for that baby Ben. Dont worry at about what anyone says because in the end football will be over but your Son or Daughter will always be in your heart and love you for what you did. You are a looser Floyd.
  • Youngest QB to win a Superbowl? His passer rating was 22.6

    I'm a Pitts fan, but the refs just threw the game.

  • You arent a football fan if you think there were a bunch of bad calls.
  • The Sea Hawks won that game.
  • Yes Ben Roethlisberger is married. Yes Ben and his lovely bride are exspecting thier first born child together. Sounds like, from your spouting off, you must be a perfect person. Therefore you must have the right to criticize a man who's concerned about his family. But I digress, you're were probably born and forever will be a perfect person.
  • LOVELY BRIDE?? Dear God, blech! You MUST be related to them. That's the only way your comment can be explained even remotely rationally.
  • What is wrong with you people…. Congrads Ben!... fatherhood is a true blessing that will change your life for the better. It will give or improve your patience in life… Making it easier to tolerate comments like this one…
  • YES Ben is married!!! He has his priorities straight for wanting to be there when his baby is born!!! We ALL make mistakes and he has paid for his!!! You need to get your facts straight!!!
  • He is married. Got married last July to some unGODLY-looking blond chick. Yes, I said she's gross, BUT NO, I'm not jealous. lol. After what I've seen "Big Ben" DO at clubs/bars and the way I've seen him treat women...blech...you couldn't PAY me to even look his way (not talking about his wife, I have NO IDEA what their life is like). Actually, I should say the way he treats people in general, not just women. In person, I've witnessed first-hand on numerous occasions (bars/clubs/parties in Pgh..and these weren't 'one time I'm having a day day' jerk episode as just about ALL athletes or entertainers have, these were multiple occasions in different places), how incredibly arrogant and rude he is. I could care less how good he isn't (overrated), his treatment of people who aren't as "God-like" as he is (i.e. anyone who is not him....OH! Um, I mean Pittsburghers in general) is the absolute worst. And don't even try saying that I'm a woman scored or some crazy sh*t like that...I wouldn't touch Ben Roethlisberger with someone else's 10-foot pole; plus, I'm into hockey players. Preferably Pittsburgh Penguins! Now THOSE are some HOT men that are very respectful and generally nice to hang out with. ;) I don't get how ANYONE could possibly like him, other than for football purposes only.
  • Women in bathrooms everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • lol Ben is such a tool
  • And for what reason would any woman follow a man into a bathroom?? To get his autograph?? OH PLEASE!
  • Who cares he plays for the titsburg squealers. Like they are going some where this year.
  • and your team is?
  • And the Steelers care what you think, why? Oh I get it, you're a powerful wizard. So you looked into your magic crystal snowball, that your friend the winter-worlock gave you. Wow you're a special person.
  • The Steelers can go 10-6 and it's considered a bad year. How many teams can say that? Back to back 12-4 seasons and noone is happy. Your team is???
  • He's going to face my Bronco's but, hope he doesn't miss the game and glad to see how he feels about having his child, I pray he makes the game and there for the birth of his child, only a good man would care that much. God Bless him and his family. A radical Bronco's Fan.
  • I back your comment 100% I am a happy Bears fan but respect this Steelers decision.
  • I agree. It's good to see he values childbirth over a football game.
  • wow really, 16 year old, I think some people really need to do research before they accuse. Either way, go Ben and YES HE IS MARRIED, AGAIN GET YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU POST!!! Good luck ben!! And congrats, good luck this season, you always make us proud.
  • sheesh--steelerscrock is mighty touchy about Big Ben - what gives? For such a family man, they sure didn't leave any room in the article to mention one word about the little missus. Here's hoping his baby Mama delivers on Sunday! Go Denver.
  • I wondered about that too What is she chopped liver. They should at least mention the Mama since she will do allllll the work delivering and taking care of this baby.
  • My sentiments exactly steelersrock67. I can't stand ignorant fools. Don't throw stones from a glass house. My best to you Ben! Godspeed for a beautiful, healthy baby. Family always comes first, you're doing the right thing. It's too bad people have to take cheap shots when they weren't with you when crap went down. Win "another" ring for the team!!!
  • It always amazes when these multi million dollar atheletes can't seem to have kids in the off season. Get your wife or GF knocked up at the right time of year so she has the kid when your not expected to be playing on one of your 16 working days a year.
  • are you that stupid that you can control when a child is born? When did you die and become God? Cause if you are--this place is in a world of trouble.
  • Medically, if his wife was getting a C-Section, they could totally control when that happened. Or, if she wanted to deliver vaginally, she could be induced on a Monday, and have the baby later that day or Tuesday. So if he doesn't want to miss a game, he won't.
  • It's not natural to plan a childs birth. Let nature take it's course. I can't believe that this is even an issue. If the man had an office job it wouldn't be. Live and let live. If everyone would focus on their own families, this world would be a better place.
  • Still need to be dilated first, but it shouldn't be too hard to miss a 3 hour game window once a week.
  • Who's God???
  • I do believe he is married now, and why do you have to make comments like that. being a starting quarterback in the NFL women throw them selves at these guys.
    Why is the NFL Allowing him to still play in their league??
  • If it was legitimate rape, she wouldnt be pregnant. Everyone knows that.
  • cause the only raping he does now is kicking the crap out of your team TOOL!
  • .....Funny how a few ignorant people come to his defense...bet if it was their sister, mother or family member that he sexually assulted....they'ed change their tune in a heartbeat,,,,
  • Like this chick wasnt looking at $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$signs from the get go. Two sides to every story. What was she doing in this club having coffee and donuts?
  • Why don't you bend over and I'll give you coffee and cream donuts - Idiot!
  • Link to charges? Oh wait, there wasn't any.

    I guess if I accuse you of rape it must be true because I said it. Never mind the facts.
  • If it was our sister, mother, daughter or other family member and it had actually happened, we would change our tune. But the fact is, she lied, and admitted to lying. You should of found out all of the facts first. Whos the one who is ignorant?
  • he doesnt need to rape women so get over it already. Good luck ben!!! CRUSH THE BRONCOS
  • WOW!! What an ignorant comment. As a woman I'm offended. As a human being I'm even more offended. No one NEEDS to rape women. They do it to exert power over women and for other reasons. Stop defending a rapist because you're a fan of the Steelers. I hope your daughter, mother or sister is never raped. You seem to be a complete douchebag.
  • Really?? I am a woman, mother of a beautiful daughter, and can't believe that. As long as women play the victims..they are going to be victimized. We are not innocent in everything. He was lied to, led on, and then sued. If anybody is the victim it's Ben.
  • Its a 1 out of 7 chance.
  • And crush the haters.
  • Ben and his wife can have the baby almost any time they want, within reason, and what is safe for the baby. They could elect to have a C-Section, and that can be scheduled for essentially whenever they wanted the baby. If they wanted a more natural birth, an option would be to induce the pregnancy on a day that does not conflict with the game-more likely than not, Ben would not HAVE to miss a game. But if we wants to, that's totally up to him. Congrats to Ben and his wife!
  • I had to sign in just to comment on this. You must be a man. A C-Section has a very painful recovery and requires weeks of recovery. Ethical questions arise when patients and doctors opt for a Cesarean section as an elective procedure solely for reasons of ease and convenience. It is a surgery for goodness sake. The man wants to see his child being born, God forbid he misses a football game!
  • Actually no. I'm a female physician. Over 50% of the patients at the hospital I work at get a c-section. It was simply a hypothetical argument, I am absolutely not suggesting anyone have surgery they don't want. Sorry to offend.
  • Let me know what hospital you work at so I don't go there.
  • we all know how these guys are targeted and he was no more a horny 20 yr old than the most of us and i would bet he was the one taking advantage of because of his wealth and so on.... he was never convicted of a crime, hell he never even went to trial. one of our most beloved steelers (jerome betis) was accused of forced sodomy and it would have ruined his career if it hadnt come out that it was a planned extortion plot. besides dude why would he need to force a woman when your wife and mother are so willing to give it up to anyone who asks??
  • That girl was a money hungery liar. She lied about her age to get close to him and then lied about what happened. She did that to get her hands on some of his money. If people can't see that, then their stupid. That is why all of the charges got dropped when the truth came out. Good for Ben! He needed something good in his life besides football.
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  • Get your facts straight, it was never even said to be rape, just an assault. You haters just need something to say.They disappeared because she was a lying,money hungery, bimbo!
  • Goodluck Ben!! And by the way, give James Harrison a call, have him put his foot in the *sses of these social network punks!
  • That is great that he wants to be there for the birth of his child! My husband and I know several that wasn't there for their wives(being deployed to Iraq) and he was only home for 4 days after our childs birth.. So quit whining about Ben wanting to do the right thing. So he made a mistake or two in the past. The past is the past for a reason. Btw not a steelers fan but I do like Ben
  • Good for Ben. Being there for the birth of your child absolutly takes first choice. Football can wait
  • And you're assuming the woman were telling the whole truth!!
  • Well all I can say is what seconds it thirds it.And that as a PRO ball player or any person you know right from worng and you dont and should not be in places like that.You are the quaterback of a well known team and are to be setting examples for the other players on that team and know you are big and people are going to follow you.And you should understand that you are a reflection of the NFL and that is your job and your job reflects on you weather you are at home on the field out doing laundry or getting your mail from the mail box. Like some other ppl have said no means no and yes mayb those women did see $$ signs but he also should understand that and if he had half a brain in his head would have said no.And as far as being married why would that stop him from being stupid it didnt stop another great sports player from being a great big horn dog and doing how many women. I am talking about TIGER WOODS in case you all forgot about him and he was married to a very beautiful women and had a beautiful child and look at what he did.So yes I do hope ben as changed but they say a lepord never changes its spots so lets wait and see only time will tell
  • Gag me! Is he even nmarried? Another rich brat to be brought up by a nanny.
  • He probably didn,t know when the football season was. They could have time a baby in the off season
  • Let's hope the baby looks like its mother.
  • Good for you Ben!! That's what a real dad would do!
  • Squealer fans are only on the band wagon when they are winning. Lose and they will crucify you. Suealer fans suck big time.
  • rapesburger is having a baby that's cool, at least now he wont be attacking random woman anymore
  • what a bitch U R ArizonaMomma...suck this you hoe
  • Thats what I was thinking Johnnym! I see thatshe is not mentioning what team she is loyal too! She is just jealous that us steelers fans stick by our team no matter win or lose. She is probley a Cardinls fan, omne of the worse teams in the NFL.
  • What is this for that potato headed, rapist bastard....8...9?
  • Ben says he has a partially torn rotator....thats what happens when you are pinning your victim down with one hand and trying to unzip with the other...rapist bastard.....

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