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‘Bradying’ as defined by Busted Coverage: the act of being in the seated position, shoulders at 80-degree angle with the head slouching as if just dropped another catch and you can’t play WR, too. Right hand in a fist while left hand acts as the Chipotle burrito shell. Feet perfectly at 90-degree angle. Forearms on thighs. And with that, America has its new rage – Bradying.

Have a Bradying photo you want to add to this growing list? Send it in. Want to be the first naked Bradying chick? Don’t delay.







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  • It's one thing to copy someone who's doing something positive. It's something else entirely to make fun of Tom Brady and rub salt in the wounds. Believe me, I'm sure he can take it; he's a classy guy. But it's cruel.
  • Yes, he is a tough and classy guy. That's why there are jerks who won't admit to that and are not willing to give Brady the credit and respect he deserves.....also, they're just jealous!!!
  • Yes, because every body is jealous of the guy who lost the superbowl
  • He is getting the credit and respect for being over confident that he could pull off what he couldn't. :) It'll make him more famous for losing twice to Manning & Co.
  • Brady cant get any more famous..what a ridiculous statement to make....eli gets more name recognition for being a mediocre QB on a mediocre team that just happened to beat the Pats twice in a superbowl
  • How do you "just happen" to with the Superbowl?
  • Sorry, I hate typos. "Win", not "with".
  • Only a loser makes typos like that!
  • easy....just happen to have the ball at the right time in the game........like the 4th quarter....that's the only way Eli can win
  • Brady had the ball last but the Giants D fense(and the Pats recievers butterfingers) shut him down.The Patriots had their chance and they blew it.
  • thats your argument....brady had the ball and blew it.......he had 50 seconds to go like 80 yards....oh and they let manning and crew get the score........it's brady's receiving crew that lost the game..........not brady
  • Ha, sithlord! Patsy fan, huh? Too bad your bandwagon team STILL can't win a Super Bowl since Spygate. That's right, the Cheatriots and their Billicheat coach CAN'T WIN WITHOUT CHEATING.
  • well said "who just happened to beat the Pats twice in a superbowl" Shoulda done more taping, It doesn't matter, because the only thing that does matter now is the image of the New England Patriots. The sports community now associates the Patriots with cheating. The three Super Bowl championships are, and forever will be, under suspicion. The thought will never go away.
    Ain't Karma a bitch :)
  • Taping obviously doesnt matter. Pats back in playoffs every yr. Coaches and players switch teams and bring playbooks with them. Maybe their defense won those championships and its not as good. Give credit where it is due. PATS best team in the last 15yrs. Congrads Giants.
  • Sure there in playoffs every year. Not to hard when you have the Bills and the Dolphins in the division. Fact is Brady hasn't been that good in the Playoffs since higher level competition doesn't afford him the luxerious 4 to 5 seconds he is so accustom to.
  • Hey, even the Bills beat New England this season!!
  • TBH, Brady has not been really awesome in the playoffs more than 2, 3 times. I can't find the list atm, but I think he has had only 3 games over 100 QB rating. I read an article saying that in 6 of his last 10 playoff games prior to the SB, he was sub-80 6 times. The article failed to mention he was 3-3 in those games. It also failed to mention that in his first 10 playoff games, when he was 10-0, 3 of those wins were sub-80. So 9 out of 22 games now he was sub-80, and his record in those games was 6-3. His playoff QB rating was only 88.0 going into the SB, and he was only 91 or so there. And his record is 16-6. So what does QB rating matter? Compare his numbers in SB vs Rams to this last one, and tell me that QB rating means anything by itself. It's a team game.
  • Yes, and all the highly-paid NFL coaching staffs just reuse their same scheme from the previous year, so anyone who left the organization will be able to predict their every move. Yes, the coaches are really that dumb. And no, I'm not being sarcastic.
  • You're clueless. They taped like every team does and were ratted out. All their division titles, conference titles and 5 Super Bowls
    in 11 seasons speak for themselves. Giants had a lot of luck (i.e. Tyree's head misses that catch 99 of 100 and Manningham does too...not to mention the Giants 3 fumbles that found Blue instead of Red, White & Blue).
  • Clueless...every team does...Not
    They cheated...admitted it, Bill paid a $500k fine...get over it!
  • I agree Tyree's catch was more luck than skill, but Manningham's catch wasn't that outrageous - indeed a great catch, but not otherworldly. Eli put it where he needed to put it. Fact is, Eli had much more things happen right last time than this time. Props to him. Let's say is was Brady's bad luck (2 dropped passes late) that did the Pats in, rather than Eli's luck. Skill, on the other hand, Eli has more now. I can't find a reason to not call him one of the elite. Not at the skill level of Brady or Peyton, but getting there. And I hate saying that more than you can imagine. But, as I said, props to Eli.
  • All their success BEFORE Spygate speaks to their dependence on cheating in light of the lack of success AFTER getting caught. Go figure, smart guy. Are all Patriots fans as smart as you?
  • Bwaahahahahah! Luck, you say. How pathetic. Given the instances you just named, why didn't the Cheatriots win? Because they're just not that good. Get over it. Stop worshiping the Cheatriots and grow a pair of balls big enough to stand up to yourself and tell your crushed little ego that they're just not that good. You can stop idolizing them now. They are not your gods.
  • Only haters associate the Patriots with cheating. They broke a rule, were fined for it, and went 17-1 after that particular game. Should we assume that people are/were watching the Patriots to make sure they didn't do it again, or are you hinting that they are cheating because, hey, they win a lot, it must be because they cheat? Brady's best offensive numbers have come since Spygate. And their defense, other than 2007, has been, well, crap. And they STILL win. Get over it. They aren't cheating any more.
  • And their not winning SuperBowls anymore either. See the relationship?
  • Then haters we be. So what? At least we're not worshiping false football gods that can't win without cheating. Brady's goose eggs in the Super Bowl have come since Spygate.

    Ok, if you want to quantify 'goodness' or 'greatness' or 'quarterback prowess' in terms of yards and wins, let's walk that muddy road for minute. Let's use the most important quantification of success: Super Bowl success. Brady's SB wins before Spygate vs Brady's wins after Spygate. Go figure, smart guy.
  • And they STILL lose to the Giants when they meet at the Superbowl.
  • What I don't understand is why the NFL thinks a mere fine is just punishment? Why not strip their titles and ban him from coaching? Because the NFL is as spineless and gutless as the bandwagon Cheatriots fans that flock to the dirty team just because they look like they win a lot.
  • Are you trying to defend Brady or just hating on Eli? If he is so mediocre then Brady is even worse because he LOST to a mediocre team twice! If it was truly just a fluke before then they would have won the game. However, Eli was far from the only factor in the win. Tuck and Pierre-Paul really won the game this time and Nicks helped Manning out too. Im not saying Eli is the best but he is pretty damn good.
  • Applause :) at Austin95 comment
  • Big applause to Austinl95
  • LOL:) Awesome! I love the Mannings but I don't think they're the greatest QB's ever. But they're way better than Brady.
  • that just isn't the truth, but it's nice to be supportive of the guys you like the most!
  • Good point, I actually felt the defense was going to be the factor for the Giants and limiting them to 17 was certainly the difference. Besides the final clutch drive, I thought the Gianst offense was a let down considering how poor the New England defense is.
  • I agree, but a portion of blame needs to be put on Brady for the safety which did come into play. Then again, who is to say the game would have played out as it did if the safety never happened. The Patriots drove into the red zone easily their next couple possessions. Maybe they score a TD, go up 7-0, and the Giants don't get as good field position after a kick off rather than a free kick. You'll never know.
  • Agreed :)
  • Giants have been my team since I started watching football: Simms and LT days! I have watched Eli grow over the past few years. Where Eli has Tom beat is he does not feel the need to brag about what he can/can't do! He just goes out there and does what he can. He depends on his team to do their job too! He gives credit where credit is due. They win as a team; or they lose as a team!
  • Plus he doesn't have his wife come to his aid and blame his teammates publicly for their loss! This was soooooo WRONG!!!! On soooooo many levels! Where is the class here??????
  • Still trying to get up off the floor about that one. A supermodel, no less, acting like a spoiled brat for all the public to see. Disgusting.
  • 9ers are my team, and your Giants and my 9ers have some history. Nonetheless, I was happy to see them win over the Cheatriots. And I agree that Manning does take a humble stance, giving credit to the rest of his team, even when he doesn't really have to. That's the mark of a leader. That's the mark of a man that a team will follow into the 4th quarter and pull of electrifying wins. Everyone wants to try their best for him because they know he won't try to steal the glory.
  • yeah, it's a team. there's no "i" in the word team. two good teams went at it. eli is a good qb. i listened to some of the commentator's talking about eli. they were saying if he was more consistant year after year, that would be the only thing that is keeping him from what they call an "elite" qb. but, it's just people's opinions. giant fans say they have the best, pat's fans say they have the best. greenbay says they have the best...guess what, you need to have the best team and ask imperfect poeple to play a perfect game...ain't gonna happen.
  • who's Brady?
  • Wasnt that the family full of airheads. Well, it fits since his wife blames everyone but her husband, didnt you know that he played a perfect game, it was the rest of the team who couldnt pull it off!
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  • AND IF I recall he made the FIRST MISTAKE of the game which cost 2 points?????? Or was that someone else's fault????? lol
  • Hehehehe I guess she could put blame on the WR not running fast enough to get open..lol
  • if it was your husband, you would feel the same way...you stick up for the one's you love, just natural. criticizing is never good, especially when you're not in the other person's shoes. she knows wes welker is awesome..she had a weak moment when she heard people criticizing her awesome husband.
  • patriots are cheaters :) remember SPYGATE???? AFTER THEY WON 3 BOWLS???????????????????????? KARMA!!!!! ITLL BITE YA IN THE ASSSSSSSS!!! BRADY WILL LOSE AS MANY AS HE WON!!!! TRUST THAT!!!
  • And a model -- a public figure with an image to protect -- should know better than to flap her mouth like a child. She's disgraced herself and her husband, demonstrating her professionalism is only 'skin deep.' She's like the kid in the grocery store who is screaming at the top of her lungs because she can't have a plastic toy. Embarrassing.
  • A 'weak moment'? Oh, so it's all excused now. Tom Brady picked a loser for a wife. Maybe it's rubbing off on him...
  • Haven't you heard???? He is the quarterback that has lost TWO superbowls to Manning! Woooo Hoooo! looool I guess he is NOT bragging about that.......
  • the best!
  • http://walrussing.com/
  • Any one can be "more famous". Obama can solve world hunger or Brady can divorce his bimbo or lose for a third time to ELi.
  • funny i dont recall the pats making any predictions..so where do you get over confident..in fact every analyst said brady probably has loss of confidence because of that monkey named eli on his back
  • Yeah, dumbass.. I don't recall the patriots or Brady being over confident or making any bold predictions either..get your facts straight before you open your mouth.Its ungracious, unsportsmanlike giants fans like you who ruin the game with your gloating and false statements.. Its okay though. Brady, his team, and his fans can deal with classless idiots like you.
  • I'm Huge giant fan. I have big respect for Brady and his team/coach. Those boys know how to play ball. What would you people like him to do? Two great teams played a great game. only one winner. TB is HOF QB. And now, so is Eli!
  • Giants are my team too! Always have been. Always will be! We expected a close game. We expected a good game. I know, I for one, was NOT let down! It was a nail bitter from the get go! I'd be lying if I said I was not happy with the Giants win; cuz I am! But it was a great game!
  • best thing i've read so far...in my opinion, that is. i'm a pats fan. sorry my team lost but it was a good game. i thought could of went either way, but someone's got to lose!
  • So who's fault was the safety in the 1st quarter?
  • Brady's fault for safety. Pats paid price for breaking a minor rule in "spygate" which needs to be changed. Coachesand players change teams and bring playbooks anyway. They still make it back every yr so really get over it. Two many men on the field main reason why Pats lost. Bradying-Moronic idea. Pats will rebuild and be better. Losing will benefit this team. Nice run Pats. Congrads Giants.
  • Learn by your mistakes. It is when you make the same mistakes that you have problems. You just don't expect someone as "professional"as Brady to make a mistake like that! BUT then again, it was the superbowl; that is a lot of pressure to be under for anyone! I was sitting at home-I could feel the pressure! lol
  • It's all due to Man-gina's little ****** ass for making a big deal out of it. He now regrets his actions. Robert Kraft and other owners have said every team does or tries to do it...The spygate is the only thing these ppl and players like Marshall Faulk, and Kurt Warner have to fall back on. Instead of giving a great team there due respect. Bitches!
  • The safety was the OC's fault, should have called a run play. Brady would have been sacked for the safety ANYWAY if he had not tossed it. Giant fans you are so stupid. Had he taken the sack he may have fumbled so it was a SMART play to get rid of the ball.
  • The OC's fault?...Wow...how far will you go to cover TB.
    He played a great game....didnt get the bounces,,,two great teams fought it out and the Giants won....what is so hard about that.
    The OC's fault....you must be a closet Jet fan!
  • Just another instance of brainless bandwagoner with no real character of his own, clinging to the vestige of some imagined hero that the Cheatriots spawned in their spree of dishonest gain. Just another casualty in the Cheatriots confidence bubble created by their cheating. Sad, really.
  • Yes, and Brady had no way to scramble out of the pocket. He truly had no course available to him. How could he have possibly known that the Giants were going to pass rush that down? Yes, it surely wasn't the Almighty Brady that made a mistake. The would be impossible. Impossible for you to accept, anyway. Tell you what: get a new hero. The hero that you imagined in Brady, the BradyBallsYouSuck, is a myth.
  • The fault of the safety in the first quarter goes to classless Giants fans. Because they are the reason the Cheatriots lost. The Cheatriots couldn't close yet another post-Spygate Super Bowl because of ungracious, unsportsmanlike Giants fans. You know, the kind that open their internet posts with 'Yeah, dumbass...' and close with 'classless idiots.' Those kinds of people are to blame for the Cheatriots misfortune! Because its those kinds of people who built the huge, unattainable expectations by cheating in the first place, and those kinds of people who flocked that fake success with expectations that it would continue. In the range of NFL fans, the Cheatriots attract the most immature, gutless, whiny, scared-to-lose-so-bad-that-they-have-to-pick-the-team-that-cheats-to-win, post-loss-cry-baby fans that exist.
  • Uh, actually, Brady was blasted for telling everyone at some rally that there would be even more people at their victory party... sorry, just sayin....
  • That's what I was referring to when he was planning a bigger victory party. That's why I came up with being over-confident. :( It's a move reminiscent of past predictions and taken almost directly from Joe Namath playbook. The former New York Jets quarterback once predicted victory so confidently, he did so while lounging pool-side, rather than practicing.
  • That wasn't how the guarantee story happened. Namath was at a sportsmans dinner in Miami, and the Herald writer called the editor and said nothing was going on, and almost as an "oh, by the way" said that Namath guaranteed victory (not sure of exact words). The story was almost not written. The Miami Herald sports editor, Ray Crawford, told me this himself. He had to tell the writer that THAT was the scoop.
  • Ah, yes, and because someone named patfan2012 says he heard something from a sport editor, we the non-thinking population of the United States must surely assume that it is true. Because we the people of the United States will believe anything as long as you say that some sports editor told you so personally. Because we the people of the United States are so mindless and spineless that we will lap up just about anything that anyone says, especially if their internet name is patsfan2012, the ultimate symbol of personal identity, uniqueness, and, above all, strong character.
  • no one knows what the future holds. just prepare to do your best and keep the words few...talking to myself too.
  • retard he never said they were gonna win he said hopefully it will be a bigger parade so take that dick out of your ear.
  • How bout' Eli's dick in YOUR ear as he bangs away and OWNS your loser patriot ass?
  • just read this after i just commented...changes everything. make sure we get the words right..."hopefully" makes all the difference.
  • Oh the Giants can talk trash, calling Brady "pretty boy" and predicting the score and that is not considered arrogance???? When Brady responds it doesn't matter what he says, everyone jumps on him and points the finger....hypocritical trash talking jerks all of you.
  • trashing talk jerks?....nice screen name.
    Amazing how ungracious Boston fans are in winning and how poor they are at losing. I love the Boston poster about the last decade...how many championships?...."I'll take it". Like the last 50 years didn't matter! Get over it. Coughlin and Eli are a class act and have not added a single word to the noise on this discussion. Brady showed a lot of class in his press conference and even coach Bill managed to stay on the field until the clock hit 00:00. His wife should have kept her mouth shut...but she's not a player so who cares...they lost...get ready for the draft!
  • I remember that too
  • Oh the Giants can talk trash, calling Brady "pretty boy" and predicting the score and that is not considered arrogance???? When Brady responds it doesn't matter what he says, everyone jumps on him and points the finger....hypocritical trash talking jerks all of you.
  • you're the dumbass, Belichick is the one in the 4th quarter to allow the Giants to get a touchdown so his over confident Tom brady could get the ball back with 56 seconds to go, so he could take it down the field for a touch down, Brady is not as good as he thinks he is, but I guess you weren't watching the game when Brady got a safety in the 1st then threw an interception in the 4th, before calling someone else a classless idiot, go to the mirror and take a good look at yourself
  • Your stupidity is fascinating...you clearly know what happened in the game, but have no concept of football strategy or cause and effect.
  • Yes, the spineless bandwagon fans that flock to a team that wins because it cheats are sure classy. Just like their coach. Just like their quarterback who undoubtedly benefited knowingly from the cheating. You haven't figured that out yet? Let's add 'not so sharp' to the attributes of Cheatriots fans.
  • If I were you I would be because atleast he made it to the super bowl then you jelous assholes who have nothing better to do than to sit here and bash him... fyi theres a team involved in this 2... people make mistakes hes humn so stfu
  • Brahahahaha! Yes, BRadying should certainly replace Tebowing cuz Tebowing just encourages that tool. Howevah, this tool Tawmy Beiber really thinks he can walk on water, and since he basically lost the game with a most unmanly intentional grounding call AND he was about as accurate as a drunk squirrel during the SB, then yes, he deserves it. However, a nagging horse face should be added to all BRadying to represent his whining wifey.
  • i think tebowing and bradying shud both be used by ppl becuz it makes both tebow and brady both unique and "popular" in ther own way

  • tebow is a born again christian. people call it "tebowing", God calls it humbling yourself and praying, no matter what others think. pretty cool stuff. when i think of the word "bradying", i picture hundreds of touch down passes, multiple super bowl's and thousands of passing yards...oh yeah, hall of faming too!
  • Not a Tebow fan....but you are right.
    Amazing how a man who humbles himself before God gets sooo much grief while so many PED cheaters,wife beaters etc etc get a free pass. Bradying is dumb and won't catch on.
  • A humble man would do that pose in a humble fashion, in the privacy of his won home or church. There is nothing humble about trying to show the world how religous you are. Religion, especially BAers are all about who's more holy. Thats whats messed up about Teblow.
  • Hahaha! Nice. And I totally agree.
  • Thats where you are wrong....he clearly sees it as his responsibility do it and quite frankly he is getting the response he wants....everyone trying to understand it.
    "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation".
    He clearly believes it is his responsibility to spread the word of God and this is the platfor for it.
    Those of you who think he does it for publicity and just incurable synics.
    If he wanted publicity he would marry a super model or leave a beautiful actress when she got pregnant...sound familiar?
  • moron he broke then record for most cons. comp. in a super bowl so he was accurate...but you were probably taking it in the ass during that
  • Well said rocco!
  • wee...weeee....WEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  • Classy!
  • Bradying is stupid and unoriginal, just like you. You have to trash talk successful people because you have no self esteem, and apparently no success! Brahahaha....wee..weee..WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  • we know you're joking, right? think about what you said...
  • Giselle, is that you? And yes there is a team involved in this, but why is it that no one should blame just him for the loss, but if they had won, he would be getting all the credit for the win???!?!?!?!
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