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From Larry Brown Sports:

Baltimore Ravens linebacker/special teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo already has his plans prepared for Super Bowl week. No, he’s not going to be visiting the finest restaurants and nightclubs in New Orleans. Ayanbadejo is planning to use the media blitz at the Super Bowl as an opportunity to express his views on gay rights and anti-bullying.

Ayanbadejo is biracial and grew up in a liberal environment where discrimination was frowned upon. His stepfather was a resident director for an LGBT dorm at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Ayanbadejo and his family lived in the dorm, which helped him develop passionate feelings for gay rights.

Earlier this season, Ayanbadejo was at the center of a controversy that developed when a Maryland politician wrote a letter to the Ravens telling them to silence the linebacker from speaking out. Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe jumped in and wrote a scathing letter toward the politician admonishing him for discouraging a citizen from sharing their views.

Ayanbadejo remains passionate about gay rights and anti-bullying. In fact, he began working on plans to get out his message as soon as the Ravens clinched a berth to the Super Bowl.

According to The New York Times, Ayanbadejo emailed two marriage equality advocates hours after returning home from the team’s win over the New England Patriots last weekend. He’s even swapped emails with the founder and executive director of Athlete Ally, a group dedicated to ridding sports at all levels of homophobia. He’s trying to organize plans to speak out for gay rights in the week leading up to the big game.

Ayanbadejo even has the dream scenario in mind: the Ravens win the Super Bowl, and he celebrates as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, where the two talk about the importance of equality for gays and lesbians.

You might wonder if the Ravens are worried about Ayanbadejo’s plans to speak out during Super Bowl week becoming a distraction. We don’t know their thoughts on the matter, but we do know the team managed to beat the Patriots despite him causing a stir the week before the game, so they are used to him becoming the focus of attention.

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  • If he gets to rapped up in this crap and plays bad football on Sunday I would have a pink slip waiting for him when he gets home.
  • Brendon is a family friend of my wife and he is very passionate about his views and by the way, Brendon is retiring from the NFL after this season.
  • and if he plays well? you insist on a lose lose situation plus it is none of your business
  • While he is a player in the NFL he should only talk about football or other interests that are sponsored by his team or the NFL. When he retires he can talk about anything he wants to.
  • Why don't he all them gay men that there are no sodomites in heaven.
  • There is nobody in heaven, because there is no heaven.
  • Amen Amen Amen Read it
  • Heaven huh? Lets see...rambling spirits wandering heaven for millions, no billions, no trillions of years, no hundreds of quadrillions of what do you do for all that time? Are you supposed to see your family for that long...i don't want to visit my aunt Beatrice for 2 hours let alone a hundred million years. There is no heaven. Get over it.
  • He should use his "platform" of the Super Bowl for just that...Playing Football and becoming a World Champion, not a politician in the making.
  • go back in the closet!
  • the bible say homosexuality is an "abomination to god", so I can pray for the participant but I cannot "endorsement" it. homosexuals, just like any other sinner has an opportunity to repent from that sin and sin no more, not to do so will result in judgement from God and we all know what that judgement will result in------------don't we. Perhaps Ray Lewis will speak with this you man and sow him the error of this tolerance.
  • The opinions of your imaginary friend are not relevant to mature conversation.
  • Someday you will meet the "imaginary friend". Not believing it doesn't change the truth. Sorry you are such a bitter, sad, angry, and lonely person. And hell is going to be even worse.
  • This "truth" is yours, not mine. It's a shame that your beliefs cause you to think "tolerance" is wrong.

    I think Brendon is being remarkably brave in being as outspoken as he is, and don't see how exercising his right to free speech will keep him from excelling on the field. Bravo, Brendon.
  • The truth is the truth whether you like it or not. Why don't you be more tolerant of me and people like me? It is not brave to stand up for something that the world is tripping over itself to celebrate. Brendon will be very popular in the news and entertainment industry for some time now.
  • Amen
  • Since you are using the Bible as an example - what about Exodus 35:2 which says "Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a sabbath of rest to the LORD: whosoever doeth work therein shall be put to death." According to the Bible we must kill all NFL players for playing on Sunday.
  • The bible also says that Jonah lived in the belly of a whale for a week. Do you believe that crap? The bible is words of men, not the word of God - maybe inspired by God but not literal words. Keep on hating right-winger, God is listening to your hate. Oh, mix in spell & grammar check too - yikes.
  • wrong time wrong place.

    God created man first, "ADAM" and then a woman "EVE"

    not Adam & Steve
  • That is so tired... try some other demeaning cliches
  • who cares ... really who cares? for the anti-ppl lets get with the times? It is 2013 AD not 2013 BC, and yeah, he's playing football in the superbowl not cammpaigning.

    but who cares what his views are...anyway if there is no place in heaven for sodomites, then where do those who follow and share the views of the leaders raping boys go?

    let people be happy and let football players play football.
  • Good on him. Equality is supposed to be the cornerstone of America, and we need more people to speak out about it, until all the bigots in this country learn the truth.

    BTW, the Bible is not a legal document in this country, so what it does or doesn't say about any subject is utterly and completely irrelevant.
  • But anal and oral sex are disgusting no matter who does it. And, since those acts are what make homosexuals homosexual, it is totally inappropriate to be constantly trying to celebrate them out in the open. Sorry, but they belong in the closet.
  • Yeah, there are certainly no heterosexuals engaging in oral and anal sex. Idiot.
  • "No matter who does it", genius.
  • God created Adam and Eve

    not Adam & Steve
  • That is really worn out, get some new material.
  • I will not watch the Superbowl if I am forced to listen to this crap, Stop pushing this garbage on people that don't believe in this
  • I was going to go for the 1st time against the NFC and go for AFC team until this, I can't stand the 49ers but I am more so against the quys. Love them in the Lord but hate thier sin. They need to get saved & repeant of that sin. I will not support a time that puts thier blessings on that & they should tell our friend to stay queit.
  • Go back in the close...........LOL
  • So many close minded people on here, get a life...we are a country that welcomes free speech so let the man speak if he choses to do so and for those so opposed to his veiws...well your claimed Christianity should remind you about not throwing stones unless w/o sin!!!!!! Your diatribes show you are not a Christians.
  • Relax, nobody is throwing any stones. Just following the example Jesus set when he said "now go and SIN NO MORE" to the women who had no stones thrown at her. Do you really thing the point of that was to teach us adultery is cool and we should have parades to celebrate it?
  • don't think I would want to be in the shower room with him in there, might have a wandering eye !!!
  • any particular little reason?
  • Don't worry everyone. Drunkeness, fornication, adultery, idol worship, lust, pride, and all sorts of other great things will also be represented.
  • Why? You that embarassed by your equipment? Or just prejudiced???
  • If he were endorsing gun rights I'll bet you would be supporting him. The Maryland politician who wants the team to silence him should be removed from office. Freedom of speech is one of the few freedoms that hasn't been taken away from us.
  • HeyEnough of YOu: As gays cannot marry in most staes, there is limited opportunity to engage in adultery. On the other hand the bi and hetrosexual population does marry and commits a great deal of adultery (50% + divorce rate)so what exactly do you take from that "lesson" of not throwing stones. Has nothing to do with adultery but instead has everything to do with not being so critical of others until your own life is free from sin!
    Ss for parades, I amnot a big fan of them for anyone save our country so lets get rid of those ethnoc and religous parades that occur regularly: St. Patrick's Day, Puerto Rican Day, Polish American Day, Chinese New Year, Easter, etc.
  • Jesus said "go and sin no more" and I am saying "go and sin no more". Is this really so hard for you to grasp? I am a sinner and I am ashamed of my sin. I tell myself to sin no more. I don't throw stones at people for it.

    Yes, I am also against adultery. If we had to be perfect to call sin what it is, I guess we could all just have parades cause we are all sinners. No, I would rather not celebrate sin.

  • As the father of a gay son, I appreciate his efforts. Gay rights must be addressed and why not!! Big thumbs up to him! From a depressed Saints fan to the Ravens.... Looking forward to your arrival in the " Big Easy", come and down and finish the job. Many, many people in New Orleans are rooting for you. Good Luck!!
  • As long as he covers his lane on punt returns he can say whatever he wants. Unlike a very recent game where his lack of focus gave up two TD's.
  • I'm so sick of these BIBLE THUMPING people spouting out the Gospel about Gay People. Pay F@cking taxes and then come bitch to me about Gay People. Heaven/Hell don't exist and there isn't some big guy in the sky looking over all of us. Everyone wants to believe that because some book says so. Everyone no matter who they are should have rights. If they told your Biggoted ass you couldn't believe in Jesus you would be pissed so get over it and move on. I give this man credit for speaking out, it shows his strength.. You opposing it shows your weakness. Oh and btw, take all those girl on girl dvds out of your closet and stop watching them if you don't like gay people. Thank you.
  • I am so sick of these SODOMITES spouting off about equal rights for me and my fudge-buddy. They have as many rights as any of the rest of us have. I can't marry a person of the same sex either. I PAY MY TAXES!!! If they told me I couldn't believe in Jesus you would have a party. There are no girl on girl videos in my house. I am against that too. I will admit that it appeals to my flesh. But it is wrong and I don't entertain those evil desires. And I have a blast anyway. Bet that really pisses you off. LOL
  • You really are a piece of work... "Sodomites" and "fudge-buddy" and you dare to say you do not thorw stones? Look in the mirror Girl (if you really are one, as I have doubts about your humanity))!I am afraid to ask how you have a blast.Scary.

    You don't entertain those desires...I guess your priests don't eother. Well ask those poor young boys and girls who found out otherwise!!Jesus has nothing to do with this discussion, it is simply about who is allowed to openly love another human. Get over it. If you choose to deny yourslef the love of another then that is your loss, no need to deny others.

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