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The day will soon come when Brett Favre and the Packers decide to play nice. The way their relationship ended was obviously less than ideal, but time heals all. When you consider the fact that Favre played 16 seasons with the Packers and brought Green Bay a Super Bowl, it would be crazy to think the feud will last forever.

During a recent interview with ESPN’s Mike Tirico, Favre sounded open to making the way his relationship ended with the team a thing of the past.

“I know that day (will come),” Favre said according ESPNMilwaukee.com. “How that will unfold, I have no idea when that will happen. I don’t think their side is thinking about it. They’re trying to figure out how to get back to the Super Bowl, and really I’ve got my plate full. I think that’s good for both sides, not that we don’t need to shake hands and move on. I think in some ways that has happened, but you know, I do see the day, it’s going to happen. When? I have no idea.

“You look at Lambeau Field and where that place has gone and how it’s evolved, I can’t help but feel a sense of being a part of that. And so, even though it’s a shame the way things went down between I and the Packers, as time goes by, you just kind of, it’s kind of like a grudge, you just kind of get over it.”

Back in July, Favre gave an indication that he was ready to move on when he praised Aaron Rodgers and talked about what a well-rounded player he is. Prior to that, the Packers said they would probably wait a year or two before retiring Favre’s jersey just to let some of the bitter feelings pass.

The bottom line is Favre loves attention, so he’s not going to be able to resist accepting any type of offer the Packers might make to honor him. Although he became an annoying drama queen over the past few years, Favre probably deserves recognition for his remarkable career.

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  • Annoying drama queen...?????..the packers had ceased to exist before Brett Favre.
    Rethink your wording ...........
  • Yes, annoying. The article said "over the past few years." Everyone and their brother thinks Favre is an annoying drama queen.
  • "Everyone" is pretty far fetched! There is still a BIG Favre following that don't feel that way including the past few years. The Packer organization had a plan to get rid of him and a plan for the future and didn't give a crap about Favre and what he had done for GB. Make him look like the bad guy and it worked. Granted he has created some issues over the years, the positive heavily outweighs the negative.
  • The Packers had ceased to exist before Brett Favre? You are obviously under 25 years old. Have you never heard about all those other Superbowls that the Packers had won? Have you not heard of a few names like Ray Nitschke, Paul Horning, Lynn Dickie, Curly Lambeau (that name should ring a bell), Vince Lombardi,Bart Starr, James Lofton, Willie Davis, Forest Gregg, Don Hudtson, and so on... Should I go on? In another 20 years Favre will just be on that list with the above... No better than them and actually a few of them have more rings than Favre.
    I loved Favre, always will, but to say that the Packers did not exist before Favre is silly and obviously very untrue.
  • The Packers would have won a couple more Super Bowls in the 90's if it weren't for Favre. I too am a life-long fan and cringed repeatedly when he single handedly lost games. The team around him was incredible. He was a weak link.
  • Did anyone say Aaron Rodgers just threw another interception. No they don't get over the packers only one recognized on that team is Bart Starr. And they think hes god.
  • Hey Jim, You're the weak link. Brett Favre gave all he could for Green Bay. I'm in Colorado too, and would make you eat dirt if i see you. I'm sure your a democrat and drive a chevy. Go back to your cave and keep your chubby lips shut.
  • What does being a Democrat have anything to do with it? By the way,it is YOU ARE not YOUR A. Eating too much dirt?
  • Maybe you should of went in and we could of seen how good you would of been.Every quarterback has their bad days.He spent alot of time scrambling to get away from opponents when our offensive line wasnt doing their jobs.Our offensive line sucked for years.So your comment isnt very accorate.you evidentily didnt watch to many games.If he would of had protection he would of been even greater than he was.So before you knock him ,sit back and think about what your gonna say before you post stupid comments like you did or you get in the game and show us what you can do.lol Favre will always be one of the games greatest players ever to play football,so get over it and except that his is a future HALL OF FAMER.
  • You are right and the packers treated him like crap..Or should I say Ted Thompson. Ted is the one that should be done. Brett cant do anything without someone talking about him. Every season this season I thought they were going to make Tebow there fall guy.
  • Yeah, we're kidding you. How many times do you have to ask that? We'll "get over it" when you vanish.
  • Can you say Reggie White,without him the Brett Farve legend does not exist.He saved Brent from chocking in the Super Bowl win,a monster game.Nobody came to play with Brent,they came to win a Super Bowl with Reggie.I am so over Brent.
  • thank you for being correct brett is great and a real professional
  • Wait a few years till he retires from HS coach job in disgrace for flashing a Cheerleader then we'll talk .... LOL
  • when jerks were born were you first in line brett is great
  • Sorry but when jerks were born Favre was first in line. First he couldn't make up his mind about retiring and then he shows a picture of his Johnson to someone. Here is a real jerk.
  • thank god Brett is coming back I can get my number 4 shirt out and wear it very proudly
  • Stay home favre...you burned your bridge with us when you played for vikes....eat sh&t and bark at the Mississippi moon
  • Really coyotehunter,He burned his bridge?The Packers let him go ,He was free to play wherever he wanted to play.With the money they gave him to play for them I would of done the same thing.Ive been a Packer fan for 51 yrs and when the ***** Thompson let him go ,I was very happy the Vikings kicked the Packers asses.He wanted to stay and play another yr ,but it wasnt his choice.Im sure you were like all the other Packer fans when he won the super bowl rooting for Favre.How many other Packer players went to Minnesota?Do you feel the same way about them?I think your like alot of GB fans ,your a follower not a leader .You listen to all the other people and news people and go along with them.You cant make up your own mind.Favre was one of the best players the Packers ever had and in my book he,s one of the best players ever to play the sport.So he threw a few interceptions,big deal ,who hasnt.**** happens.He got the Packers back on the map.They sucked for yrs.Ive watched lots of Packer games and for yrs I hated watching them play,until he became a player for us and turned things around.He deserves to retire his jersey here with honors.Get over it and eat **** & bark at your moon.
  • Brett Favre is his own biggest fan. Please go away
    Favre, we are so tired of your pity party.
  • Brett brought Green Bay back into the NfL picture BIG TIME, love Rodgers and I hope he does it for us too. I agree with the organization giving him his due, just hope the fans can.
  • This is my very first time to comment on a sports article, although I've wanted to many times. Brett Favre "probably deserves recognition for his remarkable career" is such a silly statement. He is one of the greatest athletes of all time and certainly the most entertaining to watch. He has done many, many wonderful things that have never gotten attention (at his own insistence) to bring encouragement and happiness to individuals and groups. He is a good and decent man, and he has NEVER had a pity party. To read nasty and vulgar statements about Brett Favre truly saddens his fans, of which I am #1.
  • I always wear my #4 shirt proudly
  • Brett put Green Bay back on the NFL map big time. It's time for us to say "Thanks".
  • best ever qb give me many happy moments
  • I sure don't see an apology in this story from him - the feud and his bad and arrogant behavior was all one sided. Sorry Bret - I ain't buying it. you just want attention again - we are doing fine without you - you made your bed now sleep in it!!!
  • Whatever he did on the field was hurt by what he did of off the field,sending nude pictures to interns and grouping reporters is not a thing most people want to see honored! More time is needed before you make this drama queen a false hero!
  • I'm a lifelong Packer fan & if those of you commenting are as well, then please post that fact in your comments. Honestly, in this instance, those of you commenting on this article to rip on Favre that aren't even Packer fans, GO AWAY!! You say he's a prima donna who can't stay out of the spotlight & that may be true, but if you are so sick of him why did you bother read the article & comment on it? The only opinions that matter here are from fans of the team. I didn't mind Favre as a Jet & absolutely hated seeing him in that god-awful purple crap! He was a gunslingler that won more battles than he lost & he helped make the Packers relevant again...he deserves to be recognized! If you want to criticize Favre in a "best qb's of all time" list, go ahead. But whether or not Favre & the Packers reconcile, the only opinions that matter are Favre's, the Packer organization's & the Packer fan's.
  • A jerk
    Farvart should stay in Mississippi.
    He's an old geezer hasbeen.
  • Green Bay isn't ready to forgive Brett Farve yet and neither are a lot of Packer fans. This is evident by going to Green Bay. A town who thought Brett Farve was a football "god" has turned him into a ghost. Other than Farve's restaurant, you no longer see a sign of the man in the town. I believe Farve should be honored but I just don't think everyone is ready yet
  • Well thats your opinion.Ive been a Packer fan for 51 yrs.He was one of the greatest Ive ever watched here.Favre doesnt need to be forgivin,he didnt do anything wrong.There are still Favre things around,maybe not as much because Rogers is our quarterback now.That usually happens when we get new players.Evidently you havent figured that out yet.And how do you know how other Packer fans feel?You must be a follower and listen to other fans and go along with them.You arent able to make your own descisions.Favre deserves to retire his jersey with honors and Ill be there to see it and root him on.You should just stay home cause you will be one of those ignorent ones to boo him when he comes out.He was great to you when he brought us to the Super Bowl.The Packers let him go and I dont blame him for playing for other teams even the Vikings .I would of played to for what they offered him to play.Its a job and he took it just like you or me or anyone else would of done.And I am glad they kicked the Packers ass with him at the helm.Good for Teddy Thompson.They need to oust him.You keep being a follower.Your not a true Packer fan your a idiot.
  • i agree with packerfan76, he made his bed, and now he must sleep in in it. he was a great athlete, and an equally impressive leader. and he will always be one of the best there ever is. too bad he tarnished his reputation and let his arrogance get the best of him, if the packers ever thought of letting him come back, would be the stupidist thing they have ever done.(which they will never do,and i will bet money on that. will never happen)maybe another team can draft him and make him sit on the bench for the rest of his career to let him think about the stupid choices that he made,that would be good for brent. : ) favre is old and retired,just the way he should be. aaron is doing just great, we have a new leader now, trust and confide in him. life goes on.
  • During Favre's tenure: one losing season (4-12), Two 8-8 seasons, the other 13 seasons: .500+ winning percentage...nuff said!
  • As the Packer's starting QB
  • I have always been a packer fan (longer than you) and I read the article because I heard Brett was offering an apology however I did not read that at all - he still thinks it was two sided - no way. His indecisiveness went on too long and 'the train had left the station' The Packers Organization did the right thing by trading him to the Jets!!! Smart on their part!!
  • Never said the Packer's didn't make the right decision, they did. IMO, he has nothing to apologize for. He bluffed, the Packer's called, he lost, we won. In My Opinion, that doesn't mean he should ostricized forever. Brett should be recognized soon for his contributions to bringing a championship back to Wisconsin. To your other point, just being a Packer fan longer than me doesn't automatically make your opinions better than mine; just like mine aren't any better than the generation who can't remember the "greatness" of Lynn Dickey, Randy Wright, & Don Majkowski.
  • well he could have still been starting for us if he wanted too, but look what he's doing now. coaching hs kids, commentating? his age must have finally gotten to him, you could see it in the graying of his hair. he made bad decisions, and maybe green bays management didn't treat him the best at one point,but sometimes you have to suck it up,bow down and say "ok boss" even if you don't like or deserve it.life is not always fair,we all know that.he didn't want to do that.he wanted things his way or the highway,he got the highway.who's fault is that? once again, life goes on.
  • of course i hope and think he will get the recgonition he deserves in due time, be it in the hall of fame or not, but all in all he will be more remembered not for his numbers, records and achievements, but more for his "gossipy drama" BS. too bad for him.
  • and it didn't look good the way he "team whored" around some. lmao
  • Just hope Favre returns to Lambeau on their terms not his.He was a gunslinger.Unfortunately when he went to the Vikings,he slapped GB in the face. The GB fans knew it and won't forget it. He was OTH ( over the hill) and he knew it but if I got millions for being adequate not exceptional at that stage, I guess I would have signed too. Minnesota and NY were looking for instant success. Unfortunately a team does not evolve around just one player no matter how good he is. Time heals.
  • nice opinion man : )
  • however, i don't agree that going to mn was a slap in the face, he knew he was going to be replaced by aaron. he knew his days were soon to be over. he didn't want to face the inevitable. he didn't leave us for the money obviousely(sp?)
  • Born in GB in 57, got transplanted in CA in my early years but remained a packer fan. Never thought once of switching sides to the forty -whiners or traiders.. Been spat on at games, called terrible names like cheesehead and even had a beer thrown at me - what alcohol abuse, but I am and always will be a Packer fan: NOT A JETS FAN OR A VIKINGS FAN, never let him back.

    You're either a Packer fan or a Favre fan - period.
  • You're a fool. Stay in Cali.
  • Either a Packer fan or a Favre fan? Thats immature. I was upset when he went to the Vikequeens but I am slowly getting over it. I would have been over it completely if he had kept his zipper up and not tweeted his twitter. I was a HUGE Favre fan but a Packer fan first. Watching Favre play when he was on, was an exotic feeling. Now I watch the great Rodgers who rarely throws an interception and whom I dont feel my stomach in a knot because I am wondering when the next INT will be. Favre was great for the game, the entire NFL. He was exciting to watch but people have to remembe that he also lost us a lot of games with crazy attempts... I will ALWAYS love Favre and someday I want his number retired but not yet. Right now I am enjoying watching Rodgers and his almost perfect passes. He is relaxed and fun on the sidelines. He helps out the backups, something taht Favre refused to do. Rodgers is a good person, through and through! Packers 12-4!!
  • hey todd, cheesehead is not a terrible name, cherish it, as for the beer throwing, open your mouth and catch as much as you can, as long as long as there are no bottles or cans involved with it, plastic cups won't hurt you, don't worry about those.
  • and i guess, depending on how much you drink, cans are not the worst, as long as are not full. but either way, avoid the bottles, full or empty.
  • He took the Vikings to the brink of the Superbowl & ripped the heart out of the team & their fans with an INT in OT, if
    that isn't the gift that keeps giving, I don't know what is!
    -A Packer fan
  • Brett brought back the pack ! he put the spot light on greenbay !!
  • All you brett haters GET OVER IT ! He"s a great packer and a greatQB
  • Was and was.... I loved him but he WAS a great player and QB... Now Rodgers has shown us what its like to have a quality QB that doesn't throw 2-3 INT's per game.
  • I don't think he was a drama queen. I think the press put him there so they had something to do.
  • So many people have short term memories. Favre was a warrior who devoted everything to Green Bay. The problem Ted Thompson had was if Favre was going to keep the Packers on a string and retire for the 5th time and then come back, NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers might go somewhere else. So it was the long term that also mattered for the Packers and because of that they got another Superbowl win. Make no mistake about how awesome Farve is and was, he is why the Packers were dominant for the majority of his time there. The Packers and Favre are one, and to mention him with any other team is like thinking of Jordan without the Bulls or Montana without the 49ers. His competitive nature wouldn't let him quit and it might have stirred up a little grumbling when he moved on, but Farve deserves to be respected not only because of what he's done for Green Bay, but for the league as well.
  • this is ridiculous. Favre is just one of many "pro" ballers who stepped onto the "I have lost my damn mind & think I'm God train". It took him alot longer to do this tho & I truly believe he was in a panic because he saw his beloved game coming to an end due to his age.
    He played a great career & deserves every bit of credit for what he did bring to the Packers & their association!
  • naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  • Ya know, it takes two sides to rumble. Wasn't just Brett, It was the Packers also! But look at the Stats- Favre has got to be the best QB ever and he taught Rodgers all he knew! Drama Queen my a$$ If Favre didnt love what he did, he wouldn't be coaching a High School team now!! He deserves to come back to Lambaugh Field and have the #4 officially retired in front of the many who are still fans of his!!
  • You have that wrong. Favre was AMAZING but he refused to show Rodgers anything. He spoke out in interviews that it was not his job to teach his backups. He NEVER helped them. Rodgers did it all on his own!
  • Get over it!!!! Football is still a business and stuff happens. Most fans are over the way things went down and Favre will be recognised for all the good he has done!!!!
  • yes he will deedah and I want to be there
  • And yes I have no problem with Favre coming back to Green Bay. The only problem I have is I would love to be there when it happens but Im in Fargo ND and that gig would be a sell out with standing room only!!
  • And that crap with Jean Sterger was bs a stunt for money thats all
  • I'll remember Him for what He gave GB every sunday for 16 yrs. What He did after that is none of My buisness....Move on people. The only 'Fans' that will boo Him are band wagon jumpers.
  • Brett will never come back as a player. Maybe in a coaching capacity or a comentator, but not as a player. I love him, but he is too old to play. I notice however that not one person has mentioned the Saints hit-list... Why; if Brett was such a bad QB, would the Saints put him #1 on their hit list? Why would they pay big bucks to someone for putting a career ending hurt on him if he was such a bad player? Why would they waste their time and energy on a non-threat? The answer is... they wouldn't.
    Favre was a feared player, and should get his just reward by having his jersey retired and put into the hall of fame one day.
    Go Packers!
  • I have been a Packer fan for 60 years. Brett Favre will never get the respect that he might deserve as an athlete because of his personal life. On the other hand, Bart Starr, was truly that, a star both on the field and in real life which is still is to this day.

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