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New York Jets wide receiver Chaz Schilens admits the team’s 30-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday was “humiliating,” but he’s upset with the fans who began chanting for Tim Tebow to replace Mark Sanchez at quarterback. “That chant is BS… I think the fans are out of place,” Schilens said after the game, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “They’re pissed. They have a right to be pissed.” Schilens backed Sanchez as the team’s starter, saying “Mark’s the QB.” He also seemed to pin some of the blame on the Jets offensive line. “He was under a lot of pressure, that’s all I have to say,” Schilens said, via Kimberley A. Martin of Newsday. The Jets hardly had anything going on Sunday. They were down 20-0 at halftime, and 27-3 after three quarters. Sanchez was sacked four times and finished 28/54 for 283 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. Most of his stats came on two fourth quarter drives, including one that culminated in a touchdown pass to Schilens. Did the team getting blown out lead head coach Rex Ryan to consider pulling Sanchez for Tebow? “I just never thought it was the time to do it. Mark’s our QB,” Ryan said. The Jets may have many offensive skill players injured, but maybe they need to consider going to Tebow. After losing 4 of their last 5 to go 3-5 on the season, how much worse could things get with Tebow at quarterback? Perhaps it’s time to find out.

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  • Why shouldn't they chant for Tebow. They couldn't possible be any worse under Tebow than they are under Sanchez. When the Jets picked him in the draft I said he would NEVER lead the jets to a Super Bowl. And with the 'Clown Prince of Headoaches' leading the way, the jets are right where they belong....in Last Place!! Let's face it, the jets SUCK BIG TIME!!!!! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW!
    As a Giants fan, the only things that I enjoy more than watching a Giants win, it;s watching an eagles or a jets loss.
  • 'possibly'
  • Sanchez wasn't getting it done, so why not put in the backup. Any game does that and it should of been done. Why sink instead of try Tebow????? silly coach
  • play tebow or loose your butts as you are doing,he should leave and go where he is appriciated
  • It is similiar to the dislike of quarters who are perceived as too short. The insanity of the "he's too short" mentality drove Doug Flutie to the out of the NFL into the CFL for years. Who knows how many Super Bowls Flutie might have won if hired and played by one of the best NFL teams. Just play the best players reguardless of their race, religion, height or politcal views.
  • Exaclty! As if the WR is going to admit that he wants Tebow for QB! Of course he's going to say the 'correct' thing about Sanchez. every body wants Tebow in, because Tebow wins! Period! Sanchez is a mediocre QB. he just does not win like Tebow does!
  • If you're trying to give Tebow the credit for last year's Denver wins, you're really reaching. If the D doesn't keep the Broncos in those games there's no way Tebow comes out on top of any of them. He's barely an average QB. Barely.
  • That is the job of any defense, keep your team in the game. What Tebow DID was fire up both the offense and the defense and brought a sense of belief to the Broncos and the fans. So in your opinion he is barely an average QB, but that BARELY average QB brought something to his team that resulted in wins.
  • Then how did this barely average QB become the ONLY QB to pass for over 300 yards against the steelers last season? They were also ranked as the top passing defense during that game....
  • Everybody hated Trent Dalfer but he won a Super Bowl and they got rid of him. Insanity! No matter how bad you think a quarterback isn't good dispite winning why not keep playing him until he starts losing? Now why please tell me if Baltimore still had most of the same players the next year couldn't have Dalfer(that perceived awful, talentless 0quarterback) contended again?
  • At halftime, Sanchez had only completed 5 passes for 13 yards... even his mama was chanting for Tebow.
  • LMAO! And possibly true to save her son more embarrassment. I've actually seen fathers in high school football to take out their own quarterback sons when their losing bad.
  • = It won't surprise me to hear the Jags fans chanting TEBOW.TEBOW,TEBOW....again. Gabbert is about like Sanchez, all hype
  • Tebow is one of the best athletes in the NFL with an incredible drive like that of Favre, Unitas, Walter Payton, and Ray Lewis. He isn't the best quarter yet but will be one of the best with enough experience. If Sanchez is playing great then play him. But if not put in Tebow. If Tebow doesn't win take him out. But don't let his faith stop him from being played. He is a winner and will win. Sanchez will still get a Super Bowl ring along with the rest of the team if he's a backup or the starter if they win the Super Bowl or share in whatever success to a lesser extent. You can't keep a guy like Tebow down no matter the haters against him and his freedom of religion.

  • rex needs to go,he is more the blame than anyone,his D is no good and he is blind to his team needing a change.he has lost the team. if i owned the jets,i would clean house now,the jets will lose and lose. did you hear sanchez say he is having fun,that shows you he is not in the game. they have a third string qb that could do better.
  • Rex and the offensive coach guy, whatever his name is! I loved it when they chanted for Tebow yesterday! Tebow Tebow Tebow!
  • WOW..What a bunch of Hypocrits!! When Tebow ran out on the field first game the so called FANS BOOED him!!! Now when they want something from him he gets their praises!! I have been a Tebow fan for years (NOT A JETS FAN)and wish him well whom ever he plays for.
  • It was a sweet victory Miami won on Sunday. Especially since the brilliant Tony Sporano is now the offensive coordinator of the Jets. He was a disaster as coach of the Dolphins and now he is proceeding to help the "Need for a Quarterback" Jets
    Go Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am sick and tired of so-called athletes commenting about the fans. The fans are the reason they make their money and they keep spitting in the faces of the fans anymore. I wish one day people would get sick of this enough to stop going and stop watching them play on tv. Then their egos might get put in place.
  • What is Rex trying to do, ruin Tebow's career! PLAY him!! Give him a chance! Right now Rex you have not only the fans but the team chanting TEBOW in their hearts.Always a TEBOW fan where ever he goes. Was always a Jet fan since I came from NY But, now just a Tebow fan!
  • Same thing in Denver, the Broncos were 1-4 and throwing their season away to get into position to draft Andy Luck. They put in Tebow not knowing that TT wants to WIN and kept pulling out wins at the end of the game. 8 wins later the Broncos advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs.
    Has Rex forgotten Tebow's 94 yard drive to beat the Jets when Tebow scrambled 18 yards for the winning TD??
    Rex wrote a book 'how to stop the option'? Yet he STILL couldn't stop it.
  • I'm surprized nobody has seen this coming. You have T.T that beat the Jets and their starting QB. You get T.T in a trade and then you bench him, it's a heck of a way to get even with a player that seems to have an unusual skill set and a way to win.
  • And Elway seemed to hate Tebow even more than he did Doug Flutie. I'll be surprised if Tebow doesn't win Super Bowls where ever he ends up, even if he has to do it as running or an Ed Reed via interception. He'd probaably be the best player at atleast any of 7 or 8 positions on most teams if he was forced to do it and was played every game and he'd do it with a smile. I'm not a Florida fan but how can you not love the drive and positive attitude of this guy. Just his attitude and drive and encouragement makes the whole team better. Ok enough of me on this blog for now....
  • It's a game! Keep it in perspective. That's all I have to say....
  • Not a Jet or Sanchez fan, but it's pretty hard to throw the ball laying on your back.
  • If they only had a QB with the strength and ability to scramble... hey, wait a minute.... THEY DO! He's sitting over there on the bench.
  • well I lied..lol Got to reply to this one. Who can take getting sacked better or survive lack of protection better and run between the two? More the reason to put in Tebow, he was born to take abuse and smile like Walter Payton or Jim Brown.
  • Grow a set and quit worrying about what people say! Try Him and see!!!! Damn
  • The fans pay their hard earned loot to go to the games, they can chant any darned thing they want.
  • Hey Schilens, the fans will be chanting for the 2nd string WR at the next game.
  • Sanchez should have said it himself, put in the backup, I am not doing good. But no he loses badly. Why be so vain Sanchez? do u not care for your team?
  • I bet even Montana would tell em' to put in Young if he was sucking. Not that that these two guys are Young and Montana.
  • Let Tebow start. It's what Jets fans deserve. Hallelujah!
  • Amen!
  • The only reason I can even stomach watching the Jets is just in case they decide to put Tebow in. He's one of those rare dynamic players like a Mike Vick, Barry Sanders or a Kordell Stewart who can be a game changer. Tebow hates to lose and will die trying to win, unlike Sanchez who tosses 9 of 10 passes behind the line of scrimmage just to protect his completion stats.
  • Considering how Stewart and Vick's careers have flopped, I would agree with you. But you should never compare Tebow with Barry Sanders. Barry Sanders consistently led the league in rushing yards while on the worst team in the NFL.
  • The only player more overarted than Sanchez and gives his team LESS of a chance to win is Michael Vick. His butt needs to sit too.
  • Ain't it great ? You are a very good QB Tim. I hope you get the starter job, and we really don't care what any "detractor" like Chaz thinks. If he was any better, he'd be the one throwin' the ball !
    Thank you Tim for being an upstanding role model.
  • A "very good QB" does not have a completion record of less than 50%. Why do people keep losing sight of that? The man has completed LESS than 50% of his passes in his NFL career.

    Just because he had a few 4th quarter rallies, we must ignore that stat and annoint him the savior?

    You people are so blind, it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.
  • Sanchez's career stats are not much more than 50% completion rate. So Sanchez is also very far away from being a very good QB, IMO they are both about equal. I don't know what it is, but Tebow brings something to a team that is contagious, he fires up those around him. Jets have nothing to lose by giving Tebow a chance.
  • What NY should do is get players like Gronk and Brady, a new coach; lets say someone like Billy B. Change their name to the Patriots, move to Foxboro, then they might not be losers anymore! As for sanchez and tebow, both are bums and mediocre qb's so it doesnt really matter who has the ball. They won't get to a superbowl with either one or with their head coach. GO PATS
  • Pats? That is a Giant task.
  • i don't know whoses crazier the fans or the jets management who put them in this situation,i just hope sandy knocks some sense into both of them.
  • Winning in the NFL today means you MUST have a TOP LINE QB, period. I am a Patriots fan since 70's. We only began to consistently win when we got a guy named Tom Brady. And I am not stupid enough to think we will win anything when (god forbid) Tom is gone. Jets need a strategy to pull off a deal like Denver did for Peyton. Where was Jet's management when Peyton was available ??
  • They weren't worried about getting Peyton because they "had their guy." Sanchez was their guy, and apparently still is. I give them one more week with Sanchez at QB, and they lose the game, and the GM of the Jets will fire Rex Ryan, and hire someone who will actually listen to them and play the guy they feel has the best chance to win for the Jets...Because lil ole Sanchez just isn't cuttin it anymore.
  • Sanchize sucks. If the Jets think he is going to lead them to the promised land they are wrong. I don't think Tebow is the answer either. They need to draft or acquire a real quarterback that can be a winning franchise quarterback. The gigs up Ryan..Sanchez has to go.
  • i wonder how long the jets owner will put up with this circus.
  • Jets fans should be up in arms against Chaz Schilens....they are the reason the Jets can pay players like him and Sanchez-shame on him.
    I love what Tebow brings to the game and think he is an awesome role model for kids. Its possible his positive "can do" attitude is what inspired the Broncos. Imagine he could do the same for the Jets if allowed.
    The Jets obviously need a new coach since Rex Ryan is too stubborn to see his path is NOT working.
    We will take Tebow in FLORIDA any day!!!!
  • Two words to explain Mark's performance. Eva Longoria!!
  • I was thinking the same thing yesterday, leave the romance outside the stadium...He did this last year too with that model!
  • What does thir basemen have to do with it? LOL
  • The Jets NEED to play Tebow more.... But not necessarily at QB. His skills can be utilized more by keeping Sanchez under center and using Tebow as a wild card (running back/slot receiver...) Can you imagine, Sanchez pitches to Tebow on an end around. Give him the choice to run or if the defense converges to stop him, dump it over their heads to a receiver coming across. Open it up and get creative Jets, your offense has more potential if they get a little creative.

  • Schilens should keep his mouth shut. The fans are the ones paying his salary. He's not wrong about supporting his teammate but he should use better tact.
  • well if you are going to trade for the guy you had to see this coming. they were not that good of a team to begin with. even with all the media hoopla. you dont bring in a guy like this without the option to start him. also having him on special teams and such is stupid and inane the guy was qb in high school and college probably never payed on a special team in his life. give him the ball thats your only option if you want him on the team. by the way sanchez is not that good! your out of the playoffs give him a shot he puts butts in the seat and his mechanics may be bad but he gets wins.
  • Ryan is going to neverland of coaches, stupid blowhard and Teebow will win wherever he goes and Sanchez is mediocre. Go Dolphins, Go Giants!
  • Go cowboys! LOL
  • Listen up Rex and Jets fans! You dont need Tebow as your QB either you need Greg McElroy (3rd string) to be your starting QB. He also won a national championship but he is highly intelligent and can read defenses and find the open man. There is no doubt that McElroy is the best QB on the Jets Roster!
  • That is 1 of my thoughts too I think your answer is great . Hey lots of teams have made horrible draft picks the Jets need to come to that conclusion too . I've liked Rex from the get go but stop the BS be a coach start making changes like Bill does in NE just because you drafted Sanchez to be a starter and he makes millions doesn't mean he's going to be the starting player for your team if he isn't producing on the field.
    Give Mclroy and Tebow some play time NOW !!! Hey can't do any worse Sanchez telegraphs his throws and most times you know who's getting the ball pre-snap.
    Tan...bum needs to be gone too . Holmes is bad for the team liked Braylon Edwards way better as a player and never caused a problem on the field . Yes he did have a DWI which he was very shameful of . Bart Scott if you can't answer questions or do interviews then play for someone else don't care how good a player you may think you are .
    The Jets have alot of good talent players and class guys but a few guys need to be shown the door this off season

    SCOTT long time Jet fan
  • Tebow, be patient, soon they will see that you just want to help the team and play when needed! You were needed, just too bad the COACH does not know when to say CHANGE! Sanchez had a very off day, and should have been benched.
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  • The Jets need to get rid of Chaz Schilens and Mark Sanchez. Both are college material at best.
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  • Give Sanchez a break. A good QB is only as good as his Offense! Tebow is no better He is nothing but a showboat. He is a thirdstring QB at best. He got to the finals last year and choked. I'm sick and tired of hearing about Tebow and how great he is as a matter of fact I've had it up to my eyebrows! I've seen him play and i'm not impressed. And no I am not an athiest I am a God fearing woman who likes to pray in the privace of my own home. Im not attention *****. thank you.
  • The Jets should get rid of Tebow, he is toxic to whatever team he is with, divisive among team mates and divisive among football fans with his religious, ego centric bull. Focusing on the team now is difficult when this character lingers. Trade him to some team down South like Jacksonville his Jaaasus, praying, looking for help from above, and asking god to win games for him will go over very well. This guy is toxic
  • Sanchez isn't Toxic? He is to the Jets anyway
  • I have no clue how you can say that TIM TEBOW is toxic. He wins games. That doesn't sound toxic to me. There is nothing wrong with a religious guy playing in the NFL either. Tebow has something that makes his teammates want to play better when he is on the field. Why do you think he always comes up with big plays when he is on the field? BECAUSE HIS TEAMMATES WANT HIM ON THE FIELD!!! Just like others have said, Sanchez is a college QB at best, and quite frankly sucks as a QB. Tebow brings in the fans, which brings in the revenue for the team, which allows the team to go out and sign players that can actually play the game with some real intensity and skill. Tebow has what it takes to make it in the NFL. Yes it may be unconventional, but thats why he can make it. The NFL just isn't used to having a guy with his talents and skill set playing at QB, and until they give him a chance, just like Denver did, the Jets are going to continue losing. Its just that. TEBOW WINS GAMES!!! It may be unorthadox, but he wins, and in the end, as long as your win column increases by one at the end of the game, that's all that really matters. Because a team that wins brings in fans, and a team that brings in fans brings in names that can play the game at the next level. End of the story. Tebow should be starting over Sanchez.
  • GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT....Isn't that the biggest reason you play? Without them, what do any of you have?
  • The Jets have a lot more problems than just the qb's. First off
    the Defence stinks Wilson cant cover anyone. They get no pressure on opposing QB's. The running game stinks. You need a good d and a solid running game to make Tebow effective.As for offence Sanchez has been sucking, the receivers are dropping balls and refuse to make an attempt for more yards after the catch(except Keller)the o-line hasn't been good. Of course it dosn't help when Sanchez hangs on to the ball forever. What happened to the 3 step drop and throw the f--kin ball.A lot of the problems start with the coaching. It seems no one is accountable. What about trying a McElroy Tebow combo. It will at the least show Sanchez that he is accountable.
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  • It doesn't matter if his name is Tebow,Aikmen,Montana,Young or so on, what matters is exciting football. And you have to admit that when Tebow plays ( UF or Denver) it is exciting. Just to see what is going to happen next is worth the wait when he is on the field regardless if he wins or not. You don't have to be the best QB to make the game worth watching. If they continue to leave Sanchez in who is going to watch. I know people personally who hated watching football, then watched Tebow last year and can't wait to see more. They wait each week to see him play because of the excitement. How much longer are they going to wait. We don't need to lose fans we need to make them !
  • Ryan appears intent on proving that he is right about Sanchez and his faith in him may prove to be the downfall of the Jets season. When something in life is not working, sometimes you need to change things up. The Jets are 3-8 in their last 11 games with Sanchez.
  • Here's the smart move...Tebow in... 'BIG MOUTH', RYAN O-U-T. As a coach...he sucks! The only reason he had success the first two years is because those were not his player picks...not his team. This JETS team is all RYAN'S. Then he picks another loser, fired from Miami, as offensive coach. There ya have it...LOSER! LOSER! They payed big money for Tebow for the QB option and he sits on the bench. If Soprano was so good at offense why did Miami fire him and are now a better team for getting rid of him. This isn't rocket science folks. RYAN has the only team in the NFL that has so many 'rotten apples' in the locker room...Reason, 'they're just like him'. SOLUTION: GET RID OF RYAN, SOPRANO, TEBOW AND SANCHEZ AND REGROUP NEXT YEAR!
  • Let me tell you sumthin Jet fans---I am a Bronco fan, and we have our precious Payton Manning that the whole team is kicking butt all over---when we WERE going to get Manning, we had TEBOW, but for some unknow reason, Pat and Elway got rid of Tebow and sent him to the Jet's lucky you. Broncos barely gave Tebow a chance, doing well, tough as heck and a Christian on top of that, a real football player (quarter back) with HEART in his SOUL. What does Pat and Elway do, pay millions for Manning which I will not object to, but to get rid of TEBOW, what an injustice. Can you imagine MANNING AND TEBOW together, hell with those two we'd be a real winning team and no losses I am sure. YES, holler for TEBOW give him time to develop this year a Quarter Back and make SANCHEZ a backup. TEBOW will fight and run the ball like a real quarter back should. I wish that BRONCOS would buy TEBOW back---man, can you imagine what Manning and Tebow could do together? GO TEBOW, A BRONCO FAN THAT SURE MISSES YOU---AN INJUSTICE WAS COMMITTED WHEN YOU WENT TO THE JET'S. goldielocks in Pueblo West Colorado
  • I couldn't agree with you more!!
  • Tebow is like Brett Farve, he is just fun to watch. Plays like a kid and has a good time doing it. Chaz Schilens needs to educate himself, the fans pay the bills. The NFL is somewhat like pro wrestling, it is more entertainment than a sport.
  • Sanchez is under duress most of the time and Tebow's mobility gives you more of a chance to win right now. At the beginning of the year Rex said that the fan's chants for Tebow would not cause a controversy and now he is trying to prove it at the expense of the team.
  • Get real! Manning would never go for 'sharing' the stage w Tebow
  • You are not a Bronco fan if you want Tebow back in Denver. You are a Tebow fan. There are plenty of good Christian players in the NFL. You also need to get real and realize that Tebow's machine did not want to share the stage with Manning. Tebow did pretty much nothing for Denver's community when he was here. He had no presence in the community. I admit some of the games were exciting but even Cleveland won yesterday. I am rooting for the kid (as long as he is not in Denver) but not the machine that surrounds him. I agree don't blame the fans for chanting Tebow, blame the front office for the trade. They saw the circus that was in Denver they knew this was going to happen... they might as well put him in, nothing for the Jets to lose, but Tebow should be careful what he prays for...
  • Give Tebow 4 years to learn from Manning, and then give him the reins of the offense once Peyton retires, and you have a damn good QB right there.
  • If you have a passing percentage of 45-50%, I wonder? Does that also reflect the lack of consistent playing time? over a full season? On one team? Or does it reflect the inability of a team and its coaching staff to mirror itself on its own deplorable record to not see the change needed? Third round and fourth round draft picks for linebackers turn into MVP's and are team captain's. If Tebow can run, big and solid enough to take a hit as well as deliver a hit, and yes can pass a ball who flibbin' cares if he has a passing percentage of 99.9%? He knows the playbook, he audible's, He can draw defense's offside's, and, if the receiver will catch the ball that lands in his hands I don't think we will see 45-50% passing percentage's stay that low for long. Of course, if he is put in the last 3-4 games of the season and due to lack of playing time we can again fault Tebow for passing inconsistency? Wow! What we have here is the great all-american bull-shine machine playing politically correct on a bad decision to continue the status-quo'. GO TT.
  • I always thought it was a shame for the Jets to take Teebow. I didn't think then that they would utilize his talents. He really neee to go to Jacksonville or a team like that. You have to give him credit, whether you like him or not, he has been a team player. I have yet to hear him whine about his role. I hope he gets a chance somewhere soon.

    Goldielocks, if he was in Denver with Peyton, he would be in the same position. Very rarely ever getting to play.
  • Maybe Tebow should get a chance.
    Sorry,Chaz Schilens but the fans pay for you to run and catch passes, and if fan want a change maybe the Jets should try.
  • The fans pay for the players salary.
    Give the fans what they want!!!
    Sanchez has been losing ... games and his GF.
    Tebow couldn't do worse!
    If Tebow loses too, then get rid of the coaching staff!
    Schilens should go as well!
  • I love football and always have. I wasn't a Broncos fan but watched them play because of Tebow. I'm definitely not a Jets fan but would watch them play because of Tebow. He has an energetic and unpredictable side of him that makes a game worth watching. He puts the word "football" into football. As far back as I can remember whether it be Jr Pro, middle school, high school or college if a player is not getting the job done - then out of the game he goes. What's with this Jets coach anyway - other than a control thing. He doesn't like Tebow - so therefore Tebow sits the bench. What a shame for a coach to make a laughing stock of his team because he won't bend with his control issues to play Tebow. Ryan - I think you're afraid Tebow will outplay your so called Sanchez and then what are you gonna do!! And if the truth be known - I'm right.
  • He he he
  • Apparently some, possibly the headcoach, on the Jets team don't
    like Sanchez. They know he is going thru a stressful time with
    a possible divorce and yet they add to his misery by forcing him
    to suffer the embarassment of playing in a these poorly planned games and suffering unnecessary losses. Chin up Mark, the coaches are the blame for these losses.
  • Quick ideas for Sparano...1.)lose the double TE look, and go with a single TE, 3 wides, and an RB. 2.) Let Mark run a pass first no huddle with a myraid of short routes 3.) turn Shonn loose on a weary D.

    Jim Nance said, during the New England game..."they don't give him any easy ones do they?" Simms shot back..."no, they don't".

    Mark needs rythm (go figure). He got little under Schottenheimer, and less w/ Sparano. Give him some easy passes to start the game, and get opposing D tired.

    Copy cat league, right? Why is everyone doing this to us, and we fail do it to them?

  • I was at that Miami game, field level at one of the endzones. As a lifetime Jet fan it was hard to watch. I paid good money for that seat and I damn well made sure to start Tebow chants everytime Sanchez was at that end of the endzone. Sanchez has to many mental issues and needs to get the F out.

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