Originally written on Pro Football Zone  |  Last updated 11/20/14

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and current ESPN analyst Cris Carter admitted on Hill and Schlereth on ESPN Radio that he participated in bounties during his NFL career.

“I’m guilty of it,” Carter said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever admitted it. But I put a bounty on guys before. I put bounties on guys. And the guys tried to take me out, a guy tried to take a cheap shot on me, I put a bounty on him, right now.”

Schlereth then asked, “A money bounty?”

“Absolutely,” Carter replied.

“Protect me. . . . Protect me from him. . . . Especially if he’s playing a different position where I can’t protect myself,” Carter said. “I’d tell one of them guards, ‘Hey man, this dude is after me, man. Bill Romanowski.’ He told me he’s gonna me out before the game, in warm ups. No problem. ‘I’m gonna end your career, Carter.’ No problem. I put a little change on his head before the game. Protect myself, protect my family. That’s the league that I grew up in.”

Carter was asked if he was the only one to participate in bounties and he replied, “Heck no!”

Carter even admitted that he doesn’t have any regrets.

“Matter of fact, if I see a couple of them dudes that was trying to cheap shot me walking through ESPN, I’d put a bounty on them right now.”

I can’t say I’m surprised at all.

(Thanks to ProFootballTalk.com or the quotes)

  • OK ESPN and NFL Channel. Time to dump Carter.
    He says "No Regrets"
  • Ramanowski told him he was going to "end his career". I would have put a bounty on him too, with NO REGRETS. Romanaski was a piece of ish, intent on inflicting injury on opposing players...spitting in players faces. Had I been one of those guys, everytime I saw him I would have tried to put my foot knee deep in his a**. I don't blame Chris. You do what you have to do to protect your health, and livelyhood.
  • Hey Chris have you ever heard the expression " two wrongs don't make a right?" If you put a bounty on a player then you should go to jail! Its just like a mob hit contract, or Tanya Hardings situation ITS ILLEGAL, and if you admit to it on videotape in front of millions then you should go to jail without a trial because you've already admitted to being guilty! im not saying Bill Romanowski is a good person for doing what he did but i am saying 2 wrongs don't make a right!
  • I guess every defensive player who makes a tackle should be arrested for battery, too, right? This whole bounty thing is only a publicity stunt, albeit a necessarry one. People like you will bark up a controversy that Goodell wisely knows could tarnish the leages image (and bottom line.)

    Rest assured, though, even if players aren't allowed to place money on hits now, tackling isn't going to get one bit softer.
  • Someone oughta put a bounty on Bill Romanowski. On the field, out in public, on a boat, with a goat, in the rain or on a train... the man was a steroid crazed menace, zero conscience, dirty cheap shot hack. I absolutely believe he told Cris Carter he wanted to end his career. I absolutely believe he would deliberately and seriously and permanently injure ANY opposition player he could. Guys like that who are out to commit assault and battery under cover of football deserve to be taken down before they can take someone else down. High five, Cris! I'm with ya. No reservation.
  • It kills me how everybody finds that bounties where and are present in the NFL, REALLY!! seems everybody wants to play the nieve and dumb roll, when it comes to things that go on in Professional sports. Just stop it! in Pro sports winning and money is the main object! Win by any means necessary! I love Cris Carter, he tells it like it is and was!So please stop writing and reporting to real sports fans like this stuff is so new and shocking! cause its not.
  • bravo,bravo....it's been around forever!!!
    this is not news!!
  • Not shocked. We all knew there were bounties all along, Saints just got caught lying about it.
  • I heard the ENTIRE show. He ALSO said that it was basically for "protection" when he knew he was not going to be in a position to protect himself and NOT to intentionally end someone's career or injure them to the point that they were done playing for the game. Several people have come forward and said that they offered or were offered "incentives" for great plays, big hits, etc(including Schlereth). Some were in the form of material items like TV's or watches, and others in the form of cash. That's just a bonus for working harder. There is a HUGE difference between that and paying a player to intentionally end someone's career.
  • chris carter is looking for five minutes of fame. who cares what he did. he should be charged and fired from his post. that will shut these seekers up.
  • Father was a fullback at U. of Louisville. Went to Chicago to try out for a pro football team. Made team and won starting position - until defensive lineman yelled over to him that he was going to break his leg. Next play my father laid on the ground, leg was bent back with a compound fracture of his femur. With bone sticking out and his foot around the area of his shoulder, the defensive player smiled and walked away, according to his teammates. The year was 1931. So goes the sport of football.
  • The ONLY (2)reasons the bounty gate shoe ever dropped is #1 The Saints became a target of the comish once they knocked Brett camera phone Favre out of a last chance Superbowl. #2 The NFL actually thinks the courts and juries who sit in cases about the concussion lawsuits are gonna say "oh good , look the NFL has addressed a long time issue, see they punished the Saints!" NOT
  • I believe goodell had to do something just like when he punnished the N.E. Patriots for doing something everyone else has done! He is between a rock and a hard place...
    He has ex-players suing the NFL for not doing anything to stop the violent blows to the head causing suicide in MANY ex-players, and he has current NFL players BITC**NG that he is taking all the violenc from the game!(how much do you want to bet after J. Harrisson has retired from the NFL that he sues for his cronic depression from his violent head hits)
    Change is something that will always be met with contempt.BUT IT IS NEEDED,i'll say it again,IT IS NEEDED, if you dont believe me just ask Junior's family and mother who was so heartbroken on TV.
    Also, the saints players should be very thankfull(and so should carter) that the government hasnt stepped in and put these people in jail(just like tanya). PAYING MONEY TO ANYONE OR OFFERRING MONEY TO ANYONE TO DO PHYSICAL HARM TO ANYONE UNDER ANY CIRCUNSTANCE IS ILLEGAL! IT DOESNT MATTER IF IT WAS IN THE CONFINES OF A SPORTING EVENT!
    If i offered to pay someone to pay someone to break someones leg outside of the NFL and it was on tape the FBI would step in and put me behind bars for 10-15 years. I think the players and coaches got off light!!!!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Just because its unspoken doesnt make it right... where were all these football fans when the pats lost thier first round pick, (NOT JUST A COUPLE OF SECOND ROUNDERS). Many coaches came out after and said that video taping signals has been going on since video cameras were invented. BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT!!!!
  • And there is a differrent system for punnishing these players, its called THE LAW!! Putting a bounty on someone is the equivalent of putting out a hit or contract on someone and its ILLEGAL! they shoul be glad they are not in prison and quit complaining about unfair punishment!(THATS ACTUALLY KIND OF FUNNY IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, UNFAIR PLAYERS COMPLAINING ABOUT UNFAIR PENALTIES!)
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Gee is anyone surprised this activity happens? Seems somewhat going with the territory. There is another sport that is non contact, pay big money yet for as little as some celebratory expression when a ball is tagged for a dinger, well that next batter or guy's turn at the plate may find a ball aimed at him instead of the mitt which can end one's career and certainly for the game pretty easy. It taks very little to make this behavior occur. In football it's much easier to hide intent to harm vs just part of the game...no rocket science there but very obvious when the play is far away and a cheap shot is delivered. If you are know to do something like that uh you're messing with a man's livelihood and family. May as well try to pet a baby bear cub while mama bear picks her berries. I'd rather be known as a hard but fair playing athlete than some cheap shot specialist. I don't have to worry as i sucked even in video football and not much better with baseball. My opinion. Cris Carter is just protecting himself...sounds like.
  • This was definately not an isolated situation with the Saints. Bountys have been a part of football since its inception. Not only in Pro football but even as far down as high school football. It has always been easier to just overlook it or sweep it under the rug, than to deal with it. For the league to use the Saints as a scape goat for a system that has been around for ages is ridiculous and shameful. If Goodell is that blind then he needs to immeadiately remove himself from his position, since he obviously cannot make rational decisions concerning the league!
  • "This was definately not an isolated situation with the Saints."
    Who cares,neither was the patriots video taping!
    "Not only in Pro football but even as far down as high school football."
    All the more reason to punish them and root out all examples of it.
    "For the league to use the Saints as a scape goat for a system that has been around for ages is ridiculous and shameful."
    Many coaches came out after the pats video scandal and said signal stealling and recording had been around since the videocamera had been invented but nobody said thier punishment was unfair(not even Bill or Robert)
    How long or how often it has been happening has absoluteley nothing to do with weather or not its right to do!!!!
    I just think its strange how when Tanya did it to Nancy she was criminnally prosecuted and banned from the olympics forever!
    I just think its strange that when a criminal offers money to some one to do physical harm to another human being he is criminally prosecuted and put in prison for 10-15.
    I think the players should be thankful that roger hasn't turned over all his evidence to the Governments commity on organized crime!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Goes to show age hasn't made Cris Carter a better person. He was a piece of $hit as a player and he remains a piece of **** as an analyst. ESPN should fire him for ignorance, but they won't because ESPN doesn't have any more class than that loud mouth dick.
  • "There is a HUGE difference between that and paying a player to intentionally end someone's career."

    Um, not if the bounty you put out for "protection" basically involves taking the other guy out first before he gets you. A bounty is a bounty is a bounty.

    Regarding Romanowski, he was just as much about messing you mentally as he was about messing with you physically. If you were a wide receiver running a short crossing route, and Romanowski told you before the game he was going to "take you out" or "end your career" you'd probably be looking over your shoulder instead of looking for the ball. It's just trash talk, but made more effective because Romanoski would actually lay some hits on people.

  • We all like to see a good hit and a good physical football game in general and we all know that sh_t talk and targeted hits have been going on all along, but I IN NO WAY want to see someone get maimed or have their career end over a football game. Now you have all these players defending the practice but then they want to sue the league later. It's ridiculous. Old school players may not have known better, but now that the league has been around for a while and we KNOW the mental and physical consequences of playing to hurt, adjustment need to be made, or you can’t go crying foul later! YOU KNOW the deal when you sign up for football now so don't blame ANYONE else if you choose to do so. I'm behind the Comish all the way. BTW, I'm a HUGE Broncos fan and even I thought Romanowski was a bit off. I enjoyed his intensity, but he was at time despicable!
  • Your Kidding,

    I'm Stunned and without Words, to think a sport populated by criminals and overpaid premadonna's could ever evolve anything like a Bounty System; Who'd a Thunk it!!!!
    Course I still watch and enjoy the aformentioned pounding the S--T out of each other, whats not to like and paying each other to put on big hurt, wow.
    NFL=Not For Long and with the BS comming down on favorite passtime may be almost past its time.
  • football has always been get the best player out i dont care if it was aice crean cone to money that is the way it has always been played i dont care how many so called cry babies say different they outlawed the flying wedge the jack tatum rule but still it is a violent game we cant have men hitting each other and not expect some one too get hurt if and i say it is legal you can not stop the so called bountys you must tackle as hard as possible to keep your job or abolish football.
  • "Now you have all these players defending the practice but then they want to sue the league later. It's ridiculous."

    TLM, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Player's union is probably going to be all over Carter telling him to shut his pie hole.

    And if anyone out there thought that the Saints were the only team doing this, or even the only team to doing it to the extent that the Saints were, dream on. Before this is over, the NFL will have to probe every franchise. There will be retired players who need money selling their "bounty" stories to any and all who will listen. Probably no team will go untouched. This will be like steroids in baseball times 100.
  • I still would like to see some tangible proof from Roger Goodell that "Bountygate" actually happened or was as serious as he claims. The NFL is stonewall all requests for complete information. Why?
  • maybe because he knows that as soon as someone other than him and the independent arbitrator that he hired see's the tapes they are then OFICIALLY in existance and can then be used as third person evidence in a criminal and civil trial!
    He may just be protecting the players involved and thier futures... but nobodys thinking about that.
    Its the american way..."its not the saints plers fault its rogers fault.its not my fault its his,blame him not me,"pass the buck,always.
    I just think its funny that when the pats were punished for doing something many coaches say happened everywhere since the invention of the video camera,nobody ever said the punishments were unfair, not even Bill or Mr. Kraft, they were more interested in putting it behind them than prolonging the problem and letting it interfere with the future of the league.
  • Everyone has seemed to forget that there were NFL officials at every game. There are already rules for protecting the quarterback, receivers, offensive lineman, and others from illegal hits. So, if the Saints were so "dirty", why no flags or ejections? All players talk trash and all players have incentives in their contracts. There are at least 15 - 20 cameras at each NFL game, so lets see the video evidence. And if there is dirty play, then the officials should be suspended also for incompetence. And if the penalties were for lying, then we should suspend our entire government, because they are ALL liars!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I think if Chris Carter wants to admit to breaking the law on television (and paying someone or offerring to pay someone to physically hurt another human being IS ILLEGAL),then he should suffer the same fate the idiot who went on utube and bragged about stealing gas from the local police got....
  • In fact I think they all should face prosecution, and the person who sent that email offering a bounty should be arrested also.
    In my opinion its the same as the mob putting a contract on someone and should be punnished under the same statutes!
  • I agree with you about prosecuting these guys, but it is after the fact now pretty much, it would be hard to prove. Except in Cris Carter's case, he is such a holier than thou dumb s**** he would probably admit to it and think "God would protect him,"
  • If I was a secretary for the VP at a high paying job and you were the secretary for the president and I wanted your job. So I payed someone to smash your hands beyond repair so you couldnt type so i could get your job.
  • DMuzuzgo,,,,,then what you are saying here is that the entire government should be arrested for theft?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • If you were a "real man" you would do it yourself. Is this you, Cris Carter?!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Cris Carter was such an unpopular player because he had such a big mouth that he had to pay other people to cover his a**. In any contact sport, if you are part of the "team" and not some holier than thou phony like Carter was, your teammates would automatically avenege any cheap shots. Carter was such a dickhead that his teammates took his money and laughed at him.
  • I agree with you about prosecuting these guys, but it is after the fact now pretty much, it would be hard to prove. Except in Cris Carter's case, he is such a holier than thou dumb s**** he would probably admit to it and think "God would protect him,"
  • If Bobby Petrino doesn't look like a mid life crisis, nobody does.

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