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Legally, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick can own a dog. But does he? According to a Twitter photo, he just may. Vick recently tweeted out a photo studying film at a table with a young girl appearing to be his daughter, as seen below. We workin #filmstudy #nodaysoff #bleedgreen twitter.com/MikeVick/statu… — Mike Vick (@MikeVick) October 5, 2012 However, as CrossingBroad.com points out, that wasn't the original photo he tweeted. According to the blog, Vick originally tweeted out the following photo, where a box of Milk Bones can be seen on the right side, next to the pink book: Does the convicted...
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  • Seriously leave the man alone. He has done his time. So what if he has a dog, its probably for his kids. Get over it!!!!
  • what michael vick did goes beyond simply serving a jail term. he's an animal to do what he did. he can never be trusted with a dog again. many people who are abusers start with cruelty to animals. i think they should not allow him dog ownership ever, it takes a really cold person to do what he did, cold as ice. i have concerns for his children as well although there have been no reports of abuse
  • I wonder if all the people upset about Vick possibly owning a dog would be upset at anyone that hunts Deer, Bears, Birds, Fish etc owning dogs or any pets? People can be cruel towards animals and yet still tell the difference between their own family pets in their house. It's life...
  • You obviously didn't read the book accounting what he did to these living animals for not performing well enough. He should have had his kid(s) taken away. If you can be so cruel in the past, you certainly could in the future. I can't wait to see what his daughter thinks of him one day when she learns of the cruelty he caused to innocent animals. Just like other animal abusers, they should never own another animal because more than likely, they will abuse again. I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable giving this monster a dog. Certainly not a pitbull. He was, is and always will be a monster. Read the book and then tell me you think he is a swell guy. You'd be sick to think so.
  • when dogs are fighting in the hood no one gives a ****
  • Figures...IGNORANT!
  • Really?????????? Comparing cows to dogs.....they are not domesticated.
  • The cow's are in the pastors waiting on that field trip and then getting hit in the head with hammer, yea the cows cant wait
  • Cows are domesticated as well as chickens etc

    do·mes·ti·cate (d-mst-kt)
    tr.v. do·mes·ti·cat·ed, do·mes·ti·cat·ing, do·mes·ti·cates
    1. To cause to feel comfortable at home; make domestic.
    2. To adopt or make fit for domestic use or life.
    3. To train or adapt (an animal or plant) to live in a human environment and be of use to humans.
  • HELLLLOOOO??????
  • Hunting animals for food is hardly the same as torturing animals for one's entertainment. That man is a psychopath, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Last time I checked, people don't eat lions, elephants, rhinos, bears, wolves, ect.
  • Educate yourself on Big Game hunts in Africa where people kill animals like Elephants and such...99% if not ALL the time, the locals are glad to take the animal and feed their families. That's a fact. People rarely if EVER are allowed to kill an animal, take the head and leave the rest to rot. That never happens on a Safari hunt...ever.
  • i agree as well
  • No one actually hunts animals as just a food source anymore, I believe it is called a sport now. Hmmmm killing animals as a sport, seems just as guilty as Michael Vick. Maybe we should throw hunters in jail too. Especially those who use bait piles to hunt...this is the 21st century there are grocery stores, so saying you hunt animals as a primary food source is BS. Leave him alone he has done his time.
  • Killing animals as a sport is equal to what this POS did to those dogs. YOU, CandyCam90 are the most ignorant person I have come across. Animals that are hunted for sport are not TORTURED in their death. They are not strangled, electrocuted and swung around like a jump rope until their body is just completely broke. Read the book and stop supporting such a POS. All that says is you are equally one yourself to make excuses for him.
  • Tal1992, you should be the last to call someone ignorant, oh it's different when a animal is preyed on for a sport but not torture, boy death is death, you're such a POS.
  • Hunting is 100% ok in every way if you eat the kill. It doesn't matter if you 'Have' to in order to eat or not. Every Deer I eat is less Cow I eat...think about it and it will get through to you. When I shoot a Deer I guarantee it suffers less than a cow or pig that was penned up it's entire life. Think rational.
  • how do you equate what he did to the dogs to hunting? that is off the wall. if i did that kind of stuff to a wild animal i'd still be in prison. But because he can throw a football we are supposed to forget about it. that is like saying a child molester should be able to work in schools or at the park were your kids go if they did their time. rehab is ********. a sycho is a sycho.animal torture is a sign of a very sick mind. but philly likes him.he should be sweeping the seats on tuesday mornings not on the field Sundays.
  • Excuse me? LOTS of people hunt as a primary food source. Where do you live? Come up to northern Alberta if you don't believe me!
    Yes, there are grocery stores but what would you rather eat, an animal who has been force-fed and has lived its whole life with the purpose of being killed or an animal who has grazed on pesticide free food and run around in the wild?
  • Me and my family grew up hunting trapping animals for food, and with the economy the way it is I know plenty of my own family along with friends who look forward to hunting season for their years food. No I don't agree with what Vic did but he was arrested, did his time and community service. One day we may find fishing offensive. People make mistakes in life. Lets forcible sterilize every women who has ever aborted a child that's worse but that seems to be worse i guess. but I guess puppies are cuter. get your priorities straight and unless the guy does it again leave him alone.
  • well said!!!!!!
  • Please...how in the world can you compare what he did to a hunter? My son is an avid hunter and his goal is to kill quickly...faster than the way livestock are slaughtered! Read THE LOST DOGS, and maybe you will realize what a monster this man really is!
  • So kill animals as long as you eat them and kill them fast? I don't hunt or eat meat but I think it's funny when meat eaters get upset that an animal they don't deem food-worthy gets killed by someone but don't give a $#%^ about the ones they like to eat.
  • The reason the hunters like to kill the animal quickly is because the meat doesn't get tough. If the animal dies slow, the adrenaline sets in and the meat gets tough. It's disgusting and I don't approve. Doesn't make it better because he kills quickly.
  • You hunters kill animals with guns..tough guys....why don't you meet the animals on their turf..take a bear with a spear and be a man
  • listen here ive been hunting my intire life and killing a wild animal is very different than killing a house pet so the next time you compare a sport to murder youd better rethink your facts
  • the fact is you are still killing...doesn't matter if you justify it by saying it's a sport because you sneak up on it and shoot projectiles into it unknowingly.

    a kill is a kill--if it makes you feel better by giving your kill a title such as 'hunting for sport' and giving it a different definition than other killings it still doesn't change a thing. taking a life when it's not necessary is as disgusting as the people who choose to do it. i do not support michael vick or his acts towards the dogs...i was reading the comments and thought it odd that people were saying killing one way is okay but not doing it the way they don't approve of. it's all harmful and if the animal you kill has no choice or doesn't deserve it in any way then i just don't think it's right. just my opinion.
  • No. I'm not upset about people who hunt for food. However, I do get upset with the fact that Vick electrocuted, strangled, swung over and over like a jump rope to the ground his animals that did not do what he wanted. Read the book, it's very enlightening. What kind of human would do something like that to the innocent? Animal abusers should be put on a list (which is starting to happen in some areas) and never own a dog again. Once an abuser, always an abuser. Do you really think he had a change of heart and now loves dogs? Yeah, right. Not with the crap he did to them in the first place, this POS has no remorse, no heart.
  • Deer, bears, birds, and fish are wild animals....not pets. And he wasn't hunting them, he was fighting them because he is a thug. A real man would never do that. Not to mention he drowned the ones that lost their fights... so if you are sticking up for that then you are no better than him. Would you drown your pet because it didn't do what you wanted? Also, are you a vegan? Because if you eat meat, then where do you think it comes from?
  • really do you agree we should do the same to parents who abuse and/or neglect their children every day?
  • Do You?
  • hell yes.
  • so you know the facts. amazing. so when vick and his buddy kept swinging a dog by its legs and tossing it to the ground til it died, gives the killer a ticket for forgiveness? I loathe the human race period. it takes a coward to do unto the innocent. whether it be animal, human or any breathing thing. I can not stand that this killer ahole is allowed to play professional sports. SMACK on the hand and on your Vick the Dick. So, do not bring God in on this. It was ahole Vick's choice to be stupid.
  • i totaly and utterly agree
  • You hate the human race? I guess I know who your voting for this Nov.
  • What ever happened to serving your time, paying your debt to society, rehabilitating yourself and getting on with your life. Our good cicizens want to brand former felons so they can never have a real life again. Vindictive, mean, small minded, cold hearted and unAmerican is what you are.
  • you can't grow a conscience...or a soul. And its up to God to forgive him...not us
  • Wrong. If you are going to bring God and religion into it, it is exactly our obligation to forgive MV according to the bible.
  • It is not our obligation to forgive someone who is not sorry!
  • azzooman Small minded, cold hearted and UnAmerican? Are you kidding me! I bet you subscribe to Faux news...when in opposition brand your opponent UnAmerican! Isn't that how you and yours started the war in Iraq?! You're either with us or unpatriot!!! Indeed.
  • listen here buddy let me tellyou about this so called serving youre time,dept to society.ive benn a correctional officer since 84 and the same inmates that say what you said usually come back over and over again for the same thing. rehabilitating yourself, plese give me a break.
  • If you think people who go to prison cannot change, you need to find a new job. I served 7 1/2 years and haven't been back there even for a day. I also know alot of people who have gotten out and are doing fine, you might even say they have been rehabilitated. Please keep your cynicism to yourself.
  • although I've never been, I know many who have spent time, and if you check facts many judges have spent time and learned from it. that's because they were acknowledged by society that second chances are an acknowledgement that people learn from failure. If your not going to allow Pryor convicts to get on with their life lets just shoot them in the head as they leave the jail or lets just shoot them as they are convicted. do you notice that convict is short for convicted. unless all of you out there have never gotten a speeding ticket you are also a convict. I've also learned that many who are holier than thou feel that way because they haven't been caught. that said CON grad's to all that have served their time and have improved their live after wards.
  • no not really...some things can not be forgiven
  • Psychiatrists/Psychologists do say that cruelty to animals is an indicator of someone who'd be an abuser or even a serial killer.
  • That's not absolute.
  • I think you are wrong esoteric...its common sense ...that is the path that person will take
  • I'm sorry. I am a dog lover and have two pups I love, can't live without them. But in this day people are worrying more about animal abuse than human matters. I believe Vick served a small chunk of time, but when I can compare his 2 years to a 3 year murder sentence something is wrong in America. A dog is a companion and a meaningful part of our lives, but the murderer of your brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter, should not be able to be compared to Mike Vicks sentence. We need to get our priorities straight.
  • horse racing can injure a horse a horse injury is detrimental to the horse if the horse gets so much as a hair line fracture it has to be put down neverminding all thee other injures so do you consider those that own and race horses abusive and animals. like you have judged vick and should the horse owners do jail time when a horse is injured racing for millions of dollars and should they be allowed to own any pet again or live stock or is your harsh judgement just reserved for young black millionaires harming beautiful creatures or all people no matter who they are ar subject to your opinion and character assessments
  • A man abuses his kids, but no one cries out when he has more kids. A man abuses his wife and no one cries out when he remarries. Yes! Mike Vick made a mistake and paid for it. If some of you spent as much time concerned about your neighbors and community, people like Sandusky would not prey on us.
  • Oh really, What about all the babies that are aborted every day. That is murder of a human, maybe there should be a law that if a female has an abortion then at the same time she is given surgery to asure she never has a child. After all she murdered one why should she be allowed to have a child.
  • Nice for you to have concerns. Just throw them in the trash. They are all worthless just like you. You are jealous because Vick, his family, and the pet are living better than you with that multi-million dollar contract.
  • do you really think he would not abuse another animal just because he has "done his time" then you are not thinking clearly.
  • Thank you for stating a fact! What would stop him? What has he lost? Nothing ~ he makes tons of money in the NFL! Basically he is being "rewarded" by the NFL for torturing dogs. My family no longer watches or attends any NFL games specifically because of Vick. If you or I had done what he had done, we would still be in prison. Talent or not ~ he is a sick person. Period.
  • So what and who cares if u never go to a football game.They do'nt MISS YOU OR YOUR MONEY!!!
  • Using your logic anyone who has ever fouled up should not be allowed a chance to reform. Someone who has stole, lied, killed or cheated should not be allowed to a second chance to show that they have learned the error of their ways? Careful before you answer. I'm sure you fit into one or more of those categories.
  • Goober, I would say it would depend upon the crime and as has been stated cruelty to animals is a gateway to crime against people...and Vick wasn't just cruel he was the epitomy of the devil himself. Got it?
  • Are you serious? if you or I did this...nothing would happen exept maybe probation, fines and community service. He was not "rewarded" he EARNED HIS SPOT BACK. We allow truck drivers a second chance....they deliver your groceries, much more important than playing a game. The NFL is NOT missing your money. You don't know him so you JUDGE him.
  • I'm sure you and your perfect little family can't stand that the world moves on after an event. The NFL hasn't rewarded Vick in any way. They allowed him a chance to earn a spot on a roster, and he worked his way up. I'm glad you don't watch any NFL games because your breed of idiot would really mess up my day if I ran into you.
  • It was part of sentence that he was banned from owning a dog for 3 years after his release from jail. I believe the ban expired in July 2012.

    What if a young man who'd been convicted of rape and "done his time" started dating your daughter?
  • your comparing rape to killing a dog....your comparing your daughter to a dog.....enough said.
  • my cousin was convicted of rape,and is a registered sex offender,funny how people always assume sex-offenders/rapists all have done violent hidious perverted things..the only thing my cousin did was have a girlfriend of 5 yrs,who was 16 1/2 when he turned 18..
  • well, I wouldn't let Vick take my dog for a walk either.....
  • Vick is not able to LEGALLY own a dog. If he does it is a clear indication he can not follow a simple direction. Yes, he did his time which was a complete joke in contrast to the violent and cruel actions that got him there. Animals that feel fear and pain were brutalized, tortured and killed for Vick and his friends entertainment. The time and fines he was sentenced to were a slap on the wrist. Now he is back to making millions.
  • I can't wait until his innocent daughter finds out one day what a cruel father she has to do this. That will be punishment in itself.
  • If you think electrocuting live animals, torturing live animals and making money off of that is "ok" then you are just as sick as Vick is. He did NOT serve time based on the crime; he got a slap on the wrist for a couple months and now makes multi-millions. He TORTURED DOGS ~ get a clue. And one of the conditions of his release was to never have a dog again. Maybe we should have Vick take care of your dog?
  • Why should anyone get jail time for the crime of dog roughing, just think if your dog bite your child to the point the child will fear him choices to be made take him out or let him be.
  • What are you talking about? First of all he tortured the dogs and should have gotten even more jail time. Second, what does this have to do with biting a child?
  • Did you even read the article, he can legally own a dog. He was in jail for almost 2 years, in accordance with federal statute, not exactly a slap on the wrist. He tortured what amounted to pound dogs, not family pets.
  • does not matter where the dogs came from...what matters is how they were treated. You use the word tortured lightly....pain is pain idiot
  • Pound dogs? You say that as if it makes a difference. They were living, breathing animals that feel pain. Doesn't matter if the dogs were family pets, strays or shelter/pound dogs. And he didn't get nearly enough time for what he did to those poor animals.
  • First.i'm not a vick fan..but i have to say that we as americans still dont have a clue as to what our forefathers meant by freedoms.So you have penalized mike vick children by not letting them own a dog,but what did they do?most of the people outraged here are christians,but do you not remember,he will judge you as you judge others..so? If you want to punish someone forever,never give them another chance,is god not just to hold everything you did forever against you in the same manner?You are right to be disgusted at his past offenses,but let him also deal with them,and live free from the looking glass microscope you mane him and others have to live under.
  • It appears to me the dog is in the top photo.
    I can see an ear, head, and tan snout located below his left hand.

    I think he was a whipping boy for the sentence he had to serve.
    I dont approve of dog fighting, but years in jail is too much.
    And all of the winy babies, can suck it. Cause I know the majority of you dog lovers inflict the most cruel treatment to man's best friend; keeping the tail waggers locked up in your residence.
    A dog was meant to live outdoors.
  • My grandmother always told me dogs and cats was made to be outside because if not they wouldn't have fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You folks ought to join the rest of us in the 21st century.
  • How stupid is this comment!
  • You know the majority of us dog lovers inflict the most cruel treatment to man's best friend? First of all, you know nothing of the sort! Secondly, this remark is just ridiculous. And no pet is meant to be tied up and neglected outside. Are you seriously trying to say that loving owners who allow their dogs to sleep inside on a comfortable bed are worse than the likes of Michael Vick??? Unbelievable!
  • Hey try looking up the transcript from the trial. He didnt simply sponsor a fighting kennel....he killed over 20 dogs himself.....in ways that pays homage to Jeffery Dahmer. He gutted, drowned (in his pool by the way) beat to death, slit their throats, not to mention the electrocution. It has nothing to do with 'doing his time' it has to do with the fact that the guys a sociopath....text book...and maybe that's why his teammates don't connect with him....tough to play with heart when you don't have one.
  • Oh my gosh, I didn't know all that detail. Nope, the man doesn't need to even own a bird. How do you explain to your kids why Daddy went to prison? That should hit him where it hurts, it would a person with conscience.
  • Yeah, you really should read the book. Simply mind boggling what he did to those animals.
  • Seriously people, it's all very simple. No reason to get hostile with each other. If you want to save a pit bull, just neuter Michael Vick!!
  • Leave Vick alone. (Why don't all the so called "gentle people" that are pissing away so much of their time hating Vick, go after child abusers.....DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE!)
  • Yeah! Let's also make sure that people that abused their children horrendously get their kids back and praise them! YAY!! Sounds awesome! Vick's victims couldn't speak, they can't ask for help.
  • well how bout this the man is a killer and should of goten more time than he did,and no he shouldnt be able to own a dog nomatter who its for,and that way when his kids ask,"daddy why cant i have a puppy"he will have to say that he killed innocint animals for a foolish reason.
  • WOW stop dick riding.
  • Wasn't it a condition of his release that he never own a dog again?
  • People have lost all perspective. What happened to people forgiving others for their transgressions. I don't know if MV is a changed man for life or not but it blows my mind how everyone is so quick to judge. I know you, yourself don't fight dogs but I'm sure you do plenty of wrong! Quit being such hypocrites and evaluate your own life.
  • another stupid comment!
  • ^^^^^^^^^
  • some people want to hold stuff against someone forever!what if god acted like that?where would we all end up?our forefathers wanted us ALL to have freedoms..not just some!some americans say they want a great FREE country,but..omly if everyone is just like them!!I know 8 dogs personally that died of heartworms,simply because the test,and preventive is way too expensive for alot of folks today..to me that is a sick cruel joke..for dogs amd those who love them!!
  • America is at war having lost over 2000 soldiers during this conflict alone and all you can concern yourself with is comparing a man that walks up right to an animal. Babies are being raped every day with no one being punished and you want a man to do more than just jail time over a dog? Really? Anyone that is overly concerned with the plight of animals to the detriment of people suffering definately has to be dealing with some deep rooted issues. Get a life people, it's a dog. And just in case you don't have clue, a dog is not a man's best friend...other people are! Written by a dog, cat, bird, and fish owner! Get a clue and wake up! There is a was on terror, not each other.
  • actually part of his punishment is to never own a dog.

    And for the people comparing it to hunters. Hunters dont knock out the deers teeth and strap in to a device so a buck can mount it, or use the now toothless deer as a chew toy for other deers. Not a big fan of hunters either but what this man did is way beyond.
  • You hear of kids killing their parents , Vets that are homeless, and a world close to more world war and this is what some people worry about....This is just about F***in with this man.....Do we constantly watch B Farve to see if he is exposing himself on the phone? Then you gotta wonder knowing this he posts a picture with that in it....Personally I think it's a thin line between those who play and those who watch heavly sports.....I watch occasionly and am not a big fan of any of them...Nor the culture it breeds....Brain Dead zombies...And you wonder why?
  • He's such a sicko, what woman would live with him and allow her child to be with him?!
  • Get a life!
  • check cashing baby mama
  • You might hate what he did, but how long will you condemn him!
  • forever and that is still not enough!
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