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I’m not certain if people really heard what Rob Parker said this morning on ESPN’s “First Take.” The conversation was about rookie Redskins QB, Robert Griffin III’s desire not to be referred to as a “black quarterback,” that he’s goal is to be the best QB, period. Rob mentioned that in conversations he’s observed in [...]

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  • This was one of the most racist remarks (in the Real sense of the word i have ever heard and I am almost 60.
    This fool should NEVER be allowed on TV again .. he is one of many examples of the attitude of many blacks and how they only wish to separate them-self more and more from American Society.
    Parker and the comments of Jason Whitlock recently show Everything that is wrong with America > they are stone cold racist
  • I agree totally. If they don't fire him then they should hire Rush Limbaugh back.
  • Rob Parker is one of the biggest racist's this world has ever seen. It's fine for him to be proud of his race and his heritage but when other blacks don't think the way he does then he wants nothing to do with them. Did he ever stop and think that people like Tiger and RGIII want to be their own person and who they choose to be has nothing to do with the color of their skin.
  • Parker's comments are ignorant and a prime example of intra racism (too black for whites -- to white for blacks) In the words of MLK Griffin is saying judge by the "Content of his character" This stuff is just silly........Islenskur, I'm not ranting at your post, just wanted this at the beginning.....no offense
  • I saw these comments live and I have to admit it didn't really raise my eyebrows at the time. Further, I hadn't given it much thought until I read this article. Maybe it was because there were four people on the panel and no one tried to stop him. Or maybe it was because Rob Parker was portraying something straight from the barbershop scenes in the movie "Coming to America". It's not something we should be taking seriously, is it?
  • I really hate the fact that people don't read before they speak. This article never states that "Rob Parker" made any racial comments. He talked about conversations that occurred in a barbershop by the supposed "bros" that questioned whether he was a "Real Brother". I didn't read anywhere in the article that it was his opinions.

    It is a racist comment. However, if you have ever been to a barbershop in a black community you probably would understand that people joke around and talk all kind of mess in that setting. If you get your hair cut at super cuts, this probably doesn't occur.

    I'm glad that RGIII does his talking on the field. He is a good role model and I hope that he is successful for years to come. Perhaps, this will put a end to all the color bias in this world.

    By the way, yes I am an African American living in a racist world.
  • That goes both ways. I am white and I live in a very racist world!
  • Read his statement RG3 doesn't want to be defined by the color of his skin but he later states that he his an African-American in America why didn't he say he was an American. RG3 is labeling himself
  • it's too bad that black people who have the ability to think for themselves and don't spout the party line are labeled as not black enough. There's a subtle form of racism in the black community that in effect stifles initiative hurray for RG for being an individual.
  • ya, like my daughter who is white, is singing a song with2 other girls on her basketball team at a game, andthey sang the explicit words and guess what, my daughter got in school suspension and forced 2 resign from the team, and what happened 2 the african american girls,... a talkn 2. sayn the N word is totally wrong whoever says it, if you can so can i especcially if you are putting it in a song
  • Absolutely clueless
  • I guess what surprizes me first and most, is that people seem surprized...for decades "Personalities" stood up by the media as "Leaders" of "ethnic communities" have said the same thing...IE..."we want Americas first Black President, to do more for black causes"...and I'm pretty sure "Native Americans" will ask the same from a "Native American President", or Mormons of a Mormon, or Women of a Woman, or Midgets of a Midget...

    So Yes, many in the black community want an exceptional black QB to be an exceptional BLACK QB...and the definitely don't want an exceptional black QB to only want to be know as an exceptional QB
  • It's like President Obama said during the campaign..."RG3 thinks he is a sucessful NFL Quarterback because of something he did, because he worked hard and honed his craft?. He didn't do that, someone else did that...Generations of African Americans that built the roads that got him out of the Fields and into colleges...and waves of African American Athletes that built the bridges that got him off of the factory floors and onto the football fields did that"...The Robinsons, Moons, McNabbs, Owens's carried him to his current perch, sipping mai tais, compared to what they went through...and Now he stands as Armstrong on the Moon, and declares..."this is one giant leap for me, and no one else"
  • lmao what? Ramble on!
  • You're 60 years old so you know back during your teens and early 20s, Blacks were not and had not been allowed to participate in the American way of life due to racism and before that due to slavery so do not come to a forum and suggest Blacks have been since their arrival in America as slaves, part of American society because they have not been treated fairly or equally and that still exists even today !
  • and you have come 2 notice that the blacks have thier own org. if the whites did itd be racism. the blacks think that everything should be handed 2 them. well let me tell you something a black told me " why are we so pissed at the white man? it was our ancesstors and own family who sold us into slavery." Well he was true and you sound like 1 of the "anree" 1s
  • i totally agree. Steven A Smith should ve been suspended long before him, hopefully he is the NEXT ANAList 2 be released. both parker and smith are VERRY racist and ONLY support what they call the African-american. they have supported and had excuses 4 all the "afro amercan" athletes that were convicted and did jail time and have said they deserve a 2nd chance, when its outside of the "afro american" race ... well youve heard them. i can go on and on but it only PISSES me off even morethat ESPN has ANAList like that who work 4 them and that is why im glad of the i-net so i go elseware for my spoting news. with 1 racist gone i may watch and listen a little more
  • Clearly you don't understand the definition of racism or that of being a racist. Oh wait, you probable know better than most.
    Nonetheless, Racist (.n) or Racism (adj)is Power plus predjudice, its impossible for any Blackman to be a racist. Nothing Rob Parker has said will impact the life of any white person in any shape form or fashion. To end racism, you must end the white power structure, the tentaciles of which suspended Parker for offering his opinion basically.

    That said, prejudice from it etmological or root meaning is to pre judge, isnt' that what your doing in qualifying your statement involving many blacks? How many ... how many blacks do you know ... not know of but have had over for a brew and shard intimidiate details about their lives as well as yours?

    Furthermore, as far as us separtating or wanting to separate from American society-history which is most attractive and best qualified to reward any research will tell you that America has, does and will for the foreeable future present the illusion of inclusion for the African who was brought to these shores as a source of cheap labor.

    And the subsequent mass incarceration of black males relative to their numbers in this America further exemplifies my point. I could go on but you perspective is myopic to say the least. Do your research form a point of objectivity, and allow history to dictate truth. A truth that can't be found in the current Eurocentric socialization machine being past off as education in our current school system.
  • What did he say that was wrong, I think we are trying to hard to be polictically correct.
  • Of course, now because he is a black man shown to be a racist, NOW we are being too politically correct. Can you imagine what would have happened if Parker were WHITE and made the comments he did. There would be riots in the streets.
  • XDYMONDS, if you were right, how do you explain Skip Bayless? He says worse things and makes accusations without any proof, but I see no riots in the streets when he spews his stupidity...
  • Stephen A Smith says worse things all the time. I think it is just because he is talking about the great RG III. Everyone wants to build him up to be bigger than life itself. Who cares if he's cracking a white slut. That goes on all the time. Get a life ESPN.
  • He didn't say anything wrong... He said, (poorly), that African Americans with access to the national stage, should use that stage for the good of his community

    White People are just mad because if they had said exactly the same thing, they'd be called racists
  • By "his community" do you mean Washington DC, Human Beings, or African Americans. Because the first two are cool. The third makes you a racist. I don't think you're supposed to use your fame to try to make your race more dominant. I'm also pretty sure vilifying someone for an inter-racial relationship is considered racist.

    Side Note: I think he was basically trying to say that RGII, by not acting "black enough", was an Uncle Tom. I would also consider this racist.

    My own opinion is that Bob Griffin seems like a pretty cool dude. He also happens to be black. Seems like he's representing "his community" pretty well.

    P.S. Rob Parker is one of my favorites on First Take. I hope he isn't let go. The show has become mostly unwatchable due to the contrived cat fights between Stephen Smith and (forget his name, Tebow Lover).
  • I'm a fan, and I'm sure he is a great kid (compared to me)...but I don't think it's racist for him to be proud of his racial heritage or for him to want to help people who share his racial heritage... or for Parker to point it out
  • another example of pretzel logic.
  • Rob Parker's comments were racist, but understandable. RG3 does not want to be identified as African American, well I'm not surprise, this means he wont be at any AFRICAN American award shows I guess. I believe as time goes by RG3 will regret haven made that comment. He is a brown skin black man unlike tiger woods who is half asian. RG3 comment is gonna upset a few people trust me. He don't want to be black then don't get in trouble and expect black people to support you RG3, don't expect black kids to go out and proudly buy your Jersey trust becasue 1 reson your black and 2 your a QB.You want to be like OJ well have it your way. Your not considered black anymore to me.
  • Okay, never once did the Kid say he didn't want to be black. He is in a great position to do good and he is doing just that.
  • simply saying if you are going to judge him, judge him by his actions rather than his skin. It stupid to not want that no matter what race you are. Because I know the family personally I can tell you that they are black and proud, but that doesn't mean they have to do stereotypical things in the public eye to prove that they are black. If he was getting busted for drugs or found at a strip club then I guess then he will prove he is black. Between this and the shooting in Conn. our I am losing all hope for humanity today.
  • hahaha this comment is dumb
  • Bigman I assume you are black and offended by RG3 wanting to be know as RG3 not always having it pointed out he is a black quarterback. I have never heard Manning, Brady,Cutler and others pointed out as being white when talked about. I believe RG3 wants to be praised for his ability. He has never denied he is black or said he is not proud to be black. Hey Bigman the black guy (how does that sit with you to be discussed that way) be a bigman and understand his feelings and let him be RG3.
  • He never said that he doesn't want to be identified as an African American. He simply stated that he doesn't want to be "defined" by the color of his skin. “You want to be defined by your work ethic, the person that you are, your character, your personality. That’s what I’ve tried to go out and do.

    “I am an African-American in America. That will never change. But I don’t have to be defined by that.” Big difference in that and what you are accusing him of saying.
  • well said.....
  • He didn't say he didn't want to be an African American. He said he does not want to be defined as an African American but that he wants to be defined by his work ethic, the person he is, his character, his personality. He went on to say that he is an African American and that would never change but that he does not need to be defined by that. It is Idiotic that you would compare him to OJ Simpson. He would probably be just as happy not to be considered by you at all.
  • Let's not make more of RG3's comments than there is. He didn't say he didn't want to be identified as a African Amercian...he said he didn't want to be "defined" by the color of his skin. That's not the same at all...and here's why...first let's all agree that racism exists in the US...as around it does around the world. When you tell someone or say that someone is a good black quarterback...that's a backhanded complement. No one says that the Mannings are good or great white quarterbacks...they say they're good or great quarterbacks. By putting a person's race in front of a supposed complement it is actually putting a qualifier on it and really diminishing their acheivements. Now at this moment in time RG3 is not a great QB...but should he get to that level...then he deserves all the credit/praise that Manning, Montana, Farve, Brady, Rogers, etc, get.
  • take it one step further. Why be identified as an African American? Are we not all Americans? Unless your an American Indian chances your ancestors are from somewhere else. I dont go around telling everyone i am European American just because my great great grandfather came over on a boat.
  • Didn't MLK have a dream that people would be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character? Seems to me RGIII said something pretty close to that. And bigman0365, I just bet RGIII is really heart broken that you don't consider him as black any longer. REALLY!!!!
  • I disagree with you, and Rob parker was out of line. RGIII has to act black to be black that makes no sense.

    What I believe RGIII is saying is, just because he is black doesn't mean that he has to be called a black quaterback. For example "a guy robbed a store" or "this black guy robbed a store" unless you are actively looking for the guy it doesn't matter who robbed the store. So many people feel the need to distinguish who you are by race. Especially in this case I think RGIII is just looking to be considered a QB not a Black QB just a QB its not a special thing being a black QB the only distinction I think he wants to be thought of is a Great QB. I understand too that the African american race wants to have something to define their status, as being proficient in certain areas but he's trying to overcome much more than just being known as a great black QB he wants society to not distinguish between race. I applaud him for that.
  • You are a racist idiot. Did you even read the article? He's not saying he doesn't want to be black. He's saying he want's to be judged by his talet, not the color of skin. Like he's one of the best black qbs out there instead of he's one of the best qbs in the league. I bet he doesn't believe in affirmative action either.
  • Why not reward the guy for making the effort to not be recognized by race? Wasn't it Dr. King who died trying to get man to recognize other men by the content of their character and not by race?
    Anyone who makes decisions based on a "us & them" mindest is a racist, period.
  • Can you translate that into English, please?
  • Define him as a person and not black or white or asian, his race has absolutly nothing to do with the type of person he is.

    and if he is not considered black to you anymore, I am very and truly sorry your opinion of a good person only stems from the fact that he is Black.
  • RG3 tried to move beyond the old stereotypes and hidden racism, then Rob Parker and BIGMAN0465, like a crab, pulled him back into the pot so he couldn't rise above it all. You won't let RG3 be love by all of america. You want him to be your version, loved by only the black community and don't give what the rest of the world thinks. It's plan selfish. You shouldn't like just because he is just black.
  • Until people of every color stop seeing skin color first there will be racism. You sir are a racist just like Rob Parker. You don't judge a man as not black because he doesn't think like you. The first judgement should be how he treats others, not how he walks, talks or hangs.
  • Your an idiot. A negro bashing a good guy just because he won't stand up with you "bro's". You dumb asses would have a fit if we had a "white" American awards show. NOOOO....that would be racist....but a negro (your not African American....your an American...talk about creating a divide between the races) can say what ever the hell he want's and get away with it. I refuse to call all you "bro's" black, because your not BLACK. Your all different colors.....so if I see a light skinned negro do I call em a "tan"?
    I don't own any slaves....my father didn't either....and neither did my grandfather or great grandfather. I think the "poor me, I come from slaves" act is done. GET OVER IT ALREADY. I don't feel sorry for you or your race. Get off your ass, get a job......quit popping kids out and then not taking care of them, and expecting me too. 80% of negro boys don't have a father figure in their lives.....is that my fault your all thugs and thieves? Your working on the 3rd generation of these kids. You should be very proud.
    Maybe you should be praising RG3 instead of bashing him, and ya might want to listen to the words of a man I admire greatly: Bill Cosby.
  • Understandably racist?? Really?? Would you care to elaborate exactly how that works...and is it only acceptable for a black to say about a black...If a white (green, blue, pink) person said it...the wrath of jesse and al would rain down all over...
  • Your comments are about as intelligible and make as much sense as your grammar. No wonder you make such assinine statements, you're an uneducated inner city dolt !
  • RG3 never said that he did not want to be identified as an African American, what he said was that he did not want to be defined by his skin color. Identified and defined do not have the same meaning.
  • # 1 selling jersey in the league so he doesn't need you to buy it anyway. This is a joke of a post! God forbid RGIII live his life the right way.
  • I think you are missing RG3 point, he wants to be known as a quarter back period! He was Bron African American, we all know that! The Content of his Character is what we are learning!
  • what...?
  • Thats just an ignorant view. He wants to be defined as a person not by the color of his skin. He will still be a hero and a roll model for all those kids who dont want to see the world in black and white and live side by side as the same, equal, and sucessful
  • Wow what if Terry Bradshaw would have said this. He would be fired on spot branded a racist and banned from everything. This guy needs to be fired banished form major sports and given the anchor job for sports in Fairbanks Alaska. What a two face world we live in. His only problem with RG3 is the fact RG3 is not a thug or gang banger
  • What makes you think Fairbanks would take Cornball?
  • Good point
  • Uh, big man? What does it take to make you "black?" If he fathered a dozen kids with 10 different women, would that work?
  • ESPN will have Paul Tagliabue mediate the suspension. Parker will be reinstated, and he will sue to recover his good name and reputation. If Parker were white, he would have already been fired.
  • Too many idiots.
    At what point did RGIII say he "...didn't wan't to be black.."
    I think you morons need a lesson in reading comprehension BEFORE you comment.
  • Exactly.
  • He did not say he does not want to be identified as African American, he simply said that he did not want to be defined by the term. That is to say that he does not want to be limited by that term. He wants to be more, as MLK said he wants to be defined by his accomplishments, his character, not the color of his skin, or even his ethnicity. This is why you can mention Ghandi, MLK, JFK in the same breath. I understand.
  • ESPN would be Crazy to allow someone who has Willfully shown he is a Black Racist like this to come back to work for them!!! Now everyone knows he believes he has the right to judge Openly on Their Behalf..other blacks on their Authenticness of being Black by who they date,what political party they belong to and how they live their life .
  • It's amazing how many "angry white men" are commenting on this situation, saying things like "If he were white he would have been fired". While that may be true, PLEASE stop crying about the "unfairness" of ANY racial situation in this country; this is the place where "Juneteenth" and "Jim Crow' laws happened, and they were just a wee bit MORE IMPORTANT, WEREN'T THEY?
  • Preach!! They dont want to hear the truth. Rob parker was just giving his point of view! This is America right...freedom of speach.... but yet we have people acting like what he said was a crime... People go look in your closet before you start pointing the dam finger
  • America and RGIII all need to realize that no matter what he is a black QB. He will be looked at as a black QB his entire career. So there no need to try and get past that he needs to deal with it. I watched First Take and I can kind of understood where Rob Parker was coming there are a lot of times where blacks tend to shy away from who they are only to call on the black community when they are in trouble or feel that white america has done them wrong however maybe Rob Parker could have toned down the words he used in order to get his point across. Everyone from ESPN to america as a hold need to sit back and not take every thing someone says personally. There are a lot of times where others have said things and it not blown out the way this has become. Everyone needs to sit back and just relax its not that serious. I bet RGIII is not even letting it get to him so why should we.
  • maybe you shoud come out of the closet.
  • Grow up, its true if it would have been a white guy commenting like that, he would have been fired and you all would have had every black org. on his ass. Whoopie Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd would have chastised him on the spot. You people are more racist than the whitest white. Whats the revenge name for are you angry?
  • Smith should be fired. It's a straight racists comment and Stephan "***** please" Smith said he was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation.

    The whole cornball thing was way out of line and the whole discussion about RG3 being black enough should get the whole staff suspend for being stupid enough for entertaining it.

    BTW Jim Crow laws and slavery happened generations ago. Let the past be the past and be like RG3 and move on.
  • step away from the crackpipe.
  • I agree with tfletch. The guy was just calling like it is. But, people want to jump on something where they can play the race card. No one anymore can accept something at face value but want to make an issue of it. grow up.
  • What an ASS! Rob Parker's suspension is well deserved and termination should follow. According to RP you're not a brother if you date/cohabitate/marry outside your race, have any political affiliation other than democrat and let's not forget, have corn rows (cause then you're hip urban cool). I am so sick of hearing racist crap like what spewed out of his mouth. People like him give humanity a bad name.
  • Right but that moron, loud mouth hipocrite Stephen A Smith completely/clearly says "N____er Please" on air and nothing happens to him. It's a black thing that "you wouldn't understand". Then he hides or lies and says that he didn't say it - crazy. It's on tape, watch it. There are without a doubt two standards we live by and this is a perfect example of it.
  • I don't know if you'd "understand" or not, but it is an expression used quite often in the Black community; is it really your job to define the culture of other races of people?
  • If blacks don't want to be identified by the "N" word then they shouldn't identify with themselves as such and GOD forbid a white person use it. Thats hypocritical.
  • It's not my job to define but it is my responsibility as a person to understand another persons feelings and where they come from BUT when you have two sets of standards you live by it makes it impossible to seperate the two. Especially in the professional world and common place. The double standard is ludicrous - plain and simple. Black, White, Red or Yellow there is no room for it and to say it and then try to cover it is even more ridiculous. But you perpetuate this negativity until you see it used in the wrong situation. You are the problem and not the answer.
  • I don't understand why it is ironic that his fiancee is named Becky? What am I missing here?
  • RG111 wants to be known as a Quarterback. Why add any race. If he was a Vulcan he would not want to be known as a Vulcan Quarterback. Just plain Quarterback. If the adjective needs to be the catch does that make Vince Wilfork the best African American DT and now he has to share that with say JJ Watt as the best Caucaisan DT? What about Igor Olshansky? The best Ukrainian DE? Is Hines Ward one of the hardest working South Koreans ever to play in the NFL?
  • What exactly is being a "real brother"? Are there any admirable qualities in that? I don't want to turn this into a racist rant, I'd like an answer. What part of being a "real brother" should RGIII be striving for?
  • How the hell knows? Maybe he should act like in a blaxploitation movie, banging multiple chicks, doing karate movies, and saving the day or be a bad guy pimp. Maybe he should be doing what all these rappers are talking about, slinging dope, making cheese, and passing around STDs.

    Truth is, he can act however he wants. He wakes up and RG3 is still black and he knows that.
  • RG III wants to be white. It is that simple. But he is not. Maybe he will cgange his color like MJ did. I loved Michael Jackson but he got a little freaky later in life. White sluts probably throw themselves on him.
  • I am glad this finally came out. Now we can learn the truth that Andrew Luck is not completely white. I mean c'mon, do you really believe a completely white guy can be that good; has to have some brother in him. If that sounds ridiculous to you, then good! Let's hope most people see this as the ludicrous statement it was intended to be. What we need is to do as RG3 says and NOT judge people by the color of their skin, but by what they accomplish in life. I'd like to live in a world where race, national origin, sexual orientation, etc etc don't matter! We don't need to tolerate diversity, we ned to embrace it!
  • ESPN wants us to think it's sensitive and responsive. Of course, Stephen what's-his-name can use the "N" word and hang tight. ESPN thinks it's a national conscience--laughable.
  • TriEagle....Stephen A. Smith is the name!!!!He needs a muzzle and another career that guy gets away with bias comments EVERY DAY!!!
  • Yes, what part makes him "not a real brother"? and stop the Jim Crow bulls...! It's old and I'm not apologizing for what people did 50, 75, 100 years ago. Don't dump that nonsense on me anymore. I'm Irish and damn proud of it but I'm not an Irish American. I'm an American. You're either an American or your not. I don't get why YOU still want to be defined by color. You want to make the point of separating yourself from the rest of America. You say he's not going to go to African American award shows. What would you think if we started to have a White entertainment network, A White Miss America, A White magazine instead of Ebony? I think its all a bunch of crap so you don't have to confront today's issues. Stop living in the past. I'm sickofthebs!!!
  • I'm 40 and black and I am one brutha' that is proud of RG3. For once we have a kid of color in the lead role that carries himself with dignity and respect for self and, equally importantly, others. While I will not place him on a pedestal and parade him in front of my 2 young boys (all celebrities are human and prone to fail as one), I can only hope and pray I do what this young man's parents have done so that my two can grow to be as straight laced as he is. I don't give a rats ass what the hood thinks. There are enough wanna be thugs in sports. One less won't hurt.

    As for Parker, this dude is lost. It is this kind of stupidity that does not need to be on TV. What does his comments say to the young black boys and girls watching? Now, in order to be "authentically black" you can't be articulate? You can't be self assured and self aware along with being gracious, humble and of all things generally happy about life? What kind of message is that to send?! This dude is a danger to all but definitely a danger to the welfare of the black community.
  • Well said, I wish there were more people(of all races) that would think this way. The country would be a much better place to live.
  • I'm glad you stood up and defended RG3. He needs that support, and I hope more like you have his back. The ignorant people will try to rip apart this responsible role model, one not for just for the black community but for all Americans.
  • Well said. ESPN should hire you.
  • RGIII is a role model in all communities, Black, white, hispanic, it doesn't matter!! His parents should be proud! Its a shame people like Rob Parker are trying to destroy good role models.
  • RGIII simply wants to be accepted, respected and judged as a quarterback. He doesn't want to be considered a great "black" quarterback. He wants to be considered a great quarterback. He doesn't want the preferential treatment that some people have become accustomed to. He wants to work hard and be the best that he can be. Think about this: it is 3:00am. You are rushed into a hospital in full cardiac arrest. Do you want a great "black" cardiologist, or the best available cardiologist who if he/she happens to be black still makes them the best available. Rob Parker, your thinking is so 19th century. Have you not learned anything in the past 150 years? By the way I'm black and I'm proud. You are entitled to your opinion, just like an anus everyone has one. You don't have to be one!
  • Like!
  • Wow, let a white person say the same thing and his career is over, plus the riots begin.
  • It's about time someone has put Rob Parker in his place.I'm from
    the Detroit area and have listened to his negative reports and
    his uninformed opinions for to long. He is a furstated Jock who
    can't do it himself so he tries to bring everyone else down to
    his level.
    I hope the Detroit Media cans him also.

  • True RACIST! OK, What is Whoopie and Shepherd saying about this on "The View"? It is OK for blacks to be racist. White people aren't allowed to have All white networks (ref: BET), we are not allowed to have all "white balls" (evening event for dancing etc...), or any other events or clubs for all white people then we would be racist. It's getting worse, especially in the entertainment world and the world of sports. The seperation that is.
  • You already had them, for many years; there's a reason there's a "Jackie Robinson Day" ,and it's NOT because he played for the Dodgers...
  • You already had an exclusive club! It was called the Klu Klux Klan.

  • This entire First Take show ought to be cancelled, they're all racist
  • Biggest POS show on any sports network..and the biggest racist is that idiotic stephan a$$ smith! He needs a muzzle !!!
  • you got that right longislandtea1 Steven A. Smith should HAVE been canned LONG AGO
  • Seems like ANOTHER idiot thought they were "bullet-proof" from public opinion. That's the problem with todays' black population. They feel they can say and do what they want without any retribution from their peers as the media likes to manage the news by professing their ambivelance toward public opinion and in their own way play the race card to their advantage by causing sensation via a "news outlet"
    When will we all learn?
  • I didn't have time to read all the comments, but If this guy has to go, then so should Stephen A. Smith!!
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Sam Shields: Dez Bryant catch should have counted

Klay Thompson sets NBA record with 37 pts in a quarter

Hall of Famer Ernie Banks passes away

WATCH: Urban, OSU students send message to Mark May

The five best Super Bowl matchups ever

WATCH: Mike Riley gets big welcome at Nebraska game

Leonard Fournette's brother commits to LSU

Bledsoe not happy about other QBs trashing Brady

Red Sox P Joe Kelly predicts he will win Cy Young Award

WATCH: Bill Belichick drops 'My Cousin Vinny' reference

USC sends recruit personalized business cards

Coastal Carolina planning to install teal-colored field

The five most significant Super Bowls of all time

WATCH: J.R. Smith, LeBron half-court alley oop

Sesame Street makes "inflate" the word of the day

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Jennings suffers horrific injury

Harbaugh lands first commitment

Seahawks GM: I love Lynch's act

Lane Kiffin staying with Alabama

Belichick goes 'My Cousin Vinny'

Belichick: Patriots followed 'every rule'

Could Patriots have used a sauna?

Klay Thompson scores 37 pts in a quarter

Hall of Famer Ernie Banks passes away

Sesame Street makes "inflate" the word of the day

Which NBA player should get next on a signature shoe deal?

NFL's Deflategate statement doesn't say much

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